A Sprinkle of “Fairy Dust” and a Pinch of Crystal

A Sprinkle of “Fairy Dust” and a Pinch of Crystal

By Steven & Evan Strong with Sean Vandenberg

2014-11-30 12.49.45Any talk of a crystal skull, even if merely a casual reference, is tantamount to committing ‘academic suicide.’ Assured of smug and condescending reactions, so tainted is the whole field of crystal skulls, it is a topic best avoided at all costs if seeking an income or peer approval. The stamp of disapproval is not the province of just a few elite academics, this particular esoteric field is held in ridicule at many levels. For daring to put up our first article on the skull, we have been robustly criticised from all quarters, and to be honest this was expected. What caught us a touch unaware was that this disdain extended into the group of people we have been working with, one of which saw all this frivolous talk of crystal skulls analogous to “fairy dust.” We certainly do note cite his disdain as a way to denigrate, but merely to acknowledge such views are entirely understandable and reflective of the general consensus.

In furthering our research into this “fairy dust” we recently returned to inspect the artefact, and in what may seem a contradiction we are not averse to that condescending description being used as there may be more than an unintended grain of truth within that dismissal. With my sceptical hat firmly attached, knowing that we are walking on academic egg-shells which will inevitably crack if continuing down this path, we believe we have a real chance to narrow, or perhaps increase the odds that the crystal skull is genuine.

The problem is we had four known tasks to complete on our return visit and two are reliant upon a tangible leap of faith. That subjectivity is both an inherent empirical flaw and its greatest strength, for once straying into such nebulous mystical arenas it will always comes down to a matter of perspective when interacting with the spirits.

On this occasion Evan was unable to attend, Sean was always coming this time. We needed continuous film from all angles to strengthen the skulls bona fides and rebut the allegations of ‘photo-shopping.’ Sean is a professional in this field and more than we could ever ask for, but above and beyond his skill with the lens he is a person I strongly believe to be psychic with what I regard as a proven track record. His reaction was pivotal if moving further off the fence, if Sean ‘sensed’ nothing then the skull would most likely be bogus and a burden we could off-load and then breathe a little easier.

The Second Unveiling

2014-11-30 12.49.29It wasn’t long after arriving when mention was made of the crystal skull, but what happened next was all a bit cryptic. Without any explanation a sizable square slab of what was obviously pure red clay was placed on the coffee table and I was asked for a response. I didn’t really have one, I was expecting a second encore from the crystal skull not a lump of moist earth. After fumbling through an empty tank in trying to offer something of relevance I was thankfully cut short. We were told it is the clay that originally completely encased the skull when found in situ, having not seen the video I really wasn’t sure what that actually meant.

Immediately obvious is the disparity to the local geography of the site, red clay like this is not local, nor even reasonably close by, but when being told the skull was originally from Uluru and wrapped in the local clay before being taken to this new site by an Original Elder of massive importance, I knew we now had some supporting science. A comparison to the clay around the Uluru area is very ‘do-able’ and was placed on the list. If the clay is from that region this either strengthens the skulls’ credentials, or means that one of the group was digging near the Rock and returned to complete this deception. If so the whole convoluted scenario is getting rather complicated and expensive.

With the crystal skull’s package introduced, the lady chosen to act as Guardian brought out the skull. Once the covering cloth was removed I asked if Sean could hold the artefact. If he drew a blank, then that was the end of this liaison and we can stay focused on archaeology that is already upsetting academia. I had explained to our host beforehand that Sean’s role was firstly to see if they connected, the filming may, or may not, take place at some time after that interaction.

It was instant and our out clause evaporated in the ether. Upon placing the skull in his palm Sean was aware that his heart was palpitating and that the increase in speed was caused by the crystal. There was no doubt in Sean’s mind of the cause and effect, but equally, the muffled voice he could hear was coming from and out of the skull. In the car on the way back Sean actually tried to verbalise for me what he heard, it was a blur of sounds that merged and lacked distinction. Undoubtedly an assumption, we both presumed that was due to this skulls eyes being muffled by green crystals and the bone fractures/sutures coated with glue to seal and quieten the spirit within, the blurring of voice would seem to be the outcome of these blocking manoeuvres.

We must point out that some people have reacted with concern and alarm when first confronted by the artificial ploys and adhesives employed. What is not appreciated is that they have not had to experience a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, non-stop broadcasting on one brain-wave revealing the wisdom and insights of the ages. It is quite literally, too much of a good thing, there is no time for real sleep or respite and any mortal, no matter what is being relayed, will crumble under the incessant conversation. Sean was picking up vibrations through his heart and auditory senses, and since I had requested he come and see what was on offer, his task was completed and the baton was passed back to me.

