To Australian Original People please use caution viewing this website, as it contains: images, voices, videos and mention of deceased persons.

Chapter 27 Promo: Messages from Above

Chapter 26 Promo: Ancient Alien Artefacts, Skulls and Beings

An Alien Aperitif: Book Reading from Our New Book

1959 and in New Jersey – New Sacred Rocks & New Book Update

New Book News & Gift!!!

Double the Date and Distance

Three Rings for the Seven Things: Atlantis in Australia

Next Events & New Rocks

Mary Magdalene Did She Meet Jesus In India?

An Each way Bet Compromise: Yowies and a Rock

Chapter 23 Promo: Book Launch

Our Alien Ancestry Australia: Author Paul Wallis & Steven & Evan Strong

Did The Aliens Interfere With Human Evolution?

The Inconvenient Truths: Frederic Slater’s Truth

Sarah Bignell with Steven & Evan Strong – Yowies – Episode 71

Rocks in Ceremony: Workshop Results so Far

Australia’s Yowies, Yeti, Bigfoot Explored

Next Events, Yowies & Slater Update

Chapter 22 Promo: Yowies & The Little People

Frederic Slater: A Genius or Mischievous

At First Glance: Sacred Rocks

Our Alien Ancestry Chapter 21: Original Art & Magic

Steven & Evan Strong – Teejay Casado Crawford – Archeology and Australia – Episode 62

Our Ancient Ancestry with Steven and Evan Strong

Our Alien Ancestry: Overseas way Chapter 20

Paranormal and Supernatural Open Zoom lines 5-21-2022

TE#116 Our ET Ancestry, Rise & Fall Of Atlantis & Lemuria & Return To Our Magick With Steven Strong

Spirit Of Wirritjin

The Rocks are Talking

Workshops Results & Next Events

The Sky Heroes from the Pleiades

The Fate of The Sacred Rocks, Conferences & Workshops

Chapter 19: Old ways Promo

First In Person Event in 2 Years & Next Event

After and Before: Egyptians in Australia Part 1

Chapter 18: Mu-raay Djeripi (Peter Mulcahy) & Sarah Doig Chat

Four More Anonymous Contributions: Sacred Rocks & Next Conference

Chapter 17: The First Yarn Promo Trudy Roberts

The Two A’s

The Gift: A Painting

Summer Solstice Event Promo

Summer Solstice: Uluru Sacred/Magic Rocks & Other Artefacts Ceremony

Chapter 16: Mystical Ways & Historical Days Promo

Chapter 15 Promo Video

Beneath the Surface Part 2

Our Next Conference Has Changed: Djaki Kundu aka The Gympie Pyramid is Under Threat

Close to the Edge, Down by the Corner

Chapter 14 Alien Days & Legal Ways Promo

MUST SEE! Ancient MAGICAL STONES & Advanced Technology From Lost Civilizations

Where Did Humans REALLY Come From?! Paul Wallis, Steven & Evan Strong

As Requested: The Rocks and Beneath the Surface …

The Hidden History of Australia with Steven and Evan Strong

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The Rings of Atlantis

Chapter 13 Past Alien Contact Promo

Australia’s Most Mysterious Sites: Part 4

The Ten Top: Sacred Rocks & Our Next Conference

The Human Genetic Story

Australia’s Most Mysterious Sites: Part 3

Most Mysterious Hominids Part 5

Australia’s Most Mysterious Sites: Part 2

Most Mysterious Hominids Part 4

Most Mysterious Hominids Part 3

Covert Cultural Conditioning

Most Mysterious Hominids Part 2

Most Mysterious Hominids Part 1

Australia’s Most Mysterious Sites Part 1

Orion Rising – Our Alien Ancestry: Mound & Monuments (Chapter 12): Part 1 & 2

Ancient Skulls, Australian Mounds & The Inconvenient Truth About Human Evolution


Chapter 12 Mounds & Monuments Promo

Part 2 Of The July 11th Milestone 1st Year Anniversary Event – Full Spectrum Universe

Over Seven Billion Sapien Faces, and None are the Same

Update on Recent UFO Disclosure, New Finds and Upcoming Events

Uluru & UFO Disclosure… Earth Ascension & The Changes Coming Our Way

UFO Disclosure and Uluru Activation: (Click on Icon below)

Our Alien Ancestry: Old ways for New Days

UFO over Uluru -The Final Circuit: A Two-way Street

Egypt in Australia – The Kariong Glyphs

Link for Part 2 (Click on icon below)

We Are Not Alone!!!

