Just a Little Further Ahead: Bones & Metal

Just a Little Further Ahead: Bones & Metal

By Steven & Evan Strong


When assessing the effects and credentials of a global ceremony directed towards Uluru on December 21 at 7:32 pm, there exist two huge pragmatic question marks that contradict fundamental understandings of science and evolution that have to be addressed first.

                Both the notion that Pleiadians placed incredibly powerful off-world crystals inside Uluru that have the capacity to re-energise and divide this planet, assisted by a symbiotic interplay through the conjunction of the two largest gas planets taking place over one hundred million kilometres away, is at least an extremely radical proposition.

                So first up we intend to rearrange the ancestral and historical base upon which this sacred event was underpinned and inspired by. We have to establish that there has been a long-term involvement in the genetics, daily affairs and global future of humanity. Once that first off-world step is solid and secure, we can then move on to the empirical proof and testimonies supporting of our belief that the ceremonies of December 21 directed towards Uluru were far more successful than we expected.

                From our perspective and extensive collection of Alien artefacts, bones and genes the time has now come to move past any further debate regarding whether extra-terrestrial beings actually exist and have dramatically affected all of human existence. Now is the time to move on to the crucial next step in addressing why these many off-world beings have come and investigated so much, time, energy and love while guiding a very aggressive earthly life-form?

Seven BillionLookAlikes’ and Uniquely Unalike

Whether zebra, snakes, cicadas, chimps or cod, each species holds fast to a constant repetition in physique, weight, size, diet, face and pace. Granted there are differences, but ever so minor, when comparing the face of one chimp to a dozen others of the same age it become obvious all animals of the same genetics run very tight to an overriding familiarity in every aspect of whatever an earthy animal looks like, the deviations are miniscule. One solitary photograph of a chimp would suffice adequately for all the millions of chimps roaming or confined on this planet. That is the rule here for all animals of every habitat, but there among all this species conformity from amoeba through to primates stands one massively inconsistent deviation from this planetary norm, us!

                We alone do not fit, as we stand, look and move today breaks every one of Mother Earth’s cardinal laws in regarding to tenancy and timing. Unlike any other species, past or now present, humans can occupy every location, eat everything, stand between 50 to nearly three metres in height, weigh between forty to four hundred kilograms, reach a maximum speed of between three and thirty kilometres per hour and serve a tennis ball with maximum effort that goes forward at between twenty-five to two hundred and fifty kilometres an hour.

This genetic story of an ever-increasing diversity belongs to no-one residing on this planet, ever. Homo sapiens sapien can have a huge variety of hair and eye colours and none of us share the same face, fingerprints or renal patterns and above and beyond this no two people play exactly the same way when on the tennis court. We are literally programmed to be exponentially different simply because the genetics of the sapien pool is a hybrid of hominid and many Alien species, along with a few tweaks after event, and out we all come with only one guarantee as we begin each incarnation-once again no-one will look the same.

Despite this fundamental straying from the genetic norm where humans are totally unlike any other animal in every possible way, it is now deemed as a genetic fact and line of ancestry that apes and hominids shared a common, very ancient parentage. In what was assumed to be the final nail in any non-primate shared ancestry, it is often stated that we are about 99% the same in genetic make up to a chimp.

What is almost always left out of this casual aside, is that humans also share 70% of the same genes as those of the fruit-fly. In the crudest terms if you take out that rudimentary base, the differences above that crude genetic line are no less than three times greater. As to the quality of what is not shared, we suspect it is totally high-order. The trick is what we do not share with the ‘greater apes’ is the bone sagittal keel that runs along the top of the skull. All hominids have three sutures that allow the ‘room to move’ that saw the capacity double from that of ‘Lucy’ to today’s modern human, while all apes are ‘genetically wired’ to never have a brain a larger than what it has always been before.

Every person alive today shares no common thread amongst the constant chaos, subliminal undertows and Matrix, we all look and move different, and all the rest of the planet’s inhabitants, past and present basically, look and move the same as each other. The others, whether fins, feather or fur have genes that come solely from one planet and all share roughly the same face. When it comes to us, our genes come from all over the cosmos and come from so many different faces and places, and no-one on the planet looks like me.

