The Mayan Ancestors: Angels, Star People, and Oblong Skulls

The Mayan Ancestors: Angels, Star People, and Oblong Skulls

Mayan Peace Talks – The Mayan Ancestors

By Mayan Storyteller: Xchelita (Little Rainbow)

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Time to dive into a wonderful world of mystery and adventure!

The Mayan have so many stories of Angels, Star People, and

Oblong Skulls! I am going to choose a few examples only.

The Ek Balam Angels

Photo by J&P Voelkel – J&P Voelkel created this work entirely by themselves. [1], CC BY-SA 3.0,
This incredible image shows the Ek Balam Angels in stunning detail. These ruins are 56 kilometres northeast of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico. When I saw it for the first time, it took my breath away! Apparently angels are worldwide phenomena, found by all cultures, and on every continent of the world. “Ek Balam” actually means “Dark Star” (or Hidden Star).

The angel on the right appears to be Mayan (human). He is a high priest, or royalty, as can be seen by his clothing. He appears to have a box on his back, which he wears like a backpack, and his wings are attached to this box, which is strapped to his body.

The angel to the left, however, appears to have the wings coming directly out of his back! Just look at the shape of his head too! He definitely has an oblong skull. Note also the length of his arms. By human proportions, this figure is deformed, but the Mayans say these beings are not human! They are the Star People!

Now let’s put the position of the angels into context. Below is an image of the entire stucco façade. The angels are perched above the doorway to the Underworld, or Xibalba. You can enter the Underworld through the mouth of the serpent. Notice the entrance to Xibalba is a giant serpent’s mouth, with huge teeth, which you have to step over, and onto its tongue, in order to enter!

Photo by Elijahmeeks at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

To the right of the doorway, we can see an image of the God of Xibalba, the Underworld. Above him is the Tree of Life, or Sacred Cross, representing the earthly plane of existence, and the Angels sit above, with the Sky God. Together they represent life, death, rebirth, and ascension.

The Tree of Life, or Sacred Cross, is shown with divine water, or divine spirit, flowing out of it, instead of branches or leaves, as it is sometimes depicted. It reminds me of the always-flowing Sacred Ocean of Creation that the Hindu belief speaks of. Also of note, were the braided hairstyles on some of the figures, which appeared more Persian or Sumerian, and differed from the typical Mayan style seen at other sites.

The angels sit above the Tree of Life, in the realm of the Sky Gods, a representation of the heavens. One angel is looking out, and the other is looking in, towards the doorway. Both appear to be guarding the entrance, and both have their hands out to receive or give energy.

Above the serpent’s mouth, sits a central figure, with an ascended master, or enlightened being on each side. We can tell their high level of enlightenment not only by their position on the façade, but also by their body posture. One sits in lotus position, and the other sits straddled, with one leg on each side. Both positions represent the balance of the positive and negative energies, which these beings have achieved. They sit in the realm of the heavens, above the serpent of life, death, and rebirth. They are guarded and accompanied by the Angels, and Sky Gods.

The Book of Genesis, and the story of the Garden of Eden, is surprisingly similar to Mayan beliefs. The Mayan also share some shocking similarities with Buddhism and Hinduism, in their depictions of reality, and the many dimensions, or levels of existence. The Underworld legends of Xibalba (Mayan) and Shambala (Tibetan) must also be mentioned, and the strange images of the gods of ancient Hindu and Mayan, carved into the stone temples and statues, bear a remarkable resemblance too.

Pakal, King of Palenque

Photo by A.Skromnitsky (A.Skromnitsky (talk)) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

“Pakal is a great mystery. Finding his tomb has made him even more mysterious. But the maximum mystery is found in the way in which his remains have been handled.

Information leaked out from the excavation team that Pakal was a giant, had six fingers and toes on each hand and foot, had a “strong complexion” and a cone shaped skull. Officially? None of that has been said officially. In fact, the official version is devoid of photos. There is not one single photo of the skeleton of Lord Pakal that has been released to the public. Why? What are they hiding?”

