Atlantis in Australia: “Come and see the Real Thing”

Atlantis in Australia: “Come and see the Real Thing” (1)

By Steven & Evan Strong


This report is the third of a trilogy investigating the unique properties, origins and potential power stored within the orichalcum ring. The real art in this search is to begin by acknowledging that there are two settings to this circular ring. We have previously canvassed a sampling of science/archaeology/history/metallurgy in establishing some facts and certainties, and as impressive as this empirical evidence is, it can only take equal billing at best with the mystical side of this incredibly ancient ring. Quite simply, the ring is reputed to be magical, and in keeping with the esoteric content of the second half of our last report, what follows is devoted entirely to the task of determining whether this ring has any form of magical power that can actually take effect. And if so, what is the context, energy and inclination held within?

We always take people with proven psychic abilities with us whenever going on to country with the intent to do some form of archaeology, that is mandatory. We do the science and they do the mystical-this is the correct Original balance. There are five people who stand out in this regard, four women and a man who can cross the divide on call. No science, measurement or hypothesis is needed here, the ring will pay such devices no account. This has to be done Old Way, protocol first. So off we go, head first with spirit in tow, into spiritual pastures just out of sight, but never lost to the soul.

The reason why we are prepared to ‘jump ship’ in putting together this overview of five responses in chronological order and felt it warranted publication, is the utter seamlessness of the five dialogues. What the five said is so complimentary and in synchronicity, it reads as if it is one person is speaking. Sometimes it flows like a step by step instruction manual, before an unsolvable problem arises and soon after is resolved by another member of this psychic ensemble. Past that temporary hurdle, the conversation continues in the same vein and tempo.

Four women and one man, our top five psychics were put on the case. And it goes like this …

Voices From Behind the Curtain

This five-part ‘dialogue’ begins the morning after the first report on the ring was published on our web site.

Ros rang, her contact with Karno is strong and faultless, every message received has been proven correct without exception, and as soon as she mentioned she was passing on an extremely urgent warning/affirmation in relation to the ring, I made sure whatever was said was acted upon without question. Yes it was all we suspected and so much more, but for now the most pressing issue was protecting this gift from those with unlimited power and budgets. To hide the ring at a location only known by me was the first imperative.

Barely two hours passed before Jane passed on her concerns to us in regards to the ring. And in what initially did come as a surprise, so much of what said had a familiar ring to it. Again the issue of others wanting this ring was her first priority. Yes it has feminine sensibility, but it bore within a mixed blessing and some of that took on a decidedly ominous inclination. Jane also was uneasy, particularly so knowing I had worn the ring on my finger for a considerable time before slowly uncovering its true nature, and was unsure how my relationship with this piece of metal would unfold. Primarily, her advice from the other side was an almost identical copy of what was said a few hours earlier.

The Rational Mind is a Wilful Beast

The problem is both these ladies had first read the ring article, then responded. As much as I utterly trust their verdict on all esoteric matters, deep in the recesses of my pragmatic mind the thought that the report planted a seed sown on empathetic ground was demanding an audience. From that unwelcome perspective their responses, though heartfelt, were deluded. Such a negative reaction is totally wrong, but still it lingered. Then, not by invitation but more providence, no more than four days later a lady who I believe used her psychic powers in a way that directly saved my life through resolving deep-seated issues of betrayal with the no-forehead Alien skull, turned up unexpectedly at our property. That redemption, and many other incidents, was undeniable proof this lady has an open-line to the other side.

But with Alison there is one major difference, not only had she not read our report, her knowledge in ancient civilisations, new age philosophy, current conspiracy theories and all associated activities is close to nil. Past hearing of Atlantis, which was not mentioned until after, Alison could add nothing.

I put the ring with the string still attached in her hand with no preamble, just that it is a ring and what can you feel?

Her reaction was immediate and a touch concerning, she was overwhelmed in depression and “sadness.” It was not a happy experience, after a while she moved on to “somewhere like Egypt” and talk of “tombs.” What was revealing was that Alison was adamant it wasn’t Egypt as such, but like it. As nearly everyone with an interest in Atlantis will agree, there is a strong link between Atlantis and Egypt. Even though I knew she was referring to Atlantis, it was best to wait first and let her continue uninterrupted and free of my prompting.

Alison then became more specific in addressing why the ring decided to be found. She told me that the ring has to be turned on through “sound,” which in itself was no more than what we already knew, but what came next was a ‘bolt from the blue crystal.’ Alison then told me, with the ring resting in her palm, that a crystal bell was rung to turn the ring on in a Temple by a woman of the highest level.

