Atlantis in Australia: The Conversation Continues (Part 5)

Atlantis in Australia: The Conversation Continues (Part 5)

By Steven & Evan Strong

Special Thanks to:- Lea Kapiteli, Lily, Sifu, Barry & Christina

Upon waking on not all, but most, mornings, the first constructed thought I have is centred around the Atlantian ring. Although varying slightly, what remains constant is a trail of unanswered questions. And they will not go away. Is a special ceremony needed, maybe a series of words or thoughts will assist, or could one type of crystal facilitate in unlocking the secrets of this ring?

The two Original sites we are currently working on are both exceptionally important, but for different reasons each will require specific approaches and planning. At both locations we go there knowing exactly what needs to be done, what equipment and measuring devices are to be taken and have a fairly good idea of the explanations and archaeology. We have been out on country close to a hundred times and by now have a reasonable idea how to deal with whatever relic, engraving or artefact comes our way. So, from such a solid base, when dealing with the ring it has come to this: nothing.

Up ahead there is not one definite fact or method on the horizon, just a ring from long ago that is magic and was found for a reason. What that reason is, how the magic works, why now and who is in control, are but some of the ring-conundrums that, from dawn to dusk, never go away. Could it be that whatever I am doing now is, of itself, sufficient, and if so how can this progress be measured? What it comes down to is either that the ring being in our presence is ample in restoration, or more has to be done. More to the point, we have no way of asking or the means to understand a reply, if it was given.

Looking Outside the Box

At this present stage of proceedings we have employed two strategies, and are more than willing to try others as soon as they become apparent, and both are already bearing results. Their one shared flaw if used in any research, is that both methods lack empirical credentials. There is no standardised measuring device or attendance at any laboratory. The psychics, clairvoyants and others claimed to be in conversation with this ring who we have consulted in the last two chapters, have nothing past their testimony to be judged by.

But it isn’t as if we have any other choice when science denies outright that this ring is actually magic, as they are obliged to do, we have no alternative but to look further afield. That is what we have done in pursuing both avenues of research, and will continue in that tradition in this chapter. In our mystical muster of those with clairvoyant talents at present, the esoteric personnel count is six, with five more to be added to that tally. What we are looking for is a consistency in narrative, which is certainly the case so far. Some of these people know us or have read our articles, but some have not. There are five that know each other, but the other six unfamiliar with everyone else and all are spread over two thousand kilometres on the eastern side of Australia. The ages vary greatly over a span of sixty years and, while many have a shared interest in New Age philosophy which makes them more predisposed to these notions, there are a few that have no link to or interest in alternative lifestyle sensibilities.

As diverse as the clientele is so far, what they also share is complete synchronicity in their readings and interactions with this ring. Whether these five see things differently is unknown at the time of writing this section, and within a week we will know if what they report back is in keeping with previous readings, or different again. All five could not only contradict what the previous six reached in establishing a unified platform, or they may even run contrary to each other. That could call into question the authenticity of the whole process, if it does run all over the place. Conversely, if the five new accounts blend seamlessly into the existing narrative, the reverse applies in that the chances of eleven people reading the same content is through luck or coincidence is very low.

Our second path needs no outside contribution, it is a personal relationship and contract between the ring and the present host. Agreements were made and codes of behaviour negotiated, but at this stage it is a private affair. The fine print and obligations will remain confidential. All that needs to be known is that steps are being taken, I only wish I knew to where and whether we will be successful.

A Paradigm Shift

The five more recent contributions came about just before, during or after a conference of researchers, mystics and people seeking hidden truths held at the Gold Coast. Four people were at the Paradigm Shift conference and one was not, equally of the four attending the conference one was a speaker while three were not. What they all shared were snippets of information relating to the ring.

Lea did speak at the conference on her chosen area of expertise, which is her personal dealings with a variety of off-world beings, and for reasons we have no intentions of expanding upon now, she had already made a considerable connection with the ring. The ring had made it clear her involvement was both welcome and would develop, but for now that is a future event, right now our concern is more about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the here and now.

Lea had actually placed the ring on her finger once before, and the connection was immediate and strong. She is one of three women the ring has given permission to wear so up close and personal, so I knew in advance this liaison was safe and hopefully, would be productive in providing something new.

