A Crystal Skull in Australia, Surely Not!

A Crystal Skull in Australia, Surely not!

By Steven & Evan Strong

2014-11-30 12.49.45Our meeting with the Custodian and Carers of this phenomenally sacred artefact came about through the assistance of Klaus Dona. He arranged a skype meeting and from that introduction a date, time and potential meeting place was proposed. The motivating topic, talk of some type of crystal skull, is an area of which we have taken very little interest and I had some trouble absorbing the possibility that such a relic was part of any Original archaeological package. Throughout all this talk of a mythical talisman I managed to retain a healthy dose of ‘less than convinced.’

The little we knew about crystal skulls was predicated around the negative, and in particular, two points of criticism. First and foremost, in all cases we know of a critical academic pre-requisite has been breached, as there was no attention paid to archaeological protocol when in the recovery process. There is no film or photograph of the skulls in situ, no video of the approaching party, nor is there a visual record of the moment of discovery or reactions of those involved to analyse and scrutinise. In each case we are aware of it is all a matter of trust me, I’m honest and my version of events is true, but utterly unsubstantiated if applying any empirical minimum standard. A 50/50 call like that in today’s cynical and jaded world just doesn’t measure up, is too easy to attack and so difficult to defend. If only more rigour was applied at first sighting.

Of less impact, but still an issue of concern and criticism, is the variation in finesse and lack of regularity in application. The increasing tally of skulls range in presentation with some quite crude while others are undeniably an impressive piece of art, but when set in comparison the whole assemblage displays much more that is random and separate than what is shared.

These negative equivocations aside, all we knew was that some people we had never met made a claim without a supporting photograph. On any other occasion we would have politely excused ourselves from active duty and driving such a long distance inland, but with Klaus’ approval already sanctioning their research we were obliged to attend. In what only added to my forebodings that this was a futile mission, not only was our first meeting cancelled due to misunderstanding, on our second attempt one kilometre out from the rendezvous point, we took the wrong turn.

Face to Face

As it is with Original Old Ways, nothing except face to face contact achieves anything of substance. Nothing changed, what unsettled my reluctance to commit was that they seemed very genuine people of fine intent, and I originally found them to be good people. On the air they sounded fine and spoke correctly, but while the voice can take on shades of grey the eyes are an open palette, and in this respect we knew we were sitting among powerful people with open hearts. For most of the first twenty minutes spent in random conversation I actually forgot about the skull. When it was suggested to show us the skull and change tact, I realised I was so engrossed in the people we had just met and what they were saying, the artefact was missing in other interests and fascinating observations.

As the cloth and shape beneath first appeared my immediate reaction was somewhat drab and decidedly dismal, I was half expecting a cloudy piece of jagged rock that if held at an angle one solitary tooth and something jaw-like could be made out if squinting. I was preparing to feign a degree of recognition that resided solely in the eye of a fanatical beholder, to agree that a depression somewhere on that rock could resemble a jaw and a cheek bone is hinted at in a ridge. They are genuinely good souls and it wasn’t my role to dash their hopes and disappoint. So throw the cloth off and expose away, I will be tactful and circumspect, then after we leave mark it off as another day where no archaeology was found and people meant well.

2014-11-30 12.49.29To my recollection this verbal impasse has happened once before. I was literally struck speechless when first face to skull, I did try and say something but a time delay of near on five seconds was locked in this new programming. The problem is that when the mouth and voice reassembled and finally joined forces, what was offered fell well short of the mark. No words can come close to describing what we saw and never will. Until now, such an object had no description as it has no equal. Knowing that the make and features of the other crystal skulls (genuine and bogus) pale by comparison, whatever commentary offered will fail in one crucial respect, unless it is in your hand and all places in between the skull can only be appreciated at the most superficial levels.

Without doubt, its clarity was exceptional and light years past the muddy tinges of white and grey predicted, I could see the individual lines of my fingerprints. Then there was the total lack of tool use, blade mark or abrasion, the surface was smooth without blemish, and of course, what stood out beyond the need for tools of exceptional strength and delicate blade, was the quality of artistry. Without question, amongst all the candidates this skull is the most anatomically correct, symmetrical, complex and artistically of the highest level. That is plain to see, but upon closer inspection the story and technology gets even more complicated.