The Kariong Hieroglyphs-Ten to None

Before, During and After: A UFO in the Clouds

UFO in the Clouds

“500,000 Years Ago” ???

Our Alien Ancestry, Remembering Who We Are & Where We Are Going with Evan & Steven Strong

Putting the Pieces Together (Again) …

Our Alien Ancestry Chapter 9 Promo Video

Just a Little Further Ahead: Bones & Metal

Upcoming Conferences & Our Alien Ancestry Chapter 9

WatchersTalk Panel Gnosticism

Forgetten Origin: Out Of Australia Theory, ET Skull & Our Alien Ancestry w/Steven & Evan Strong

The Activated Man: Round Table

Round The Table Talk With Our Alien Ancestry

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The Activated Man: Round Table

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Forgotten Origins – Australia

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What Lays Beneath? Atlantis Ring 3 & Next Conference

Anatomy Of Extraterrestrial Communication

My Health World Episode 17: Starseeds & Starbeings

After Uluru … What Comes Next

Uluru Solstice 21.12.2020 a testimony from Geraldine Grace

Uluru & The Magic Box: Reflections

Uluru Update By Watchers Talk

Uluru Update

The ‘Ugly Duckling:’ From Atlantis to Australia

NEW Ancient Rings FOUND from Atlantis and Lemuria!

“The Little Man”: Lemuria Revisited (In Australia)

“Crime Scene, First Degree”

Replay of Chapter 5 Online Conference Fixed

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Five Plus Two Equals Seven Times Infinity

#3 The Original Prophecy: A Global Endeavour + What if the Activation Works?!

Five Rings and Seven Things

Our Alien Ancestry: International Addition (Chapter 5) Promo Video

Down by, Via, and in the Sea: a Seagull did it!

Awaken New Earth Healing Program

Our Next Two Online Conferences (Chapter 4 & 5)


Come Together: The Rings of Atlantis and Lemuria


Atlantis, Lemuria & rise of the matriarch w/ Valerie Barrow, Lea Kapiteli, , Steven & Evan Strong

Micheal Tellinger & Steven Strong Chat 3

Discussion with Steven & Evan Strong, Paul Anthony Wallis

Michael Tellinger & Steven Strong Chat 2

The Original Origin of Oregon: (Part 2) Oregon Nine to Sixteen

Michael Tellinger & Steven Strong Chat 1

The “Star People” (Have Never Left)

Shiny Side Out – 433 – Ancient Civilisations

Out of Australia’s Steven & Evan Strong share an Aboriginal world-changing Pleiadian prophecy

Dingoes and Denisovans: Ancient Genetic Anomalies or New Genetic Realities

TTT011 – Steven and Evan Strong

Yuukan Gorge one day, a Week After Canberra, and now Kariong, Will it Ever Stop?


The sound of silence

Three Rings and a Mystery Guest: A Progress Report

“Who’ll stop the Rain”

Our Alien Ancestry Promo Vid

The Out of Australia Theory: Steven & Evan Strong

Earth – The End of Lockdown?

An Unexpected Package Turned up in the Mailbox

Rose Erken: Steven & Evan Strong w/ Original Elders prophecy- What we need to do NOW for the New Earth timeline

Orion Rising: Steven and Evan Strong


The Original Origin of Oregon

Coming and Going

Yes and No: Atlantean Ring (Part 6)

Three Rings for the Every Thing


1,2,3: Completion of an Ancient Rock Trilogy

For Those About to Curse, we Salute you

Event In Bryon Bay & Atlantis in Australia: The Conversation Continues (Part 5)

Atlantis in Australia: The Ring has Spoken (Twice) Part 4

The Standing Stones Will Never Stand Still

Atlantis in Australia: “Come and see the Real Thing”

A Skull That Had no Name



Atlantis in Australia: Orichalcum-Atlantian Fact or Platonic Myth? (Part 2)

Atlantis in Australia: Ringing in the Past (Part 1)

A View from the Grandstand

The “big Jump” Australian Occupation 120,000 years

The ‘Out of Africa’ Theory Has No Home

Original Truths: Unknown Hominid Revealed

Steven Strong | Ancient Artifacts, Pleiadian Rocks, Out of Australia Theory on InnerTV

Althea Provost – Thea’s Heart, LLC.

Two Skulls: Unlike Any Found on this Planet

By David Bradbury


 It’s All About Australia: Our First Steps (Part 2) Promotional Video

Steven and Evan Strong on Orion Rising: revised


Steven, Evan Strong and Michelle Recchia

Marked Rocks: Two Perspectives Workshop -Trailer

Published on Aug 31, 2016 Trailer of a Workshop: “Marked Rocks: Two Perspectives” Directed by Fred Robinson, Music by Mike Pukas, Special Thanks to Christine Walker, Unbulara and the Ramindjeri

Peoples, Ildi Budai and Dermot Kelly.

