The Tunnel, Crayfish, Owl, Walls and Dead Trees, all Sitting on Thirty Three Degrees

The Tunnel, Crayfish, Owl, Walls and Dead Trees, all Sitting on Thirty Three Degrees

By Steven & Evan Strong

Way back, not long after we first set foot and reputation into this historical and archaeological minefield, we made contact with Klaus Dona. From that point onwards Klaus has been an indispensable colleague and adviser, and has had a direct impact on so many areas we have investigated.

A focal point of our joint research is a 12 kilometre corridor stretching from Kariong in the north then through to Gosford and continuing further south until reaching the coast. We are united in our belief that in extremely ancient times there was an ancient city on these grounds. Through procedures and technology we are neither privy to nor possess the ability to understand, Klaus sends us photographs marking out where and what. The coloured dots and shaded areas on the satellite photographs tells what is there and where to go, but alas, what is not delineated is the depth of deposit. A refinement in this technology, when on site, can do so, but for now the reality is artefacts of great antiquity are rarely found on or just beneath the surface. So when on site in pursuit of Klaus’ clues we are constantly aware that the object or construction sought could be 5 millimeters or 5 metres beneath the surface, with the realistic possibility of the deeper position being where the artefact will be found.

Within that corridor in question, dozens upon dozens of coloured circles and hatchings have been marked out as prospective sites, and at the present stage of proceedings four locations have been investigated.

Klaus’ Walls

24) Collasped Ancient TunnelWithout doubt this is the most dramatic of the four sites inspected. It is the only archaeology that is so large it could never disappear under the surface, no matter how old. There is an entrance that leads into three walls which then tapers off into a tunnel that runs some considerable distance, but beyond 15 metres I found that the gap is too narrow for me to proceed any further.

Positioned on the side of an extremely severe slope, the whole construction, for that is what it is, will soon collapse under the pressure from above. In the time we have seen this site, the damage has accelerated and the upper wall, which is taking the brunt of weight from above, is all but ready to fall apart. Knowing of the current state of disrepair, we were quite lucky to be able to photograph all three of these walls before things got worse, which they certainly have. As such, this report, as each day passes, is more about what was than what now is.

Our initial measurements, which are now slightly off-kilter, are too identical to be anything other than due to design and exact replication. The three base plates extend the entire length of each wall and measure heights of 189, 190 and 190 cms. Consistent to that pattern, the two upper walls are 292 and 293 cms in height. All four walls are 4 blocks high and each sandstone rock was chiselled and shaped before placement. So fine and skilled is the cut of rock, the joins cannot be penetrated by a cigarette paper.

The three walls that take the weight of the sandstone shelf above which must weigh over one hundred tonnes, pose an immediate problem in sequence. Which came first the walls or the roof?

Exiting this huge yet precarious arrangement of rocks is a feat unto itself, and can only be negotiated when on all fours crawling up a ten metre slope until reaching a less threatening incline that allows us to take on a semi-vertical stance. This construction begins at an entrance, continues on to the walls and further in some considerable distance, well it originally did, but not much longer.

More of the Same

There is another site within the corridor marked out by Klaus which is also on the same latitude of 33 degrees, which we have pondered over, written several articles about and still remain stationed somewhere between bewildered and lost for any way to resolve our impasse. All around are questions asked that flow out of what many may mistake to be anomalies. The nearby vegetation is freakishly large by comparison with any other like example, yet the soil is so infertile. There is one stretch of about 40 metres of an ancient sandstone wall, replete with mortar that binds some blocks to a cliff-face behind.

Then there is one medium-sized sandstone boulder, that is most definitely the focal point for all that surrounds. There are four to five dialanthuns (circular engravings that mark out Original energy/ley lines) on this rock, which is of huge significance in itself, but without doubt the crayfish demands first billing. It is an incredibly fine piece of art that looks so out of place. It doesn’t seem to be of an Original style, looks very new with what appears a fresh cut, but unlike all the other engravings the crayfish is a cream colour.2014-09-29 14.04.38 - Copy

This was the site where I, and others, first held dowsing rods. With no training or prejudices, the rods spun with the most force and power at the crayfish engraving. At each dialathun there was a similar reaction, but the vigour and surge of energy was far less. Whether right beside the crayfish or standing back three metres the rods reacted with the same amount of force and speed of rotation. So palpable and potent is this site, we suspect it may have been a temple or sacred site.

