The Sacred Rocks are Beginning to Stir

The Sacred Rocks are Beginning to Stir

By Steven & Evan Strong


Before Viewing the Video

This all ended with a phone call, after the event, from Ros who had no idea what had happened days before. Ros had been cleaning and was going through her quite considerable collection of books and by sheer chance one fell open at a page that immediately grabbed her attention. She knew that all the cylcons she had purchased were kept at one specific location, close to the junction of the NSW and SA border, but what she saw on that page for the first time explained why this special site was chosen as repository for these holy rocks. On page 78 in a section of a book written by Dr Richard Lefors Clark,  called “Anti-Gravity and the World Grid”(1) is a map marking out the powerful ley lines that straddle Australia, one of which is in exactly the same position the cylcons were kept. Of different makes and proportions, these enigmatic rocks have one common purpose, they can create energy which can range from spinning dowsing rods all the way up to levitating ten tonne rocks. With the confirmation that all of this genera of sacred rock were deliberately placed on one powerful ley line, the chances that something quite stunning and powerful lays within multiply greatly.

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Photo by Samarah Wood

But how to measure and quantify an energy that contradicts the ‘normal’ rules of science? And what device or tool is up to this task?

Spinning in the Dark

Any investigation, scientific research or paper that uses dowsing rods as the chief means of measurement will be vigorously challenged, more than likely ridiculed and automatically rejected as being ‘unscientific.’

To be honest we have no idea how these copper rods react and spin and still cannot fathom why, if placed above water, they are guaranteed to move. They do react, that is a fact. What we seem to have here is some sort of tangible interaction between water and metal. As challenging a concept as that may appear, there is a somewhat unusual cross-species parallel. In some very recent experiments with dogs the researchers came up with a rather unusual experiment. They gave two bottles of water to some human volunteers who were told to abuse one bottle with bad thoughts and angry language while praising and complimenting the other. The dogs were then instructed to fetch a bottle of water, without exception every dog avoided the verbally abused bottle in preference to the water that resonated with good words and vibrations. So if dogs can interact with water, as do the dowsing rods, we think the best approach when embarking down this controversial road is to maintain an open mind and leave behind any preconceptions at the backdoor.

The scope and potential of these rods gets even more intriguing, because some of these sacred rocks can, but only if held correctly, react with the copper rods, crystals and a large assortment of needles and read outs. The mechanics of this interaction between the human hand, rock and two thin strips of copper is well beyond our understanding, but not our senses. To this day we cannot come to grips with what is going on but we can see what took place this time and once before, and irrespective of why, the rods moved at the right time and location. All that is left is the responsible person/power, and in that endeavour it always comes down to two opposite explanations, it’s either trick or treat.

With the dowsing rods moving on cue with each interaction with the rocks, this can only be due to genuine contact between metal, flesh and rock or through deception and sleight of hand. This whole episode with copper sticks, from thousands of years ago when dowsing was first used through to what was filmed a few weeks ago, is either a long-term confidence trick or the real deal. In determining the authenticity of this copper device we have one major advantage, one practitioner of this ancient skill, Richard Clarke is a close friend and a person we trust implicitly. He would never deceive or mislead us under any conditions, and it is because of his involvement in this bizarre activity we are prepared to continue traveling down this rotating pathway.

In fact, Richard is directly responsible for Evan and I bringing the rods to a presentation we gave to the NSW UFO group on April 16, with the express purpose of completing our talk with an unscripted workshop with cylcons and rods. At an earlier talk at Glebe, as the day came to a close, out of the blue Richard suggested he use his rods on the cylcons and see what eventuated. So stunning and unexpected was the reaction, we had no choice in repeating the procedure at future presentations, starting with this one. But such a variation in routine has within it one question mark, would they spin again? If not, what a stunningly abysmal way to conclude our talk, with nothing but limp rods and red faces.

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Three Candidates Ready and Willing

We brought five cylcons and one very sacred rock, which we know is as unique as it is somewhat ominous, as potential candidates in this experiment. Owing to our deliberate plan of being totally unscripted when the cylcons were to be introduced, we had no idea where this would lead or which, if any, rocks would participate in the journey ahead.