As has been the case with all mystical inputs, one area, topic or theme was explored in detail. In Lea’s case, it was all about the extra cut. There is one incision on the ring that is so out of step with the entire package, the cut is narrower, inconsistent in position and most important bisects a circle in half and where the second half of the circle was, it is now smooth and blank. We could tell, simply by looking, it was an uncomfortable fit, but why, where and how was lost in the passage of time, until now.

With Lea at the helm some clarity was shed. The ring was taken away from Atlantis, and the second half of that circle was cut away, possibly along with more, simply because it was far too big for the person wanting to wear this ring. How much was disposed of was never supplied, nor was the stature of the new ring-bearer and or wearer discussed, but what was clear was that it was not done with permission, but through deception and stealth.

It was here, away from its intended base, that the ring was defiled. This was the time and place where evil, in its purest and most malevolent form, invaded this sanctuary of pure good. Whether the new ring bearer did this through their own powers or through the assistance of others is again unclear, but what is undeniable now is both good and evil, at its most omnipotent, reside within.

Lily did not attend the conference and contacted us a few days after the publication of our first ring article. Evan knows her and decided to send photos of the ring and asked her to respond. She wanted to share with us the contact she claimed took place between herself and the ring. To be candid and realistic, such a personal interaction can be fraught with so many questions, unlike Evan I have briefly met once and I certainly could not remember that one occasion when a few words were passed. So as her account began she had an audience, but it certainly wasn’t captive or convinced. In the simplest terms, her vision related to a woman fleeing Atlantis with the ring.

That setting, supplemented by a more detailed reading given days after the conference, present a series of historical snapshots of the ring’s repositioning from the time it left Atlantis leading on to its arrival in Australia and is, to an extent, more carrier-centred than ring-focused.

Her earlier reading provides a general setting and portent of the destruction of Atlantis and removal of the ring before the chaos. The ring was taken from the Temple by a woman in her mid-30s, during this introduction each vision is of her reluctantly walking away from Atlantis. What is much clearer is that this woman does not actually touch the ring, as it is carried on a long cylindrical rod. She was grief-stricken while in transit, overwhelmed by deep melancholy and is obviously aware of the impending disaster. Lily’s vision is primarily of one scene in this ancient tragedy, this woman is standing on a hill overlooking Atlantis and is walking away. The destination was neither shown nor hinted at, all that is certain is that she is walking away from, never towards, her home-base, Atlantis.

Her second reading was delayed for close to a week, Lily did intend to contact us immediately, but due to being psychically “punched in the throat,” she had to wait until her voice had returned and recovered. We are of the opinion this “punch” was delivered by the dark side of the ring. Of course, we have no scientific proof as such, despite this apparent academic void our dealings with both sides of this ring have become extensive and whether a punch in the throat or groin, this is trademark dark ring tactics.

These delaying manoeuvres worked for a week, but past that enforced pause in proceedings, Lily picked up the baton with the same lady, but this time in the opposite part of the world in Australia. She was close to the ocean, yet facing in the opposite direction “with her back to the coast.” To begin with, that was all Lily had, somewhere in Australia looking towards the centre.

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Accompanying these visions, was a sudden urge, verging on obsession, to fly from Victoria to Sydney and make her way to the Kariong hieroglyphs. Once the flights were booked, Lily’s visions intensified and became a nightly preview of days long past. She “saw them every night,” and as before she had her “back to the sea.” The woman that was central to this, “was not aware of my presence.”

As this nightly parade continued, Lily made a concerted effort to try and look around so as to remember the landform for present-day reference. It was never said, implied or hinted at, but Lily could not leave alone the growing premonition the place this woman was situated was somewhere within the Gosford/Kariong area. She sought “more definition” in the geography, “so much so if you saw it now you would recognise it,” but found this difficult as her focus seemed to be locked upon this woman.

I’m not sure how many of these visions passed before this mysterious woman “turned eye contact” so that “direct eye contact was made.” Before that she could see the woman’s face but at no stage did their eyes meet, until now. She felt “it was the eye contact that hooked me in” and because of this, Lily was certain they had exchanged a deep “soul connection.” As much as this is a big step forward, it was still a long journey ahead, as this woman “looked away” Lily was overwhelmed with the disappointment her guide felt as she was “missing it.” The clues were there, but equally, it “took a few goes to look elsewhere.”

