Three Resons Why: Frederic Slater’s Two Steps Too Far


Three Reasons Why: Frederic Slater’s Two Steps Too Far

By Steven & Evan Strong

This is what Frederic Slater could have looked like if he wore sunglasses and what Evan Strong looks like when he does wear sunglasses (Painting by Dellene Strong)

We are by no means the first to be insulted, threatened and censored in our attempts to reveal the real Original history. We have had reports on our research pulled off National News Bulletins, official government letters threatening penalties and imprisonment, death threats, overseas radio broadcasts being jammed, helicopters circling us on site, and a blanket denial of entry into any academic mind-set are but some of the ploys to which we are subjected. All of this poor behaviour and hostility we have encountered pales by comparison, for surely the treatment endured and the total eradication of any work, words, photographs and papers bearing the name or identity of Frederic Slater has no equal?

Frederic Slater was acknowledged by academics and government alike, as one of the top experts on Original culture and rock engravings and also extremely knowledgeable in all things ancient Egyptian. So great was his stature and wealth of knowledge, he was elected by his peers to be the President of the Australian Archaeological, Educational and Research Society of Australia. During the 1930’s, his many papers and research on both matters was never challenged and always taken on board. Yet by the end of the decade he literally vanished from every record, academic journal and institution. Slater’s identity and presence has been expunged and to the best of our knowledge we believe his research into Original pre-history focused upon three levels of inconvenient truths, which over the decade became more apparent and increasingly uncomfortable. The first step outside the historical norm was tolerable and quite well accepted, as long as the ancient Egyptians reigned in the ascendency throughout this land. But the second and third Original truths left authorities no alternative than to embark upon a complete character and identity assassination.

Slater had examined many sites, but there are two, the Standing Stones site and Buragurra (Devil’s Rock) that crystallised the three fateful steps Slater made that ensured he kept walking off into the sunset never to be seen or heard. As mentioned previously, Slater was adamant that not only the first language, but the beginning of mathematics is just one part of the Original package that spread around the world. Knowing that all civilisation begins in Australia, the Original “philosophy was evolved in the beginning of time and their first symbolism was in numeration, all of which numbers value in their hands, counting from one to ten, and afterwards expressed by cutting marks on the rocks or placing stones or anything else in position to represent the numbers.

Thus you get the first numeration writing like this Slator Notes 1




Now these symbols were represented on the tally sticks for keeping the Exchequer in England until 1826 by a system of notches and I believe the hop pickers in Kent and elsewhere still use the system.”

Always maintaining his focus on the relationship between ancient Egypt and Australia, Slater noted that “the Egyptian numbers-in their hieroglyphic writing are exactly the same as those of our aborigines (sic).”

But Slater did not limit himself to a comparison of ancient numeral system, according to his extensive study of ancient languages, and that of German anthropologist Hermann Klaatsch, all tongues, past and present, have their origin in the First Original Language. Slater was adamant that “the language which we speak is not Anglo-Saxon but just aboriginal (sic) the same as that of our natives on which other dialects were superimposed until it developed into a literary language. Just as French had Latin superimposed on its Gaul or Gwal (Gooual) which in the language of our aborigines (sic) means “speech.”

Needless to say Slater was insistent that the Egyptian language was sourced from Australia. The first Professor of Anthropology from Sydney University, Professor Elkin, was one of many who we suspect would agree with this radical proposition. When in the Kimberleys trying to converse with Original people who had never been in direct contact with any whites, Elkin exhausted his repertoire of neighbouring dialects and just when he was prepared to concede linguistic defeat, these naked nomads broke the communication impasse by gesticulating in Masonic hand signs and speaking in ancient Egyptian.

The reality is they were not actually speaking ancient Egyptian, it is the reverse. Slater was obliged to read what was written in seeking out the inspiration behind all that is regarded as distinctly Egyptian. “In the tomb of Zur-ta, the second king of the first dynasty, in the Amenta, there are boomerangs with this written on them.

