Three Rings and a Mystery Guest: A progress Report

Photo by Samarah Wood

Three Rings, and a Mystery Guest: A Progress Report


By Steven & Evan Strong

It’s been at least two months since we last addressed the ongoing presence and evolution of the three rings we are involved with. It is not as if they have been idle of sitting quietly in the background, but more to do with an influx of sacred rocks of high importance that needed immediate attention. Now that there has been a temporary pause in ‘rock-proceedings,’ we can now return to the continually developing tale of three rings that come from distant times where magic and technology well beyond current day capacities was in the ascendancy.

Three of a Kind (Almost)

All three rings have been analysed, at the same location and identical manner of analysis, and in combination present both a consistent base and some quite amazing additions and subtractions. With the benefit of hindsight, more time in reflection and comparison, there are some further comments and extensions that deserve to be raised and discussed.  

All three rings share the same dual base of copper and zinc which makes up at least 90% of the content, all that varies is the much smaller residual components of which iron and lead is also common to all three. In the smaller Lemurian ring the nickel has actually been removed or withheld and replaced with tin and titanium. The Atlantean ring has that nickel and neither the tin or titanium and because of the arrangement of the five elements is pure Orichalcum. Whereas the third and largest Lemurian ring bearing six animals, is also Orichalcum, but to that alloy of five elements tin has been added.

                With the Atlantean ring the lesser three metals (iron, lead and nickel) constitute less than half a percent and seemed to be used somewhat homeopathically. Could it be that copper and zinc was the common foundation to which a selection of other metals were chosen according to the desired effect, positive powers or healing properties? Alternatively, there is no doubt such a process was used in creating the opposite effect in creating self-serving powers and negative consequences.

                As to where these rings were originally made, what is known is both the ‘animal rings’ were taken from the grounds of Angor Wat, while the Atlantean ring was found one and half metres beneath the surface at Hill End. However, the chances are high that the Atlantean ring was taken to Australia and buried at a goldfield located within New South Wales at thirty-three degrees south in latitude. So, its first place of manufacture is unknown or uncertain. However, all three animals depicted on the two Lemurian rings are definitely Asian, and both rings were taken during the Vietnam war then sold for money on the open market long before Ros came on the scene.

                We strongly suspect the Atlantean ring was first made in Lemuria, as were the other two. Whether the markings were made later at Atlantis or at the time of first pressing is unknown, but it seems high likely due to the chemical similarities, which is the metallic signature of the three rings, all were forged, energised and shaped in Lemuria.

Putting on and off a Summer Coat

That brown coat, patina or something else again is a real issue and central to explaining why it was buried. Is the coat part of a protective final coat before it was taken from the Temple to the surrounds to buried or perhaps intentionally hidden? If I hadn’t been so obsessed with rubbing and continue to do so in exposing all of the Orichalcum below, both rings would be brown, less striking and no analysis would have been done.

                Another alternative of substance was that the coat or thin veneer muted or silenced the ring and energies within. Perhaps the magic of this ring was either misused or is inherently malevolent in inclination and disposition? If so, it could be my vigorous rubbing of this latter-day version of ‘Jeanies’ Lamp,’ has awoken a spirit of evil intent which was kept in the dark and out of the sunlight by this dull brown coat.

Magic in Metal???

I still cannot get my head around the concept of magic residing within a manufactured item, and nor can many other Original Elders and Keepers of Lore. From their perspective, and mine, the mere notion that any ancient ring, or for that manner any metallic object, can maintain or create magic is nonsense. Magic in sacred and star rocks, absolutely, the same can be said for the bones of Pleiadeans we presently guarding and is also present and accounted for at many sacred sites. But the idea of digging up and throwing in a variety of metals and ores into a huge oven burning at incredibly high temperatures can lead on to any magical outcome, seems impossible from every level of Original protocol.

                I still remember when an Original Elder visited us to discuss the changing of the guard after the ceremonies at Uluru, these rings were discussed. But there was neither any interest nor conviction, in fact it was totally the opposite. From the time of first mention, it was obvious there was absolutely neither a connection nor willingness to continue further. We discussed his refusal to engage and that his response was identical to my initial reaction, I too found the idea that five ores/metals melted and combined could lead into anything mystical very difficult to entertain. From an Original perspective, it is outside all frames of reference, but despite this philosophical impasse, we have seen and endured ring magic more than once and know, for reasons well outside our grasp, these small metal objects are extremely magic and functioning.

The Proof is in the Sunday Night Reality Show

Of the many examples of the three rings exhibiting magical qualities, the way the third ring was purchased is undeniable proof that human-made metal rings can be extremely paranormal in their independent actions and intentions. Although mentioned previously, it is inescapable that of any further commentary about the two Lemurian rings must begin with their cross-continental reunion.

