“The Rogue In Me” By The Rogue Researcher

The Rogue in Me (in book order)

By The Rogue Researcher

I was chatting with a friend, Bruce Fenton in Ecuador, the other week about our books we have in progress and he mentioned he was going to break down his into blog articles, which really made sense to me the more I thought about it. With all the new information flying around it is hard to read a whole book sometimes to get the little bit of info from it provided by the author or on the other hand they dump too much info on you at once. So I have decided to break mine down also in the same process and add links to various research and pictures beyond what I do in the blogs. I hope you get something out of this as I did writing it. In the 6 plus years on Facebook I have learned so much and I see many of us on the same trail now. The trail of understanding our Forgotten Origins and the ones that were intentionally written out of our historical timeline or distorted beyond belief. Writing a book is great fun O.o but it sometimes takes too long to get through the publishing process and by then the research is old hat.  I hope some doors are opened to possibilities that will lead to conclusions. Where some minds stop, The USOKS Keep going.My interview with Bruce Fenton at the wheel on Epic Voyages.http://irnfiles.com/audio/EPICNewton.mp3



Chapter 1:   The Rogue in me 



Chapter 2/Pt.1   De-foresting the forest of confusion    https://therogueresearcher.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/the-rogue-in-me-pt-3-de-foresting-the-forest-of-confusion-pt-2/


Chapter 2/Pt.2:   Deforesting the Forest of Confusion  



Chapter 3: The USOKS      



Chapter 4 pt.1: Peru  



Chapter 4 pt.2:  Peru  “Flashback”  

https://therogueresearcher.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/the-rogue-in-me-chapter-4-pt-2-peru/ Chapter 4 pt.3


Chapter 4 pt: 3: ~Peru~  “Babylonia la Grande”



Chapter 4 pt 4: ~Peru~ “Sacsayhuaman” https://therogueresearcher.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/the-rogue-in-me-peru-sacsayhuaman-chapter-4-pt-4/




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