Four Recently Unearthed Skulls that are Neither Sapien nor Hominid

In the simplest of terms, we have seen and held the skull and bones of two ‘flat-headed’ beings and seen the photographs and spoken directly with the people who held one of the other two skulls of flat-headed beings found in four separate tribal areas separated by over two thousand kilometres. They share some unique features that neither hominids nor sapiens have that is remotely similar.

                To begin with there is no option but to compare the shape and size of these skulls, it is just so clearly nothing like ours. Our skull, varies from 11 cms to 13 cms and is at its widest point at close to mid-point. Having three unattached segments of skull-plate with the sutures not fully fused until months after delivery, and not only makes giving birth to such a massive infant slightly less agonising it allows for some elasticity over generations slowly leading on to an increased brain-size. That is the basics of the Homo sapiens sapien species skull development that begins supposedly somewhere near the Australopithecus ‘Lucy’ through to the doubling of brains size of modern-day humans.

                The problem is that this no-forehead skull just doesn’t add up if applying every form of Earthy mathematics or genetics.  Beginning and concluding at the forehead, because once moving upwards past the eyebrow there is nothing there, it all goes backwards. For the first centimetre it recedes at 170 degrees and past that the slope of recession runs from 180 to 210 degrees. The skull found and examined at an Australian burial site was 19 centimetres in depth as opposed to the modern humans’ average of 15 centimetres. Where the genetic paths continue to diverge dramatically is that not only is the no-forehead face two centimetres wider, it recedes downwards as a flask while our skull is somewhat circular. The flasked skull measures 17 centimetres in width less than a centimetre from its extremity of 19 millmetres.

                Some differences in facial and skull features are massive, others less striking, but the defining lines in the skull determine what is and is not regarded as a hominid, primitive or advanced. It is all about sutures, three in fact, whether way back with Lucy or today, hominids have sutures in the skull plate, and being unjoined until after birth creates the capacity for a human/hominid brain to increase. Whereas all advanced primates, apes and monkeys share are thick sagittal bone keel running across the top of the skull thus completely inhibiting the ability to grow thus was unable to accommodate any increase in brain size. And many say that the ancestral mother and father of chimps and people was the same, but that is another story yet to unravel. For now, what is relevant is that both the two professionals in their field who worked in creating the two models of the skull reconstruction of eight pieces of skull, saved from imminent destruction or concealment found at another site in 1953, both commented on the spartan suture count of two or none.

                Any departure from three automatically disqualifies membership in the Hominid genetic club/cartel. For reasons we will pursue further the chances are high the number count is not needed as there is nothing to count here. We all agree that the top main suture is not present and accounted for. And the very best for the other two is a suture position no other hominid has, or the natural breaking point from the main thickest, largest part of the skull plate containing both eyebrow ridges. Either way it is not three, that is an absolute no, that is the agreed academic base in our deductions, so there is positively no hominid residing inside here, this has to be something new in classification.

                The clue as to where this unclassifiable species originates is all in its numbers when comparing to the modern human skull. The no-forehead skull is 2 centimetres longer, 2 centimetres wider at the face and recedes at an angle that results in an extension of 4 centimetres when compared to any Homo sapiens sapiens’ skull, past or present. A rough ‘guestimate’ leads to a skull size/ cranium brain capacity of somewhere near 1800 ccs for a receding skull that has more than 95% of its brain positioned below the eyes. We have most of our brain above or at eye level, and hover at around 1300 ccs. So, this crude comparison of numbers suggests that this skull and the person/being that once occupied it while in transit, was the smartest animal to ever live or die on this planet. But alas, all we know for sure is that he or she is not one of us, or for that matter, any other hominid on this planet.

