Living With an Alien and the Neighbour Next Door

Living With an Alien and the Neighbour Next Door

By Steven Strong


The previous four articles are by and large scientific, factual, analytical and primarily meant to conform to an academic format. Granted, we have briefly raised the possibility of an alien ancestry, but this avenue has been presented as an opinion and kept separate from the main body of work.

This article breaches that divide and stands on the other side of the mystical realms in that it relies upon the advice of mystics and Original Elders, all of which are passing on information supplied by one skull and the Spirits. We made it clear in the introduction to this book that it was our intention to delve into the esoteric side of the equation when appropriate, and on this particular occasion we are compelled, no forced, to do so.

This excursion into the ‘otherside of the fence’ began once the two skulls the academic had were reunited with us in Sydney and taken home with the expectation to conduct further investigations, measurements and comparisons. The highest priority was to arrange a full set of tests that would include an analysis of mtDNA, teeth, Genome patterns, an estimated date and the reconstruction of the skull. After that is completed all that is left to arrange is a proper ‘Old Way’ burial on country.

Photo by Ildi Budai

All of these processes are underway, and many have advised us to wait for the results to roll in before venturing into any written response detailing possibilities and supposition. However, such are the obvious unique features and contradictions on display we are prepared to be pre-emptive simply because there is nothing on this planet that comes close. The two receding skulls are clearly not part of any sapien classification, and equally, are so unlike any form of hominid yet found.

In the Meantime, Trouble on the Homefront

Not long after bringing the skulls to our farm my health began to rapidly deteriorate. Until this unexpected downhill slide I had never experienced a headache, bout of flu or even a cold. In fact, I had never visited a doctor or felt unwell. That state of grace was now a fading memory and I was getting worse each day. The symptoms were so varied it was difficult to keep a tally, but first among the many candidates was bouts of coughing that refused to let go. The duration progressively grew from ten minutes, twenty, then into the hours without any respite. The returning phlegm was multi-coloured of which yellow and blood-red were the least appreciated.

One night was memorable and a seminal marker in my descent. I thought I was dreaming of lying in a pool of water, but woke to the reality of a deep puddle of sweat that lay on the sheet and was dripping all over my body. A quick check of the scales the next morning bore testimony to just under ten kilograms of body weight that had evaporated throughout that one night.

During this time my body temperature remained in the low 40’s and I had nothing left within to power me, my energy level was running on empty and most days were spent in bed breathing. Eating was a forced chore and primarily unsuccessful as my weight dropped from 61 to 49 kilograms. Considering that I originally had no excess fat to draw upon the effect was doubly dramatic, because the muscles that were there before falling ill rapidly vanished. What was left over was an emaciated stage in proceedings where all that remained was skin and bone.

Two months after the skulls took up residence my prognosis was dreadful, it felt as if all internal organs were failing. I had a stomach that was in constant turmoil, my bladder was barely functioning and the liver was at best a spectator to the carnage unfolding. Since my body was incapable of healing itself there were two outside paths available, and due to my mistrust of mainstream medicine the first option was alternative in complexion, which had to begin with identifying the cause. For reasons too complex to discuss all I knew was this was not a natural event, but caused by outside influences. My best guess, which proved to be incorrect, was an extension of a Black-fella curse I was already dealing with.

Finding a Cause

Our first port-of-call was to consult a psychic who is highly regarded by us and many others, simply because she is extremely good at what she does. We have no inclination to justify her abilities, people will either accept or scoff and nothing we can add will add or subtract, either way it is her diagnosis that is the focus of this exercise. Although she had not seen the skull, there was no doubt it was solely responsible and that it had literally injected poison into my body with the intention of causing harm. Along with who and how, the reason why was given, which for the time being does not need to be discussed. At our next meeting the poison was taken out, but what to do next in relation to resolving the damage caused and appeasing the belligerent spirit was not given.

The second psychic who volunteered to assist was unknown to us, but not so by two valued colleagues. This lady was so convinced she could be of assistance she made her way up to our place at her expense and gave a reading that not only confirmed that the skull was indeed responsible, but provided extra details as to why and how to negotiate and placate. As already stated the reasons given as to why the skull was so antagonistic does not need to be canvassed, but they certainly resonated, as did the steps recommended to appease the skull and improve my health.

The one constant was that both psychics and the others consulted, along with an Original Elder, nominated the skull as being responsible, yet in each case they were unaware of what the others reported.