Rather than give a spin by spin account of what occurred, the old adage that one picture can serve the purpose of a thousand words is a much more worthwhile approach, and we have provided a link to the film of the actual event. We ask the reader to keep an open mind when watching the video. Can we suggest that each person decide on the legitimacy of this exercise not through lessons learnt in the classroom, but in viewing the eyes, voices and faces of the audience, Richard, the lady in the front row with the crystal and our unexpected guest from the UK, Richard Summers. It was patently not pre-arranged, we had no idea where it would run, only that this venture was worthy of the time and risk of embarrassment if we fell flat on our faces and nothing moved. It didn’t, and added to what happened at Glebe, and all that is left to mull over is that recurring explanation of either mischief or science.

Snake oil and the Piltdown Man

Most humans can be hoodwinked, and many are gullible when seeing or discussing theories and beliefs that suit existing biases or things they desperately want to believe to be true. As for the trickster or perpetrator of the sham or confidence trick, they inevitably gain the most in this bogus exchange. But in this case who is actually profiting? No money, gifts or holidays were exchanged, the people in the audience were already sympathetic to this type of activity and no converts were won, there was no script or prior arrangements, in fact, we had no idea that Richard Summers was coming, and if we did, we knew nothing about him or his involvement with dowsing rods.

What if? What if these people are honest and these rocks did create some form of energy exchange which was detected by the rods? Is that notion even possible? That question sits at the heart of this visual record, the real issue is not so much whether the rods are genuine, their role in this impromptu experiment was to affirm or refute the existence of some form of movement of energy coming from the rocks. Of course, in deciding if that is possible, it needs to be recognised that according to every Original person knowledgeable in such esoteric matters, they would instantly agree that these cylcons are indeed power rocks and so much more.

In establishing both a background setting and confirmation as to the heritage of the 25 cm ‘rocket’ cylcon, we have recently received from an Amerindian Elder of the highest pedigree more information on this sacred rock and its maker. He assures us that it originally came from the beings who were here before the Original people of today created through the merging of Original and Pleaidian genes, he is adamant it was the Star People who worked this rock.

Independent to his verdict, our British guest voiced the suspicion that the white coated rock could also be an off-world import. Ramindjeri Elder and Warrior, Karno, insists that Ros’ Rock 1 has cut into the surface, the narrative of an arrival of beings from space who battled with and eventually defeated and convinced their Earthly enemies to grant them permission to enter. These rocks, and many others we are protecting, have powers and a serious presence. Never forget that it makes absolutely no difference whether the rods did spin legitimately or through devious intent, the rocks are a power unto themselves and contain upon and within the wisdom of the ages.

Or this could be all be a clever shambolic bogus stunt, the best way to decide is watch the clip and make up your own mind.

After Viewing the Video.

Did you catch what was the main power point in each contact? No, it is not the copper rods, put them on the ground and they will remain stationary. So too the cylcons have to be held for any noticeable power charge to begin to stir, on their own, untouched, they are rocks. It is the person who holds these instruments who is the major part of a symbiotic relationship, there is some sort of joint harmonics between skin, silica and copper resonating with one player at the helm.

The most important part of this trilogy is the triggering source, the human being. The cylcons and rods work with and for the human hand, heart and soul that drive these talismans while held. Yes I know, this sounds all very New Age and so unscientific, but it isn’t, think of ‘man’s best friend,’ and the cranky water. Humans alone berated or whispered ‘sweet nothings’ to two supposedly inanimate bottles of water. One reeked of hate and animosity the other of love, and we still have trouble coming to grips with what that strongly implies, that the energy of these human emotions generated remained well after the barrage or compliments were given. Every dog appeared after the event and acted just like dowsing rods in gravitating towards the positive energy and kept well away from the negative pool that simmered. If dogs can do it, why not rods and rocks?

It gets very difficult to expand on what lay upon and within the cylcon rocks, especially since no-one but myself has recently held these rocks in the engaged position, and that exclusivity is not through my pride, but at the express wish of Elders knowledgeable in the Old Ways.

In concluding I spent some time trying to come up with something profound, but fell short on every occasion. No words can come close when holding the ‘rocket’ cylcon, but that never stopped us before, and at least second-best gets us somewhere near the finishing line.

When that rock is held the right way, it feels like … there is a God, and her name is rock.


(1) Richard Lefors Clark, PhD. & David Hatcher Childress (Ed.), 1991. “Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes”, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, (Adventures Unlimited Press: Stelle, Illinois, USA). 78: Diagram 14.

(2) Section of a presentation for UFOR: where we tested the Cylcon rocks, “magic” and marked rocks with dowsing techniques. Special thanks to Mariana Flynn, Ildi Budai, Third Eye Society ( and UFOR ( Video by Giacomo James Mezzatesta Natalie Paez and Paul Kretzas.


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