                It is not just the shape and size of the skull that makes it impossible to categorise this being as a hominid, the eyes of the no-forehead being are 46% larger than those of Homo sapiens sapien, the nose space is triangular as opposed to the sapien circle and begins nearly two centimetres higher, and above and beyond all these facial irregularities there exist the humerus bone of the no-forehead skeleton. Instead of measuring 30 centimetres as most human humerus bones are created, or even the longest primate gibbon humerus, this broken bone measured 43 centimetres and it is much longer as there was no elbow joint attached. That means if intact it has to be longer than 45 centimetres as a bare minimum. No thicker than an inch and no less than 15 centimetres longer than any hominid humerus bone. It would be barely functional in this gravity, and the eyes are too large for the daylight. If the sun was weaker and gravity halved this unique arrangement of bones and genes, as it may be elsewhere but certainly isn’t anywhere on this planet, this would make sense.

A Continental Genetic Mutation?

There is so much more at variance and literally nothing that matches. Owing to the geographic spread of these skulls, and high degree of ceremony given to the complete skeleton still at the burial site. There is absolutely no chance these skulls are all due to an isolated mutation restricted to the Australian mainland. Of course, suggesting that an upright, bipedal being with a brain size at least 300 ccs larger than any primate or hominid is a contradiction, but for any mainstream advocate of human evolution there is no other option on the table. Nevertheless, the mutation card is the last in the deck, the problem with this defensive ploy is that both the Indigenous custodians of America, in particular the Cherokee, and American academics have gone on record stating that the same type of large-eyed no-forehead ‘people’ were in America before they came onto their current tribal estates.

                Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Cherokee Elder and esteemed academic, has written about and researched extensively oral records and historical stories of her ancestor’s interaction with the ‘moon people,’ who only came out at night due to their massive eyes and delicate build. The Hopi and other tribes carry similar stories of such beings, and so too do newspaper reports of the discovery “of peculiar human skeletons on the farm of H. B. Thornton, well known farmer of Bradfordsville.”(1)

                What actually happened leading up to the unearthing of many skeletons had no archaeological agenda, “Mr. Thornton with the aid of several men was filling in a swampy spot …  A plough was being used to loosen up the dirt on the mounds suddenly turned up a skull and other human bones”(2). As to how many mounds were there or their exact measurements such details were not provided in the article put out on November 21, 1930, but what was supplied was that “only one of the mounds has been opened, and that for a distance of only fifteen feet, fourteen skeletons have already been removed.”(3) The repeated use of “only”(4) and the density of the small sampling indicates that this is a huge burial site and instantly negates the prospect the bizarre anatomical and facial features being a rare mutation, but quite the opposite. This is the genetic norm for this American species, but once again the features and anomalies reported sit well outside the embrace of any hominid species on this planet.

                What needs to be appreciated is that experts were chosen, briefed then sent to do the best forensic science available to determine who these beings were. “Dr. R. W. Wilson, Dr. H. R. Wilber and Dr. I. W. Campbell, who were told of the discovery, went to the scene to more closely examine the bones. They found that the skulls were of exceptional thickness and that the teeth far above normal size: also that there was practically no forehead.”(5) That lack of any forehead is seminal, there is no hominid, Lucy included that has no skull raised upward above the eyebrows. With the inclusion of the four Australian skulls we are discussing, this American discovery confirms that such beings are undeniably a species that lived on this planet on at least two continents separated by a huge expanse of ocean.

All talk of a rare mutation has been silenced, especially since the only remotely feasible explanation that will maintain the status quo is that this is all a malicious act of deception concocted by the farmer who reported this fabricated ruse to the public. The problem is the report makes note of the fact H. B. Thornton is a “well known farmer”(6) and that “several men”(7) were assisting. And more to point what would this respected farmer gain from this? What was “of interest”(8) to the research party was the intricacy and detail of how these no-forehead beings were buried. “Large rocks were placed loosely both under the bodies and on top of them and each head rested on a piece of mica. Mica, it was stated, is not common to Kentucky and therefore aroused considerable interest as to the native land of the people.”(9)

What is fascinating is that Dr. Wilson passed their initial findings to “Dr. W. D. Funkhouser of the University of Kentucky, archaeologist of note”(10) so it is obvious that the fourteen no-forehead skulls were regarded authentic and deserving of the further examination. Whether the Great Depression, a lack of funding or refusal to engage, nothing in any official channel seemed to have occurred since. Nevertheless, those fourteen skulls and the four in Australia share two defining features-no forehead and no hominids.                           

