“Long Before True:” The Story that can’t Wait to be Told

“Long Before True:” the Story that can’t wait to be told

By Steven & Evan Strong

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Photo taken by Kate Nisbet

Surely no-one but us would even consider writing anything yet on the intriguing possibilities associated with two ancient stone carvings. Outside scribbling together a few preliminary notes and rough set of questions to ask when first meeting Kate and her brother, and perhaps it is permissible to throw in a few reminders on features to examine once actually sighting the two artefacts we have only seen photographs of, it would be extremely unwise and hasty in the extreme to publish one solitary sentence on these artefacts. Knowing that within days of this articles’ publication I will be talking to Kate and her brother with the artefact in my hand, the need to pause and reflect until gathering more information seems mandatory.

The problem is, after speaking to Kate on the phone and hearing of the motivations and adventures of her parents in PNG in the early 70’s, I was struck by one overriding imperative. These startling artefacts create a truth that has already been hidden for way too long. What they were given by the PNG Highland Elders is so sensational and radical, and we have no doubt that they were deemed the best candidates to pass on these two artefacts. Past that historic moment of cross-cultural trust all Kate’s parents have endured has been decades of frustration and official red tape. That indignity and indifference demands to be redressed, and as soon as possible. The revealing of these two artefacts to non-initiated peoples from another land and what followed was well before its time, then, but not now. The timing is perfect and despite the inherent shortcomings and speed, a brief introduction is in order and consistent with our approach, which will be a partial scientific report of the early state of affairs written as one would in a diary.

So, armed with two contacts through face book, the same number via email (one with an attachment of five photographs), fourty minutes on the phone with no face to face or face to rock contact, we shall step into the breach totally reliant on the integrity and honesty of a lady we have never personally met.

Now deposited well outside any academic safety zone, that’s the difficult part of this preliminary assignment done, from now on it gets easy. From this point the article is primarily a summary of Emails, conversations on the phone supplemented by our first reactions to the five photographs sent. Even with the prospect of more details to follow once sighting the hand-written notes and speaking to a witness present at the handing-over of this amazing set of artefacts, there is still enough available at first glance to provide a simple narrative of how these artefacts appeared and what happened over the following decades.

The Story Begins…

Beginning in the early 60’s, Kate’s father was acting in a managerial capacity in an airline service, as were nearly all Australians working in PNG supervising or overseeing the local population in some capacity. He and his wife were so different from the normal crop of Aussie expats who were normally condescending and insular in their dealings with the local people. They learnt Pidgin English so they could communicate on an equal footing and often went for recreational strolls to different villages and were held in very high respect. Kate’s father was lauded as an “old gentleman” and a “decent man.” His wife was a step above that, for she was responsible for most of their outdoor expeditions, and in particular it was at her prompting they embarked on a long and arduous journey into the Highlands that led to these two artefacts being shared.

I’m still not sure, and will not be until meeting Kate and her older brother, whether the artefacts were given with or without the exchange of money. These and many other details of the seminal day over 40 years ago are essential details which are fortunately not lost. Kate was in attendance at this meeting, but being five her recollection is strong but not perfect, whereas, her brother was ten at the time and remembers much more. That first-hand account which we will film, along with the hand-written notes start to bolster the rigour and credentials of the two carvings. Originally, we felt that due to the passing of many decades and our unawareness of the existence of a living and breathing witness who was part of the occasion and emotions of that day, establishing a supporting empirical base was assumed to be the artefact’s crucial academic weakness and first line of attack for cynic and critic, not anymore.

What was known by both Kate and her brother, and of course their parents and Elders, was the incredible antiquity of these relics. She spoke of her parents many unsuccessful attempts to assign a time frame with the local Custodians, whether suggesting a sequence based on “Christmases,” or “grandfathers,” it was to no avail. These artefacts came from a time far more ancient, going all the way back to an epoch they call “long before true.” So far back, it pre-dates and dismisses all our historical misconceptions. So “ancient,” yet the technology needed to cut, shape and smooth such a hard rock is so utterly recent.

That is the main point of focus at present and the reason we have been so pre-emptive, whatever tools were used and by who and whom, none of this fits into any accepted account championing the gradual rise of human civilisations and sophisticated technology first appearing about 6,000 years ago. What can be stated with absolute certainty is that in spite of convention, these rocks are much older yet far more enigmatic and sublime.

Outside the obvious technological anomaly, the physical features displayed on the face is unlike that of any Indigenous person of PNG or Australia, of that observation there cannot be a dissenting voice. The problem is when scanning further afield, rummaging through the bones from all locations on the planet, past or present, hominid or sapien, there is no proto-type nor resemblance to any Earthly being on show.

The Elders who originally held these sacred objects are insistent it belongs to their tribal estate and comes from a time well back, yet the being sculpted has a narrow nose and facial structure with delicate lips and almond-like eyes. The masks and depictions of local people, whether carved or painted, are of a wide face, broad nose and big eyes, and no neck. And it is that neck which is no less of a contradiction as the face, it is so slender and is overly extended so much so that it looks anatomically incorrect. However, that diagnosis only applies if using Earthly standards of human physiology and existence.

Where Does it Come From?

Purely speculative and based upon no analysis of notes or witness, or even a fleeting glance of the artefacts, if we were to assume, compare and propose, we see three possibilities. This being is possibly another entry to the ever-increasing list of new hominids recently discovered, or the more obvious second set of options. The being carved is not from Earth, whether from another constellation or dimension is a moot point, but what is less open to question is the striking resemblance this statue has to the archetypal model of the ‘Grey Alien.’ The extended neck, almond eyes and fine features are so much a part of this model made popular by recent films, but what may not be known by many is that the receding forehead is also something quite prevalent in ancient Original times.

