Media Release: Ancient Skulls That do not fit Into any Time or Anywhere

Media Release: Ancient Skulls That do not fit Into any Time or Anywhere


A skull lacking in any forehead, yet has a larger brain than modern humans, has no place in any science text book or paper. Nonetheless, with a receding semi-rectangular brain case of 17 cms X 12 cms which slopes back from the eye sockets so severely literally nothing above the eyes is visible, this may be well outside every expectation, but it exists. There are actually two skulls of this type we have investigated and are sourced from different tribal areas in Australia. So they are not mutations, but a distinct species.

Face to face this being looks more primitive than Lucy (dated to be over 3,000,000 years old), yet if comparing the size of the brain case it is more advanced that modern humans. In what only multiplies the inconvenience, according to the experts only African Homo sapiens set foot in Australia and before then this country was unpopulated. These two skulls do not belong to the sapien genus, in fact, there is little evidence they can be classified as a hominid.

So many questions remain unanswered: if not hominins what are they, from where did they originate and are we related?

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  1. Cynocephalus Hybrid or possibly has had snout manually removed to enable speech. There is records of what whites called a revolting people without noses that were along a special part of the Murray river. These were called moon men by Mathews and there was only seven of them. I have seen skulls similar to this and there does seem to be some sort of surgical procedure done on the nose. these beings ARE documented as existing.

  2. Just heard your interview on Earth Ancients. So many people like myself who have been fascinated with history and archeology are besides themselves that mainstream science continues to dismiss anything that casts aspersions in their dogmatic belief system. All we can do is say, from the heart, THANK YOU, to people like yourself, Stephen, who seek the truth. Your work is greatly appreciated!

      • All I can say to you Evan an to your father Steven Strong is BRAVO gentlemen BRAVO.

        Excuse me if I borrow a soap box to stand on for a moment. As an independent and full time researcher specializing in a subject that is and shall remain Yowie research I understand your frustrations with elements of the mainstream, paid for lunch crowd.

        However gentlemen…


        For over two hundred years of documented colonial history and even further back, some 60,000 years, taking into account the oral traditions of this continents original people, there have always been eye witness accounts of a seperate species of upright human like creature known by many, many names but today generaly refered to as the Yowie.
        If only considering written or reported accounts ,dating from the mid eighteen hundreds untill the present time, there are still hundreds of reliable, consistent eye witness reports made by people of all diversities and scope whom make up our current day Australian society.
        The really surprising fact is that these reports are surprising at all, given such a broad canvass of time, combined with such a relativley narrow and predominatlty coastal population.
        And yet despite the narrow scope of preferential living quarters as mentioned above, officialdom, academics and the sciences have, over the last two hundred years, managed to completly avoid the subject matter beyond dismissing the matter as the delusional musings of an apparently attention starved and stupid peoples whom can’t tell the difference between a dog and a cat or a rat from a cow.
        Then perhaps a bit too late in the time continum ( which of course is subjective) along came Steven and Evan Strong, teasing out ancient original knowledge, careful to package it so as never to over tax the limited tolerances always found in a book bound under utilised co- dependent and stunted “modern” ,indoctrinated mind of the intrenched upper academia .
        It is just a simple fact that not so much as a single dollar has been allocated in order to properly, scientificly address the relavent questions raised by hundreds of eyewitnesses to the creatures exsitance. There have been the occaisional professionaly qualified commentators that have briefly addressed the subject matter, however even these tiny short sighted efforts have been made on the Professional individuals own time and money…if any at all.
        It has been left to self styled and untrained “researchers” ,better known as the general public, (I mean no offence by that term as I fit the description perfectly) to invest their own time and money chasing after, what academia generaly classify as smoke and shadows and ignorant mythologies.
        I am only too happy to say out loud and proud that the winds of cahange are blowing now, just off shore. And though the humble citizen scientist (As Gary Opit aptly names independent reserarchers) may have half stumbled and staggered forwards and then backwards again, in a very un-science like fashion, it can be fairly stated that this is of no matter. The truth will out, because that is the nature of truth .
        Prior to the formation of NASA the brookings institute, an American based think tank , was tasked with addressing the implications of an eventual discovery of an extraterrestrial civilisation that was technologicly superior to our own. When Brookings eventualy made its final report , it recommended witholding the knowledge of such a superior alien civilisation from anybody below the level of, a need to know basis .
        Brookings compared such a discovery to the Meso American cultural collapse and destruction, when their world view was shattered with the arrival the Spanish conquistdors.
        Surprisingly Brookings stated that it would be the acadcemic elites,those of the sciences that would cope the least, and would self destruct if such an encounter with a superior intelligence ever occured.
        Such is the current and ongoing denial of even the possability that the beings we now call “Yowie” not only exist, as witnesses attest, but they may be thriving ,now that the there is little competion for the limited resources of this arid sparse land ,once competed for by greed driven colonial settlers ,subsistence farming and traditional aboriginal life on the land. These pressures are now almost non existent as we of “the modern world” now live in hermeticly sealed city scapes and urban centres , rarely spending more than a few days camping in the bush a year. Fewer and fewer people even do that much time away from the modern conveiniences found in our flimsy and stacked windowed caves. Made to feel warm and safe are we, next to the modern campfire called LCD.
        We are captured by the thinly vieled illusion of security provided to us in this the petro chemical millenium. In time enough the lights will flicker and go out ,the food will stop comming from the mall and the monsters will return for us in the dark. And the Yowie will continue on as they always have…avoiding we the monsters untill we stray to close.
        And so with poor to non existant media coverage and sciences essential failure to perform a key function, that being the investigation of a legitimate set of questions ,raised by a growing percentage of the public .Questions that have not been adressed since they were first expressed in colonial times. All the while ignoring the warnings and sound advice from a people that had existed in this land for at least 50 to 60 thousand years.
        From the 1800’s up untill the present time it has been left to independent researchers to push the envolope and to do the ground work, unfunded and at their own expense ,holding at times, their very safty in dis reguard in persuit of a truth that many, now days have witnessed first hand. I have been asked , as I’m sure most researchers have been asked at one time or another “But mate ain’t Yowies a chocolate made for kids?”
        I didn’t single out Zawi Hawas in any of that did i?
        (What?.. was that a bit too much…?)

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