Why did They Come?

I have known the answer to this question for some time but for the best of reasons have taken our research to every other location. Obviously the individual reason each of the four skulls died on this remote planet far from home will have nuances and differences, but there is a common thread that made them give up so much, and it revolves around three clues, given through predictions and reports.

Way back in very ancient times, according to highly respected Dhunghutti Elder Rueben Kelly, “our legends tell us that we came to this planet on an  space ship made of energy. When it hit this atmosphere, it turned to crystal.”(11) He never provided details of why they came, but this uncloaking followed by an explosion, most likely through a missile strike, is a claim also made by Darkinoong elder Aunty Beve and Uncle Graham King, along with many other Old Way Culture Keepers. In every recount, the mother ship is caught unawares and explodes into a fireball before plummeting to the Earth. At the Kariong glyphs this event is shown in some detail in following up with the depiction of six smaller five-legged UFO glyphs in escaping and in descent, but alas three are carved falling down out of control and will share the same fate of the mothership.

With the arrival of UFO craft an agreed continuous Original event, beginning with the first of the many Pleiadean ships betrayed, as testified to by Elders and ancient Dreaming stories, the most pressing and still unanswered question revolves around the word why. Why did they come here and what motivated these off-world beings to persist in returning after this initial disaster?

A Message in a Skull

And it was certainly not a ‘message’ that was welcomed and only just survived on two separate occasions where all my internal organs bar my heart “were burnt like a bush-fire went through,”(12) and it did seem extremely unlikely that there would be a tomorrow. That all came about because of a curse created by eight separate pieces of bone that were part of one flat headed skull, from the moment the bones moved into our house, my health moved out.

                The massive weight loss and collateral damage aside, the important part of this interaction with the skull of an ancient Alien related to what a psychic named Christina, and an Elder soon after confirmed in relation to why these star people came here, what actually motivated them to go to so much trouble. Christina was even more specific, in nominating a time very close to one million years ago when the ship first arrived at this planet. To be utterly candid even after both of these people I chose to assist gave close to identical motivations, I still could not fully fathom how any forest or individual tree growing on earth could do what is claimed to be a fact twice. Regardless, our brief is to share all Original archaeology and history, esoteric or functional as they operate.

This first ship that was shot down by a missile when it took a material crystal form responded to the trees of this planet sending out a galactic distress call. The trees were being ruthlessly cut down, pollution and warfare was rampant, the Reptilians ran the planet with a firm fist and an aggressive style thus creating a global esoteric atmosphere that reeked of fear, negativity and pain and desperately needed cleansing. Time is indeed circular, and the loop is complete yet again.

                In response to the tree’s distress, who are so vital in maintaining and nurturing the magic this planet is renowned for, the no forehead beings came with every intention to heal and renew. They were caught unprepared as the Reptiles knew in advance of their impending arrival and once uncloaked the Mothership was destroyed, but some did escape as testified to on the walls at Kariong. One of survivors is the skull we have now reassembled, and past this point it all gets psychic/Elder inspired and delivered.

                I am told, twice, that in an ancient past life I had dealings with this Alien and won its trust, but further on betrayed this traveler from a distant constellation and gave up his location to the reptiles. Very soon after quite a deal of sadistic torture the Alien was killed, but never forgot who or what as part of its spirit/soul maintained in contact with its remains. Upon recognising who I was, scores had to be settled, but that is another story secondary to the vital issue here, that the trees collectively can communicate with beings billions upon billions of kilometres away sent from this tiny rock planet, is a sensational claim no sensible scientist would entertain for a millisecond.