Out of Place Artefact:

Published on Jul 28, 2016

Amazing Artifacts from Ancient Australia with Steven Strong

Published on Jul 31, 2016 Windows On The World

Low Now Movement: Pleidian Origins Of Humans

Published on Jun 30, 2016 LOVENOWMOVEMENT

Steven and Evan Strong – Anomolous Artefacts & Ancient Technologies

Published on 3 Jun 2016 UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated

Dowsing the Sacred Rocks and Cylcons by Third Eye Society & UFOR

Book Trailer: “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”


Perth Forgotten Origin Talk

23 Aug 2015 Guy Harriman

Could Ancient Egyptians Have Explored Australia?


Published on Aug 20, 2015 by Brien Foerster

UFORQ – Steven & Evan Strong Presentation – Original People From the Stars

Published on Jul 1, 2015 UFO Research Queensland

Adelaide Museum: Panaramittee Crocodile Engraving Here a video of our time in Adelaide Museum, including an examination of the Panaramittee Crocodile Engraving. Special Thanks to Mark D Funda

Adelaide Part 1 & 2 The Greatest Story Never Told

Filmed & Produced by Mark D Funda 21st March 2015


Windows on the World: Ancient Australia with Steven and Evan Strong

Published on Dec 28, 2014

“The Rock that re-writes World History”

Published on Oct 6, 2014

Windows on the World: Chris Spivey/ Steven and Evan Strong / Soul Sister Sue


Video Link to NBN News Clip from Cedar Point Gathering


Ancient Origins: Interview on the Human Origins in Australia with Steven & Evan Strong

Published on Sep 17, 2013 Ancient Origins

The Revival of ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’

Published on Oct 24, 2013 Ancient Origins

A few members of Ancient-Origins joined Steven Strong, author and researcher of Australian sacred sites, on a two-day investigation of a sacred Aboriginal site upon which an ancient stone arrangement once stood. The rock formation has been described as ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’ for its immense significance.

An Original Engraving Made by Ancient Advanced Technology?

Egyptians in Australia- Part 1

Looks at the sensational and hotly debated set of close to 300 hieroglyphs found at Kariong.

Egyptians in Australia Part 2 – Steven Strong

WARNING: To Australian Original People please use caution viewing this video, as it contain images  and voices of deceased persons

An interview with David Fitzgerald a former employee of NPWS who was made aware of this site in 1978 and Darkinjung Elder Aunty Beve.

Egyptians in Australia Part 3 – Steven Strong

Mark Bates shows Steve Strong marks on a track in the Australian bush that bring up more questions about the possibility of links between the engravings and the scribes that did it.

Egyptians in Australia Part 4 – Steven Strong

Steve Strong visits NEW GLYPHS at Gosford, he and Gavin Bragg then investigate the BURIAL CHAMBER and then concludes with the ancient ASTRONOMICAL MARKERS.

Egyptians in Australia Part 5 – Steven Strong

“Could it be the other narrative and hand, the inspiration behind all older Original hieroglyphs, is Pleiadian?”

Egyptians in Australia Part 6

Steven examines a large UFO Glyph at Kariong

Glyphs affirm Pleiadian ETs as originators of homo sapiens as Australian Aboriginal – Steve Strong

with Alfred Lambremont Webre


  1. Hi Steven, recently i visited the Glyphs and while it was great to see the texts carved into the walls, what i found most facinating was the actual structure, imagining the covering rock was still there i can conceive corridors particularly the 2 intersecting at a right angle as you enter through the opening, my question is have you compared this to any other egyptian architecture?

  2. wonderful information are you on Facebook please keep me informed I have share this vid on my Facebook how can we STOP this Land from being SOLD!!!! why can’t this site be a part of the world heritage thanks Aricka Douglas

    • All you can do is pass on this information to other people- if enough people complain they’ll have to listen, yes world heritage listing would be the best outcome and what we are chasing for. Thanks Steve and Evan.

  3. Never give up, for we know the true history of the earth and it’s inhabitants is not accurate. And is constantly being challenged for CHANGE and more so with undeniable FACTS to prove the main stream academics were inaccurate in there assumptions. Yes assumptions are not fact and that is what they teach. JDC Phoenix

    • Most defiantly assumptions too easily become facts and mythology becomes imagination- its just present day arrogance. With two more You-tube videos out we will never give up. Cheers

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