The Secret History Of Australia Conference: And the End Of Days

9-10 June 2018

It has begun… the signs are in place
In late 2017 Aboriginal Elders started speaking of
The End of Days 
a prophecy that spans epochs,
and which is now about to unfold…

“The End of Days … is a prophecy that has been long awaited by the Origine’ people … it is the end of the darkness and a ‘return’ of the spirit of the Dreaming … It used to be global but the northern cultures wiped out their knowledge holders in successive wars. We were an isolated island … the lore survived … The prophecy is that ‘the one’ will come to restore the lore … when the world needs it most … that the Origine’ peoples with the old knowledge have to be ready … to be ‘Burram Yanbuhyn’ … to be teachers, and not project fear in the coming changes … but to hold it straight … just as it was in the Alcheringa – the beginning …”

– Stella Wheildon (speaker)

Thousands of Australians have had the “tidal wave” dream, where a massive tsunami hits our east coast. It is always higher than the highest buildings, and leaves a completely new coastline. Such waves have hit our coast repeatedly according to Indigenous Australians’ oral history. And yet, such tsunamis were not seen as the “end of days” by the original peoples. During the last 100,000 years, the Australian Aboriginal people have endured—while an ice-age, the Toba super-volcano and massive sea-level changes ravaged the planet—and still, none of those events was considered “the end of days”. So, what is the End of Days? How much of the change is physical and how much is metaphysical? Is there even a difference anymore? In my 40 years of research and conversations, I have never heard the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people speak of the End of Days, or the end times—until about nine months ago. Depending on who you talk to, we have less than two years before everything changes. Already, growing numbers of Indigenous Australians are returning to country, in order to prepare their spirit and to connect to the land. Others are being encouraged to share the knowledge with those who would listen. So far it is only word of mouth, and mostly within the Indigenous community. I’ve had my own share of mystical experiences with Indigenous Australians, and I personally take what they say very seriously. The Secret History of Australia Conference is therefore honoured to have a respected elder who will be sharing more information on The End of Days. This is definitely going to be one of the most important talks you will want to hear.

— Duncan Roads, NEXUS Editor


  1. This carousel of chaos, of modern day life, has us all in a whirlwind. For a while now, I have had this relentless passion of finding answers. I didn’t get to go to the conference. One day! I am appalled at the constant manipulation of governments, particularly the Australian Government. Why do they have this compulsion to hide truth? It is time as a community to stand up! As a universal force and balance the quest for knowledge. The patriarchal system has to go! It is abhorrent that history is deleted in so many ways. I would dearly love to be able attend classes or workshop in order to increase my level of understanding. Maybe I’ll get the chance in the future. Here’s looking forward to a more optomistic future.

  2. Yes, the time has almost culminated. I am in the end process of compiling the data of what is coming. Be it The Comet (aka Blue Star Kachina- The Hopi 9th & Final Sign, which is the same as the the Comet of Nostradamus, St. Hildegarde, H.G. Wells, Josep Terelya & others; The Night of the Bleeding Stars (“Grandfather” aka Stalking Wolf & Tom Brown, Jr.) and how it will be seen by the world; among other items connected to the Grand Change & the Ancient Records hidden up (of the far, past even into our future). It is time it all comes full circle, but in a sense, spiral.

    your friend & servant,
    Lynn H.
    overseer of *The Academy* & *The School*

  3. I read ‘Out of Australia’. It shocked me and left me pondering deeply of the native culture we have lost. Western white culture is one of ‘consuming everything’ and leaving only waste behind. As a living experience, it sucks badly. I also just read the the article in Nexus detailing the Magnetic shift. I wonder if it is a polar/magnetic shift that our illustrious Governments know in secret and are digging deeply into the Earth to save their own necks?!? We need to return to a saner way of living, connecting back to the land to sustain us and reconnect to “tribally” (can’t think of a more appropriate word) to community and ancestors. I’m a white Australian but I recognise with Real Community, Culture and connections to our past, we can recreate a better and more healing present. If it’s not too late, that is. 🙁

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