What was the prime target, once able to begin to take in the surrounding scenery, was a “river flowing inland.” That was where this woman was facing, and the path inland she was about to take. Where that led was still unknown, as much as Lily was confident that the place of arrival was somewhere in the Gosford area, when it came to where the ancient ring-bearer was taking her precious cargo, that was still a mystery. What was less uncertain was that this woman from Atlantis was in a “safer place,’ in that there was “new hope” in this “new land.”

A Comment From the Grandstand

At this juncture, we feel there is a need to momentarily interrupt Lily’s narrative in sharing a latitudinal repetition that is either by design or due to a random coincidence. As Lily’s woman stands somewhere at Gosford looking westward she is positioned at 33 degrees south of the Equator.

The ring was found some distance inland at Hill End NSW, which happens to be 33 degrees south of the Equator. What are the chances where she initially stood and where the ring was buried lie on the same degree of latitude? More to the point, in Freemasonry circles the number 33 has always been accorded a deep significance.

Completing the Loop

Her last vision was not sequential in timing, in fact, Lily was taken back to the time in the Temple as the ring was removed. Her description of the Temple, which was a “golden room,” with a central golden “pillar” and “one rod” upon which the ring rested, is a perfect match to the details supplied by Plato and others of the inner décor of the Temple of Poseidon and Clieto. The same woman “comes into the Temple and stands directly in front of the rod holding the ring.” And for now, that is where this psychic transmission ceased.

Lily went to great lengths not to be influenced by our work and research and told us she “deliberately didn’t read our articles.” We do not for one-second doubt that this was the case, but for the reader such an unconditional acceptance could be much harder to grant. Fully understood, if someone we had never met or spoken to before started making such claims, not knowing the person nor able to vouch for their authenticity, we could not be so bold or confident. When it comes to that we also fit into the same doubtful category, our claims of powerful magic residing within this ring are no less sensational, or ridiculous, depending on the reader’s disposition and inclinations.

As we have stated previously, we would gladly employ any relevant scientific methodology, but the version of science remaining today denies magic and because of this, is of no use. So with no litmus paper or machinery on offer, we will continue down the same path, but this time it will be in reverse.

The Dark Side of the Ring?

Until cleansed, the dark side of this ring is an ever-present reality, it never goes away and is always at the ready and beckon call to anyone with major flaws or vices. The next two accounts relate to the contact two people made with the more unsavoury part of this metal package. What needs to be understood is that making contact with evil does not necessarily harm or cause distress. Just because someone knocks at the door, it is entirely up to the resident as to whether to door is opened and the Devil is invited in for tea and bickies. The door can remain locked and one can peek out the window and have a conversation with the door still locked.

This blessed and cursed melange only serves what lies within each person. In both cases, these people were certainly dealing with the dark side, but kept a distance.

I met Sifu and Barry for the first time at the Paradigm Shift Conference, they along with many other people were very interested in the machinations and power of this ring. Many asked to hold the ring in their palm, but it was never placed on their finger, but with most requests the ring denied access. In Sifu and Barry’s case, the ring was agreeable and both were given one minute in congress. Sifu is a master of the nunchucks, he showed me videos of routines he practised and there was no doubt his skills were highly developed. What was fascinating, and more than a touched unexpected, was that after the one-minute ring-session, he was given by the ring new moves and movements he had never used or knew of. That it would tutor him in a style of martial arts is very much in keeping with the inner nature of the dark force within the ring. Of course, such teachings could be used to kill in battle or revenge, or in his case, used as a personal non-contact presentation given with a smile. That is his choice, and he chose with love in his heart and the urge to sharpen his skills, to harm anything is not part of this person’s persona.

I have no doubt the ring’s intentions were entirely dishonourable, equally, I knew Sifu was a gentle man with a peaceful disposition. So the bait was thrown out there and fell on barren ground. On this occasion the dark side spoke, offered and failed, but there was always next time as there are plenty of other willing aspirants walking the planet with much less moral fibre.

On this occasion, we are not going to offer a merge of narrative, commentaries and quotes but present in total Barry’s account of both his response, and that of Sifus, when asked by us to explain what happened once the ring sat in his hand.