Moses was taught the original theological philosophy which our blackfellows followed and he in turn imparted it to the Jews.

Pythagoras got his multiplication table from them. He wrote it something like this

Slator Notes 2 - Copy - Copy

Slator Notes 2 - Copy







Which in the language of our aborigines (sic) is YYYYYYYYY BBBBBBB TTTT MMMM BBBBYYYYYTTTTMMMMM (as these are sacred Original words I can only give the first letter of each word). That is to say, three tried by truth of ten breathes thirty.”

This interaction is steeped in antiquity and is reciprocated in Egypt, as Slater observed after extensive research, “when we examine their teachings closely and their hieroglyphs we find that the ancient cult of the blackfellow prevailed among the Kings, Princes, Priests, Learned men and rich relations were all instructed in the ancient religion and the knowledge of the elements.”

It was against this ancient philosophical, semantic and numerical background the Egyptians were tutored by their Original masters, but it would be a grave error to underestimate the mother-load they sought which extended well past numbers and words. For it was the First Australians who “gave not only to the Egyptians their knowledge and their foundation of hieroglyphics and their philosophy, but formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come.”

In prosecuting the case for a long term Egyptian presence in Australia, it needs to be appreciated that Slater’s research was extremely well received by his colleagues, so much so special note was made by Slater of the enthusiastic response to his paper presented at the 1937 Science Congress. He was candid in his positive reaction, confiding in the Sydney Morning Herald (Saturday 23 January 1937, page 14) that “I am pleased with the publicity that has been given to the paper.”

Sir Grafton Elliot-Smith, the first Australian academic knighted for his services to academia, has been quoted on the front page of many papers commenting upon the amazing quantity and quality of ancient Egyptian artefacts found in Australia. And equally, supported Slater’s belief that the Original people were of the first human race. He observed that “our natives are the survivors of the first race.”
This Australo-Egyptian association was well known from before World War One and until the beginning of World War Two, however, after the war both Slater and any talk of ancient Egypt vanishes from the press, academic records and official correspondence.
Cardinal Error Number 1

It was tolerable to propose that ancient Egyptians sauntered through the countryside as masters of their choosing and conquerors of all they surveyed, but to suggest exact opposite, that they came in pilgrimage as apprentices lacking in insight, wisdom, language or numbers is far more unsettling. Other Australian academics of that time were equally confident that Egyptians were here, and that stance was conceded, but only Slater delved deeper.

The problem Slater found was that this ancient narrative doesn’t stop there it goes further back, and what was unforgivable was the final destination.

“Came to Earth” (Cardinal Error Number 2)

It was the content of both sites, the Standing Stones site and Burrugurra, which led to Slater’s academic demise. By being truthful to translation he was doomed to fail, the truth was just far too unpalatable for those times, and we have to be honest our prospects are not much better now.

Slater remained faithful to the First Language script when translating the arrangement of 188 rocks and the markings, angles and letters engraved. Together it created a narrative that we are not sure even Slater fully understood. The obvious implication that involves space travel, aliens and genetic manipulation was not a topic of conversation in virtually every circle until after WW2 and in particular, Roswell. Nevertheless, it says what it says and a sizeable portion of what was translated is very off-world.

The first three sayings resonate to this off-world ancestry. “Truth brought out on wings to Earth from God to man.” “Guided by truth man came to Earth through darkness from the Light of Life that shines far off.” “Man came to Earth as man with all his seven senses and was established in truth.” Something or someone coming “to Earth,” is a theme that is repeated in many sayings and presents a departing destination which is not from this planet, that much is clear. Elsewhere Slater noted that the “Divine Light emanating from a Rod which tells of a fire that brought life from a far point east to west.” That distant place is an actual celestial location and the repository of the wisdom of the ages and it is for that reason “the truth brought in from the fire which brings light from afar.”

