Five Plus Two Equals Seven Times Infinity

Five Plus Two Equals Seven Times Infinity

By Steven & Evan Strong

Special Thanks to Ros Mulder


To begin with, we must extend our apologies to some Original Elders who have voiced their concerns that we have become too preoccupied with the archaeology and magic surrounding these ancient rings and neglected artefacts and sites belonging solely to Australia. Yes, two of the last three articles were about the rings, and it was never our intention to return once again to ring-lore for some time. But, things change, and did so in our case. Two more ancient relics from Angkor Wat have just been analysed, and the results are so sensational and utterly undeniable, simply because the read out of one ‘ear-ring’ rewrites the entire pre-history of the planet from 6,000 years ago and all the way back to the very beginning of humanity.

By Ros Mulder

                Ros had spoken often of the “giant’s earring”(1) that was listed for sale on the same Thai arts and crafts web site she was directed to by Lemuria Ring 1, but for some reason the site vanished soon after the second ring was purchased. Then, quite recently it reappeared, and Ros wasted no time in securing this very large ring. As seems the norm in my case, I wasn’t taken by the photos, but also was instantly aware of my previous disconnect to other rings. Irrespective of my continuing passive commitment, there was one thing I was very interested in, the internal chemistry. As this artefact was also listed as being worn by “giants,”(2) as was the ring they sold earlier to Ros, and coming from the grounds of this famous temple/complex, it seemed logical to expect very similar listing and percentages of the same ring elements drawn from the standard Earthly Periodic Table.

By Ros Mulder

                We decided to have another ring from Angkor Wat tested at the same time. It was most likely worn on the finger and is of the same massive diameter as the others, yet this time around there is something clearly different, as it is carrying and securing a crystal of imposing dimensions and presence. The crystal is obviously the principal agent in this ancient arrangement, however, determining whether there is a metallic signature that could again be the same orichalcum base, or perhaps something completely different, is equally important.

                Before breaking down and analysing the chemical results, we feel it is important that those who may feel we are neglecting the home-front in preference to a cluster of exotic non-Original objects, to rest easy. It may seem so, but passing any judgement should only be given once realising that if going back to around 10,000 years ago, Australia was part of the much larger landmass known as Lemuria, as was Angkor Wat. Granted they were positioned on the northern and southern extremities, but also worth consideration is that despite the distance, it is well known that many Cambodian villagers and tour guides will share ancient stories of giants with dark skin and features similar to Australian Original people of today, who were ruling from this temple until the Chinese invaded. If indeed Original time is circular, then despite the rising of oceans and submerging of lands, the rings are back home.

Too Many ‘ums’ and one big Hole

From the time Ros first read out the chemical breakdown and percentages of the earring, there were two immediate glaring inconvenient issues that stood out, the first related to six elements ending in the letters ‘um.’ More to the point we are bound by our ignorance, neither Evan or I had heard of Ruthenium or Rhodium, but upon checking we found they do exist. But there is a time clause in five of the elements found inside this metal, before 1803 none of these elements were known of, that is an agreed historical fact. The earring is many, many thousands of years old, that is also a fact, but what is also reputed to be factual is that no human anywhere on this planet even knew of the existence of these elements until two hundred years ago. One ‘fact’ is patently wrong, but there is a chain attached to the approved narrative which is only as strong as its weakest link, and this part of the atomic link has snapped right through.

                The list of exotic rare elements Ros read out while on the phone just didn’t belong nor was it expected, but it was certainly welcomed. Past that initial roll call of individual elements, the numbers just didn’t add up. There was something missing that was even more puzzling that always belonged to all of the other eight read outs so kindly supplied free of charge each time, but this time around what was missing went right off the page, literally. The primary base metal in all six rings, and all the orichalcum salvaged from a Roman 6th century BC shipwreck, has as its foundation in a large percentage of copper, normally in the 70% range. Not in this earring, there is not one drop of copper within, it is iron that comes first amongst the eight participants identified in making up 40.17% of total metal cargo, which is 33.28% more than the next in the line (Gallium), but what could be missed in the distraction of unexpected components is that iron is not the largest contributor to this alloy.

                The sum-total of all eight elements listed is 58.8%, 41.2% of this compound was never identified. All the other seven readings given previously always add up to 100%, to the decimal point exact, but nothing came out anywhere near that total this time. Bearing in mind that three of the elements detected here are described as “rare,”(3) “rarer”(4) and “ultra-rare,”(5) so nothing on the periodic table, no matter how insignificant or exotic, is off this machine’s ‘radar.’ It would seem that the largest piece of this metallic puzzle does not have a terrestrial stamp or presence. That being the scientific fact, nearly half of this earring has an off-world origin, so determining its function and abilities could not lead on to anything definite. Nevertheless, what remains behind, the earthly ‘dregs’ do, in combination, provide hints of what could be, and in a few cases, we can be more positive. But with over 40% of the content written in an Alien script though their intervention, every assumption and conclusion will be hedged in equivocations.