Further Introductions

2014-11-30 12.47.52It was now the time to talk some more about this entity that has permanently breached the divide. My equivocations and caution was crumbling, but I held on to some doubt, as small as it was, simply because Sean’s response will never appease the rational mind and the conditioned scepticism that lingers within us all. Cursed with the affliction to doubt the unseen, we still needed solid hands-on evidence of what can be seen and touched. And that is what we were given. Once our host and her colleagues decided it was time to turn on the screen and take us back a little over two years ago to the time and location of the actual discovery, my objections had all but vanished.

It was all that was promised and a quite a deal more. The whole event, before during and after the discovery of the crystal skull was filmed. The whole group were not only expressly invited, but knew in advance that the spirit/presence residing within the skull had called them to attend and would direct them to the right location. To go any further we have to advise the reader that it is at this juncture where the first leap of faith we spoke of earlier is required. Of course we can neither validate nor deny her account, but we do intend to pass it on and let each person assemble their own response.

The present-day Custodian of this crystal artefact has been in telepathic contact with the skull for many years and has made an extensive and detailed record of all that was relayed. No-one independently decided a date or place, according to all of the participants the agenda and geography was never a mortal call, they came as commanded. We might add for any who cringe and feel the urge to snigger, only Evan, Sean and myself have met these people and their skull and listened and watched for a combination of close to eight hours. If they are indeed genuine and honest in their dealings the next set of events shown on film, once reaching this mysterious inland site, opens up new horizons and possibilities we have never considered.

Dressed to Conceal

With the drought just broken deep in the centre of Australia, the recent rains made the groups progress slippery and difficult, but the high moisture content in the soil was also a blessing. The film shows the cards and crystals this lady used in establishing communication and opening up the channel. I could hear her remarking that it is “directly under our noses,” she was positive this directive was being given from the skull. And it would seem the spirit was using a metaphor, as one of the crew pointed out a rock formation of what could be jasper, looked remarkably like a human nose. And there beneath was a reddish-brown oval rock of average size.

It was so blatantly plain and nondescript, there it was laying on the ground beside other rocks of varying sizes and leaf litter. Not only did this rock not attract attention, the shapes, colour and decidedly rock-like guise was so well camouflaged I could have stood, sat and rummaged around all day and not even bothered to have picking up this rock to examine. The only distinguishing feature was its colour, a brown rock with a red tinge that did not belong. But that alone, a slight colour mismatch would be enough to momentarily notice then move on to better things and more promising options. The problem is that I have no guidance from above and below and if I stood right next to the rock staring at it, I would walk on. They did not.

The chosen Custodian not only found the rock, but declared with total conviction that the crystal skull was inside. She had no rational reason to do so as nothing on first inspection was apparent, but once she began to scrape away the mud the crystal inside was once again exposed to the light of a new day.

The conclusion to this private screening (for if it were to be shown to the public both location and participants would lose the anonymity) is twofold. It is either a truthful account and the culmination of close to a decade of telepathic interfacing between the here and now and what lays beyond, or this charade is as utterly bogus as it is ridiculous. However, if this an elaborate hoax as some will be obliged to insist, that accusation falls short and must be ramped up by a factor of ten. Not only did they mischievously plant the artefact earlier, one of these rascals flew to Uluru to dig up some clay. To compound the illogicality and financial impost, once returning with clay in hand and coating the skull, they do nothing for two years before contacting us and make it clear their anonymity is of the highest priority. With neither an ego nor bank balance to cultivate, and money already lost traveling to and from Uluru, where is the incentive to manufacture and deceive? What can they gain from their refusal to profit or stand in the spotlight? We would challenge any sceptic or critic to provide the reason to deceive, because we are unable to do so.

Back to what can be substantiated irrespective of what side of the esoteric fence one is positioned, Sean used the latest technology in filming the crystal skull. At the request of those acting as guardians, and the skull, this film will only be shown at our presentations, thus protecting the integrity of the narrative that accompanies the skull and those involved in reclaiming it. The film of every angle and side will at least dismiss one criticism that some form of ‘photo-shopping’ was involved. From the beginning nothing has been altered and the film testifies to that truth, however past that starting point there are two paths to travel, and albeit with some initial reluctance, we have been asked to walk upon the path of most resistance and accepted the invitation.

A Mid-term Report

This crystal skull is unlike any other and is not a copy but an original, the real issue relates to timing. The sutured lines of the skull, individual shape of each of the 28 teeth and attention to anatomy and fine detail surpasses all other crystal claimant. Whether proven to the satisfaction of mainstream science to be a recent fake or not is immaterial, what cannot be contested is that this artefact is the most intricate, artistic and intriguing of all the potential candidates.