“Also, what I got from my experience when compared to Sifu, was that the ring itself does not hold the positive and negative power within itself. The ring is an “Activator”. It has the ability to activate the power within the owner, person in possession or the person holding it in direct contact. It can also activate the Earth grid if positioned (buried) on a selected grid point, songline or vortex. This method, the ring would have to be charged by a wizard, medicine man, or person fully aware of its potential which would be the last owner or someone who has had it in their possession long enough to be aware of its activation power. Then and only then would the activated ring be capable of doing its intended purpose. How it worked with Sifu and me, was Sifu spirit energy (for the sake of a better understanding) is a warrior. He is in training of self-defence and this is in his consciousness at all time. (Ready to defend or attack) while he was holding the ring, it scanned his body to assess the spirit of Sifu. (As he will explain) once reading this, the ring may have resisted, rejected or defended itself against any possible aggression. Thus causing the heat that Sifu was feeling, and materialised in the hot hands and arms. I feel that this was more of a form of suppressing or resistance of aggression, not arming it ready to attack. This could be reversed if the true owner intended it to activate for protection.

My experience … When you first showed me the ring and the detailed markings around its outside face, I had a good mental image of the ring and it’s inside and outside surfaces including its glyphs, lines and surface abrasive marks. When you placed the ring into my right hand, still attached to the tether cord, I cupped the ring by laying my cupped left hand over my right, enclosing the ring totally within the cavity formed by my cupped hands, holding them at solar plexus height in front of me. I closed my eyes and received positive confirmation that the ring was genuine, not just a lost cheap piece of junk jewellery, but what it is claimed to be by the Strong’s. I consciously asked, “where is the lost continent of Atlantis”? I felt the confusion of a language barrier trying to verbally express words so I could understand. Upon recognising that hearing of any answerers in words would not work, for I was listening for a reply that was not yet ready to be given. So I consciously said, “show me with images”. I immediately received a clear image of an aerial view of Australia’s East Coast, which included a huge bulging landmass attached to the Cape York Peninsula To Victorian border, no further South and far out into the Pacific Ocean as far as New Zealand. The shape was something like a capital “D”. I asked, “is this Atlantis”? My attention was directed to the area where today’s coastline is and the reply said, “Atlantean”. This did not make sense to me at first so I repeated the question. The reply was the same, “no, Atlantean”. Just before Steven touches my closed hands to retrieve the ring back, I received the word, “Lemuria” with a clear vision of the extended landmass. This must have been the lost continent of Lemuria. So, how do I put all this together? Firstly, the conscious images and mental messages were so clear and unexpected, that I have to seriously consider these results of high importance, not some figment of the imagination. I had no idea or have never heard or read the Strong’s discussions regarding this issue with the ring in question. This is the very first time I was aware of such a ring let alone its alleged connection to Atlantis. After explaining their prior information with a possible connection with Lemuria (of all things B.T.) I seemed to confirm what the Strong’s were already piecing together regarding the ring. I will let Steven expand on this associated connection from here. Finally, I have a clear impression that this landmass once joined to the East Coast of Australia was “Lemuria” and that there was a seafaring armada of explorers or traders from Atlantis visiting Lemuria at a point where the present coastline is, being somewhere around the Central Coast of NSW. (WOW, the Gosford glyphs!) And it was from this point where the Atlantean party travelled inland to trade or recover Gold from the Hill End region. (The largest gold nugget ever found was discovered at Hill End, the “Welcome Stranger”.) Regards, Barry Taylor.”

Before moving on to Christina’s experience with the ring, a comment has to be passed on Barry’s identification of Lemuria and Gosford as pivotal locations. Lea, from the first time she was in contact with the ring, was adamant that the ring was first forged in Lemuria then taken to Atlantis. What is no less significant is both Lily’s belief that Gosford was part of this ancient package, as does Barry.

Another recurring theme is the inherent symbiotic nature of this ring. As has been remarked upon so many times, the ring is the master facilitator, in that it draws upon the character and intentions of the ring-bearer. The evil or good that flows out is merely a reflection of what lays within the human host. Undeniably, it can amplify many times over, but it has to have the human fuel to burn to begin the process.

What is an undeniable fact is that neither Barry, Lea nor Lily have ever met or corresponded. The chances that all three independent narratives match so seamlessly is purely random, is incredibly low.

Taking two Steps Back

Christina’s interaction with the malevolent force within the ring was markedly different from that of Sifu or Barry. There was no joy in the honing of skills or provision of geography this time around, she also was in ‘conversation’ with the ring’s darker side and there were two reactions given, one before and another during the Conference, that were far less comfortable from Christina’s stance.