(By Kevin Smith,

Photo: Herbert Eisengruber,

David Hatcher Childress describes Pakal’s Tomb in Lost Cities of North & Central America:

             “The monolithic sarcophagus is 5 feet 5 inches high, 6 feet 10 inches wide and 9 feet 9 inches long. The massive, 5 ton cover slab is 12 and one half feet long by 7 feet inches wide and 8 inches thick…”

The  Legends of Pakal

The legends surrounding Pakal are numerous, and deeply profound. Pakal is rumoured to have come from the stars, or at least was a direct descent of his mother, Lady Sak K”uk, who came from the stars in a flying craft. He married his half sister, Lady Tzakbu Ajaw, to try to preserve the bloodline of his race, the oblong skulls (or sky ancestors).

As recorded by Mayan scholar Gene Stuart:  “Pacal emphatically traced his lineage back to a deity as well as to royal humans, and other rulers also found it wise to establish divine ancestors. A Maya ruler served as the human manifestation of gods on earth. As the intermediary between humans and gods, he claimed the power to control the supernatural forces of the universe. In rituals he nurtured and glorified the gods, seeking to maintain the always precarious balance of nature in an agricultural society”.

Pakal (The Great), also known as Pacal (which means the Shield), is famous for raising the city of Palenque, and for constructing the Temple of Inscriptions.

Pacal was loved by his people, and was a great ruler. In Palenque, Mexico, the oblong skulls were known for bringing peace, restoring balance and harmony, and being highly spiritual and loving beings.

Even after his death, a talking tube connected his tomb to the surface, so that people could still come and receive his loving guidance and advice!


This is the descending stairway to Pacal’s tomb in Palenque.

Along the left, where the stairs meet the wall, you can see the talking tube that zigzags down the stairway, like a snake.

The talking tube (or speaking tube) is made of stone and is hollow. The tube is artistically carved like the (rainbow) feathered serpent or “Vision Serpent”.

The sky ancestors taught that the only form of sacrifice that is acceptable is self-sacrifice. Sacrificing the life of an animal, or another being, is wrong because it is not your life to give, and you are affecting the free will of another living being! This is the highest law of all, and perhaps the hardest to follow! To respect the free will of others, can be extremely challenging!

Beware of the false gods who demand blood sacrifices of other living entities, we were warned. These are not the gods that you want to follow, and they will betray you! In fact, when the Spanish arrived, it was the Mayans themselves, who had been practicing blood sacrifices of innocent people and animals, who actually believed that their invaders were the gods (oblong skulls or sky ancestors) who had returned to punish them. They even opened the gates of their own cities, and allowed themselves to be conquered, trying to escape the horrible guilt they felt!

However, not all of the Mayan tribes were conquered. Some escaped into remote areas, and kept their tradition alive. The Lacandon tribe in Chiapas, Mexico is one example. If you visit the ruins of Yaxchilan, deep in the Lacandon Jungle, you can clearly see the rituals of self-sacrifice being performed.

It should be noted that many native tribes around the world (including Native American, African, Asian, Arabic, Australian, etc.) practiced pain ceremonies, and initiations, as a way of receiving clear and strong visions, and was not just seen as a form of self-mutilation.

Photo: The sculpture depicts a sacred blood-letting ritual. King Itzamnaaj B’alam II is shown holding a torch, while his wife Lady K’ab’al Xook draws a barbed rope through her pierced tongue, British Museum, Wikipedia.
Photo: Lintel 15, now in the British Museum, depicting one of the wives of Bird Jaguar IV invoking the Vision Serpent in a bloodletting rite.

So the sky ancestors of Palenque, and many other parts of the world, were loved by their people for their wisdom and loving guidance. They also showed us how to live in sustainable harmony with the earth and each other, by having symbiotic relations with life, instead of parasitic ones. The sky ancestors were able to free many from slavery.  They also conquered the gods of the underworld (demons), and taught us how to defend ourselves against negative energies. They taught us to cooperate instead of compete.

This is why we humans imitated the sky ancestors in most parts of the world. This is why cranial deformation was so widely practiced. It was a sign of “godliness”, beauty, and intelligence! We loved our sky ancestors!

I pray our loving ancestors (our “angels”) do return to restore the balance on earth now, and help us conquer the demons, as is rumoured to occur in difficult times, by almost all cultures around the planet.