Consistent to that same nebulous reaction, which also reinforces our long-held belief that all these ancient sites are positioned on energy lines, the Cave of the Owl and Orbs is another unknown quantity. It is a narrow and shallow sandstone cave with Original ochre hand stencils and some other figures of charcoal and ochre considered very important, and there in the back left-hand corner is where a brown owl roosts and acts as guardian. Klaus’ photographs alerted us to the fact this was a site that had a massive accumulation of bones, possibly due to an ancient tsunami destroying the city and pushing bodies into one area. From the very beginning we knew there was something unusual about this place.

What seemed to be like a large splash of green paint covered the rock entrance, we felt it was so out of place, but turns out to be the juice of the seeds of a local tree that denotes an area of death. Aunty Beve’s explanation certainly complimented Klaus photograph, but by way of an accident on camera, we found one unexpected statement of cause and effect.

The film we took of the orbs, a subject of which we had no interest in until this excursion across the breach, shows all manner of movement of objects, many of which we have since discovered after further experiments are merely dust particles. But without doubt, there are some objects moving through the cave, in particular a massive green/blue orb that makes a fleeting appearance, and another ball of energy that stops in mid-flight then runs up the arm of Sean then exits around his back, that break the laws of conventional science. That orb was aware of Sean’s presence and recalibrated its path to ensure they did not touch. This ‘being’ is a conscious thinking entity and if it wasn’t for Klaus’ photograph would not have been filmed.

Same Place, but the Other Side

Still keeping to the same latitude and corridor and maintaining a connection to some form of energy that is beyond the reach of measurable detection, there is another site found through Klaus’ images that was less inviting and demonstrably menacing.

It is an awful place, a clean line of utter devastation. Death all over, it is like a square was cut out of the bush and everything inside was eternally cursed to die. This site was visited first by one person, alone. Not a good ploy that got worse when he collapsed onto his knees, this same place was draining him of his energy and ability to remain upright. He felt his body was surrendering to a malevolent force that revelled in harm and was less than confident he was able to leave. More than once he tried to stand but crumpled. He literally crawled out of this site and once entering the greenery and life of the immediate surrounds he was able to regain some energy and quickly departed.

It sounded like an appalling square of death, but Klaus had marked it out and something untoward was stirring beneath because nothing was living above. We were walking on dead trees, that is all there was, half an acre of pure death scythed out of a vibrant forest. Surrounded by the same trees and bush, all heathy and growing strongly, we walked through life at every step, then came upon pure desolation. The earth below was at least a metre from where I was balanced, we were walking upon layers of deadwood thatched on top of each other. There were occasions when I could not see the dirt, and wanted nothing more than to reach the safety of the living forest.

We had seen and sensed powerful affirming sites and reactions that buoyed the spirits at so many sacred places and in the presence of relics of the past, but there was no joy or welcome here. Either something utterly wretched is still there, or was, and knowing what had happened barely two months before, I couldn’t see any compelling reason to remain any longer amongst such chaos and destruction. Detected from afar but undeniably unwelcoming when up close and personal, Klaus has scored another hit. We just aren’t sure what the source of this unrest is, nor whether we are inclined to return to a location that so obviously wishes ill.

For some this site is manifestly disturbing and of evil intent. Whether that be through some form of ancient destructive technology or malevolence from the other side, the place is not right and beyond the repair of Nature or humans. Despite the imbalance and poor form, this site makes sense in every respect. If finding site after site pouring out positive energy and emboldening the soul, everything in life has its opposite, the law of physics will have it no other way. If we are right in suggesting that the healing table is life-affirming and revealing, and thus a positive energy, somewhere nearby the opposite effect must be on display, and this is one of those negative places.