“The Ring Ear-ring that David Broke”(6)

Once this ancient piece of jewellery was delivered to Ros, it was only natural to first touch and acclimatise before even beginning to go further. That is my approach taken every time and Ros and her husband did no more than follow routine, but with one unexpected twist in events that had both short and long-term consequences. For starters, the earring coming apart in David’s hands, with one semi-circular coil split off, which seemed to be a touch disappointing and certainly dramatic at the time. However, a little further on that separation is the principal key in determining what this object was designed to do. Even though we are at the earliest stage in our investigation, we feel the chances are high this device was all about sound to which something was added, magnified or enriched. It was agreed by both Ros and myself that henceforth, in honouring the person who broke this ancient unique treasure, this ear-ring is now named the ear-ring that David broke.

                That detachment of this coiled semi-circular cone attached to extremely thick heavy metal did make analysis very easy. As for the results, well the only word that does not apply is easy. Even the descriptor earring is an uncomfortable fit, the ring is extremely large, bulky and awkward. If the earlobe was pierced and this mass of metal attached hanging below, the only sensible question left to ask would be how long would it take before the earring drops, flesh tears then bleeds profusely.

What? No Copper and Very bad Dates

Until now every ring and ingot recovered has as its main ingredient, copper, that is the one metallic constant. Copper is the only metal that will readily absorb into the bloodstream through the skin via direct contact, as these rings are all worn on the finger continuously, that is how the rest of the metal and magic cargo is absorbed.

                This ear-ring is totally lacking in any copper, iron has replaced it. What only adds to the polarity of this substitution is that the amount of iron present in any other ring never exceeds one per cent, but in this piece of ancient Lemurian jewellery it makes up over 40% of the entire package, a very close second behind the Alien, off-world metal. We believe that omission automatically means that however the transmission between this ‘device’ and its human host occurred, it was not through infusion into the skin. We suspect this was designed to receive and treat sound waves of some type.

                Granted that is merely an opinion that cannot be proved, but when it comes to the official discovery dates of these elements, well they are claimed to be mainstream 100% solid gold truths. The popular chronology runs something like this, rhodium was discovered in 1803, as was palladium, cadmium was detected in 1817, ruthenium in 1844 and gallium thirty-one years later in 1875. In every case, the gap between date of discovery and when the element was used in manufacturing/technology is quite substantial. Even though ruthenium is reputedly the first known of the five, it was not really used industrially until 1976, when Volvo made a car with a 3-way catalytic converter and found a use for a rare metal no-one had bothered with.

                The ear-ring is very old, thousands of years old, not hundreds, and this where the maths gets tricky as nothing adds up with this ring. Not only do these elements share ‘um,’ with one exception, none are found anywhere near Cambodia. But what makes this so difficult to merge into any accepted account, is that three elements are regarded as being “rare,”(7) “rarer”(8) and “ultra-rare.”(9) So, at first glance this ring has a large list of elements not known of anywhere in the world before 1800, many are sourced exclusively from mines thousands of kilometres away, and some are incredibly rare everywhere. These are facts, not opinions, what this could mean is open to further consideration, but what is undeniable is that the chemical contents of this alloy is incredibly ancient, and shouldn’t be.

The Science of Days Long Past

It is true two Lemurian rings each contain one very recent and equally exotic trace element, titanium and chromium, but on their own it is remotely possible that on two occasions these elements were accidentally introduced or somehow blended into another ore or metal. Granted in both rings the largest quantities of lead and zinc are present which weakens the structural integrity of the alloys, and both these trace elements are two of the most powerful metal hardeners in the Periodic Table, but that could be just another very unlikely, but still just plausible, coincidence.

                But this time around that tenuous argument is not applicable, as the six recently found elements sharing an ‘um’ final sound, make up around sixteen percent of the alloy. How can a piece of jewellery be so old, yet have so many recent arrivals within? Maybe all six elements fell in through sloppy shovel-work by a neglectful forger at the crucible?

