Don’t Go There!

Don’t Go There!

By Steven & Evan Strong

(All Photography by Richard Clarke)


We know “there” is real in every sense of the word, but if trying to identify or qualify “there,” we are acutely aware that the academic climate and prevailing condescension makes for an extremely hostile reaction for any who attempt to define or acknowledge the mystical realms. Even though so much of our research is devoted to archaeology and science with solid credentials, we are also mindful that the Original Elders of Custodians of the Old Ways believe omens, psychic abilities and constant contact with the Spirits of the land are true. Such is their conviction in the existence of the supernatural we are obligated to not only discuss such issues, but take an affirmative stance.

Our last foray into the esoteric and nebulous created considerable animosity. When proposing there is a high probability that a crystal skull found in Australia was the authentic item, one of the academics working with us who has contributed some very strong empirical evidence in support of Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2, literally begged us to walk away from the skull and focus on the evidence he felt mainstream academia was struggling with. He was concerned, and with considerable justification, we would be hounded and ridiculed for championing such a ridiculous crystal agenda.

My response began with a concession that he was absolutely right and concluded with a refusal to heed his well-intentioned and painfully correct suggestion. That is one dominant reality but it must be juxtaposed against an Original obsession with everything mystical and spiritual. If we were to ‘pick and choose’ what is palatable to the sensibilities of people with degrees, we would instantly lose the trust we have cultured with many Original keepers of Lore and history. The choice is that simple, well to be honest there never was an alternative, it’s the whole truth and nothing but the Original truth, or we walk away.

But before moving on to address three very recent examples of arcane events that seem to defy and define, we feel compelled to respond to this institutionalised refusal to validate the miraculous and the vilification in store for any who dare investigate mystical concerns and “fringe science.” Why is it that if we do venture down this controversial path of research, whether right or wrong, it has any bearing on our sites and artefacts? How does our proposal that there is a chance the crystal skull is legitimate impinge on any other part of our research? Who made the rule that if mistaken in researching one of the 50 sites and artefacts we have seen, all other work is damned by association? Now that is not bad, but terrible science, and seems to imply that if one solitary mistake is made (which we do not accept it was made) then with that human fallibility exposed, everything else before and after is also awarded an F. Have they not heard of ‘trial and error,’ and even more regrettably with such an entrenched conservative addiction to maintaining the current status quo, how does this attitude foster daring and adventurous science knowing one ‘slip-up’ will see your career in tatters and a financially lucrative posting lost.

It seems any attempt to investigate the spiritual is doomed to fail before it starts, it is as if Dr. Richard Dawkins has set a non-God agenda and any who dare stray outside the campus grounds are treated as if a pariah. Our brief is simple, put the science in God’s lap and all will be well, separate the two interconnected truths and you get exactly what we have today, strife and mistrust reign while 1% of the population control and own over half of everything there is on this globe and the residual 99% are permitted to squabble over the scraps thrown off the table. A global environment driven by greed, profit and an elite with no vestiges of conscience or spiritual accountability creates an unstable setting, but seems to be entirely in keeping with the expectations of mainstream science. If it wasn’t for the recent excursions into quantum science, we see little spiritual content or setting in any of the sciences.

Crossing the Divide

Fully aware more grief is in store, but equally knowing as a fact that all sacred sites are positioned on energy lines, we intend to pick up the threads of an earlier article where we carried out a series of experiments in the Kariong/Gosford area which we hoped could add some clarity and perhaps a degree of certainty. Not long after spending the day investigating the energy/forces associated with the Grandmother Tree, Kariong Glyphs, Healing Table and Crayfish site, Richard and a friend with psychic abilities returned to the Kariong site with the aim of extending upon our previous days in the bush.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs before, stopping at the Grandmother tree is compulsory, and as previously she was radiating something. We had already measured the impact and range of dowsing rods, and in a visit soon after, a camera without any special lens captured an amazing array of lights that seem to be emanating out of this tree. The photograph was not treated or added to, and Richard did not see any coloured light, only the camera could capture what the eye’s limited capacity was unable to detect. Resembling the colours of a rainbow, which is the outcome of separating white light, it is possible there is an interaction between energy flowing out of the tree which somehow disperses the light from the sun. From our perspective the photograph strengthens the case of the dowsing rods spinning when near the tree, and perhaps gives a visual clue as to what this energy may be. Or perhaps, it was simply a camera malfunction, trick of the light or an unusual aberration peculiar to this area alone?

With introductions completed and Original protocol observed, Richard and his guest Jan made their way up the slope and across to the three walls and the 300 hieroglyphs that have caused so much consternation. Jan felt the urge to not so much investigate the walls, but stand above. Jan, like Robyn, has considerable psychic abilities.

