Five Rocks to Nowhere and Everywhere Else

Five Rocks to Nowhere and Everywhere Else

By Steven & Evan Strong


With another five rocks to be examined in this article, over one hundred and fifty patiently waiting to be called to account and more on the way, we sincerely doubt there will be an end to this. Despite the ever expanding variation in style, shape and methods of manufacturing, all of these sacred rocks serve a common goal in relaying an ancient Original legacy that was stolen well before the English sails appeared on the horizon. The greatest hurdle we face when presenting archaeology of the quality and in the sheer quantity now at our disposal, is that the approved historical pre-Cook narrative has always been tainted by many assumed sins of omission. From the moment the first English boot was placed on Original land, there has been an officially sanctioned and carefully cultivated lie that acts as an impenetrable barrier and justification to steal with impunity.


Yes things are changing, but irrespective of minor legislations and a growing awareness of a human equality that has no colour, in this country there still exists an arrogant undercurrent that dismisses any Original achievement as a simple elementary foundation point from which they never progressed. The lack of clothes, wheels, cities and weaponry powered by gun powder is still seen as unforgivable evidence of gross stagnation by most experts, and an enlightened moral decision to abandon technology that will always conspire against nature and the natural order, by us.

Our opposing opinion may well have a solid base in science and archaeology, but without a posting, research grant or any acknowledgement in any official channels, their current primitive shallow version of the days before the Invasion is as sanitised as it is insulting and alas, the content taught in every school and university across the land.

Reading Between the Rocks

Way back, well before humans on other continents made metal, built cities or traveled to distant shores by boat, these defining pursuits, along with many others, were a common part of the landscape and daily living throughout Australia. The rocks are unequivocal in the records kept and testimonials left to consider, and was created by incredibly advanced technology. The five rocks under examination are merely another deliberately hidden chapter of an ancient historical account that spans all the way back to the genesis of modern humans.

Initially, when we began our investigation of these sacred rocks, we did keep to the straight and narrow in seeking out the first message, simple marks, lines, intersection points, imprints and the variety of techniques used. Pragmatic issues were our primary focus, as interpreting meaning, semantics and content needed skills and knowledge that we do not have. These details and the reputed mystical powers contained within, were well outside our skills-set and left for a time when the conditions were right. Recently circumstances have changed dramatically leading us to ‘doubling up’ our load. Through the wisdom and advice of Uncle Marbuck and a steady stream of ‘magic rocks’ and cylcons sent by Ros, we are now in a position to investigate the seen and unseen and are now seeking ways of measuring an energy some of these rocks are discharging.

And it is in that same mystical vein two of these rocks belong, one is obviously another cylcon while the second rock’s primary focus is the manner in which it is held and the connection to the holder of that rock.

 A Cylcon in Reverse

At first glance there does not seem to be anything remarkable about this cylcon beyond the fact it was named to be so and we certainly, on shape alone, have no reason to question the written explanation supplied. It is neither the biggest, heaviest, most embellished or imposing cylcon in the collection, and it doesn’t even ring like a bell when struck. In every respect, bar one, it submerges into the background and asks no questions. Except one, why is the right-hand index finger so prominent and not the thumb?

IMAG1299 - Copy

It would seem that apart from the obvious shaping and subtle depressions for fingers and thumb, no other mark was made on this rock. It is the first base-rock we have seen bearing this type of geology and is of a very dense grey grain and quite hard. Like nearly every other sacred rock there is an inner rock of a lighter colour to which close to half the original silicon veneer is still attached. Outside what could be the residual traces of red ochre, the palette of smooth flat faces is a clean sheet.

Not only is the make of the base rock unique within the ensemble, so too is the peculiarity of grip required without precedent. The depression provided for the thumb runs down the right side to somewhere very close to mid-point. While the thumb points forward as is the custom, three fingers are wrapped around three sides and point backwards at forty five degrees.

Pointing in the Right Direction

To this point this grip is merely more of the same, but it is the index-finger that stands apart and has been given centre-stage. That finger points forward in running along the bottom side with the finger-tip wedged snugly against the cylcon’s projection point. What becomes quite enticing is that the flattened finger when pressed against the underside of the cylcon takes on the same angle, shape and general proportions as the rock face. The resemblance in shape between flesh and rock is uncanny and difficult to believe to be anything other than intentional. What is the combined effect of finger and cylcon point, whether an energy exchange is amplified, or nothing happens is an avenue we intend to pursue.

It is as if the rock is an oversized index finger, so striking are the similarities when held correctly. What only reinforces the chances of some form of duplication is that the right-hand index finger is marginally off-centre in shape being slightly right of centre. The tip of the cylcon has the same design as the finger and when it is positioned correctly, runs almost to the millimetre along the central line of this rock. Or perhaps, as it is with other mega-artefacts that are too heavy or large to serve any nomadic lifestyle, could this artefact be made to match the index finger of a person or being that is double the height of the present day sapiens? Either way, or whatever explanation may still be waiting in the future, the deliberate synchronicity cannot be disputed.