2014-11-30 12.49.29 - Copy

Found in Australia, which of itself was the continent nearly everyone, including ourselves, would least expect, this is the very first time there is archaeological evidence of the actual discovery of a crystal skull in situ. In every other crystal skull ‘recovery,’ oaths and assurances are given by people whom we are asked to trust. Not personally knowing the people who profess honesty, it is at best a 50/50 call, and in some cases deceit has already been established. On this occasion where, how, what and who is filmed and witnessed. This fact alone moves this crystal skull off the ‘batting plate’ where all the other crystal contenders are milling and on to first base. The scientific truth is as follows, unless the first investigation on site is comprehensively documented and recorded for posterity and further research, any information gleaned or artefacts identified will never gain formal recognition. This skull is the first to satisfy the bare minimum requirements of academic entry.

But wait up! Perhaps on this special and unique occasion we can steal second base? The red clay they kept which originally sealed off the crystal from the outside world is not a local product. Whether it comes from Uluru or elsewhere is not a difficult task, and if it proves to be so then second base has to be secured. As stated earlier to spend so much money with no profit or massaged ego in return does appear illogical and financially unsound.

Standing on second base Sean’s heart is palpitating and he is engaged in a blurred one-way conversation (possibly urging all of us to run to third base) from across the divide. Being the most elegant and artistic crystal skull yet found, muffled and leashed to make daily living bearable, we see no reason why a successful passage to third base is not appropriate and in keeping with the general game plan.

But third base is where we must stop, we can only consider running to home-plate when there is no doubt remaining. We have met the people directly involved and saw no dishonesty, nothing untoward was sensed, but what of the ‘elephant in the room?’ This is after all just a rock shaped into a skull. The shaped crystal is an inanimate piece of selenite, never a member of animal or vegetable kingdom, but a non-carbon geological formation that does not breathe, eat or move of its own will. And somewhere deposited within this rock we are told is the wisdom of the ages and humanities’ future salvation. Oh please, that is a bit rich?!

Any rational human being would have some trouble digesting such a fanciful notion and this pragmatism has to be accepted and grappled with, as we have. That being the case, and it is, why is it we have the crystal skull on third base edging towards the home plate? We are literally wedged between a rock and a hard place, common sense and a muddy playing field advise caution, but from what we have seen so far there is nothing on which to base that denial upon. Every box we have set has been ticked off, those entrusted to protect the skull are honourable people and this skull is as good as it gets.

What holds us back does not relate to the truth of this being part of an authentic crystal skull tradition and that this object was originally Mayan, that is not an issue and we have no reason to question this truth. Our hesitancy relates to the belief this skull is a repository of the wisdom of the ages, nonetheless, here again the chances are better than likely that this is true and what only increases our suspicions that the skull is actually communicating in some manner, is the content of an article Sean sent us a few days ago.

We have no expertise in crystals, to be honest between us we could barely correctly identify any crystal, but as always we work collaboratively with experts from many fields and Sean has a deep and passionate interest in all things crystal. He recognised the skull as being selenite, and once reading the article he sent to us, it all seemed to fall into place. Sean chose to send us a commentary supplied by Robert Simmons who made note that “selenite quickly opens and activates the third eye, crown chakra and the soul star chakra above the head. The intensity of energy delivered by selenite is greater than almost any other stone for the upper chakras. A selenite wand pointed at the third eye sends energy that can feel like a gust of wind going through the forehead and out the top of the head.” (1)

Image taken From: “6selenite1”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:6selenite1.jpg#mediaviewer/File:6selenite1.jpg

What did grab my attention was an observation supplied from an obviously unconventional source that goes all the way back to the crystal skull. “Selenite can lift one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience, making it possible for one to consciously meet one’s spirit guides and guardian angels.”(2) This is what the lady who minds the skull maintains is exactly what is happening.
What if there is something genuine and utterly magnificent stirring within? We cannot walk away when chances are high the skull is authentic and will continue in our research. That being the case one avenue yet to be canvassed will become a topic of vital interest, as simply as it can be put, what is the spirit inside the skull saying? What has been ‘heard’ by this lady, and is it all about deeds long gone or is there more?

Or maybe this is all rubbish, to each reader we invite you to cast your own verdict. In the meantime, armed with virtually no knowledge in this field we will continue stumbling forward in the same vein and see where it all leads.


(1) Robert Simmons, “Selenite”, The Book Of Stones,

(2 Ibid.


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