It’s unsettling to realise that we are not the most advanced species on the planet. It takes a while to digest this information. In this mad journey into legends and tombs of aliens, angels and demons, oblong skulls, little people, greys, reptilians, etc., it’s nice to know who is who, and hear the ancient stories that surround these “gods”.

We are reminded by the ancient legends that we need to ask the intent of whoever approaches us! Although most of the Greys are evil, there are some who are good. Some reptilians are good, but a few groups are very bad. The majority of oblong skulls are good, but there are also some rebel groups too.

The gods of the Underworld were not referred to as demons in ancient times, as this implies that they are always evil, which is not true. They were called the “trickster gods”, or the “deceivers and tormentors” (remember we learn through suffering), or the “supporting gods” because our world (the surface) rests upon the Underworld (the muddy foundation).

The “sky gods”, which included the oblong skulls, “angels”, “star people”, “sky ancestors”, “ascended masters”, etc., live in the heavens above us. Our world is connected to both the Heavens and the Underworld, and we can to choose to move up or down. The Tree of Life, depicted on the lid of Pacal’s sarcophagus, reminds us of the muddy roots in the manure (the Underworld), which support the trunk of the tree that connects the two (our planet, the surface), and the branches which reach up into the heavens (our sky, sun, moon, and stars). The Buddhists have a similar analogy; from the muddy waters, and up through the stem, comes the lotus flower!

When we ask the intent, we must then turn off the mind, find stillness and really listen without preconceived ideas. Forget your judgements of “good” and “bad”. Don’t trust your eyes! Remember to take a breath! Then our heart, our higher self, our innate instinct will show us the truth. Don’t be frightened! Even a demon knows he must obey the highest law, the law of free will, or else!

Let us not shoot first, and ask questions later! Let us not be ruled by fear! The unknown is always an incredible adventure and learning experience. May we have the courage and presence to face it, and perhaps even to embrace it.


Now for those of you that think the lid of Pacal’s tomb is a spaceship, don’t worry! It is also a spaceship according to the legends, a story within a story, which represents his journey to and from the stars spiritually AND physically in his flying craft!

When it is only the spirit that goes to the stars, without the physical body, then this is represented as the “sky bird”, “celestial bird” or phoenix, which can also represent rebirth! The “sky bird” is normally shown perched high in the branches of the Tree of Life, and is also a representation of the dynamic yet never-ending evolution of consciousness.

This is life’s great paradox; it is forever changing (dying and unstable), yet it is never-ending (permanent, immortal, without death, only metamorphosis)!

The Oblong Skull Beings

 The tomb of the Red Queen, found in an adjacent temple, and thought to be the wife of Lord Pakal, also has an oblong skull.


The Oblong Skull Beings were loved by humanity! Their presence is recorded in the histories of every ancient culture and religion around the world, and on every continent. Cranial deformation and head binding was practiced as a way to imitate and honor these loving beings. We wanted to be just like them!

The practice of modifying the skull has been around for at least 10,000 years! Those who performed it, agree it was done for intelligence and beauty, even though vast geographical distances, and cultural and religious differences, separated these people. This shows how the Oblong Skull Beings were thought of by humanity! They were beautiful, intelligent, and spiritual.

It is possible to distinguish the true Oblong Skulls that formed naturally (like Pacal, the Red Queen, and Paracus skulls), from the man-made cranial deformations. First, there is no way to increase the volume of the brain by cranial deformation, and yet some of these skulls show significantly increased volume. Secondly, the sutures where different parts of the skull join, form differently under the pressure required for cranial deformation, and are often deformed. Thirdly, other differences in the skeleton are often seen. Fourth, the historical accounts and the legends must be considered.

The Oblong Skull Beings were often leaders and teachers of humanity. They are associated with mastering architecture, medicine, agriculture, flight, telepathy, and spirituality. They are rumored to have come from the stars, and to the stars they return.

Legends say that their presence on Earth marks the destruction of the demons’ power over mankind, and the restoring of peace, justice, health, and balance to our beautiful planet.