For close to a month that followed my health did gradually improve, energy levels rose, the cough relented in severity and duration and I mistakenly assumed I was on the mend and all but better. I had kept myself away from any chill, cold wind or situation where I wasn’t warm at night, then let my guard drop one night and almost immediately reacted to the loss in core temperature. The cough came back with interest, worse than before, and so too did all the other symptoms return. The speed of descent was alarming in its depth, everything was much worse. One session of coughing, which was no less than six hours in length, culminated in the audible crack of a rib. For the next three days every cough, sideways movement or deep breath was accompanied with what felt like a dagger. The pain was unlike anything before and made me question whether I would actually survive.

My appetite vanished in the haze as did the weight I had begun to regain, once again the stomach, spleen and sundry organs were reset in reverse and failing to perform. Seeking out the advice of more psychics would only confirm what damage was already present, but as to repairing what was still damaged, I needed more. Despite the suggestions of many that I seek out the assistance of mainstream medicine and the tests they employ, the truth was that the experience of others was so poor when they did so and I decided to look elsewhere through contacting a Chinese medicinal practitioner whose track record was impeccable.

Not only did this healer have no issue with my explanation as to the culpability of the skull, he made note of the fact that every internal organ suffered the consequences and it was as if “a wildfire” had run through my body. My energy levels were exceptionally low and a wholesale internal repair using a combination of Chinese herbs and tonics was an essential first step. In many respects improvements did occur, my spleen, stomach, liver and other locations began to function more effectively. I felt stronger and on some days the cough did lessen, but on others it came back, it was the only part of this package I just couldn’t shake.

One Session too Many

One five hour bout of continuous coughing pushed me over the edge, and I decided to seek out the least agreeable path in asking for the advice of a doctor. The lack of sleep and persistence of this cough left no alternative and his first recommendation of a chest X-Ray was unpalatable, but meekly accepted simply because I was out of options. His initial suspicion, of a cancer that occupied half of my lungs, was hedged around the need for a more defined image through a Cat-Scan, either way it certainly was a less than encouraging diagnosis. Fortunately, it turned out as large as the shadow appeared to be, what was visible was a combination of pleurisy and pneumonia. Despite the obvious likelihood of suffering many side-effects, a course of anti-biotics was effective and after close to five months of suffering, the cough finally stopped.

Cause and Effect

My recovery is now progressing forward but is by no means complete nor rapid. At least ten kilograms is still to be reclaimed, my liver is rebuilding and so too many muscles have been lost during my battle with a skull that was less than pleased to meet again. The general consensus amongst the mystics consulted was that the spirit of this skull intended to push me to the brink, but never kill as such. That initial animosity has since been resolved, but came about after the event and such was the scope and toxic nature of the opening gambit every part of my body was damaged and needs some time to repair.

As mentioned earlier, the reasons why the skull was so combative and wanted to harm me have been withheld, but it is important to know why this being from the stars came. It is a mission incomplete and until this unfinished business is concluded the spirit of this being has waited an extremely long time to right a tragic recurring global insult.

In supplying context it needs to be pointed out that none of this narrative is mine, but the property of psychics and has to be taken on faith. I am more than willing to do so as I have had the advantage of meeting these people of good character and honest disposition, but even so any conversation between the spirits and soul can never satisfy the laws of human science. All I can offer in defense is purely subjective in that the explanations given are in accord with Dreaming stories, Original Lore, Original predictions relating to the on-coming Awakening and my current understanding of the state of play.

This traveler from the stars was called to this planet a long, long time ago. That plea for assistance was not sent by any hominid or two-legged species, but by the trees. Yes it was the vegetation under distress despairing at the pollution, felling of trees, warfare and strife created by reptilians, that asked for intervention and proper guidance. This individual was not alone in responding, but part of a group of highly evolved star beings who came with noble intentions to re-balance a planet that is unique in the Cosmos. Inspired by love and goodwill the travelers from afar underestimated the depths of the fall and depravity that overtook this divine planet, and once their spaceship was within range it was shot down and destroyed by the reptilians.

It seemed their mission of redemption was thwarted before it could begin, but one holy agent survived and for a while made contact with sympathetic reptilian ears. Eventually betrayed, tortured then killed, for all intents and purposes this expedition from the stars had failed at every level. However, the body and bones of this divine messenger, which we now have, may have been disposed of, but not so its spirit and soul. The years spent patiently waiting runs into six, possibly seven figures, nevertheless, there was a time when this off-world phoenix would have its day in the sun. And that time has now come.

A topic we intend to explore in greater detail, the Awakening is nearly upon us and spoken of by every Original Elder and Keeper of Old Way knowledge. From our perspective that is a non-negotiable truth, outside the actual timing, nothing about this change in earthly sensibilities and reality can be challenged. What is open for consideration is the role and impact this skull and its ever-present spirit will play.

The Neighbour Next Door

With the science still to come, the report on this skull is incomplete, in the meantime what is unknown to this point is that there are two skulls in this equation. For the many reasons presented, and some still to be determined, the receding skull is the prime candidate, but there is another.

