Dr Derek Cunningham’s: Australian Original and Lascaux Cave Art Connection

From our colleague Dr Derek Cunningham, def worth the read….

Alignment of Archaic Artwork to Astronomical Values Used to Predict Eclipses: Direct Evidence for the Presence of Ancient Astronomical Text in Early Australian Art and Palaeolithic Art Found at Lascaux Cave in France

By Dr Derek CunninghamCarnarvon-Petroglyph-site-Handprints-and-geometric-images-March-2016-img - Copy

Midnight Science (2014-2015), Volume 18, Paper 1, Paper Submitted: 24th March 2016, Published: 29th March 2016


“In a study of three separate art types (stencilled handprints, linear geometrics and stones inscribed with “tally” marks) it is confirmed that the native aboriginal people of Australia described in a geometrical manner the data required to mathematically predict a future eclipse. The method to encode the mathematical values involves the conversion of astronomical values to an angular array. The method is identical to the technique used in the upper Paleolithic era geometrics found in cave paintings at Lascaux, in France. In one sample of Australian artwork the encodement of astronomical data even appears to employ a three-dimensional geometrical trick to create a very basic optical illusion. Taken together the data suggests that it is now possible, for the first time, to scientifically compare dissimilar art types, and to use ancient art to investigate ancient migration paths…..”

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