The thick bulbous opposite end of the cylcon acts as a counterweight and sits at the back of the palm. Whether due to common-sense, intuition or some sort of exchange of information is debatable, but it occurred to me that the energy from this rock builds up in the thicker section and once reaching the maximum storage capacity, bursts forward and outwards in a tight ray that maintains that narrow trajectory for a considerable distance once exiting the cylcon. Irrespective of motivation or possible processes, there is no doubt that this rock was designed to be pointed at something or one, all that remains to be seen is the end result.

That conclusion, insight or fantasy was not going to remain suspended in the ether. All I had to do was hold the rock and observe whether a reaction was at hand or a figment of my imagination. As much as what I can report is prefaced around a claim that I tried to be as sceptical and impartial as could be, which will no doubt cause our critics to cringe, that was actually the case. Three times held for no more than a minute, separated by at least two hours between each session, all I had to do was wait, hold and keep awake then take note of any real tangible reaction. It certainly wasn’t rocket science.

The first two occasions led to the same tingling sensation at the contact area between bulb and palm. The third time around was prefaced with a five minute internal argument and doubting session with my rational mind in the ascendancy. I really didn’t expect a third tingle, I just thought it was a bit too odd and bizarre that a simple rock could internally switch on, and even if it did happen, and it certainly felt real twice before, asking it to perform on call for a third time felt a tad disrespectful. The first thirty seconds seemed to confirm my misgivings, nothing happened.

And then, well and truly out of left-field, the cylcon kicked into overdrive. By the time the minute was up, I felt that my time with this cylcon was more than enough and some deep reflection and discretion was needed before preparing for the forth hold. There is no point describing in minute detail the next thirty seconds, especially since what took place overwhelmed the holder and would offend any card-carrying academic. The best I can do, and all I am prepared to give for now is very simple and ever-so real for thirty seconds, it was alive and running my show. It began with the sudden sensation of my heart beating in the palm of my hand. That was all normal at the first strike, then the power of the stroke increased and somewhere past that surge, the rock stirred. I could definitely feel waves of energy pulsating to the same rhythm of my heart inside the rock, and then the rock broke away continuing independently and growing in strength every beat.

The main reason I stopped at thirty seconds was not due to a sense of apprehension or malice. The entire experience was very pleasant, undeniably so, but I felt I wasn’t fully in control and it no longer needed my permission to engage. The pointy rock had thirty seconds on the podium while I sat with the audience and I was beginning to wonder if I could get back in control, and perhaps panicked, maybe not. Either way, the experiment was complete and conclusion absolute, this rock is magic.

Sensible Geology

Putting the mystical on hold and returning to the mundane, the cylcon has four main sides of similar length and a fifth shorter spherical face that forms the bulb. As both the bulb and upper-finger point are grey and no longer show any chocolate brown veneer and make up the main two areas exhibiting the most wear, it seems reasonable to assume that these two areas received the most contact with the skin of the palm and index tip.

One feature of nearly every ancient rock we have examined is what we believe to be powerful evidence of advanced technology in either the shaping, melting, coating or marking of these sacred rocks. It is almost a mandatory step before it reaches the reserve’s bench, but in this case we cannot be so absolute. Yes there is evidence that is strongly suggestive of metal blade, laser, sound waves or something more sophisticated, but there is a chance that this cylcon had a natural shape and was filed, rubbed, and eventually smoothed through continuous human contact. It is remotely possible that the thin remaining coat of brown could be some form of unknown ochre/plant based compound that acts like an enamel. If the shape is indeed due to processes without forethought and merely reactive to the rock and without intent, the overall length that came out of this random process is a number that has some interesting implications and nearby associations.

To begin with, the fact that each time we measured this rock we kept coming up with fifteen centimetres and not even one millimetre more, was a bit odd in being that precise. But of itself, was deserving of ten seconds of idle distraction and back to the task at hand. The novelty of a half a ruler soon took on another dimension after carefully measuring the next rock to be briefly discussed. This rock is certainly not a cylcon, definitely magic, the most amazingly and cleverly balanced rock in this ensemble and measures, to the millimetre, fifteen centimetres. Give or take nothing.

 A Coincidence or Rule of Sacred Thumb?

While it is undeniable is that no other shaped rock in the recorded and classified section of this collection comes close to resembling this unusual display of nine shapes, of which none are similar to any standard geometric shape.

2016-07-22 12.04.01 - Copy

What is even more intriguing is the repetition of the length of fifteen centimetres on two rocks under scrutiny. And in what only adds to the potential of mathematical principles being integrated into the structure and length of each magic rock, the most impressive of all cylcons under our care which has a series of bands and complete intact rocket-like structure, measures exactly twenty five centimetres to the millimetre. Another cylcon previously examined has a slightly curved line cut into the surface that runs from the top to bottom lip and measures twenty centimetres. In closing the case on behalf a factor tree built out of multiples of five, another cylcon yet to be investigated has been heavily worked and worn and measures exactly fifteen centimetres in length. In what only cements this link through a common purpose and length divisible by five, is that the yet to be discussed rock of fifteen centimetres is the only rock that comes somewhere near close to the same a general shape and size of the previous rock.

