Gemma’s Rock 11: Tales From a Topographic Ocean

Gemma’s Rock 11: Tales From a Topographic Ocean

By Dr Gemma Regan with Steven and Evan Strong

2015-05-03 13.22.57When Gemma Regan made contact with us with news of what seemed a serendipitous encounter with an ancient Original marked rock, which is so similar to many of the rocks in the Ros’ Rocks series, it was initially a welcome surprise. This of course was an encouraging extension in our research, but equally Gemma’s involvement in the recovery of a sacred object confirmed a repeated female component. It is as if the women alone are destined to find these treasures either never known or assumed lost. Because of this established precedent, more of the feminine same did not come as a surprise.

We agreed to meet at Lennox Head, which happened to be the same place she found this artefact. When we first met we were unaware of where the artefact was discovered and it was my assumption that the place of discovery was near Byron Bay. It was a surprise to find that it was found at this beach and no further than 200 metres from where we now sat. This made perfect sense, we had seen this place at a very low tide and counted close to 20 individual rock channels running out to the ocean formed to trap fish as the tide ebbs. Most of these traps had never been seen by us before. With such a volume of rock traps and potential food this immediately leads towards the real possibility ceremonies and meetings were also occurring on the beach. As such, the discovery of this marked rock at a place where the gathering of food and performance ceremony took place is to be expected.

From the first moment we set eyes upon this ancient relic we had no doubt this is yet another sacred marked rock that breaks so many rules. The colour, customary top thin layer of chert and lighter coat underneath, lines and marks on display is part of the Ros’ Rocks package.


Straying From our Norm

We spent about two hours in investigation and discussion. It was decided that Gemma would begin a joint article with her account and we would conclude with our own observations and comparisons. She did ask us what aspects of her first contact with the rock did we want her to focus upon, perhaps supposing we wanted a dry scientific report. Far from it, we felt her reactions before and after along with how this all came about were essential is setting a base which both provides a material setting and also includes a far more subjective and decidedly spiritual component of this interaction between silica and carbon.

Of course once requesting Gemma to focus upon her personal premonitions and disposition we have set off on a user unfriendly non-scientific course, and this is something we rarely do. When we do feel compelled to acknowledge the mystical, invariably this foray into the esoteric follows a strong empirical base to radiate from, this time around everything is back the front. As much as this breaks a mould we feel very comfortable with, there is no other sensible approach. If Gemma is convinced her finding of this ancient object was destined and spirit-assisted, what gives us the right to challenge the person in possession? Moreover, why is it that nearly sacred object and site brought to our attention involves a women? More importantly every recipient has similar tales to tell of being drawn to the artefact/location and their unshakeable belief that the Original guardian spirits were directing proceedings.

Cultivating two Scenes

Up until now every rock in the Ros’ Rocks collection (excluding our Wisconsin guest) was either found or purchased by Ros. Those bought from an extremely sympathetic seller were collected between 1926 to 1939 in expeditions made by archaeologists and helpers which was spread across the continent, and none can be confidently pinned down to a specific site or exact time of discovery. There are a few where a general indication of a region has been given, and of course Ros’ Rock 1 is the exception and stood alone, but not anymore. Gemma found this rock at the southern side of Lennox Head Beach just past the shoreline when standing in knee-deep water a few weeks earlier.

Eighty years after Elkin, Basedow and others collected most of the chert marked rocks and twenty years after Ros found the first rock in this series some 600 kilometres to the south near Gosford, the spread in geography and times of discovery or acquisition defies an unique one-off event, the remote chance that the technological sophistication was isolated to one location or was due to a bizarre combination of natural forces in action at one place. The marked rock belongs to the local tribe at Lennox heads and every tribal region in Australia.

The Best Laid Plans …

We parted with an agreed plan, Gemma would open and we would sum up and then conclude in one combined article. The content and style Gemma was to use was clear and all we had to do was wait then tack on a bit at the end, and maybe write an introductory paragraph or two. Well that plan fell by the wayside as this is the seventh paragraph and we are still rattling on.

Between the saying and doing Gemma went above and beyond expectations. We were expecting something concise and short, and what Gemma sent us was much more than we anticipated. What she sent us is much better! Yes it is personal, subjective, much longer than we presumed and dependent on her word and character. People do mislead and lie for all sorts of reasons and we are sure that cynic and critic alike will feel predisposed to challenge her integrity, blame her ego or playful imagination and walk away convinced this is just a fanciful ‘New Age’ tale either dreamed up or the result of a vivid imagination fueled by some local herbs.

There is only one way to pass judgment, read all of Gemma’s account first and accept that we are utterly convinced this lady is being truthful and has a level academic ‘head.’ After all her PhD. was not handed out for lying or misrepresenting research. Gemma is fully acquainted with the intricacies of academic rigour and balanced reporting, but equally, she is driven by a more important priority, telling the truth. And this is what follows, this is her story and ours will follow soon after. To put both accounts together would simply make the article too long and turn this into a novella. So the science and archaeology we will supply will follow soon after.