The noticeable receding sloping forehead of whatever this being is categorised as, is not without precedent in the continent of Sahul (ancient pre-8,000 years continent of Australia, PNG, Tasmania, Karta and surrounding islands). There are numerous examples of an extremely broad-faced robust boned Original individuals with such a pronounced sloping forehead living in Australia for a period of no less than 50,000 years, so that trait is not unique. But it actually is, because this trend towards a receding forehead is a distinctive robust feature alone. The gracile, finer-boned Original individuals have the same angle of forehead as all other Homo sapien sapiens, so this dramatic recession of the forehead can certainly occur, but only if in association with a wide face, thick bones, continuous eye-brow ridge and broader nose. If trying to identify a human connection for the face on this rock, there is no joy if relying on White-fella records and archaeology.

Nor was there any joy or encouragement ahead for Kate’s mother and father once leaving the shores of Papua-New Guinea with their cargo from the Highlands ready to tell a brand new Old story. At least that was their hope, approaches were made to all manner of esteemed institutions and representatives in the expectation the truth would be revealed. Early on they made personal contact with officials from the British Museum, who were rightly enthused by the importance of these objects and candid in their acknowledgement of its authenticity and antiquity. They were more than willing to accept these relics as a registered donation, but less than open when discussing future plans. Both Kate’s mother and father were of the opinion that these objects would be consigned to a box never to see the light of day or gaze of the public eye. Fortunately they declined the offer to file and forget and sought out many other avenues. Regrettably as it is predictable, on every approach they were frustrated, red-taped and frowned upon for being so unsettling and inquisitive.

With no authority, expert or spokesperson willing to listen or pay attention, the decades that passed brought them no resolution, just a lingering sense of impotence with an overwhelming sense of ‘stupid White-fella.’ It is time to put this injustice right, as we are now doing and will continue in our pursuit with further research and conversation.

20141103_155217 - Copy
Photo taken by Kate Nisbet

Averting our gaze away from the alien-like statue, the carving of a bird seems far less imposing, but from the very first time it was seen I kept coming back to a comparison to a similar ancient Egyptian carving of a bird that many have claimed has the aerodynamic properties of a machine that can fly. Kate has assured me there are many gentle slopes not shown in the photograph and all of this put together requires careful measurements of length and angles when examining the artefact next week.

Put all this together and we have the foundation of something amazing than can only get better with the adition of hand-written notes of the parents, interviews with both siblings and an inspection of the artefacts will add so much more to this story, but as things stand sight unseen there is already one undeniable certainty that cannot be denied. The two carvings are extremely old, but the technology applied is extremely new. That is the agreed starting point. Anything and everything past that truth strays into unchartered waters.

Is it an engraving of an Alien, cross-dimensional traveller or unknown hominid? All we can assign are degrees of possibility. What of the associated stories and oral accounts the Custodians knew of, was that shared, recorded on paper or heard and remembered? Can we put a figure in years, albeit ever so theoretical, to “long before true?” What was the genetic relationship between these ancient beings to the present-day occupants of PNG? Is it just bird or the proto-type of a plane? With measurements taken and angles recorded that is the one immediate question that can be determined. However, we are not so sure that even if it does contain aerodynamic properties and a future blue-print, seeking out the reason why it was found in remote highlands rainforest of PNG and its connection to the mini-statue of the being with the long neck and narrow face, will be as easy to identify.

Let’s Start Again

We will make an invitation to some mainstream channels to examine, inspect, report and share. We did so before when inviting them to a presentation in Sydney which included the ‘unveiling’ of Ros’ Rock and Tracy’s Tablet. No extra effort in delivery or advocacy will be made, but as before this article will be sent through the general enquiries avenue of four organisations, and no doubt the same indifference or antagonism will be forthcoming. Irrespective of whatever form of apathy or hostility ensues, we fully expect they will be derelict in their duty to inform the public of the truth.

As has been the case so many times, there are only two alternatives on offer in this equation, no more, no less. Kate’s parents, brother and Kate are lying. Maybe the Elders were lying while playing a prank and they put on a show for the gullible white-fellas trading some tourist trinkets for some cash in hand, or maybe we made the whole thing up and we alone are the culprits? Whoever and wherever, someone or a group has to be lying. For the sake of maintaining historical order and manipulating public compliance, a lie has been told and the two pieces of stone were cut and shaped in recent times.

But what if? What if everyone, all the way down the chain of command, was telling the truth? Does that mean that thousands and thousands of years before humanity is supposed to have first congregated together which led on to the emergence of towns, warfare, cities, the plough, money, warfare, the division of labour and gender and the invasion of another’s land, unknown beings/hominids were present and accounted for in Sahul using technology that is advanced by today’s standards. If this is true, and as long as the ‘conga-line’ of first, second and third-hand witnesses are reliable, what are we to make of the accepted versions of ancient history and human development?

The answer is very little through to a lot less, their accounts are in error in timing and participants, and these stone carvings prove that there were earlier civilisations on this planet and the technology invented and applied was no less than our equal. That is a huge call to make based as it is on the image of a being and bird never touched, but what else is on offer?

That’s why this article was written in haste and hope, simply because if the truth has been told then questions like who we are, what happened in the past, where did we come from and who are our creators have to be reconsidered anew. Only this time there is a player in the game-plan that isn’t playing by our rules, the Elders knew full well what they were giving, to whom it was given and that these sacred relics would have their day. That day begins now.

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