As we entered the house of the academic we assumed that we were to view one skull, never two. Even after meeting and being introduced to my initially hostile ancient companion, little was said about the second member of this ensemble beyond a casual somewhat ambivalent comment that ran something like “that is just a normal skull.” One sentence, then back to the main player, that was the full introduction to a skull that appeared to be an inconsequential backdrop.

As no psychic or Elder has attributed any direct input in regard to my reactions and ailments to the second skull and accompanying bones, we can for the time being dispense with the mystical realms in this brief introduction and return to the empirical.

First up, the fact that the other site where a similar recessive skull was found was buried beside a hominid that was dramatically different in so many ways, fits the same pattern as this robust skull. With a thickness of bone (13mm) twice that of the skull the academic was so taken by, which is the same thickness as the robust skull at the burial site, that alone repeats a precedent of utterly different beings buried beside each other.

What is unique and not found at the burial site, is that inside and outside the skull is thickly coated in red ochre. Not only is it the most sacred colour, as far as we are aware this style of internment is unique. Red ochre spread around the burial site and on some bones has occurred, but this is huge extension and indicative this being was of considerable standing. In what only adds to the intrigue, the rib bones are also stained in red ochre, as are some other bones, then there are some that are half red with the remainder the natural white of the bone.

If discounting the thickness of a robust skull at Lake Mungo (WLH 50), which critics claim is due to illness or genetic abnormality, this “normal skull” is the thickest found in Australia. That alone is of great interest, but it is the shape of the forehead when compared to its burial companion that asks even more questions. Using the eye brow ridge as the base, the height above of the recessive skull is 0.5 cms, while the second red skull has a rise of 6 cms to the top of the skull cap. So obviously they are not of the same classification, but at first glance we see definite similarities between the robust individual to the general shape of Denisovan skulls.

Even though to this point Denisovan skulls have been found from Siberia to Spain, with none in Africa, America or Australia, that absence, particularly in this continent, runs counter to the agreed fact that the race with the highest percentage of Denisovan genes is the Australian Original people. My Denisovan count is 4.7% and it is claimed the Original percentage can reach 6%, so it is patently clear there has been a very close and personal interaction between the Original and Denisovan races in the past. That being the agreed genetic truth, to suggest that this skull may exhibit Denisovan traits is no great stretch in logic.

In Tandem

The two skulls were buried together and unearthed in 1953, past those points of certainty it becomes a matter of choices. When addressing what can be readily seen with the individual lacking any inclination to grow a forehead there are two alternatives on offer. What can be struck off the list is any link to the sapien family, which of course contradicts the Out-of-Africa theory of a few modern African sapiens landing in an unpopulated Australian continent, that theory is manifestly wrong. What then remains are two possibilities, that this is an unknown strand of hominins that evolved in Australia alone or that it is not related to any earth-bound species, but of an off-world ancestry.

What can be added to either/or is my truth. My five months, which involved ‘knocking on heaven’s door” twice was solely due to the activities and direct input of this skull. Yes the flesh is gone and there is no pulse present, but what can be accounted for is the soul/spirit. To begin with some old scores were settled, but once we opened up lines of communication and reached a consensus, those initial misunderstandings were resolved and we now walk on the same path towards …

What if?

What if? What if we are right in our belief that the two recessed skulls are examples of non-Earthly ancestry? If they came here a long time ago, then could it be that in the immediate future when this Awakening takes place the same beings, and possibly other Alien races, could return to assist and magnify?

What if we took this one step further? What if one being is extra-terrestrial in origin and the other Denisovan, and together they bred an off-shoot we now call Homo sapien sapiens? Could this union be between the oft cited Adam and Eve the experts assumed to be African?

What if the assumptions made in the last two paragraphs are indeed connect? If so, everything in relation to who we are, our reasons for being here and place in the Universe is not only clearer, but fundamentally re-positioned. What if we accepted our anointed role as galactic citizens instead of behaving like environmental vandals? If that happened then the skull’s sacred mission will be accomplished and his spirit could finally rest.


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  1. Hello Steven and Evan I hope you are both well. I’m sorry to hear of your health problems Steven and I hope your recovery is proceeding at speed.I have been following the Wimmera relic finds closely. Fantastic work as always. Steven, Evan and also to the rest of the ever dedicated working group, you all without exception should be applauded to no end for such tireless dedication.Steven have you considered the distinct possibility that the relics are the remains of Yahoo?I have collected many historical reports of grey fur covered Yahoo with physical characteristics almost perfectly matching with the Wimmera skeletal uniqueness.
    I can forward these reports if you like? Below is a link to a video I put together on the above.

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