As we warned the reader in our introductory paragraph this time around we will begin with Gemma’s personal account of the spirits at play, then follow up at a later date with the facts and comparisons that add substance to our belief she is telling the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth.

A Day at the Beach

2015-05-03 14.29.14
Lennox Head

 A Synchronous Find

Dr Gemma Regan

Photo by Dr Gemma Regan

Thoughts whirled around my head as I felt my toes sinking into the delicious cool sand embraced by the invigorating waves when I felt something wash against my right foot. I bent down to see if it was a shell and saw it was a small smooth beach pebble about 2 inches in size. Instinctively I picked it up and glanced at it in the fading light planning to skim it across the rolling waves. It was a carved stone and had the characteristic lines and markings as I had seen on the Ros’ rocks from the Steven and Evan Strong collection. An innocent holiday in Ballina had culminated in the synchronous delivery of a magical stone from the sea.

As an evolutionary anthropologist who has taught human evolution using the fossil record at both University and High school, the mainstream acceptance of the Out of Africa hypothesis that modern humans originated from an African lineage has always been a “bone” of contention for me. The human fossil record is sparse and scattered. Spectacular new finds such as the Hobbit, a tiny metre high human which lived only 13,000 years ago demonstrate how little we really know of our own origins and history (Morton and Van Osterzee, 2007.)

In November last year I attended Steven and Evan Strong’s presentation “The Greatest Story Never Told: Mankind’s Hidden History.” They used a series of carved rocks named Ros’ after the person who found the main one near Gosford in 1990. The other 20 rocks have been loaned to the Strong’s from the Aboriginal Elders for their research and until now no others had been found. The notion that our real human history has been hidden or contrived and their suggestion that the Australian Original people were the source of everything that human society has been built upon had whetted my appetite to really consider who we are and what are our true human origins.

A Compulsion to Paddle

So to return to the story of a small insignificant rock. I was recently having a much needed break at Ballina on the North NSW coast with my family. We had been at Byron Bay all day and were returning to the hotel via the beautiful coast road. Despite it being almost dusk I felt compelled to stop at the end of Seven Mile beach near the Flat Rock camp ground and venture onto the beach with my kids. It had been a long day and a paddle was just what we needed to blow the cobwebs out before venturing out for dinner that evening.

I was paddling in the sea watching my young son and thinking about the Ros’ rocks and the research of Steven and Evan Strong. I had interviewed Steven for my esoteric radio show The Witching Hour on 4ZZZ and found his relating of the Elder’s tales of our origins from the Pleiadian star system to be fascinating and compelling. I was also considering the logistics of a trip down to Sydney via the Gosford Glyphs as I had discussed them on a recent show and Steven had suggested the possible link with Egyptians revisiting Australia and leaving evidence of the culture behind.

While I mused upon the rocks I splashed in the sea enjoying the cool waves lapping at my toes while I thought about the nature of the carvings and what they could mean. My instinct was that they were some kind of shamanistic message stones used in specific magical rituals and possibly used as a link to other worlds.

The Synchronous Delivery

My last radio show only days before had been all about synchronicity and whether synchronous events were ever “just one of those things.” Does everything happen for a reason? It is related to the level and awareness of an individual’s consciousness and manifests personal experiences of a more holotypic nature, such as déjà vu, precognition or just an inner gnosis about the outcome of an event. Was there some, as yet misunderstood meaning behind the strange and unusual events that seemed to be crowding my days recently or was it “just one of those things.”

Steven Strong examining the stone for the first time. Photo by Dr Gemma Regan


All these thoughts whirled around my head as I felt my toes sinking into the delicious cool sand embraced by the invigorating waves when I felt something wash against my right foot. I bent down to see if it was a shell and saw it was a small smooth beach pebble about 2 inches in size. Instinctively I picked it up and glanced at it in the fading light planning to skim it across the rolling waves.

Compulsively, I looked at it again and with a rush of adrenalin I saw it had markings on it and appeared to be a carved rock. It was the same black colour with the characteristic underlying yellow lines and markings as I had seen on the Ros’ rocks from the Steven and Evan Strong collection.

Pock marks on the base of the rock. Photo by Dr Gemma Regan

My world seemed to tip and invert as if reality had become a dream and my dreams were now reality. Was this small insignificant rock a part of the human story? Questions and endless possibilities flooded my mind as I thought I heard a high piercing note and felt like my body had been given a 40,000 volt shock. Perhaps this rock also carried a hidden message long before carved by the Original people and could carry information to help unlock the key to our prehistory.

I was thinking fast about what I may have just found. Had the rock really been delivered to me in a synchronous event? Was it precognition and I had already known I would find the rock and recognise it and that was why I had been compelled to stop at this beach at this specific moment and been thinking about the Ros’ rocks? What was the significance of me receiving the rock from the water and was it truly similar to the others in the Strong’s collection of 21 rocks loaned to them from the Original Elders? How likely was it that anyone else who had picked up that particular rock would have just skimmed it back into the sea and not realised how significant it could be? The questions were endless and none had answers.