                Ros had already successfully bidded for the first of the two ‘giant’s rings,’ but knew nothing of the second Lemurian ring, which was undeniably related. Not only is the chemistry very close to being identical, the engraved and sculpted animal casts of two elephants and two apes wearing battle armour found on both rings is not close, but absolutely the same without exception. They were and still are a pair that have been apart since the Vietnam war, but that was then and now is an opportunity to join forces and residence.

                She was watching TV with her once a week dose of a mindless reality show in full swing. It was an opportunity to rest the brain, still all thinking and allow mindless trivia to distract and amuse. Ros was not thinking of anything archaeological or even ring-associated and it certainly wasn’t part of the script. Granted she did have the ring in her hand, but there was no unresolved questions or purpose in holding it, past a sense of comfort and connection. Without premonition or introduction, the ring ‘spoke’ in directing Ros to the computer and away from the TV. The address was unknown to her and until typing in, as directed by the ring in hand, an address, then making a request for any giant’s rings for sale on a Thai arts and craft site, she really had no idea what was going on past doing as directed. The ring for sale was almost the same, the brown coat and two sets of animals were a perfect match, but this larger ring also had two boars/pigs. Ros had no choice after such a divine introduction, the ring was bought soon after and sent directly to me, which was also part of the smaller ring’s set of instructions given to Ros while trying to ‘veg out.’

                Unlike my deliberate rubbing in removing the top brown coat revealing the golden Orichalcum glow hidden beneath, Ros has deliberately been less tactile and prefers to let the brown coat remain. Whether an intuitive guess, a liking for her favourite colour or at the ring’s direction is debatable, but perhaps the fact that the lead content in this ring, although one of the five prescribed elements in Orichalcum, is extremely high, verging on toxic, at over eight per cent, is a factor. It could be coincidence, but all our dealings with these rings is inevitably dramatic and impossible to dismiss, and the word coincidence was the first casualty of our first dealings with the Atlantean ring, it has never stopped since.

From Atlantis to Australia via …            

Although found a metre and a half beneath the surface in Australia, the ring was either dropped or intentionally buried in Australia. We have no doubt it was hidden simply because the tenuous balance within of good and evil had lost its equilibrium. And to be honest nothing has changed. Ever since this ring was stolen and given ceremony and sentiments that empowered the darker side of this ring, it has been a wilful beast that changes sides within an instant.

                It has been seen by hundreds, and occasionally held by people despite my dire warnings and insistence it should never be touched. It no longer wishes to be in the public domain as it really has served its purpose. More importantly, such is the lack of equilibrium and constant re-emergence of bad thoughts, dreams and suggestions I find it difficult to mute or control. We, being the ring and myself have come to an agreement that for the time being, it is time to stand apart and spectate without admission or ceremony. The bad side will not go away or keep quiet and has to be put aside for now.

                Unfortunately, that means for others there is no cross fertilisation or contact, but in my case after wearing and holding the ring so often, it is staying for good. Tolkien was right about the dangers in wearing such rings, they are so possessive and never let up. So, from my perspective the ring is hidden, but never left my scene or consciousness.

From a Thai Arts and Crafts Site to Australia

From the time of arrival, this ring and the Atlantean ring have not gelled. They literally do not like each other, I cannot hold both at the same time, that is utterly forbidden by Atlantis, it hates being near the other ring. As for touching each other, that would cause chaos. Not only are the two rings stationed in different continents, they serve different ‘masters.’

                I still remember the night I put both rings using a very sacred rock as a shared foundation. All three were actually touching each other as I first laid down expecting to fall asleep some time soon after. It was the first night for the giant’s ring and a mystical conference on the bed side table seemed a great idea. We got nothing close to that. There was no way either me or my wife were going to sleep while in that room with those three beside us. From the first time the clang of something, through countless rustles, creaks and sundry noises that just couldn’t be identified, it never stopped. What was odd was my first reaction, and as it turned out that of my wife, to suddenly hear a very audible noise in your bedroom in the dark while prone and unprepared, should create a sense of fear, maybe even panic. Not with either of us, I intuitively knew it wasn’t human in attendance, but spiritual in orchestral performance.

                Upon waking from this festival of supernatural rumbling and banging, the first thing my wife raised was the night of noise and that if those three were staying the next night, she was moving to the vacant bedroom. It was so chaotic, inconvenient and discordant, and from that point on I knew that these two rings in any form of harmonious combination was never going to happen. They represent different places, themes and intentions, and above all this diversity, the ring from Atlantis has allegiances to the pure essence of good and evil in equal measure.  