Each tooth is distinct, the detail is so exact in that the incisor tooth is differentiated from front and molar teeth, but the problem is that 14 plus 14 equal 28 teeth and if an adult, there should be 32 teeth on display. The four back wisdom teeth are missing, but it doesn’t stop there, so too the eye-brow ridging is absent. The acceptable belief is that this ridge was very prominent in cruder hominids at earlier times and has been gradually disappearing. On this skull it was never there to begin with, the eye socket juts into the forehead clean with no ridging present. The jaw line is ‘gun-barrel straight’ running at 180 degrees for about 4 centimetres, whereas all hominid jaws are curved, past or present, there is no exception to the physiological rule, until now.

2014-11-30 12.47.52The eye sockets are far too wide and long, they are so over-exaggerated it is almost cartoon-like. Adding to that comment is a waste of ink and our time, no hominid past or present had eyes that big! This same over-extension is also apparent in two utterly amazing and unique projections of crystal that arch away from the jaw in a hollow crystal tube then re-attaches. On each side the projecting crystal is identical in positioning, width and separation from the main body. Once again, this is another development that has no precedent, this skull keeps standing not only apart from the main body of crystal skulls, but some way above.

When estimating that standing and stature, the actual height of this being, it is another 50/50 call. If it is meant to be life-sized, we would suggest this being would stand a little over one metre, but there is no reason to assume it was created with that aim.

Granted, this was our first encounter, but we do believe that there is one feature evident and most certainly spread across the skull that separates this crystal skull from its colleagues. Around the skull are a series of lines that run across and down, and in some places intersect. Sometimes the line is fairly straight, often arched and on occasions very jagged, I initially assumed that was due to different pieces of clear crystal being joined then fused together. However, after hearing an observation made by a young gentleman with lateral vision, Alex, that these marks correspond to the plated-bone structure of the cranium, it was time to reconsider. With the diagram of a modern skull as a comparison to hold and compare, it became apparent that this was a very important step forward. The markings are indeed meant to be what Alex suspected. So literal and dedicated to detail is this artefact, nothing was omitted and everything attended to.

2014-11-30 12.48.12Still to be Resolved

Ten times more than what we could possibly hope for, this object was without equal, but it was not out of turbulent waters, not by a long stretch. Before seen, once seen and straight after, there was one elemental elephant in the room that had to be addressed. Amazing as it was, a stunning creation, however, what proof do we have that it wasn’t recently custom made for mischievous reasons?

All the way through that popular ploy has always been the first port-of-call for cynics and critics, their line in the sand meant that the other crystal skulls cannot be proven to come from anywhere. What was fascinating was as I was about to put voice to this nagging doubt, it put to rest by one of the men who explained how they planned ahead.

They did have the foresight and attention to rigour required, a film was taken of before, during and after. The artefact on site, being found, the reactions and interplay of witnesses, all of this and more was captured on film. That revelation was the last straw and immediately cleaned out the remaining scraps in my doubt cupboard. By now my defences were overwhelmed by good science, amazing technology, pre-emptive measures and what lay within and around this skull.

And it is the within and around this crystal skull that is the prime principle in this mystical equation and also the most difficult to quantify, simply because somewhere along the process a leap of faith is required. Once prepared to take that extra esoteric step the reasons why most of the lines marking out bones on the cranium were covered in glue and the eye sockets festooned with green crystals (prenite) become clearer. This was done as a survival technique and an effective way to remain sane, now what comes next in explanation may sound contradictory, perhaps a touch insane, but this is where that leap of faith is demanded first before embarking on this journey.

The skull has a constant and omnipotent spirit and presence, full of wisdom, insights, suggestions and comes from a power and place beyond the rational. It was so pleased to find such an aware soul and because of that connection this lady was flooded with knowledge and love and needed a contemporary levee bank to stem the flow. The eyes and infinitesimal gaps between plates were the most powerful exit points and were dampened by blue crystals in each eye socket and the application of a modern adhesive along plate-lines. This recent intervention has afforded a degree of control and respite.