That was a mixed blessing. I strongly suspected that within an instant of hearing Alison unveil the final key, we had a problem. So did Alison, who added to her revelation a provisional retraction in stating, ‘Is there such a thing as a crystal bell?” Well, no, not now, there is no such device we can track down, but way back in the past when technology was far more advanced, and no less treacherous, such an instrument may well have existed. Nonetheless, as things stand, we might know how, but as of today there is no crystal bell, and apparently no way to turn the ring on. She closed her reading by assuring me that the ring was now in the best possible hands and my role was to protect it.

Ignoring that impasse, what was more significant is that Alison was unbriefed and had little in reserve when the ring rested in her palm. What was told to her, by the ring, was completely in keeping with what the other two psychics had relayed. So that substantial tick quietened the rational mind, for now, but it never rests when the spirits are trying to clear up the scene.

Plan B: Improvise and Protect

The ring knew that crystals bells no longer exist and had a back-up plan. When next in conversation with Ros that same missing crystal ingredient was raised by me, and within an instant Ros took on the role of an interlocutor in relaying a ring-directive. Some time ago she bought a bowl and gong in Asia and she was assured it was close enough in vibration and note to achieve the same end. Ros was adamant this was not her idea, but that of the ring, and that solution would be in the post and with us within days.

The day after we were back on track and Alison made her next contribution, again relaying information at the rings call. Now that the ceremony was in the air, Alison was now providing some background information and future settings.

Once again it was made clear that “this is a women’s ring” which should be placed on “the middle finger of the right-hand,” but past that it was all new ground and directives. The ring was preparing for “rebirth,” and still needs “to be protected” by me until it has regained its past and cleansed itself.  Alison also confirmed our conviction that there are three rings, then added to that base in noting that the position of retrieval creates a triangle of immense consequence. At present, the two rings recovered were found at Luxor, Egypt and Hill End, New South Wales, alas the third point of recovery is unknown to us, but known to others.

With the bowl in the post and hopefully due tomorrow, that night Maya used her pendulum crystal to answer a series of questions we felt needed to be clarified before striking the bowl. As long as the question is not in the lest ambiguous and can only have a yes or no response, her work again is yet to be proven incorrect, and I do know often the response is unexpected and sometimes not welcomed in the least. But for whatever the reason, it works, so the questions were asked, and we believe answers were given.

The existence of three rings was again confirmed, so too the spread of their influence, from the two extremes with third positioned between the two. The ring we have is the mid-point. It was made by two women and tainted soon after. How that male input actually occurred is uncertain, as it was made clear the two women were residing at Atlantis, as was the ring, but the specifics of the male are unclear at present. What the women put in was noble and pure, the male gave the ring power and good intentions, but with a caveat, that power was indiscriminate and could be used either way. The ring wanted the ceremony to take place, and was happy to be back. Past that, what came in tomorrow’s mail might add clarity, and perhaps more.

Ringing in the Past and Calling up the Future

The bowl and wooden gong turned up the next day and we spent some time before finding the correct way to play/strike the bowl. All we knew to begin with was that Maya had to make some form of noise via the metal bowl continually for three minutes, with the ring sitting in the middle. That was all we had.

So finally, after quite a few false starts, Maya began striking the bowl in the correct manner at exactly 3:21 in the afternoon, and stopped as it turned 3:24. Then what? Over the next three minutes what was to follow became more apparent, and the ceremony continued with Maya putting the ring on her finger for nine minutes, beginning at 3:27 and finishing with the ring being taken off just as it ticked over to 3:36. During that process, I noticed something that certainly wasn’t planned, but literally fell into numerical place.

The time of 3:21 adds up to 6, 3:24 totals 9 and 3:39 together makes 12, and all are consecutive multiples of three. The bowl rung for three minutes, Maya wore the ring for three lots of three minutes. In concluding, Maya then asked, now that this ceremony was completed should the bowl be sent back to Ros?

                The ring made it immediately clear to me the answer was no and this business was not finished. I asked Maya to consult her crystal pendulum as to whether the bowl should be returned, and as I expected it said no. As to when this ritual was to be repeated, we began by suggesting less than one month, the reply was no. That response continued up until six months when Maya paused and questioned whether we should continue. Knowing that the ring told me before the countdown that the number of months was nine, I said nothing beyond keep going. I was convinced the number nine would be chosen. So much so that when Maya first started this ascent to nine, I grabbed a pencil and wrote the number nine on a piece of paper and kept it hidden.

Within seconds of the crystal pendulum spinning in the positive when nine was mentioned, the phone rang. It was a person I knew passing on a message from Jane in regards to contact she had with the ring at exactly three o’clock in the morning.

