“Returning to an Ancient Underground Tunnel Entrance in NSW Australia”


“….In a recent article on Wake up World, I described in some detail the size, contents and deliberate placement of shaped sandstone blocks that form a series of walls inside a construction which cannot be accommodated into any accepted version of Australia’s pre-history.

See: Another Block in the Wall: Uncovering an Ancient Underground Tunnel Entrance in NSW Australia.

A little over a week ago, we returned to the site with intentions to perform all manner of tasks. The weather was appalling, the torrential rain and strong winds paid no respect to raincoat or any other protective garments. By the time we reached the site we were saturated and had lost our enthusiasm and desire to remain any longer than was absolutely necessary…..”



  1. Interestingly enough I have just finished reading Seth Speaks and was drawn to your website this morning. I was only wondering last night where in Australia the original “writings” from the ancient civilization who Seth mentions can be found. It is quite interesting that the article appeared so coincidentally on news.com.au which then pointed towards the answer to my question. If you google Jane Roberts and Seth you will find the books and they can be purchased from Australian online book stores. I am sure with an open mind that you will find some further impetus for your work within these books.

  2. Interesting, in Jane Roberts books Seth speaks Seth talks about ancient civilized races living in underground citys in Australia before the Lumanians then leaving and going to other places in the universe see seth speaks chapter 23? i think long time since i looked at this book

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