The New Improved Version: Sacred Rocks giving off Energy

The New Improved Version: Sacred Rocks giving off Energy

By Steven & Evan Strong

With Special Thanks to Richard Clarke


We are not claiming that every rock on this planet has some form of energy, nor are we denying it could be so. What we strongly suspected before the machine arrived, was that the sacred marked and magic rocks selected would be functioning and in some manner that energy could be photographed.

I had assumed that Richard Clarke had organised to get an operator of a Kirlian camera to assist, but strictly speaking I was mistaken in the brand name. Jo Durand had an updated improvement, called a Biofeedback Imaging Color Spectrometer (Aura Camera 3000), and was very keen to follow up on an earlier brief introduction to Original sacred rocks that seemed very positive.

More Than one Shade of Grey

It was difficult to know what could happen. The most obvious possibility is absolutely nothing. It may be they all give off a weak glow of one uniform colour, or that the type of rock dictates the colour and design. With very little background knowledge on this machine, we found the best approach was to assume nothing and react when or if a response is forthcoming. If that does happen, then is the time to look for patterns or repetition.

What was more than a touch confusing on a personal level, is that despite a large number of rock encounters where so many laws of science were trashed, my conditioning and rational mind couldn’t be silenced. These rocks do not move, grow old and seemingly do nothing beyond be there, yet within the same equation I knew they was so much more there than what meets the eye.

Jo was driving down the coast a fair distance with the intention of meeting and photographing at Robyn’s house. Robyn is a close friend and psychic I rely upon often in the field and elsewhere. Even as we met I still couldn’t fully commit and wasn’t sure whether we would film anything as soon as the lens focused on the first rock.


There was a method in how this was to be done. First up, my wife Del, Richard, Robyn and myself were to be photographed rock-less. Our auras were to be used as comparison points to those when we hold sacred rocks. I brought about two dozen sacred rocks from the collection, while both Robyn and Richard had their own sacred rocks that sought them out. Within this ensemble are two categories, a smaller section of rocks that do not work in any symbiotic fashion with a human hand, of which we had four, while all of the others can only operate when held by a human host.

Let the Photographs Plead Their own Case

Past this point, there is little to say and a lot to look at. The brief commentaries we do provide will be sufficient in setting the scene, the rest is very much ‘over to you.’


The first four rock photographs taken by this camera are of a pituri free-standing rock that guards a sacred site or tribal land, another guardian rock with ‘three eyes’ and two others which had commentaries supplied (confirmed through rods and crystals) that they also stood unsupported by humans. All rocks are of different geology, shape and purpose, yet the results on film are the exact opposite, in that the four photos are basically identical. The colouration, size and separation maintain the same theme.

On To the Feature act.

Now this is where it gets interesting, and to be honest that is a gross understatement, as what we got was far better than we could have imagined, and certainly cleaned out my ‘doubt cupboard.’ Each rock held has a different colour signature, and if held by different people the colouring and setting differs.

Steven without the Rocks


Rocks I held



Richard without the Rocks


Richard with the Rocks
Robyn without the Rocks
Robyn with the Rocks
Robyn with the Rocks
Del without the Rocks
Del with the Rocks


An Evolving Transformation

After promising brevity, something I am never known for, I have to once again break ranks. The only excuse I can offer is that the comparison Richard made to an example of before and after, was for all of us the most important result photographed by this amazing piece of technology.

As mentioned in passing earlier Jo had come earlier and worked with Richard and Robyn’s very powerful and sacred rocks. She took a photo of a stunning roundish rock with series of engraved circles and symbols surrounding. Undeniably a top-shelve contender, the photograph taken earlier was a touch underwhelming. It had a small ’bubble’ of purple that way below what the rock promised.

Not any more, the comparison and evolution was so varied in colour and so much larger something must have happened between sittings, and did. Richard has used to rock to heal himself, me on one occasion and others. It has been set free in many respects and is finally doing what it was designed to do so long ago. Knowing that there is a symbiotic relationship set into stone and skin once being held and that connection can never be broken, I believe this rock is merely absorbing, energising and blossoming, and that the final result is a work in progress. What we are extremely confident of is that when another person holds this rock there is no doubt that the colours and arrangement will change.

Richard’s Message Rock – The Beginning

Fake or the Real Deal?

All of these photographs rely upon the authenticity of the machinery. This camera is predicated upon two levels of operation, that there is some form in energy in the form of light given off by humans and some, to many other life forms, and that light has a defined meaning. We did not go near the upper level and more contentious claim of interpretation, our interest was focussed on whether something was stirring within.

Every human who poses for this camera will have some form of aura, that is definite, what it means is the next step after and one we did not need to take. What was confirmed is that all non-contact rocks have close to identical signals. Past that unison it gets very personal and variable, but in every rock something changed and so too did the human co-worker. All four of us changed auras every time we held a rock and if the ones un-held give off the same energy frequency, something has happened. What it is, is the next step, but that it is can be ticked off as ‘done and dusted.’

Now back to our excursion head first into the esoteric ‘what it is,’ and in the next chapter there is no expensive machine involved. This is all about myself and Evan falling over, around and finally through the ‘rabbit hole.’


  1. Wow I’ve never seen anything like this. And to confirm the theory of the ‘sacred rocks’ (to the non-believers). My People have been using them for healing for thousands of years.
    Sacred rocks and healing stones are real and do exist.
    Many Aboriginal people will not or never disclosure their real purpose. I am one of them. Just because science can’t analysis it then it gets dismissed.
    Well My People have been changing the theory of science for 230 years.
    Tangible and non-tangible (evidence) sit perfectly in our spirituality and have since the beginning of our time; as caretakers of this big beautiful country we may forever never tell or say!

  2. All that’s happening here is the rocks are tuning to the body’s 432mhz frequency when being held if you were to repeat the experiment with a control say holding a copper pipe you will find similar effects. I have seen exact effects from people holding copper dowsing rods. The effect will will also change if you expose a stone to a frequency or tone for an extended time. As for analysis I have had a work mate get one done for me and they are basically a metallic psilomelane and the nodule type ones are cryptomelane extremely hard and interesting stone. Hold a piece on a candle and it will sculpt and change shape and become very shiny. That type of stone is basically a dogs breakfast of minerals.

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