More Baggage at Thirty Three Degrees

There is much more archaeology found within this corridor and when placed in combination with Klaus’ research and photography gives some substance, setting and indications that run counter to all conventional historical accounts whether in dealing with Australia or elsewhere.

10) Shaft
Photo by Alan Gresley

2014-01-14 15.47.33There are thousands upon thousands of engraved star markers in this region, one platform alone has close to 800 and another which is directly above the controversial 300 hieroglyphs at Bambara has a star chart recognised and dated to be over 4,600 years old. Apart from the three sandstone walls, there is another wall some distance away which officials refuse to even inspect that has 13 Proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs. Behind the Bambara hieroglyphs is a ten metre underground tunnel, along with two other tunnels nearby, they are not natural and even the anointed officials have conceded that in declaring “vandals” were responsible.

Close by we have spent some time examining the healing table, what is according to Klaus Dona the largest UFO engraving in the world, a series of artificial walls, an engraved design of an ocean-going boat, the Bulgandry site with the twelve constellations and a space-ship that according to Original Custodian Gave Duncan “sailed across the Milky Way,” countless engravings of Sky-Heroes seemingly neck-less and wearing what appears to be helmets which Aunty Beve referred to as “hats,” the possible hip bone and jewellery of the son of an Egyptian Pharaoh and many other artefacts that run against the mainstream historical tide.

It would be remiss not to also mention there are many other non-Klaus sites in this area that we believe exhibit a variety of paranormal attributes. Without doubt the healing table and Bambara glyphs fall into that category.

Both what we have examined independently and in association with Klaus shares two binding principles. They all raise issues and archaeology that necessitate technology, civilisations and intelligence that does agree with current historical assumptions as to what took place in ancient times. In adding clarity and definition in geography, all of the sites/relics discussed can be found on the thirty third degree of latitude. That confirmation leads on to the reason why we rehashed a sampling of old research, it was simply to give some background to an angle that was repeated time after time on Ros’ Rock Number 1: 33 degrees.

Thirty Three Degrees

On the side of the rock that researchers assisting us believe to be a map (the only point of difference is to whether it serves earthly or off-world purposes), there is one angle that dominates, thirty three degrees. That was already known and mentioned previously, what was not supplied was a full explanation as to why that measurement of southern latitude was a fundamental clue in unlocking the real history of this planet and humanities’ role and ancestry.

2014-07-24 15.54.10The lines on both rocks break every conceivable rule regarding ancient technology on this planet. Some lines look as if they were cut, not chiseled, with a knife on one of the hardest rocks nature can create. Wrapped around such sophistication of tool and expertise is one number, thirty three. Just as it is with all the other archaeology and sites positioned on the same line of latitude, this is part of a package put together at a time when humans were supposedly huddled together in caves grunting at each other. The problem being is that the rock is incredibly hard, the lines are so fine and delicate and even shows signs that it could have been cut rather than chiseled. So too there are quite a few shapes that have been made through techniques unknown, one of particular note is a large semi-circle imprint that show no under-surface and seems to have been punched into the rock.

Above and beyond all these technological irregularities, the repetition of thirty three degrees is of pivotal importance. Calculating latitude accurately is a science that depends on knowledge of the shape and movement of the Earth supplemented with advanced mathematical skills. According to many mainstream texts on Original culture, Original people could not count past four, knew nothing of geometry and would have no reason to suspect the surface of this planet is curved. But if lacking in such fundamentals, how is it possible they knew Bambara/Gosford was on 33 degrees latitude?

Honestly there is only one avenue of response available, start again, there is no Plan B on offer here. Thirty three is a sacred number and holy location in Australia. Klaus’ map and all the other artefacts and constructions provide goods, chattels, sacred objects, dedications to their Sky-Heroes from the Pleiades, temples, tunnels and designs that came from ancient times, Ros’ Rock Number 1 completes this narrative and fills in all the missing spaces.

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