All of these rocks have two shared attributes, acknowledged Original “magic” credentials and white-fella mathematical progressions by five. That could be down to design, or merely yet another example of random events and natural forces. Before passing judgement on whether nature or sophisticated technology underpinned by sacred numeration is responsible, there are a few other features of this polished rock/device that will assist in making an informed decision.

Scratching on the Surface

The shaped rock has nine sides/shapes of which none correspond to any geometric patterns we are familiar. Despite that qualification, three shapes are somewhat like a pentagon, another two display hints of triangle, while two others seem to be related to the rhombus clan, and the last two are beyond any text book, perhaps the side-on view of a car is the only shape that gets close. Despite the aversion to accepted geometric norms, this rock is a masterpiece in internal mechanics and balance. Every side is sloped and rounded identically, the chocolate brown silicon surface is glass smooth and polished to shine in the sunlight or even artificial light.

Obviously a rock to held, while outside during first introductions and before beginning our liaisons through finding the correct grip, the rock was placed on the grass in direct sunlight to make sure it was clear and open before beginning. The rock had been sitting in the sun for no more than ten minutes before I picked it up, within a millisecond my hand could feel a noticeable difference. Surely five degrees cooler than the ridge, the wider flatter back section was also facing the same ball of heat in the sky as the rest of the rock, but why was it so much cooler? The ridge was the dividing line, below was cooler, above much hotter, the heat was not evenly spread throughout, whereas two other rocks also out for the day behaved as they should in maintaining an even thermal coat. I had never felt something like this before, and repeat ‘heatings’ led to the same temperature mismatch above and below the ridge.

And it is that dominant featured incline that not only acts as some sort of barrier or accelerant, but marks the rock’s midpoint and when resting unsupported on the index finger the entire rock remains perfectly balanced and still. My finger and rock can be unsupported and the rock will still remain in balance. It becomes almost pointless to try and fathom how this clever piece of masonry could come about through any natural means. There is no other answer beyond hands and tools active on the rock-face.

As is the custom with nearly every sacred marked or shaped rock, there is a thin fine layer of polished chert laid upon a base rock of lighter cream brown complexion. In most cases, that exotic top veneer has worn from just faded, to dramatically so, but not this time around. It is patently clear that this rock has not been subjected to centuries of exposure to the elements. I can put this rock in a dark corner and the smooth corners are still reflecting the shadows and diffused light, that does not come about if leaving any product out in the wind, rain and hot and cold of each day. We are convinced that this sacred object was stored and kept for special ceremony. Due to its’ close to pristine condition, we strongly suspect that this shaped rock has one sheltered home-base and tribal estate that it serves exclusively.

What is also a work in progress is trying to make sense of the hundreds of assorted very small marks that break the surface. Just as it is with the shapes, these marks are extremely varied in form and can be found on all nine sides. The closest analogy we can find is that of a mangy bedraggled leopards coat, no two dots are the same and nor is there a pattern in placement or diameter. We cannot find one puncture point and can only assume that each mark was lightly scratched out while the molten chert coat was cooling. As to why this was done is still a mystery, we cannot identify a star chart, constellation, landmark or any signpost, outside that close to two hundred separate cuts/gouges were made with an intention.

We got Nothing, Again

It is such an ill-defined methodology, holding a rock in the right hand and hoping that an inanimate non-breathing cluster of minerals will make some form of meaningful contact, it sounds as ridiculous as it is impossible to understand for starters. If stepping further into the void and seeking to control such a challenging liaison, that will never happen. Not for the first time are we classifying a sacred rock as magic when neither the earth moved, rock stirred nor eagle spiralled above. I have held this rock many times, it looks so striking, but I haven’t struck up any relationship, it just refuses to share its story or history.

With a batting average of 50% that communication breakdown is certainly not a barrier, just a note of caution. The reason we are so confident that the rock is sacred and contains a force or supernatural energy, is simply through attrition, nothing else fits. This rock has no utilitarian role, it cannot cut, chop, dig, chisel, slice or crush. If it was thrown in the air, aiming would a horrendous task and achieve nothing as it would neither rotate, return nor pierce. The rock has one solitary purpose, to be held in a certain way (which we have identified) and either pointed at a certain person/object, or our preference, that of a meditation rock held to assist internal quests.

The first cylcon is also a very powerful pointing rock, but comes in a plain package, this is far grander and eloquent in wrapping and leaves us very predisposed towards including this rock in the magic category. It just doesn’t fit anywhere else and was given too much time and planning to just dig out yams or crush seeds, it has to be holy.

Not only do we believe that this rock contains esoteric properties/powers, its presentation and smooth faces, rounded edges and those perplexing ‘freckles’ set this rock apart in so many ways. But that distinctive, yet barely visible irregular dotting that had no parallel before examining this rock, is now a precedent, and when comparing the light dusting on the nine sided rock to what we call the ‘leopard rock,’ it is merely the entrée.

And here ends this article in mid-rock. The final three rocks and the conclusion, along with what has just been read, will appear in a larger chapter found in our next book No Stone Unturned.

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