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  1. Clarence wyles
    January 2, 2021

    Greeting pure love human race,
    I’m going to make this conversation short and sweet, the ceremony which just happen on the 21 of December 2020 here in the northern Queensland the awakening of the spirit what I call it, it has worked here there is love in the air and I had a spiritual day 2 days after the ceremony event. I feel no negativity it has worked and I would like to express my pure thank you for the people who made this happen for the right people to participate all around the world. Once again good efforts let’s build more positivity for mother to give us pure love.
    Clarence Wyles
    Traditional Owner


  2. Monika Lawrence
    November 4, 2020

    I heard of you two awesome people just the other day on a podcast (Earth Ancients) and it floored me! This prophecy sounds like the sequel to the lord of the ring movies! I strongly feel, though, that we better take this seriously!
    The virus? Makes total sense now. The whole toilet paper craze, is, to me a perfect analogy of what a great big pile of crap the whole thing was and is. But, here it is, part of the prophecy, WOW!
    I’m sharing it far and wide, it’s so fascinating i haven’t felt such excitement ( with a bid of anxiety, truth be told) in a long time.
    I live in western Canada, and will definitely send all my love to our beautiful Patchamama, I have been praying for her to cleanse herself for some time now! A little confuse about the time conversion, though, if someone could enlighten me, I would be grateful.
    Much love and blessings all around


  3. Marion Forrest
    October 24, 2020

    Thank you for your hard work. Hey Steven & Evan, could you ask your Anangu elders, if perhaps I could come to Uluru for 21/12/20 day long ceremony? Yes I know you said don’t think you can attend – BUT when I was at Uluru Jan2020 the Anangu people did an energy ceremony at the airport and then that night spirit or actual Anangu elders & children gave me, via dreams, lots of healing and info. I was at your Byron event last year and left your book which I had purchased behind & you sent it to me. I sent you info about this 21/12/20 magic ceremony. I really don’t want to go to Galactic Consciousness conference this year as much rather join you two with the Anagu people. No problem is info comes back I am not welcome. However, no harm in asking I think now. Marion


    • evstrong
      December 9, 2020

      The Place is closed by the Elders and unless in accommodation there with a badge, you will be asked to leave, so sorry


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