Where his translation does overstep the historical boundaries, is the extension Slater then adds and reason why travellers from afar came to this planet. “God came in with light from darkness and gave man a soul and the sons of men brought in with Light became the Pillars of Heaven.” In an attempt to leave no shades of grey or symbolic inferences, not only the soul but body itself is part of this alien legacy. “Life is brought in a bag.”

We do not dispute it is possible that all of these references could be either tainted through translation or metaphor and that none of this scriptures are meant to be taken literally. Possibly, but the problem is the research and archaeology of Burragurra leaves no room for any literary device. When discussing the attributes of the First Creation Spirit, Biaime, Slater himself must have realised the depth and scope of who this Sky-Hero was and from where he came. Slater gave three expanding definitions of who Biaime is, he begins as “he who brought life from on high,” then goes further in repeating his celestial origin in stating “he who brought living things and then stepped back into the high regions from whence he came.”

As it is at the Standing Stones, the issue of creation is also addressed at Burragurra, but with far less subtlety. “He who brought life into the world, set down man and woman and gave them the sacred means of propagating life.” Making babies through natural means has never been called “the sacred means of propagating life.” To propagate means to “reproduce by sowing, grafting, breeding” and has the feel of intervening in the natural process. This saying is quite explicit, giving something that creates life sounds very genetic, and it is because as this genetic involvement Biamie only has one leg. Biaime also means to “cut off to build,” and he cut off one of his legs to build humanity. Instead of Adam’s Rib, it is actually Biaime’s Leg, and in particular the DNA inside, which forms the building blocks from which Homo sapien sapiens spawned.

For any still in doubt, that somehow all of this is not an off-world excursion and intervention, but some form of allegory or mythical tale, Slater shut that door with two examples of the actions and residence of Biaime’s kin. Mulla Mulla was the wife on Biamie’s son and has no connection or long-term interest in this planet. Mulla mulla “was lifted down alive from a high place, and so, instead of being made on earth, she came from the sky above.”

Another who not so much came but immediately departed, was the “Nameless One.” He seemed even less inclined to remain with his feet planted on terra firma. Very soon after the Sky-Heroes landed their space-craft and began to take stock, the Nameless One was ready to return to a distant constellation. He boarded “a tree huge in girth and so tall that the foliage mingled with the trees.” Once settled “the tree had vanished in a cloud of smoke. This beautiful tree is now the Southern Cross,” and also the destination his rocket was launched towards.

Murrigiwalda, Protoplasm and the Tidal Movements of the Planets (Cardinal Error Number 3)

The Out-of-Africa theory had not come into theory or existence when Slater was in research, and it still has no relevance to Slater or the Original historical narrative. According to Slater, the Dreaming, the philosophy that underpins Original society, culture and religion “evolved in the beginning of time.” But go past the genetics and however the Original people first evolved, the greatest gift exported abroad was not words, numbers, gadgets or boats that can sail across oceans, it was something far more important. They alone “formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come.”

We are assured during the 1930’s the common belief in Australia was that the Original people were the last vestiges of an ignorant, primitive Stone-Age race, and unless protected and cordoned off were doomed to become extinct. But amongst the racism and patronising attitudes, there was one beacon of Original truth. A lead article in the Adelaide Mail (Saturday 23 October 1937) contains an interview with “well-known Sydney journalist and authority on the Australian aboriginal (sic),” Mr. Frederic Slater and begins with a date of “approximately 150,000 years ago,” which of course is well before any theoretical entry date in Australia from Africa.

When discussing the content of his new book Scribes of the Stone Age, Slater was quite expansive and incredibly radical in rightly attributing knowledge and insights of the ancient Original people that only a person with intimate contact could know. His statements here are at least half a century ahead of what other academics were privy to, and confirms his credibility.

Reference is made to Slater acquiring knowledge of “a valuable aboriginal (sic) vocabulary, which opened up to him a hitherto unsuspected field of research. The First Language “is known as Murrigiwalda (sacred language), and gave him the key to many avenues of investigation.” With this semi-dictionary at his disposal he was able to finally understand parts of the true history and incredible wisdom they possessed. According to Slater “the stone-age aboriginal (sic) believed that men came from a protoplasm created by God, as a special species, and that the original man could speak from the moment of creation.” He also maintained that “the stone-age aborigine (sic) had a deep knowledge of the circulatory system, that he believed that the origin of the planetary system was tidal, that he understood the creation of the world and knew much about light, darkness and fire.

