The First Religion

It has always been our intention to walk both sides of the divide, science and religion, either or, they are merely human constructs that provide reason and narrative. Neither interpretation can claim perfection, nor should a religious text be held in any less regard than Uranium Series Dating. The small sampling of archaeology and science previously discussed provides a global setting and an Australian point of departure, but outside arriving at other places, what then took place is beyond the reach of scholars and has been stolen, forgotten or poorly understood.

One of many foreign locations, Egypt’s interaction with Australia is extensive and a long chapter in archaeology, history and oral accounts, but for the sake of the esoteric we will ignore the empirical evidence and focus upon the religious impact of the Dreaming throughout Egypt and the Middle East. Historically, this region has never struck a harmonious balance and has always been unsettled and in dispute with neighbours near and far. Within such a divisive climate, the teachings and inspiration of the Dreaming have endured many ordeals and zealous censors. Through competitive farming practises, increasing population and a regime predicated upon fostering a male hierarchy, much has been bought and sold. Regardless there are, in our opinion, two beacons that stand above the separation between the divine and institutions: the Isaic religion and authentic Christian/Gnostic scriptures.

Obviously, in other localities, Indigenous religions, Celtic and Pagan faiths, and many mystical groups remained faithful to the teachings of the Dreaming, but within this region it would appear Isaic and Gnostic philosophy, were at their essence, rewordings of the First Religion. Our comparisons to Gnostic lore and scriptures also provide some reasons why Christianity splintered, and raise unfinished business that demands resolution.

As a yardstick, when assessing the authenticity of all off-shoots of the Dreaming, we have identified nine fundamental principles which must be present before any faith can establish a connection to the First Religion.

1. Equality between genders.
2. Equality with all species and “products of nature.” (Gospel of Eve)
3. Reincarnation-three elements (“soul,” “spirit,” and “mind” – Gospel of Mary) and allotted roles of each agent during incarnation.
4. Enlightening revelations and mystical wisdom supplied by the Serpent.
5. Shared ancient myths sourced from Dreaming stories-humanity fashioned out of the soil, Adam and Eve, the Fall, Tree of Knowledge, the Serpent, Garden of Eden, the Flood, etc.
6. The presence of secret teachings and ascending levels of initiation.
7. The importance and validation of visions, extended periods of introspective silence and walkabouts.
8. Commitment to faithfully replicate original teachings as passed on through Elders/sacred texts/oral traditions without amendments.
9. The last is region specific, and chronicles the Dreaming’s reintroduction into the Middle East/North Africa through the ancient Egyptian cult of Isis.

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