“Uncovering the Secrets of a Hidden ancient Stone Complex”


Adam’s Garden

“…Barely a fortnight after our two days on site investigating the standing stones and smaller mound at the ancient site outside Mullumbimby, Adam, one the Original Custodians who spent both days with us, sent two photographs of a new site he had found.

There is no word that adequately describes how Adam discovers any of the many amazing sites and artefacts he has been drawn towards. He is an Original man steeped in Old Lore and sensibilities, he glides through the land, no matter how daunting the incline or foothold, with an ease and connection to place that demands respect. Intuitively sensing its presence, Adam is called to an object or location well before sighting it. So too, in this case, while paddling along a creek within earshot of the waves crashing against the shore, he came upon the remains of an extremely ancient site…..”

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