Evan’s Monthly In-tray

It is for that reason I have never included the response of both the Psychic and Elder in print, as to begin with it is such a sensational claim and I felt I needed more Original support and verification. Yes, both a non-Original psychic and Original Elder first raised these claims, but deep down I felt I needed another Original ‘seconder’ giving the same interplay, response and even similar timing before making such an unexpected step forward.

                Evan does all the research and prints out on paper comments, quotes or research that have some connection or importance, scientific or mystical entrants are welcome, and this month’s stack included two historical events separated by continents and oceans yet bound together by the roots of trees. The first article contained that extra Original tick needed to finally reveal that the two people who I sought out to assist in finding a mystical alternative to me dying in bed, had indeed identified who was responsible and why they came to this planet. There are only three paragraphs in a rhetorical response given to a question posed by and replied to by Ishmael Matthew that heads this entry.

                “What happened to the trees?

This is an anecdote I heard from someone who is part Australian Aboriginal and has worked with Aboriginals all of his life, so I have no doubt it is totally authentic. It is not written down, as it is part of their oral tradition.

The Aboriginal people of Australia say that a million years ago, the trees were threatened by serpent beings and they asked for help from the Universe. Some kind of being, perhaps from a star, came to Earth to help and its energy manifested itself as a crystal ship, but it was attacked and it exploded, leaving pieces on the ground.”(13)

The “serpent beings”(14) are most likely referring to reptilians, and the “pieces”(15) that fell “on the ground”(16) will include the escape pods along with all the destruction and death. What is interesting, and entirely in keeping with my reluctance to initially absorb the concept that trees collectively can communicate across galaxies to very advanced life-forms is difficult enough to accept, and just like myself sought out further confirmation. While we needed Original endorsement, Ishmael looked further afield in a historical commentary on the Anunnaki.

The third paragraph begins in changing location in verifying the mystical presence and power of trees. “This story may coincide with what Karles Torah wrote: “Even Anunnaki’s story tells us that Enlil himself was one of the most powerful gods and possessing those tablets of fate. They say that Enlil always behave negatively towards humanity and commanded the cutting of all the trees connected with the dome so that the human being did not have the connection. As it is in the avatar film and its tree of wisdom that connected them with everything in a consciousness of unity.”(17)

The Second Sheet of Paper

Evan checked this article first, and soon after found the article Ishmael referenced, primarily to make sure the quote he included was correct, but beyond that academic exercise, there was more about these trees that made up the Dome, and it is no wonder the common noun dome was given a capital letter. Simply because, “these giant trees, trees of wisdom that could have perhaps measured up to 60 miles tall,”(18) and that means the domes are at least that high.

                They had two functions, one of course was to convert carbon onto oxygen, but beyond that they were the generators of pure love and magic. And in both cases this was not conducive to the plans and fearful agenda of these Alien invaders, as “these trees in ancient times of this Matrix were giants that created too much air and energy, these dimensional trees were dangerous to the controllers of this No Reality as trees are the natural antennas on the planet. So it came down to one imperative, the “giant silicon trees of ancient times”.”(19) were cut down.

                Primarily what we are claiming is that trees are capable of awareness, communication at both an Earthly and Interstellar level and are the principal generators and transformers of magic and love. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but remember there are two issues separate to each other, the skulls and bones, ticked off, so whatever opinion is held re the trees, that is separate to presence and genetic involvement, this is all about whether trees are capable of what the leader of one invading Alien race and Original Elders insist is true. There can be no defining verdict on the potential of monumental acts of communal tree intelligence, but the last word on whether trees are more similar to us than any scientist could suspect, is to be given to a revered Original Elder of the Gagadu, who is universally recognised as one of the really great Elders, Big Bill Neidjie.

                “Tree …

                He watching you.

                You look at tree,

                he listen to you.