The vision she had at three o’clock, a little over twelve hours before the event, was basically what happened during the bowl ceremony. She spoke of seeing a “golden glow.” The ring sat at the centre of a copper bowl outside, where the sun shone on the surface it took on a distinct “golden glow.” What we did, according to Jane, was “a test run.” The ring “was trying to turn on” but was “not ready yet.” The encouraging news was that it “was very happy being with us and the sacred rocks.” It had been a successful “test run,” but further on our hope is nine months from now, it will switch over to a permanent run mode.

The Reappearing Ring

Ros rang with no agenda, she had no reason to contact us, except that she was told to by the ring to do so. She half apologised when explaining how that came about, but I assured her after the reading by Maya we had intended to ring her. I explained we were told her role was that of the co-creator and protector of the rock, and other details of a more private nature.

After listening to all we passed on in Maya’s reading, she reminded me of something she had said before. To be honest I do remember her saying the ring appeared and disappeared while she had it, but I really didn’t absorb fully what that actually meant. She also told me that the “heart had started beating.” Then added more detail, of specific incidences where the ring was gone for days then would reappear somewhere that was so visible and impossible to miss. It happened often, so much so that they became a touch blasé, knowing whenever it did part company it would come back.

The Gender Balance of Tomorrow

At this stage, from start to now was female in complexion, as a male all I did was receive and observe, I had no input and I assumed this was to be an all-female revue. The next morning a male psychic I had worked with rang, of course the main topic of conversation was the ring. From his perspective, this ring was made by two females and had a power of supreme ordination. He wanted to hold it in his palm, but as to putting it on his finger, he knew such feminine power would be lethal on any male finger.

In closing this group session into the mystical realms guided mainly by women with the ring at the helm, we believe an observation Jane made when experiencing the reach of the “golden glow,” that was part of her three o’clock vision, sums up perfectly what this ring is capable of gifting humanity. She said that while merging with that “golden glow” it felt “fantastic,” so much so she did not want to leave its presence. So omnipotent and serene was the embrace, she could only add that “it felt like what is coming.”

What it is, and What it Isn’t

The ring resided in the Temple of Poseidon and is magic. All that is yet to be resolved is its scope, magnitude and future plans. Yes, it briefly idled in first gear for ten minutes at my request, and from that point on I knew I was captive to its dominion and … magic. Twice in three sentences we have used a word regarded as a cardinal sin of unforgivable proportions in all accredited academic circles, but it is what it is, and five people have verified that the ring is the genuine magical circular article (three out of four, this paragraph is manna from heaven for our many critics).

The ring was not made in Egypt, as no ancient orichalcum artefact has ever been found in that country. The 6th Century BC Roman ingots and coins salvaged from a shipwreck near Sicily do contain orichalcum, possibly taken from the last remaining mine before being “exhausted” during Pliny the Elder’s time. But no trinkets, amulets or personal effects beyond coins were reclaimed, and more importantly, although the order of the five constituent elements of this alloy is the same as the ring, the numbers do not add up.

As a general overview from the stock-take in the ancient ship, while acknowledging that there was some variation, the copper content was 75% or greater, zinc was close to, but not exceeding 20%, and the three other elements (lead, nickel and iron) made up around 5% of the alloy. The ring we are preparing has a copper content below the minimum level in the ship’s cargo at 73.96% and the zinc intake is much higher than anything found on the boat measuring 25.57%, but the most obvious disparity is apparent in the trace elements. On the ship it registers at around 5%, in the ring the three total a figure ten times more diluted (0.469%). By comparison that is a huge difference, it is a very small contribution by comparison and seems to be used somewhat homoeopathically, in that a few drops of each are added to a huge metallic base.

From that crude long-distance comparison the very least that can be established is that although both alloys belong to the orichalcum classification, they do not come from the same mine. That automatically means that any Roman stamp on this ring must be removed, and as both engraved symbols on the ring are Atlantian (Atlas and Atlantis) then it had to come from the holiest Temple in Atlantis. Trying to link this ring to anywhere else outside Atlantis is a needless distraction.

The ‘Elephant in the Room’

But in the long run all of the talk about dates, science, alloys and engravings is background fill. From my perspective, as I have no choice after it responded to my call, this collection of five metallic elements is sacred, blessed and magical. But beware, there is a broken edge to this alloy that accommodates the ring-bearer’s inner yearnings without discrimination. Even though it sits on both sides of the fence, it always leans to the divine. How it became magic, is beyond us, but it is.

To be honest, there is no way I would have gone beyond discussing the reputed mystical powers of this ancient ring hedged in possibilities, that is as far as was intended. Raising a maybe is much easier than offering no alternative beyond magic or that’s it. With the ring, after a personal performance, I am left with nothing except this ring is completely real, contains within magic beyond belief and is leading us by the nose down a path utterly unknown.