                This time the answer to the last question is an unequivocal no, with no room to negotiate, simply because the gallium count is 6.89%. Gallium is not, and never has been found in a separate state. It “does not occur as a free agent in nature”(10) and because of this it is “exclusively”(11) extracted through “processing”(12) and is always a “by-product.”(13) Although regarded as a metal, once the temperature exceeds thirty degrees Celsius it turns to liquid. Extracting this fragile metal, which is always deposited in “trace amounts”(14) inside other metals, is a very sophisticated process. Doubly so when this amount is nowhere near a trace deposit, but more like an overflow. How can a very recent by-product, used in semi-conductors and diodes, be found in a relic thousands of years old? It cannot have fallen in by accident, that very unlikely event could remotely apply, once, but five times, is a phenomenal stretch that is well beyond the scope of ridiculous. The problem critics will have is that there is nothing else to explain away these results, it will have to be used. The high percentage of gallium is not an accident, this begins as an industrial process and the metal extracted is classified as being a “technology-critical element,”(15) which can only come into existence through smelting and high temperatures, and all of this has to be orchestrated by an alchemist par-excellence.

                Yes a bold statement to make, but the chemistry makes it clear that if such a massive load of gallium was to be part of this compound, copper had to go. Gallium, just like copper, can also infuse, but not into skin. However, when it comes to “aluminium, zinc and steel”(16) the molecules “diffuse into the grain-boundaries.”(17)

The Pieces are Beginning to fit Together

When researching each metal and its properties, we did hope there would be a unifying regime where each element served others and was co-dependent to them. We were a long way off and far too pessimistic, from our perspective this is the chemical equivalent of the ‘Rosetta Stone.’ The selection of elements was sublime, this alchemist was ‘on song’ and in sync with the nuances and interrelationships of each of the eight elements and amounts chosen.

                Our analysis begins with the two reinforcers of this contingent, rhodium and ruthenium. We feel they were not chosen to augment the storage or conduction of any energy, but primarily that of enforcers and hardeners. Rhodium is a “rare”(18) “transitional metal”(19) that basically strengthens and protects the structural integrity of an alloy. Ruthenium is also an incredibly effective hardener, so much that just by adding 0.1% to titanium increases the binding and attachment capacity by one hundred times. As impressive as that is, surely it is not coincidental that it also specifically hardens platinum and palladium. More impressive, as opposed to the quantity of 0.1% requirement to multiply titanium’s hardening by one hundred, surely a deposit seventeen times greater (1.78%) shows an intention to make sure this object remains intact for a very long time. Ruthenium can also be used in solar cells, which is a capacity shared by others in this ensemble.

                So too, it is noted in many scientific papers, that the principle function of Rhodium is as an “ultra-rare”(20) hardener to platinum (1748) and palladium. But in both cases they are not there just to assist those elements, as they are also “corrosion resistant,”(21) which would be a mandatory requirement for any compound when close to half the content is iron-based, which will be very prone to rusting unless protected or treated.

                Of course, the next pair of ring-residents have to be palladium and platinum. Granted platinum also has a “resistance to corrosion,”(22) thus adding more in defense of the less rust-resistant iron, but outside that inherent defensive capacity our interest is in more about what it facilitates. In that respect, there seems to be a lot of repetition in advanced applications, this metal is used in catalytic converters and electrodes.

                The palladium seems to be working in consort with the platinum, it too has been used recently in catalytic converters and electronics, and in what is not shared by any of the other five under examination, this metal has actually been used in the manufacture of personal items of jewellery.

                What only reinforces our belief that some sort of energy conversion or storage was taking place, is the addition of 1.74% cadmium, which is used in all types of batteries today. What may be less known, is that this metal is also used in solar cells. The same can be said for gallium, this soft silvery metal/liquid is used now in semi-conductors in mobiles, optoelectronics, solar panels and L.E.D.s.

                As for the major on-world base metal iron, although far less adaptable and magical, along with an innate weakness when in the company of moisture, it does conduct electricity quite well and may do so for other forms of energy.

Breaching the Divide

With over 40% of the chemistry of this earring that David broke off-world in origin there has to be gaps and the need for further revision. Despite what is unfathomable, the residual on-world contributions do suggest and infer, but the problem is that not just the technology associated, but the magical component many of these ‘rings’ possess has to be acknowledged. As to whether this artefact from Angkor Wat has the same magic shown by Lemuria Rings 1 and 3, is unknown simply because the ear-ring has been here less than a week and as yet, we have not begun to look down that path, but we will soon.  Yes this all sounds so ‘Tolkienish,’ but it is worth remembering Tolkien was not a novelist but a professor in linguistics with a specialty in the ancient Scandinavian language, from which he based his books on ‘myths’ detailing the magical properties of three rings.

                There is no chemistry or laboratory to support the existence of any type of magic, that is true. What I personally know to be true is that the rings do not care in the least whether others believe in magic, because it is already in the ring and what mortals think or say is no longer of any consequence. They have changed during their time of burial and seclusion, before the ring-power they held was at the beckon call of any human, they had neither the right nor inclination to be discriminatory. They are now more independent, and it is not as if they have a soul as such, but more a moral code of what benefits or harms. The magic within is at their call alone, never again will they obey a mortal’s command unless they are in agreement. They will profit or forfeit at their leisure. For humans, the best we can get is a seat in the stands and be given admission to the main event.