Christina was adamant that the ring did have an Atlantean seal and that it bore two diametrically opposed natures. She came up to the conference with the intention of assisting in the cleansing, and I suspect felt she may be able to use mantras/ceremonies/incantations in partially to completely ridding the ring of its burden.

I still remember bringing the ring out and placing it on a shelf close to where Christina sat. Within a minute she was backing away trying to distance herself from the ancient talisman. It made her feel uncomfortable, she told me she could sense the negative energy pulsing out. It was only once she restationed herself about three metres from the ring did she feel a degree of balance return. Even so, Christina made it clear the discordant energy was still pulsing, but it was now tolerable, just.

The next day at the Conference she came up to our display table and spoke to me about the ring. Her concern was palpable, she felt the ring needed to be taken away from the Conference room as its harmful energy would upset the harmonious balance. She was very worried and obviously still in contact with the ring’s less well-intentioned side. I did not dismiss her reaction, but I also knew no-one else was experiencing this level of unease, nor had they sat beside it in a one to one situation. That side of the ring had no interest in the others, it was still chasing Christina looking for a ‘chink in her esoteric armour.’

Six Plus Five Equals Infinity

These eleven contributions from both genders are sourced from locations that are spread from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, some have varying degrees of background knowledge, but others do not. Irrespective of age, sex or social networking, all eleven participants in this experiment stand united in one common mystical connection: the ring is unique and possesses substantial magical powers.

Every person has suggested or insisted that it will be my task to cleanse the evil that was placed inside the ring, but none has a manual, written instructions or previous encounters to reference. And nor do we. Nonetheless, it may well be there is nothing to compare against, but incremental steps have been made. In that respect, the ring is already prompting and guiding us. What is clearly of great significance is the relationship the ring has with one rock in our large ensemble of close to two hundred “star rocks” and magic rocks. The ring has spent more time resting upon Ros’ Rock 1, than with all the other rocks combined and that must mean something if trying to work out how, why and where to.

A Rock of all Ages

Knowing the Dreaming story of this rock, which was given to me by Karno, is the mandatory first step in seeking more. For us, the ring sought out Ros Rock 1 to share wisdom and provide us with a path to set off from.

Photo by Samarah Wood

According to Karno, this rock chronicles the arrival of the goanna spirit/totem from a distant star system (the Pleiades) and the initial refusal of admission to any tribal lands which was orchestrated by the Eagle and Crow Spirit. They successfully fought against the Goanna in blocking their entry. It was only after the Crow realised that these beings from the stars were meant to come, did he join forces with the Pleiadians, thus ensuring they would prevail. Upon arrival, the defeated eagle presented the goanna a gift, his claws. Those claws were accepted and with them, the Pleiadians laws and details of their journey were scratched into Ros’ Rock 1.

Knowing that Original Elders from throughout the country are convinced that not only have the Pleiadians been called to assist in the cleansing of the planet, but they are on the way and almost here, it is not a huge stretch to assume that the ring is also involved in this global transformation. How this comes about, outside the talk of a higher and lower vibration co-existing for a short period of time, where each soul gravitates towards the resonance that reflects their soul’s merit and development, is still unclear.

Or it could be that no Alien group is coming as none exist as we are totally alone in the Cosmos, and the ring is merely a combination of five elements with no prospect of doing anything beyond remaining stationary. Common-sense and mainstream science would certainly subscribe to that rational take on what can be seen and done. It makes sense, as long as the ring is not actually magic. But if it is, then everything changes, from the entire planet down. Right now science has failed the planet miserably, and if magic can’t save us, then we are teetering on the brink and our leaders can’t see the forest, trees, creeks, flora, fauna or any commodity that cannot be sold or bought.

The way we see it, if there is no magic in the ring, then there is no hope, the game is over and the planet will rid itself of the only cause of all the pain and pollution. It is now a matter of survive or perish, and if we continue down the same path, that means people will have to become extinct. She has no other option, but maybe the ring has other plans?              


Personal Communication to Steven Strong, 2019.

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    I am so delighted to be back in contact with you again and to hear about the magical ring. I met you when i volunteered for the two day ‘convention’ you held in the Mullum Civic hall…and afterwards I came home and held all my rocks with more reverence than ever…I look forward to seeing you both at the end of November and if there is any way i can be of assistance to you, please let me know? Warm thanks to you both, Anjali

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