However, I knew someone who may have the answers or at the very least be able to verify the authenticity of the rock. I briefly photographed it and sent the photos to Evan Strong for identification. Part of me already knew this was not just a beach pebble but could be a rock of real significance, possibly even a message rock imbued with some magical properties.

It had a classic A shape at 33 degrees, there were cris crosses and carved parallel lines around the rock and even the pock marks on the base purported to be a star map on the Ros’ rocks.

The A shape and deep yellowed carvings in the stone. Photo by Dr Gemma Regan


Photos and emails about the rock and my synchronous find had certainly piqued the interest of Steven and Evan and we agreed to meet back down near Byron Bay so they could compare the rock directly to the other stones. When Steven finally got to handle the stone his initial response was “Ohhhhh shit, it’s one of them!”

Down into the Original Rabbit Hole

In the meantime I seemed to be experiencing a paradigm shift. It started with a dream which resonated with the stories of the dreamtime about being a snake, actually the dreamtime snake Kunya:

I felt a strong emotion of focused hunting as a giant snake, I slithered across the cold desert at night and over Kata Tjuta, all was silent and still. I was the only movement across the barren land with my powerful tight muscles gliding quickly and easily over rocks and water. I passed Kata Tjuta which felt feminine like it was for women’s business, knowing there was nothing I sought there. Is lid on and arrived at the great monolith and felt a surge of masculinity as I started to wrap myself around Uluru. Dawn was about to break, it was magically still in the grey of twilight. I started to move quickly, searching. Around and around I slithered faster and faster in a frenzied blur. I was the rainbow serpent oozing with frustration as all the colours of the rainbow shed onto the rock leaving trails of colour and lights and sparks in the still predawn. Around and around I slid accelerating to just a blur forming a brilliant blue white light. I was searching for something, a remembered feeling, a memory of being. Until finally I fit, it felt like an orgasmic relief from the frustration! I felt my coils settle perfectly into the cracks and curves of the rock like they had been there waiting for me from a time previous. It was home, I felt myself mold into the gaps and meld into the rock. We were as one and there was a slight hum as the dawn broke. I was home to remain and be still, and sleep, to again dream. Then there was a wave of elation through completion as the sun’s rays hit the rock which was now me and there was peace and all was still.

Now I’ve been to Uluru and heard the story of how Kunya happens to be on the rock told by an Original Elder guide but it was not the same as my dream. I heard the story but the significance of an ancient tale had not resonated with me at the time. Being an English lass of Celtic descent. Aboriginal culture seemed remote and alien to me, but during and after the Kunya dream there were extreme emotions that were so masculine and powerful. I was the snake, the Earth, the creation. I wondered if the dream was linked to being custodian to the rock and perhaps it was an information “download” that had led me to this path…

There have been other more dreamtime styled dreams too since finding the rock, another involved an Earth serpent:

I’m in a playpark sitting on the dirt amongst the roots of mangroves under the fig trees watching my kids play when I feel something move underneath. I ignore it. Then I realise it is soft where I am sitting and different to the rest of the earth. I’m on top of a giant snake and sitting on its large flat head which is just under the dirt. I look behind and see how big it really is, and am amazed that Icouldn’t see it before, although its camouflaged its a giant snake of the Earth. No one else notices the snake only I know it exists. I start to worry about the safety of all the kids in the park. It starts to move a little and the ground undulates but I’m too scared to get off in case I alert it to my presence. I start to panic. Then it shifts gently as if readjusting and settles to be still again. I realise it knew I was there and was alerting me to its presence. I suddenly know that the earth serpent is restless but waits patiently until the right time when it must and will awaken, all in time…

Many strange events have occurred since I found the carved rock, things that would otherwise have seemed miraculous had I not experienced such a large paradigm shift. Now I experience each day with renewed joy and excitement and I’m cataloging my dreams in the hope that I may soon gain more insight. A trip to the glyphs and the aboriginal site at Kariong near Gosford is imminent and I’ll be taking the rock with me.

I have also been meditating with the rock for further illumination and even had a group of magical practitioners meditate with the rock in the moonlight to see what they saw not knowing of its origins. One meditation revealed many brown hands passing the rock one to another and chanting then a naked figure running along a coastline in the dark trailing a large burning branch. They then cast the rock into the sea off the cliff whilst chanting, as if as an offering. Another meditator felt that it was the significant rock of an initiate used in a shamanistic ceremony for magical divination.

A friend’s husband, who is a geologist kindly examined the rock and identified it as a metamorphic mud rock that could have been formed under great heat and pressure and it deemed that it was possible the cuts and striations were natural small faults and folds. Of course that is a geologist’s interpretation of the rock which fits an accepted hypothesis of rock formation.

The adventure with the rock continues…


Morwood, M and Van Oosterzee, P. 2007. The Discovery of the Hobbit, Random House Press.




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