What has become apparent is that the ring is content and idling, but there is a price to pay in return. In that respect, there is nothing more to offer at this stage of proceedings, except that Tolkien was correct in focussing on each ring’s possessive nature.

Right now there are so many questions and nothing in reserve. Will the next ceremony succeed, and if so, what actually happens? If not, what to do next becomes an immediate concern. Will our role continue as that of spectators in the stand, or can a degree of control be negotiated? What are we to make of Jane’s experience in likening what this ring is capable of facilitating, to how things will be after the Awakening? Does that mean this ring has a part to play in this seminal change in everything? Or is it just a piece of old metal fashioned into a ring with some odd designs and worn edges?

What we know to be true is that the ring’s origin is established and the magic within is beginning to stir. There is a “heartbeat.” And next up …

A Brief Statement by Each Psychic/Interlocutor in Regards to the Ring from Atlantis

Maya: “Not once did I ever think I would be dragged into this, but the Spirits had other things in mind. I have had direct contact with the ring and know it has its own energy and awareness. How this all develops is still a mystery.”

Allison: “When Steven placed the ring in my palm, I didn’t really expect to feel anything, as I’ve never ‘read’ a piece of jewellery. The response from the ring was immediate, indicating its power and I felt it was an honour to be in its presence. Most importantly, it is being well protected as its power, magic and mystery unfolds.

Jane: At one of Steve’s talks last year I remember watching his absolute devotion and caring like a doting parent when it came time to pack away his sacred rocks. I also remember feeling a presence, someone or something closely observing this as well. Even though his exhaustion was obvious, all offers of assistance were politely declined. This was his task and his task alone, every rock was lovingly wrapped and carefully placed in its special place in his suitcase and only know have I realised the significance of this presence that I felt at this time.

This ring has been through a dark, traumatic and very lonely time. It needed to be rescued and entrusted to just the right person-someone it could trust no matter what. No evil force on this planet comes close to withstanding the power unleashed when this ring makes its move and all other sacred instruments and stones will be called into action.

When I found myself last week at 3:00 o’clock in the morning bathing in the wonderful energy emanating from the ring I wished I could bask there forever. I have never felt anything so powerful and amazingly it showed me that it was only operating on 3% of its full force. It was a test to ensure it could send out only good energy and supress the bad energy that its also capable of. It was then I realised I already knew this energy-the same energy that was present at Steve’s talk.

Thanks must go to Ros for rescuing it and knowing where it was meant to be-safe and happy with Steve and the rocks.

The ring has chosen well.

Ros: This ring is an enigma-as I study jewellery and symbolism I have never seen anything like it, in either metal or workmanship. It is extremely ancient. The closest link is to the Berber tribe, an Indigenous tribe that can be traced historically from North Africa and became the nomadic tribes of Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Northern Mali and Northern Nigeria.

Often written about by Herodotus as the ‘Libyans.’ Why did the Berber tribe use the Atlas symbol of scrolls in their jewellery and why did they depict pyramids with elaborate patterns? Did they witness the Pyramids at work? Where did the Berber tribes come from?

The traditional Berber religion was dominated by solar and lunar deities, very similar to those worshipped by the Egyptians. Some scholars have interpreted this to suggest that the Berbers and the Egyptians shared ancient pre-urbanised, cultural or ethnic ancestry. But where? Is the ring the clue?

PS: It may be that during very recent times that “clue” has evolved in ways we could never predict or begin to understand. Opinions and personnel have certainly changed since this was written, and it is solely for those reasons that the follow-up article will be called, The Ring has Spoken.     


1) Russell Morris, 1969. “The Real Thing”.(Writer: Johnny Young).


  1. So sorry I was unable to attend your presentation at UFOR in Sydney.
    At least that leaves me with something to look forward to in the future.
    Thanks to you all.

  2. I feel this discovery is the first step in connecting Australia with ancient Ireland/Atlantis/Aryan culture (something I’ve been waiting for since beginning to follow your work). Interestingly, several reports from Irishman traveling in north Africa in the 19th century claim they could communicate with Berbers in their individual languages with clarity between the two of them. Another interesting association is with “Libyans” as pictographs and petroglyphs in the Southwest US have been attributed to the Libyan language. In some cases (Inscription Rock in NM) these are associated with Ogham inscriptions (ancient Irish/Druidic system of writing).
    I’ve found other associations that I feel are important, but nothing quite like this ring.
    It’s amazing to see what comes across your path as you continue to do the work.
    Keep up the important and inspiring work!

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