These Angels are not to be confused with the jealous gods that want to suppress and enslave humanity, by “abolishing free will, confusing our language, and putting a fog over our eyes”! We can recognize the Angels by the way they treat us as their beloved children, wishing for us “everything that they have and even more”. What parent wouldn’t want their children to achieve everything, and maybe even surpass them? They also respect our free will, even when we are making mistakes, as knowledge comes from experience, and compassion is learned through suffering!


We are not alone!

Angels, Demons, and Aliens actually exist!

If you want to meet you guardian angel, or banish a demon, all you have to do is ask!

The world is a much bigger, and more magical place, than we all once thought!

May all beings be peaceful and happy!    

Mayan Peace Talks The Mayan Ancestors

By Mayan Storyteller: Xchelita (Little Rainbow)

Oblong Skulls, Star Beings, Angels & Demi-gods of the World


Region Description Religion
Africa Egyptian Oblong Skulls, African head binding practices,

Zulu ancestral spirits amadlozi or abaphansi that sometimes appear as snakes, a supreme creator Nukulunkulu (Very Big)

Muslim: Angels, Jinn,

Zulu: Demons (Tokoloshe), Little People, Dogon Star god

Asia Chinese Mummies: Red Giants with Oblong Skulls,

Southwest Asia head-binding

Buddhist: Asuras, Devas, Titans, Hungry Ghosts
Australia Australian Aboriginal claim their ancestors are Star People, or Plieadians, Oblong Skulls in rock art, and head binding by Australian Aboriginal, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Samoa, and Hawaii Pagan: Faeries, Goddesses, Elemental Spirits, Animal Spirits, Valkyries, Witches
Europe Gnostic and Old Testament references to angels and flying chariots in the sky, or flaming chariots with fiery wheels,

France, Eastern Germany, and the Hun people did

head-binding also

Gnostic / Comparative Theologist: Archons, Angels, Demi-Gods, Ascended Masters
Middle East Sumerian legends of navigating through our solar system,

Zoroastrian accounts of gods flying in winged crafts (Iran)

Islamic accounts of Angels and Jinn,

Iraq early head-binding practices (10,000 years ago)

Muslim worship of the Black Stone of Kaaba (a meteorite?)

Jewish: Nagas, Angels, Demons, Flying Chariots, Creator God(s) in Genesis, Sumerian: Fallen Angels,

Zoroastrian: Flying gods

India Mahabharata (humanity’s true history), Bhagavad Gita, Krinsha, Vimana (ancient flying craft), Buddhist -Lotus Sutra (Emerging from the Earth) Inner Earth Beings that emerge from Underground Cities (Shambala) & have Flying Stupas Hindu: Devas, Asuras, Demi-Gods, Ancient Galactic Wars & Atomic Bombs
Indonesia/ Malaysia Borneo head-binding Christian: Angels, Demons
North America Hopi Indians call the star people Katchina,

Ant People helped us survive & live inside the earth,

Place of Emergence (Hopi-Sipapu, Zuni-Shipapulima),

Native American head binding,

Native American: Katchina, Star Nations, Ant People, Nature Spirit
Central America Mayan Oblong Skulls,

Headbinding of Mayan and Lucayan people of the Bahamas,

Mayan Underground Cities & Tombs of Alien Beings

Mayan: Celestial Beings, Shapeshifters, Gods of the Underworld, Shamans
South America Incan legends of star people, Nazca lines,

Paracas Skulls, Giants, Ica Stones

Megalithic structures found here and worldwide!

Incan: Virachocha, Sun God, Mulit-dimentional Beings, Sorcerers, Magicians, Spirits


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  1. What is world wide in ancient times was Shamans wearing bird feathers (or other animal imagery) to help in their shamanic practices, it is going a bit far to say that angels can be found on every continient. as ‘angels’ are a relativly new dipiction in human history.

    What is really, really ancient are serpent lines, song lines and dragon lines, these can be found on every continient going back before the age of history and are involved in all the creation storys. (including adam and eve)

    Dragons (as we wizards call them) created the Stars and planets as well as flow across the lands entering the earth through the Poles, you can speak to them through the use of ‘ayahuasca’ for visual interaction, or through meditation through mental interaction, with training you can speak to them at anytime of the day whenever the need takes you.

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