The Irish Club, Adelaide: Crossing the Divide

The Irish Club, Adelaide: Crossing the Divide

By Steven & Evan Strong

(Special Thanks to: Christine Walker, Unbulara, Fred Robinson, Ildi Budai, Dermot Kelly, Louise Clarke & Keith Connelly)



Without doubt, the presentation Evan and I did on behalf, and under the guidance of Ramindjeri Elders, will never be equalled. The two days were a follow-up to a protest meeting that took place at Karta-Gateway to the Heavens (Kangaroo Island) highlighting the utter injustice of an eviction notice served on the Ramindjeri to vacate their Culture Centre and sever ties with their tribal estate. Once unable to maintain a permanent presence with this sacred site, with ceremonies not given, songs unsung and sacred places untended, the spirits of the land soon move on. Regrettably these sins of omission are merely part of pattern we have personally encountered in Victoria and New South Wales, in both cases undeniable cultural sites have been legally transferred to people without compassion and respect, which has seen the rightful custodians denied access to their tribal grounds. It was our intention to both publicise the most recent example of this repeated injustice and report in to Karno in sharing where the research conducted under the banner of Wirritjin (Black-fella, White-fella Dreaming) was leading towards.

The schedule for the two days was divided into two areas, the first was to present an historical and scientific account of our investigations juxtaposed against Karno’s continual involvement through actions that defy the same scientific laws we pay homage to when compiling our reports, articles and chapters. The second day was primarily a detailed investigation into the rocks at two levels, scientific and mystical, but was always hedged around one uncertainty.

Ever since Karno passed on a non-negotiable request from himself and many other Original Elders and Custodians of Lore and Old Ways, that no-one but myself has been allowed to touch these rocks has held fast. That protocol has been followed since, but it was my belief that special circumstances and the greater good would be served by a three hour exemption from 9-12 on the Sunday, so that a few Elders may hold the rocks and see what eventuated. Due to the incredible importance of these star rocks and many associates, and the paucity of details, geography, tribe or function, we had hoped that Elders versed in ancient wisdom may recognise, remember or even better, pass on the wisdom of spirits from the other side. However, that possibility runs counter to the current protocol, and with Karno’s passing it seemed an insurmountable obstacle.

An Entrée

The first day was primarily a national tour of archaeology and sites Karno was involved in either directly, or through the ‘back-door.’ We felt it went well, as did our introduction to a dozen of the sacred rocks which was meant to be a preliminary introduction to the main event on the Sunday. Of particular note was Keith’s contribution with the dowsing rods and an EMF machine with a rather impressive needle that was registering something within these rocks. It wasn’t consistent, but it certainly did react on many occasions when placed beside a large variety of rocks, and hopefully was to be extended upon the next day.

The Main Event


Nothing was clear, all avenues were possible or out of bounds. There were around 120 rocks set out across four tables, but as to whether anyone outside myself would touch them was a matter between the Spirit of Karno and the Elders who speak with and on his behalf. When smoking the rocks on the balcony I did ask Karno for permission to be granted a three hour amnesty, where Elders of high degree could touch and speak. However, asking Karno any question while he was on this plane rarely got a response and this time around there was another degree of separation to overcome. With realistically no chance of a yes, I asked Unbulara and Christine for permission to break protocol and fielded a unanimous and utterly non-negotiable no.

It was no more than what was expected, and even though I could see quite few of the audience were visibly disappointed, we began the presentation immediately after and hopefully distracted the many who were hoping such a meeting was on the cards. About five minutes into the workshop, Karno stepped in and set the entire group off into unchartered waters.

Unbulara has made many contacts with Karno, and surely none was more a surprise to her, and Christine, than what she announced when in communion with him when declaring that anyone, yes that was the word chosen, anyone with good intentions was allowed, over the next three hours, to touch, hold and speak on behalf of the rocks. My request earlier was limited to those of Original blood, this was well beyond the best I could imagine. That three volunteers, the sacred trilogy Karno spoke of incessantly, all of non-Original blood, were now holding three sacred rocks was well beyond the scope of any known protocol, but was the perfect example of Wirritjin. Here was the final statement and ultimate proof that “Spirit knows no colour.”

Dedication Picture
Image courtesy of Christine Walker & the Ramindjeri People, Photo by Olivia Olley, Graphics by Brett Waller

I spent the next ten minutes briefly introducing some of the features and history of the rocks, but was ever-vigilant to the three seated in the front row with rocks in hand. About fifteen minutes passed before I felt the time was right to pause in the empirical proceedings, and delve into mystical credentials of what Frederic Slater referred to as “rocks that talk.”