                He got no finger…

                When you cut tree,

                it pump life away,

                all the same as blood in my arm.”(20)        

                As explicit as such a knowledgeable Elder like Bill Neidjie was, some may mistakenly assume this unity refers to a symbolic relationship. That would be wrong as Bill made it very clear that the “tree the same as me.”(21) That being the Original case, and knowing that fifteen million people joined together in meditative communion in activating Uulru, thus changing the course of humanity and the planet, then why couldn’t trees use their collective energy in connecting elsewhere, but just project it further?

                Of the two ancient players examined, getting a definitive verdict as to whether the trees issued the first invitation for assistance to beings from distant planets is highly likely, but never absolute. There never can be any empirical evidence, even though it is true.

However, when it comes to the bones, no-forehead skulls and genes responsible, being found in Australia and America, that is proven beyond doubt and scientifically valid. They do not belong in any hominin or sapien classification, and do carry non-terrestrial traits and features, and certainly were here. But it could all be down to brief visits as opposed to sharing genes and location on a long-term basis, which eventually saw the investing of so much time in the affairs of sapiens. Then after all of this guidance and concern, some of these beings placed crystals of highest possible calibre inside Uluru. Where’s the proof of a continuous Alien involvement on this planet, where is the actual archaeology that must be so advanced and above what was available at any given ancient time epoch? For any this long-term involvement in humans to have happened, something has to be sitting in the ground that can prove beyond any doubt that Alien technology was here.

We Need Chemistry and Science

It is all that simple, and all that is needed. The bones, Dreaming stories and historical lore, even the psychic’s verdict at best open the door for the possibility of a quick visit or even a ‘one night fling,’ but as for moving in with the in-laws, that needs archaeology approved by rigour and science. More proof is needed, not just hybrid bones and genes lost inside a maze of ‘junk DNA,’ but metal hardened chemistry that is so out of kilter with any accepted earthly science five times over, only that could amply satisfy that entrenched resistance to acknowledge.

Our premise is simple, we have five ancient metal artefacts found in a variety of continents and differing times and all bear witness to extremely advanced technology and each contain unidentified metals/elements that are just not present on this planet. Whatever their names, they cannot be found on any Earthly periodic table. We believe that all five metal objects also exhibit the use of earth elements that are either just discovered or deemed “mythological”(22) that have been blended, by an alchemist yet to be equaled, with a selection of off world metals/elements.

