Flinders Ranges Site: Another Hole in The Out Of Africa Theory


The Flinders Ranges Site, along with Ganga Maya (150km west of Port Hedland, W.A.) which dated at 46,000 years run contrary to the popular overseas assumption that Australia was settled 50,000 years ago by Africans. Until these dates were announced recently every account supporting the Out of Africa Theory laid claim to settlement in these arid interior areas taking place 25,000 years after 1st landfall. When factoring in the Panaramitee site which is at least 80,000 years old how is it anyone still believes Australia was populated in the far north 50,00 years ago? See the Flinders Ranges Story here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/aboriginal-australian-searching-toilet-stumbles-49000-evidence-earliest-human-settlement-a7394731.html


  1. Lost Tribes of Humanity referred to the 47 homo sapien teeth found in China in a cave under a stalactite that took 80,000 years to grow drop by drop. The teeth may be as old as 120,000 years. This alone has raised doubts about the ‘Out of Africa 60,000 years ago’ theory. In this link it also shows that Africans who never left have DNA of an ‘archaic’ ancestor. Those who left ie Neanderthal, Denisovan (from Neanderthal) and ‘us’ do not have the ‘archaic’ DNA. However the Africans who stayed do not have Neanderthal, Denisovan or ‘our’ DNA. Australian aboriginals were not mentioned in the documentary. Is the archaic DNA aboriginal? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x58use1

  2. So in the rest of SE Asia the oldest bone tool’s yet found date back to around 11,000 years ? (Page 2 of above linked article from Nature), yet here we have definitive evidence that they were being manufactured and used in the northern part of South Australia at 38,000 years BP, Tasmania at 29,000 Yrs BP and Western Australia at 26,000 Yrs BP. The oldest ‘Modern’ use I can find (IE: Homo Sapiens) is at Blombos Cave in South Africa dated to around 70,000 Yrs BP.

    How does this type of technology seemingly skip the Levant, India, Asia and then randomly pop up here in the center of Aus after apparently just popping over the Wallace line at circa 40-50,000 years ago ? Did Nana lose her stitching needles along the way and then all of a sudden go, Oorr that’s right! that’s what we used to do, and just magic one up from a Wallaby leg bone 20,000 years after the patent was apparently put out in South Africa ?

    The Out of Africa theory is becoming more of a joke by the day, and is now looking more like a Punch drunk old boxer as new discovery’s keep peeling away the inconsistency of it and inconvenient FACTS just keep hammering it with new empirical evidence.

    There is already a plethora of hard evidence sequestered away in museum basements and storage facility’s around the world labeled as anomalies, or otherwise purposely Mislabeled as…. Oh, I don’t know a message stick which was carved into rock in a very oversized and exaggerated form ….instead of a Crocodile head and such.
    Hard physical evidence that has up to this day been deliberately ignored or secreted away as it just did not fit the accepted and dictated narrative espoused by the Scientific social circles of the day.

    After all, what greatly acknowledged and respected Professor of the day would want to see their life’s long work and theory’s built over many decades proven wrong towards the end of their life ? And what up and coming student of theirs would want to show their mentor and tutor to be wrong (and still wish to keep their position)? And what scientific group or institution would want to also admit that everything that they had (and have) relied upon promoted and published over many decades in a globally recognized field , all their funding, all their apparent great work….was wrong ?

    It is well time for a dedicated impartial forensic re-evaluation of all the basements and storage facility’s of Australian Museums, a re-assessment of all their ‘anomalous and mislabeled’ items that pertain to the prehistory of this country, and well time that Science started to be Science again instead of the apparent boy’s club that it has become with a small group of so called ‘Accepted Expert’s’ ruling the roost and dismissing anything out of hand that does not fit their ‘accepted’ doctrine.

    All too often we see actual hard evidence that when presented, if it does not fit the ‘accepted’ view of history of the current ‘Expert Cadre’ is either dismissed outright, secreted away or repeatedly attacked as being flawed in some way or another, especially so with the use of the main stream media. People that do persist, lose their positions, their funding, are labeled as kook’s, and are expelled from the so called ‘ serious establishment’, refused access to items or sites as a result and treated with disdain by so called “serious researchers’ IE: those who abide by the dictated narrative.

    In the past numerous people have been ostracized and basically excommunicated from the ‘Establishment’ due to their research on various subjects that either outright questioned or even just didn’t quite gel with the accepted norms of Scientific inquiry. Wegener was one such person in the last century who was treated with ridicule and disdain by the ‘Scientific Establishment’ with his theory on continental drift, yet here we are now.
    It is only in the last two decades that the Out of Africa theory has been seriously challenged with alternative theory’s such as an multiregional origin of our species.

    In this day and age though we have the gift of the internet, we can research, analise, compare, talk, learn, question, discuss, critique, contribute, debate, argue a subject all in a matter of minutes, hours or day’s which would of taken the likes of Darwin and Wallace and their peers months or years to achieve.

    The power no longer lies with the Old Professor’s, the abiding student or the established doctrine any more, we can share knowledge, pictures, thoughts and ideas as easily as you can see this *. and instead of being told what to think about the evolution of our species by a very few, we can contribute to the knowledge base with an instant shared review of the latest find or information, long before the mainstream media formulates a predigested, managed and doctored misinformation message to pass out to the Local news morning show on the zombie box or the Clickbait article on their associated websites.

    I may not agree with everything here, but at least we can discuss it here and there is much more TRUTH here than you will find elsewhere.

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