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Published on Mar 8, 2016
Ancient Egyptians in Australia, New Book, Marked Rock Artifacts, Australia Original Wisdom, Australia’s Stonehenge

On this episode, Steven and Evan Strong talk about their new book “Between a rock and a hard place”, the Gosford Glyphs, the evidence for the Pleiadian Connection to the Original people and a whole lot more. Sorry about their faces not being in it properly as i got a new Mac and it cuts out some of the screen when recording compared to what i was seeing.

A bit about Steven Strong and his son Evan Strong and what they do from their website “Forgotten Origin”.

50,000 years ago, the very first Homo Sapiens set sail from Australia. These people were responsible for the development of religion, art, agriculture, seafaring, surgery, and many of the cornerstones of civilisation as we know it.

Steven and Evan Strong have spent over 20 years assembling facts from archaeological finds, explorers’ accounts, genetics information, traditional Australian Aboriginal mythology and many more sources to develop one coherent and controversial theory: Aboriginal people exported civilisation to the world-at-large.

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