  1. The first metal artefact was found very close to the Kariong Glyphs by Aunty Minnie Mace. It was given to me by Aunty Minnie for protection, but what wasn’t known at the time is that its chemical makeup is unique, and one third nameless. The pendant/medallion is 73% Aluminium, 3% Copper and 24% unidentifiable and not registered on the Periodic Table of Planet Earth. What only adds to the intrigue is the copper percentage in this alloy. It is always over 10% in recent times and the range of 2-4% is from much older times, at around three thousand years. Whether most recently forged three thousand years ago or further back is one issue, but that almost one quarter of the metal does not come from earth means that part of this alloy has to come from somewhere else.
    Photo by Samarah Wood
  2. The second metal artefact is a giant double coiled ring with two cone-like circular caps, ‘found’ in the grounds of Anghor Wat, it is very old, more than likely tens of thousands of years and extremely fragile and often broken and re-glued. There cannot be any other analysis, ever conducted on ancient metal, that comes close to the six elements that end in ‘ium’ five that were not discovered until the nineteenth century. Gallium is a rare trace element only created as a by-product when melting iron or aluminium at high temperatures which give up miniscule trace element readings of 0.1, never 6.89%. That is an extraordinary huge concentration of this incredibly rare element. But not as intriguing when compared to the 41.8% that did not register. For any that might feel predisposed to find a sensible escape clause in putting up an out-or-order sign on the science used in getting such reading, the first item was measured at one of best labs in country found in a University. They cut off a piece of metal when conducting a complete chemical analysis, while the delicate ring from across the oceans was ‘internally investigated’ electronically and non-invasively, very advanced and only one of two such machines in Australia. So that means the 41.8% reading of the major contribution to this ring is not from this rock planet, and has to be sourced from a different rock planet.
  3. The third metal Atlantean ring, is as it is with the two other Atlantean rings five Lemurian rings and one statue, they are made with an of orichalcum base (the mythical metal associated with the mythical continent of Atlantis). From our examination of all nine metal objects, we believe there are three grades of this ancient alloy created by an alchemist of the highest order. This ring, like all three Atlantean rings, has over 99% copper and zinc, the other three elements placed in all three rings are almost homeopathic in delivery, with the iron and nickel is compulsory elements in all orichalcum rings. So much so the percentage of nickel in ring 3 is 0.121%, while the reading in ring 1 is 0.120%. But the lead is optional, granted it is in most of the nine items, but not all, and in ring 3, one of the three drops reads as 0.249%, which is almost identical to the content of lead in ring 1. However, it isn’t lead, it isn’t anything. Whatever it is that was added in ring 3, it again has no label or match on the periodic table. Granted nowhere near as dramatic as the first two in quantity, but what we do know in relation to these very ancient and utterly magic rings, is that every drop and shape counts. And this ring has an Alien voice through its presence of nearly one quarter of one per cent.
  4. This only just came in, I first heard the list of nine chemicals read to me while driving via my wife’s mobile and got distracted by the reappearance of a sizeable deposit of titanium. The same rare element, first used in any manufacturing process in 1932 and renowned as being the best metal hardener on this planet, was also in the first Lemurian ring. We suspect that since the first Lemurian ring Ros bought has the highest lead content of any of the nine by over 400%, the titanium was introduced to strengthen its structural integrity. Our thinking here is that since the zinc content in this ring is close to the largest of all the nine copper-zinc combinations, it is also in need of a hardener like titanium. What was missed amongst what was read aloud in the numbers, percentages and mention again of titanium was the print out above the list of chemicals that stated: Analysis Incomplete. And so, it was incomplete and unnoticed, until Ros rang me and read it to me. A quick numbers tally and the total is short by 0.141%, not much, just a drop, just like the previous ring, but it just shows these off-planet metal additions are used differently, two through bulk, and two were more subtle and refined in application. In all four cases briefly mentioned, according to the best science in Australia, there is within a merging of metals from throughout the galaxy. Just as it is with our genes of today drawn from throughout the Cosmos, so too is the metallic chemistry of the first four artefacts. However, while the fifth artefact has good reasons to be included it has not been formally examined and lacks the ‘pure science tick.’ Nevertheless, it was found barely one hundred metres from the first part-Alien metal artefact at Kariong, and is also made from metal, identical in colour and feel, but alas, it still fails the final formal academic test …
  5. This small piece of metal and crystal is the least imposing and striking of the four. It was found less than one hundred metres from the other metal object discovered by Aunty Minnie between the walls at the Kariong glyphs. The colour of the metal is virtually the same, it feels and weighs the same, and more to the point this combination includes a crystal inset. Humanity has only just begun to blend metal and crystal and deposited where it was in the middle of the bush kilometres from any house or road, this artefact has all the hallmarks of something that just doesn’t fit.
    Photo by Samarah Wood

No Photographs of UFOs Needed

In this historical overview we have not presented any film or photo of a proposed UFO, this is all about ancient history spread over thousands of years and separated by thousands of kilometres. The skulls and bones are not hominids, the metal and jewellery has content that cannot be sourced from this planet. Put this all together and we believe that this proves that Alien involvement in the affairs of humans is a factual and a vital cog in human history, which has been deliberately ignored, hidden or massaged.

                Of course, irrespective of how convincing the photos are of UFO’s in flight or hover, there is a stock negative response of ‘photo-shopping’ or a disc thrown into the air. This time around neither supposed deceptive ploy can apply. This is all about genetics, bones and chemistry examined through reputable scientific processes and devices. And most importantly, there cannot be a one size fits all denial, the bones and artefacts have an Alien imprint and there is no other alternative.

                That being the case, to suggest that Pleiadian involvement in the ceremony at Uluru through the placement of incredibly powerful crystals is just another piece in an evolving Cosmic jigsaw, seems not only logical as there is no other sensible explanation.                                       


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