Before going any further there is need to take stock, any claim in relation to having supernatural talents is often overwhelmed with lashings of cynicism. There is no way I can prove either Robyn or Jan has any esoteric power, there is no approved scientific method on this earthly realm that will be of assistance and there are no words in any dictionary that will define, it just is. In my case I just know Robyn is gifted with psychic abilities, the reader can make their judgment, but it is of no consequence to us. Each person sets their own rules and path and that is not our concern as others can please themselves. We can’t provide any empirical test or result, just an absolute conviction that will remain no matter what. All we ask of the reader is a leap of faith and the belief there is more to this mortal existence than the material. Past that entry point the rest is easy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack to Jan standing above the glyphs, it was her belief that once positioned above she would make contact, be it with an energy source or the activities of the guardian spirits was never clear, but she was convinced that something was going to take place. The vertical shaft of light that appeared beside this lady was sensed intuitively but never seen, the photograph merely confirmed why she was compelled to stand above. We have been informed that the light came from above and began with just a hint of colour, then intensified. Such a divine sign, like all omens, is sent from the heavens. And so it was, but what has escaped many is that just as it is revealed in the Dreaming, the spirits are in the land, the sky, the leaves, the soil and all places in between.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever, this time we have a new setting, a different style of emanation and instead of the sacred tree it is the sky above and sandstone below that hosts this divine light. Some who are seeking grounds for dismissal will question this light show, with claims that the camera which had the Oldfield Lens attached, distorts and misleads. It is possible, but the problem is shots were taken on the same day near this sacred site and in each case the camera and lens detected no addition to what they could see. Others experiencing discomfort may concede the camera and attachment is not faulty, but this particular site is an anomaly where under certain conditions light is somehow distorted.

More of the Same

At first glance this could be possible, but Richard’s travels are incomplete and the gallery of photographs he compiled was not restricted to one site or location. The next ‘incident’ took place at a sacred location thousands of kilometres to the west and there is no need to add to those details, the important part of this contact remains inside the cave and it serves no purpose in providing a background setting.

In keeping with the esoteric ‘tool-kit’ he and Robyn carried, it was, according Richard, “Robyn who sensed something around here.” But on first glance nothing was obvious, it was only when Richard brought out his trusted dowsing rods did the focus narrow. Once the rods crossed they came to a halt and began to scan the area. He is adamant “you’d never see it in a million years,” and if it wasn’t for the invaluable guidance of two copper rods, there would be no photographs to accept or dispute.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain the Oldfield Lens was attached for some shots inside the cave, but the camera was unassisted in recording what seems to be another instance of orbs in movement within a sacred site. This time around the white light is more dominant, but there is still that same ‘rainbow’ effect. Richard and Robyn were adamant that the painting of the Rainbow Serpent which appears black and white to the eye was the focal point and origin from which this wide spectrum of colours was sourced. Rather than describe what can be clearly seen in the photographs or trying to interpret from afar, we invite the reader/viewer to let their intuition run wild and still the rational mind. As you do so, what may assist in placating any doubt is the variation in the three sites and the way energy is being transmitted, there is no consistency. We have no real understanding of how a camera functions, or the Oldfield Lens, but surely if a malfunction in machinery or electronics is repeated, the mistake has to be identical?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf the many photographs Richard sent the sixteenth was the one that had us the most intrigued, in fact no matter what mechanism is used nothing makes sense unless a whole section of wall can independently move of its own volition. When comparing two shots of the same section of the cave, it seems like a large slab of cave-wall was there and then suddenly and quietly fell off, evaporated, vanished or was always there until developing the negative.


Describing what can be seen with and without the lens attachment is no great feat, a five year old child could come up with the same observations. What this means comes down to two options, a faulty mechanism or contact from across the divide. Before passing judgment, what needs to be factored into any conclusion is that these two women with psychic abilities went to three different locations expecting something esoteric to be present and photographed. Richard’s role was to photograph the spirits in action, knowing he would get a result. More to the point all three witnesses are adamant what transpired is real and factual in every sense. Every rebuttal of their account must be sourced from people who have never been there and carries with it an attack on the integrity and character of these three people. The easy way out and sanctioned response is to brand these people liars, because if they are telling the truth ancient rules come into play.

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

In spite of the academic cynicism, we encourage the reader to take that leap of faith and accept that these three people are honest, as we have done. With the distractions dispensed with we still have one elemental enigma to grapple with. Where is “there”? In our introduction we made note of the understandable concern voiced by well-meaning colleagues who pleaded we remain positioned on more solid academic ground. We couldn’t, our only interest in this exercise is in establishing where “there” is.


And the answer to that question is, as it was when we began this article, we have no idea. All we know with absolute certainty is that “there” exists and is not part of our addiction to live solely in the material world. They were literally ‘knocking on heaven’s door,’ and on this occasion the door was opened to “there.”


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