                This giant Lemurian ring honours and serves the animals, there is no other agenda. It is of equal power to any ring designed solely for human use and is not motivated by human greed, ego or lust for dominance over others. It obeys Nature’s rules and directions, as all animals do, and pays no account to politics, religion or economies. And from my current position, from the time of its appearance this larger ring is almost pure Orichalcum and far more comfortable to hold and be with. It has one role only, to act in accordance with its mystical brief in upholding the rights and wisdom of all ‘animal-kind.’

                Whether my innate mistrust of people, being vegetarian for over fifty years or deep admiration for all of nature’s creation, whatever the reason or reasons, Ros was told by her ring when being directed on site to find and purchase, that the ring had to come to me. That may been due to any or all of those qualities, or it could have been to make sure that the Atlantean ring was to take a background setting as it stepped forward. As it is at present, I am no longer in direct touching contact with the ring, but I still honour it and keep its presence in the public arena prominent. Whatever the motivation, this animal ring is cleaning the decks when placed on my ‘third eye.’ Due to my somewhat mixed input via the Atlantean ring, there was a real need to jettison some unwanted cargo and uninvited thoughts, and this ring is up to the task. That is why the Atlantean ring was so antagonistic, the energy inside the giant’s ring is non-personable and therefore beyond the province of any ring devoted to human affairs.

                Unlike the ring of good and bad, this more imposing model comes from Lemuria, of which Australia is the largest remnant land-base, and to an extent is returning home. My task is to both welcome it home and turn on the ‘mystical switch.’ My suspicion is that when that happens there is some magic inside that will astonish and shed light, and something else again. The only problem to be faced is that there is no advice or manual on offer right now. But further up the track …

A bit too Esoteric?

What seems to be happening in this progress report is that we are heavily focusing on the esoteric side of the equation, and the science is on a sabbatical. That is why we felt the mystery guest warranted inclusion. It is, like the rings, a metal alloy and used as jewellery as are the rings. But more relevant to integrity of this article is trying to maintain an empirical/mystical balance, and knowing that most of the latest ring activities are subjective in nature, we felt a scientific update on our most recent understanding of what made up a metal piece of jewellery found by Aunty Minnie Mace at the Kariong glyphs, would address this imbalance.

Photo By Samarah Wood
Photo by Samarah Wood

                To quickly revise what was discussed seems a solid and logical base from which to extend further into one of three chemical anomalies that are all lacking in any global precedent. That the analysis was conducted by the Southern Cross University Environment Analytical Laboratory, under the supervision of the Head Scientist, Graham Lancaster, surely ticks every academic box. The breakdown of Aluminium 73%, Copper 3% and 24% unknown and not present on any earthly Periodic Table, calls into question the source of almost one quarter of the material used to make this object, simply because it does not come from this planet. That is what the analysis declared without equivocation. Graham actually approached me requesting to assess and analyse, and after gaining permission from Aunty Minnie it was agreed to.

                We have also paid some attention to the second part of this non-terrestrial trilogy, the fact that all Aluminium alloys manufactured on this planet have an Aluminium content of greater than 85%, which is 12% higher than what lays within. But what we did not pursue was the second major irregularity in the two elements recognised, they really shouldn’t be together as they do not get on. Until a personal comment was made on our web site in relation to this issue, we had no idea that this combination was so unstable and reactive.

                It turns out any combination of aluminium and copper is an unstable mixture and beholding to the most recent advances in metallurgy, but this metal artefact was found by Aunty Minnie Mace between the walls at Kariong at a time when the site was unknown, remote and rarely visited. And what calls into question any recent smelting or forging it, wasn’t found alone. Aunty Minnie also found at fragment of what she claimed to be a human bone. She went further than that, because it was first sighted within metres of the back entrance to a ten-metre tunnel that butts up against two sets of hieroglyphs, she felt confident that this bone had a name. The upper engraved panel details the death and internment of Nefer-Ti-Ru , the son of Khufu, and within a stone’s throw of this narrative this Original Elder finds a bone and ancient metal piece of jewellery.

                The bone was examined by the Head of the Fractures Unit and the team responsible for operating a cat scam unit at the local Base Hospital. It was agreed that it had the “density of a human bone”(1) and that it was “ancient.”(2) By association with the bone and proximity to Proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is reasonable to assume that the metal object is equally ancient.

                That antiquity is at odds with the chemistry remaining, simply because it is possible that copper and aluminium can “work together,”(3) however, they require “special connectors”(4) to overcome their inherent tendency to react. The problem is that when two dissimilar metals are artificially joined into any alloy, “a chemical reaction takes place that causes them to oxidise.”(5) This form of “galvanic corrosion”(6) can be circumvented, but only with the assistance of “very high temperatures.”(7) What we can be certain of is that there never has been a camp fire in pre-Cook Australia that could ever come close to generating heat of this magnitude, yet here it is found beside a bone that is very old and next to an ancient engraved testimonial to a fallen Egyptian prince.