Photo by Ildi Budai

Any record provided really would be a litany of lost opportunities. There are so many questions that should have been asked, the problem was that no-one was prepared for what took place and I found I was barely coping. It was enough trying to entertain and stimulate 40 odd people let alone fully absorb who, what, how and where. Despite my inadequacies, the testimonies of three who held and one who sat nearby are invaluable as they are unique. That was a one-off event, and until Karno intervenes in a similar dramatic fashion, the old rules resumed once the clock struck 12 and from that point returned to the status quo, in that I am the only person who can touch these rocks.

Four People in Congress with the Sacred Rocks

To supply of a transcript of what the four people directly involved in this interaction between rock and human, when we have filmed their reaction and taped their accounts seems a pointless exercise that will achieve second best results at best. A far better ploy is to listen to the people and involved and allow each person to decide whether they are deluded, mischievous or truthful. If this a factual account, then there are many so-called scientific truths that no longer apply to this situation, and a whole lot more.

Photo by Ildi Budai

Three Needles, Two Dowsing Rods, one Hand and a Camera at the White Rock’s Bidding.

Yes, all of this is purely subjective and could be due to willing subjects prone to flights of fancy, budding actors grabbing the limelight whenever the opportunity arises, or all three of the rock-holders could be all suffering from a variety of psychological disorders. Or perhaps, just perhaps, they were telling the whole truth as told to them by “rocks that talk.” Where are the machines with numbers and needles and a timetable? Scientifically endorsed devices are demanded here. Coat hanger wire and claiming an interaction between silica and skin just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard.’

Because this is a multi-disciplinary affirmation of the mystical, we were more than fortunate that three people, all unknown to us before today, brought EMF machines/detectors to see if they too could find proof of an energy radiating out of these rocks. As it was with these four testimonies, and events yet to be discussed, all of this was filmed and has been released on YouTube ( Amongst the unplanned chaos of spinning needles or electronic read outs when placed beside different rocks at the same time, it did become apparent that the readings on each rock fluctuated over time and throughout the rock. One section would measure 0.1, then one centimetre on 0.8, and the next rock could be stronger or weaker. The way the energy seems to throb or pulsate in surges is an area of research that needs further research. Knowing we will get hammered for using this analogy, but it makes no difference, for it felt as if the rocks were ‘breathing.’

Further on a detailed rock by one rock measurement over a prescribed time sequence focusing on different parts of each rock will undoubtedly occur, but for now knowing that three different versions of EMF detectors all verified a definite and tangible emission of energy coming out of many of these rocks is a solid base. But if still sceptical, the scientific case on behalf of the star rocks collection and friends is not complete.

This is where it gets weird, many have already accused us of being off with fairies before, but from where we are positioned this time around these mystical beings form in total a tiny speck in the distance. This began on the first day when a gentleman called Chris placed his hand about 5 centimetres above the “magic” white speckled rock and it began to shake. Warnings had been constantly given on the first day regarding actually touching these sacred rocks, and there was no way his skin came near the rock any time during this cross over between rock and human. The untouched rock kept trembling for some time, in fact I cannot be sure when it stopped as the dowsing rods were also spinning nearby and at some stage something of note accentuated by the rods demanded my attention. The one image of that interaction I have never lost, the huge contented smile plastered across his face, the absolute joy of the interface he experienced confirmed something extraordinary was occurring.

Strongs34 - Copy
Photo by Samarah Wood

The next day I asked Chris to repeat that process and make the rock move again. The pressure was deliberately ramped up, on the first day he moved the rock during the break and nothing was predicted, it just happened and many assembled witnessed the event. This time around the pressure was on, doing this on command with an audience expecting a miracle, was although hedged around the esoteric, employed scientific methods in determining whether the same result can be achieved the day after, in a different setting supplemented by higher expectations. For some time it seemed the task was too daunting, whether it was due to the entire audience was watching or perhaps his ‘spiritual battery’ was drained after yesterday’s encounter, it seemed yesterday’s news would remain just that. Then just at the stage I was going to suggest to fold the cards on this venture, the rock twisted slightly to one side. It wasn’t as dramatic as yesterday nor anywhere near as long, but the rock moved again, simply because it decided to.

Karno ‘Turned’ on the Rocks

Photo by Ildi Budai

I cannot prove Karno turned on the rocks that Sunday, none of devices used nor any that could assist, will identify what catalyst/Spirit is responsible. What is clear is that numbers appeared and needles moved, marginally on Saturday and freely on Sunday. On the second day four people were relaying messages from the “rocks that talk,” and not one person seated in that room would deny these realities. In the spirit of real science, that never claims absolutes, but is always open to new thoughts and results, what we were privileged to witness asks new and ancient scientific questions begging to be answered.

Photo By Ildi Budai

However, we are convinced the question their apparatus can never answer, who ‘turned’ the rocks on, no longer needs to be investigated. Being the only accepted custodian of these rocks I can make an observation which no ‘expert’ can challenge. Since that Sunday the rocks have been humming and idling in first gear, they can be heard, felt and sensed, that is a fact we have seen and felt since on nearly a daily basis.

