Experts Dispel Out-of-Africa Theory: DNA Suggests Human Denisovan Ancestry

Here is the latest article from Steve Strong which is a follow up from his popular previous article ‘DNA Evidence Debunks the “Out-of-Africa” Theory of Human Evolution’

“While writing my last Wake Up World article on the lack of African genetic material in ancient Australia, it was never a matter of what information to include but more what to leave out. The quantity of supporting scientific research contesting the notion that African Homo sapien sapiens were modern humans’ sole ancestor, or had contact with the Australian Original people, is such that the same need to be selective applies again today.

My primary intention in writing this article is to examine the work of numerous scholars of high standing, who are all united in their conclusion: whether studying mtDNA or cranial measurements, there was no place in ancient Australia for African genes or bones. In combination with my previous article, I will make reference to eight separate papers which span decades of research, all of which deny the Original people have an African ancestry…”

mungo man - alan thorne

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