                What is critically significant is that all of the recent alloys of copper and aluminium have a copper content of between 5-11%, while the very first cruder alloys of these two elements go back thousands of years and carried between two to four per cent copper. The metal jewellery of Nefer-Ti-Ru has a reading of three per cent, which sits in the exact centre of that earlier range.

                One quarter unknown, twelve percent too low in aluminium content, bearing a copper level unknown today and common so long ago, flanked by the fact that aluminium was never mined or smelted in ancient Egypt, and all found between three engraved sandstone walls chronicling the arrival of Aliens and Egyptians, the metal object and old bone tick every box and together this changes everything.

                No less important when attributing a location or mode of manufacture for this ancient relic, it needs to be understood that aluminium is only found as a compound, it never presents it self as a pure metal and that created problems in extraction that were never resolved until 1886. Before that advance in metallurgy, throughout Europe aluminium was regarded as being more valuable than gold. Whenever Napoleon the Third was holding a banquet the cutlery was divided into two categories, the most favoured guests were allowed to use aluminium knives and forks, while those of a lesser station were given the inferior silver to use.

                In all historical accounts detailing the early development of aluminium, no-one mentioned Australia, that processed metal did not reach our shores until the twentieth century. If so, what is this unique alloy doing sitting in the dirt at Kariong?   

Four Pieces of Very old Jewellery that Can’t Find a History Book, but can Find a Future

All four artefacts do not fit or belong to any acceptable version of ancient times and civilisations. The same can be said for the skulls and bones we have, the close to two hundred sacred and star rocks and sundry relics, they just don’t belong, but soon enough they will not only rightfully reclaim their heritage, but have returned to finish unfinished business.

                We have made mention of the Original prophecy of the changing of the guards, the transformation of the planet and ascension in earthly vibration beginning from December 21 at Uluru many times, and will continue doing so until the seminal line in the sand for every human incarnate on the planet at that time is established. It is our belief and conviction that all of these artefacts, rocks and skulls were found now simply because they are needed to assist in the change and exchange between this magical planet and all that inhabit. The skulls and bones belong to ancient Pleaidians and came here long ago to initiate what will come to pass now. Ros Rock 1 carries a story of the first settlement and ensuing hybridisation by Pleiadians, the ‘Egyptian’ pendant is one quarter off-planet in content, one ring carries a titanium legacy thousands of years before it was supposedly discovered, and so  to the affirmations to as on top so below continue throughout this ever-expanding gathering.

                The fact that none of these ancient objects are acknowledged, appreciated or engaged in any official channel, only reinforces why everything must change. Such ignorance must not be allowed to flourish and thrive anymore. These holy relics, along with ceremonies, sacred sites, rituals and the ascending magical resonance of the planet will lead on to the revival of their rightful role, which begins with a thorough cleansing of the global soul and body corporate .

Handle With Care

There is one ever-present proviso permanently attached to all of these ancient magic pieces of shaped metal, they have to be handled with the utmost care. Tolkien was right in focusing so heavily of the pace and depth of attachment these rings have when placed on the finger of any human host. They move in for the duration and are privy to every word and thought and will not move out of body until I do.

                But just like all humans, I have favourites when it comes to the many artefacts. With the rocks there a few that always catch my eye, same with the skulls and others, and certainly with the this jewellery there was always one amongst equals that immediately resonated. The six-figured giant Lemurian ring was found for me and was meant to be with me. Yes, this sounds a touch like something Gollum would insist to be true, and the reason being, it is. All three rings have the same ability to invade and occupy, nothing can stop them and it is all a matter on how to fortify, accept or modify, and make sure you always have the final say. They do merge and nothing will stop that osmosis, I can take the ring off my finger and put it away, but it is never gone, because it is now part of the hosts DNA, it goes that deep.

                The six carved metal animals are the three wisest non-meat eating animals in Asia, and this ring represents not just those three, but all animals, this is their ring and their story and it has come back. All the animals have always played by Nature’s rules and never stepped outside their boundaries, only humans would be that insensitive and stupid.

                On behalf of that ring it would like to close with one comment and one prediction.

Humans are animals, so are we. What makes you different from us is not intelligence, nor is it love, compassion or any other emotion-we have all of that in abundance, It is what you have lost that separates us, you can no longer hear the heart beat of the Great Mother. You have lost not only the magic she wishes to nourish you with, but you no longer see the forest or trees.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, as there is nearly upon us a sifting of the wheat from chaff amongst all humans to determine who deserves to stay and those that must go away. We, as animal spirits, have already earned that right to remain in paradise. Sadly, most humans are still not deserving of further Earthly tenure and will have to move on.   


(1)-(2) Base Hopsital – Catscan Unit, 2011. Personal Communication.

(3)-(7) 9th June 2020.

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