To itemise each subsequent contact would take some time and achieve little, one example is sufficient, but alas entirely subjective. When we got home obviously all the rocks had to be smoked again, as we had done when arriving in Adelaide and each day at the presentation. All up it takes a few hours, and after time away I felt we could postpone the welcoming ceremony a day and smoke them tomorrow. From the time I actually said let’s leave it a day, that did not go down well. They were not content being crammed inside the case and wanted to go back to country, now! That was a non-negotiable demand. My wife immediately felt drained, soon after I cut myself badly, the atmosphere plummeted and nothing could put it right until eucalyptus leaves were gathered and burnt.

It has not let up, walking near the rocks can become a balancing feat par-excellence, especially since my last visit had my head spinning so dramatically I had to make a conscious effort in remaining upright. Before that fateful Sunday barely a whimper was heard, after, well it is getting very noisy around here.

So What?

If just for the sake of being impartial it was accepted a slight surge in energy was recorded, in the great scale of things this is not going to charge a power station, car or even a radio battery. Erratic in consistency and location, the power detected seems bereft of commercial application or apparatus to engage. Due to the rock and needles moving, some experts may begrudgingly concede that this was not bogus but the real thing. However, where to next?

If going solely on previous mainstream scientific form, whenever confronted with an anomaly they invariably close all avenues of lateral thinking, shore up their ranks, then refuse to make any further comment. Recently an extensive genetic examination of the dingo was conducted by academics from Sydney University, in an attempt to determine the place from which it came. The current thinking, that humans, dingos, and until recently all song birds are imports into Australia is so pervasive nothing can shake its unsound foundation. Well the dingo nearly did that, they found this animal is not genetically related to any wolf, dog or sub-species of dog. The science is unequivocal, the dingo did not come from any country on the planet at about 6,000 years ago as was assumed. The reality is it was either always here, or if imported, it came from another planet/constellation.

The study was comprehensive, methodology unchallenged and results decidedly disappointing. So the paper was presented, covered briefly in some media outlets then it submerged never to be heard of again. Not one academic expressed an interest in following up on these sensational findings, nor made any attempt to ask why this happened and what it could mean. That denial at all costs when any inconvenient truth appears on the horizon is how academia is structured, and it works brilliantly! All credit to them, the tight consensus in denying so effectively is a clever strategy, without any official tick  or access in any mainstream media outlet, a day or two after rumours of something unsettling, this finding quickly vanishes into the bottomless pit of yesterday’s news.

This ostrich approach when confronted is a stunning counter, and is evident in their response to the collection of 200 sacred marked rocks. We do know academia are intimately aware of the existence of these rocks, we also know that not one scientist, government official or appointed expert has either contacted us or inspected one rock. Can we suggest, the same non-participation and apathy in any response is guaranteed when denying the events on Sunday.

Filling in the Gaps

The rocks are sacred, old, some have mystical qualities, many energy stored within and all were produced through advanced technology unknown today. Frederic Slater was the President of the Australian Archaeology Society, he was highly respected and educated individual who believes these rocks can “talk.” And that is exactly what took place that Sunday at the Irish Club, they spoke in so many different ways. Their message varied to suit each person attending, in our case this was a very black and white message, in that these rocks are stirring and will continue in their journey to assist humanity in the impending ascension in human consciousness and purpose.

The best part about our role in this saga is that it makes no difference who believes and who disputes, we are not in least concerned over how each person accepts or denies. That decision has nothing to do with us, that is their story. All we are trying to do is to make sure that whatever story is chosen, whether these Original truths have been accepted or ignored is irrelevant, our task is to keep knocking on the front door. It may open completely, not at all or somewhere in between, we don’t keep a tally, our role is too simply keep talking until the final day.

                As challenging and utterly absurd this report may appear, the ‘follow-up’ activities since that Sunday are not only more of the same, but are amazing extensions laden with compound interest and more unanswered questions. So totally unexpected are the subsequent trails of events that we are still having difficulty absorbing the breadth of what is unfolding and have no doubt many will have trouble digesting the scope and authenticity of one specific event, and because of this will question everything else that happened at the Irish Club. There is more than enough to assimilate from the Sunday session with the energetics of Karno and the sacred rocks without adding more distractions and extensions. For that reason alone, the next segment of this account will not appear in this article, but let us assure the reader we are not betraying our responsibility to report all events no matter how inconvenient, as it will be part of a larger chapter in our next book, No Stone Unturned.

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  1. Not sure where this can or even should go from here. As a white fella I’m slightly uncomfortable with interference, however I get the impression that Steve and Evan’s involvement is bonafide.
    I will be reading more…

  2. Well done Steve and Evan for going down this path. These Rocks do have powerful energy. The next step is how to unlock them.

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