The Current State of Play

On the thirty first day of January, 2013 the crystal skull made itself known and sought out the person it felt, no knew, was the only Custodian appropriate for that time. Nearly two years since, the skull, carers and Custodians have decided the time is right to speak out and let the Original truth take its own course.

Even though we have barely begun our research, it is apparent that this story can only have two conclusions. All of these people came the day before, cleverly hid the object, filmed and feigned surprise and a whole gamut of emotions and have been waiting close to two years to now steal their moments of fame. Devious, cajoling and willing to lie, the skull was made by modern tools and bought with Australian money. This hoax is all a matter of bad people doing dishonest things.
Conversely they are telling the truth and the object is legitimate. Such is the sophistication of technology, expertise, subtleties, absolute energy and presence, this skull of itself tears up the pages of so many books on all manner of historical topics.

Neither option escaped our attention throughout our time together, but the choice was made early on and sealed in crystal after one small incident and temporary objection. This group have been and still are very circumspect and we will be extremely careful in not revealing persons and locations through maintaining anonymity. When Evan asked permission from the lady who has directly connected with the skull to take the photographs we are now allowed to show in this article, initially she agreed conditional upon it being for personal use and not for publication. As Evan was about to take the first shot, one of her colleagues who was not privy to their exchange demanded he stop now. Once this lady told him it was alright he relaxed, what I noted was that response was not contrived but a reflex reaction which is not inspired by a craving for fame and notoriety. All he was doing was keeping the skull hidden and being protective of a precious truth. There is no hidden agenda in their dealings and motives and of that we are certain.

And that is the essential element in this artefact and what should follow, if these people are truthful, if the skull contains evidence of dealings and technology that break so many conventions, is a major concern. It comes down to what should happen, and what will be. The skull demands to be examined at a microscopic level and acknowledged at every level. Based on first impressions, the chances are very high that this could be one of the most important pieces of archaeology ever found. That prospect alone should see academics by the thousands flocking to Australia to investigate and admire. The recurring problem is that this specific ‘should’ is lacking in history or interest, whenever articles on controversial artefacts we have been involved with have been released, the silence within academia and government circles has been inevitably deafening.

But this time, this artefact is solid in archaeology, honest in personnel, obvious in advanced technology and powerful in ways that span the breach, and in consort demands official recognition. Despite all of these truths, we are even less hopeful of success and recognition than I was before first seeing this crystal skull, but then again, I was wrong then and could be yet again. If only …


  1. I have been fascinated by crystal skulls for some time now..I also have one of my own, which is 12 cm high, and amazingly clear, and almost no flaws or inclusions..It was obtained for me by a lady named Shirley Sienna / Coventry, who is an Australian custodian of a crystal skull, and travels to Brazil to communicate with traditional shamans, involved with crystal skulls..She obtained mine from one of the shamans, who had it in own private collection, so I have no idea whether it was carved 20 years ago, or if it is much older in origin..I meditate with it, and am often greatly inspired energetically and consciously..I am always interested in contacting others who are interested in these crystal skulls, whether they are ancient or recently created..They can be communicated with, if one is aware of how to do so..I am open to further discussion if interested..Regards..Neville

  2. Hi Steven and Evan,
    I have followed your work for many years, since 2010/2011. I am only now 22 so your work has kept me curious and intrigued over the years. I had no idea about crystal skulls in australia till last night. A quick google search and sure enough i recognised your names. I had a dream last night, I found a crystal skull on maripiong land (clan of the wathaurong) I believe this clan to have a link to the arcturus star system. I know its alot to just jump to, but the dream was very real and i feel as though i was shown something. I felt the need to tell you this? Im not sure why. If there was any additional info you require dont hesitate to email me. Of course I am taking what happened in the dream all with a grain of salt. Thanks for reading 🙂
    Kind Regards,
    Sunita Vince

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