Fresh evidence is also given that he believed in the immortality of the soul. It is stated too, that aspects of Mr. Slater’s research will be of particular interest to students of the origin and history of Freemasonry.”

Throwing Petrol onto Fire

Slater is going too far here, overstepping every polite academic boundary in claiming virtually everything we recognise as wisdom, religion, language, maths, astronomy, art, and so it continues, is Original and began in Australia. Quite simply, Slater is claiming that these illiterate naked nomads are our ancestors, the first and greatest global philosophers and know everything of importance.

What only compounds his ignominy and the affront to the historical status quo, Slater alleges that highest representatives of the most admired ancient civilisations, the Egyptians, came to Australia in supplication and absolute reverence of their Original teachers. They came as novices and at the invitation of their betters, this is a story that is so inconvenient and radical, the person responsible will surely win no friends in high places.

The third transgression, and the most damming, is Slater’s constant reference to “came from Earth,” and multitude of obvious indicators as to how far away somewhere else in the Universe the Sky-Heroes “came from.” Time after time Slater speaks of the deeds, words and off-word origins of the first Gods. Before Word War 2, Roswell and Erik Von Daniken such talk of Alien beings was rare and a guarantee of strife at the very least, and in Slater’s case much worse was in store for his belligerence in content selection three times over.

And it is those high places that saw Slater’s fall from grace absolute, with no mercy or respect in store for any person evangelising on such disturbing matters. In every respect except he kept breathing, Slater died just before the Second World War. His crime, telling the whole Original truth, and the sentence meted out was death by a thousand silent cuts and total denial. It is marginally ironic that soon after describing the existence and journey of the son of Biaime, who had neither a name, identity nor place of residence, Slater’s identity was lost as he was cast into a vacuum of non-existence for daring to tell the truth.

Flash forward 75 years and here we are walking down the same path, with some added detours and forks in the road. Nothing has changed, academics and Government agencies are actively conspiring against us in suppressing the truth, and nothing we have released has ever been covered in any mainstream publication. Same deal as Slater, the so-called free press will never cover the archaeology and science we are researching, if it wasn’t for the inter-net and the chance to share information, we would have no access to any means of sharing these Original truths with the public. That is the only difference, it’s the same story as before, (with extensions and off-shoots) the only difference is that this time we can’t be silenced, whereas last time Slater had no avenues to pursue except more grief and hostility.

So thorough was the censorship imposed upon him, if it wasn’t for the set of handwritten notes to his colleague on the Standing Stones site, nobody would know of Slater’s name, research, post or details of the First Language. Everything would be lost, which was the intention anyway, and they would have succeeded, but the truth will always prevail and the timing wasn’t right then, but it is now.

With Slater’s baton passed on and accepted, bring on the censors, the officials steeped in denial and a media obsessed with trivia, reality shows and anything that does not enlighten or stimulate, even though we have little chance of breaking through this barrier of mediocrity, that alone is incentive enough to persevere and keep plugging away in the hope that just maybe …

*A special thank you to Erik Bower for his brilliant research on Slater.

PS. Concluding Observations:

Fact One. Frederic Slater was a highly respected academic and was elected as the President of the Australian Archaeologists.

Fact Two. Everything about him in all official records was deliberately taken out. Why?? Even if we are wrong, that censorship was more wrong. Something is very wrong here and answers should be, but we sincerely doubt will be, forthcoming.


  1. I regretfully understand the academic/Govt.brickwall. Being a dowser travelling 75% over Oz. scepticism was always there
    Graduates from have the attitude that History starts from when they take up their first posting.

    Keep on plugging away !!

    IAN Q.

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