A Large Ring Be-Holding to a Larger Crystal

The crystal is the focus, in all other rings the metal has the potential to absorb, enrich and transmit energy, but not in this case. The metal’s primary function is to assist and secure, the crystal itself has open access to the ‘yellow brick road.’ It is elestial, and it is claimed to hold “energies of angels and higher beings from other dimensions.”(23) It is reputed to be the “record keepers of ancient times,”(24) Knowing that the Earth’s salvation and that of humanity is reliant on activating a set of Pleiadian crystals, the appearance of any ancient crystal of this stature must be handled with great care and even more reverence.

By Ros Mulder

                Nevertheless, although delegated to a subservient role as crystal bearer, the chemicals and quantities chosen (copper 58.72%, tin 37.55%, lead 2.02%, iron 1.70%) could provide some valuable background setting. Unlike the earring that David broke, this artefact falls back into a familiar chemical pattern. It draws from the same orichalcum base as all other finger rings do, but it is the most pared back simplified version of the six. The zinc, which is the junior partner to the copper in all other rings, has been eliminated completely with tin (37.55%) taking its place. Tin is, of course, the Lemurian signature in all other rings found. So that is to be expected, as the other three rings have registered amounts of less than two percent, while the dosage this time is close to twenty times greater. Although not carrying the complete orichalcum contingent of five, outside the mandatory presence of tin all other metals in attendance are drawn from the elements found exclusively in orichalcum.

                The only other possibility we have identified in these early stages of this investigation, is that we have assumed, understandably, that being primarily a crystal ring with metal assists, it is a female device/sacred object. However, having said that Ros has bonded seamlessly with the two Lemurian Rings 1 and 3, but has experienced some inconvenience and physical side-effects when with this crystal ring. There are plans being set into motion to see if this is an initial reaction, or perhaps it isn’t female. An answer should be found soon.

By Ros Mulder

Five A Pluses

What has been scientifically proven are a cluster of five historical A-grade facts. What these artefacts testify to is that during very ancient times there was an Advanced technology replete with Alien additions that could be found in Atlantis, Avalon and what is now Australia, which was originally part of the larger continent of Lemuria. These were more enlightened and sophisticated times when magic was as real as the air they breathed. That was then, way back, but right now at present humans have lost touch with the mystical energy of this planet and proper way forward, and because of this loss of vision, “we are on a road to nowhere.”(25)

The time to stay on or stray off this road is upon us, the lies and corrupt regimes of more recent days are imploding, and this void creates uncertainty, and in many cases, panic. The time to choose is finally here and now, it comes down to more of the new dismal ways or a return to the Old magical Ways, and that may well begin at Uluru on December 21.   


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  1. Greeting pure love human race,
    I’m going to make this conversation short and sweet, the ceremony which just happen on the 21 of December 2020 here in the northern Queensland the awakening of the spirit what I call it, it has worked here there is love in the air and I had a spiritual day 2 days after the ceremony event. I feel no negativity it has worked and I would like to express my pure thank you for the people who made this happen for the right people to participate all around the world. Once again good efforts let’s build more positivity for mother to give us pure love.
    Clarence Wyles
    Traditional Owner

  2. I heard of you two awesome people just the other day on a podcast (Earth Ancients) and it floored me! This prophecy sounds like the sequel to the lord of the ring movies! I strongly feel, though, that we better take this seriously!
    The virus? Makes total sense now. The whole toilet paper craze, is, to me a perfect analogy of what a great big pile of crap the whole thing was and is. But, here it is, part of the prophecy, WOW!
    I’m sharing it far and wide, it’s so fascinating i haven’t felt such excitement ( with a bid of anxiety, truth be told) in a long time.
    I live in western Canada, and will definitely send all my love to our beautiful Patchamama, I have been praying for her to cleanse herself for some time now! A little confuse about the time conversion, though, if someone could enlighten me, I would be grateful.
    Much love and blessings all around

  3. Thank you for your hard work. Hey Steven & Evan, could you ask your Anangu elders, if perhaps I could come to Uluru for 21/12/20 day long ceremony? Yes I know you said don’t think you can attend – BUT when I was at Uluru Jan2020 the Anangu people did an energy ceremony at the airport and then that night spirit or actual Anangu elders & children gave me, via dreams, lots of healing and info. I was at your Byron event last year and left your book which I had purchased behind & you sent it to me. I sent you info about this 21/12/20 magic ceremony. I really don’t want to go to Galactic Consciousness conference this year as much rather join you two with the Anagu people. No problem is info comes back I am not welcome. However, no harm in asking I think now. Marion

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