The Final Circuit: A Two-way Street & The Awakening to discover all of who I AM

Thanks to Amanda Smith

1) The Final Circuit: A Two-way Street

By Steven & Evan Strong

2) The Awakening to discover all of who I AM

By Sarah Doig


*1) The Final Circuit: A Two-way Street

By Steven & Evan Strong

This article is primarily an extension of an earlier piece presenting what we feel is convincing empirical proof that culminated in a video of an Alien spaceship idling near Uluru on December 21, 2020, at 7:37 pm. Granted claiming any object in the sky is of Alien origin is something so easy to make, or fake, but the circumstances and lead up events puts this event in a unique category. Normally the main issue is about is or is not, but we believe this sighting extends past if and goes a long way towards answering the pivotal question of why.

                To an extent this response primarily addresses the negative comments posted on the video we put up and further on, an overview of the official statements put out by the Pentagon, Barack Obama and pilots involved in ‘sightings.’ Apparently according to those who were not at Uluru during ceremonies held at the rock, nearby and throughout the planet, the object slowly moving above Uluru is the product of “lies,” a “helicopter” or a “Cessna.”

The Three Detours

First up, in being accused of personally lying, it is not just us who are supposedly misleading. The film of Uluru exploding in white light is not our video, so too the scientific read out of the Schumann Resonance increasing one hundred times in intensity comes from the Ukraine University and was forwarded to us by Omar. When it comes to the video of what we are adamant is an UFO, is not ours and was sent to us from another source. So, to begin with it is not singular but plural in culprits concocting. Moreover, ask any of the 300 who were involved in a ceremony close to the rock under my supervision, and everyone will insist this was real.

Thanks To Omar Faizi

                Even if all were misled through devious or naive intentions, how did we personally influence the readings in Ukraine? We have neither the skills nor technology to manufacture the flash or slow-moving object idling above Uluru. The only truth remaining is that we do not have the expertise or sophisticated attachments to create this alleged lie.

                The other two alternatives, being either a helicopter or Cessna in flight, are realistic options that do have to be pursued and analysed. We know that the last helicopter to leave the Uluru helipad took off at 4 pm and arrived back one hour later, nothing went up or out after. There is no other helicopter service anywhere near the rock, so whatever this object is, it is not a helicopter. Nor can it be a plane, either domestic or international, the chart provided shows all the planes flying at 7:32 and it is obvious the only plane in Northern Territory air space is about 300 kilometres east of Uluru and clearly was never visible to anyone anywhere near the big red rock.

Thanks to Sarah Doig

                So, with both helicopters and planes of all sizes proven not to be possible candidates that still leaves us with a diverse collection of previously used excuses, which includes weather balloons, swamp gas, a flock of birds, slow moving planets and a disc thrown in the air. Weather balloons inherently go up vertically, never wafting horizontally unless the wind is blowing at cyclonic speed, and that did not happen. So too ruling out swamp gas in the dry desert and a random disc thrown in the air are compulsory omissions. Because the object is clearly above Uluru and moving much faster than any celestial planet or star, this cannot be a planet or meteor descending. In fact, outside being an unidentified flying object of no fixed earthly abode, there is no feasible alternative left on the sceptic’s table.

Two First-hand Accounts

Not for one solitary second do we believe that the two people involved in filming this off-world flying object came upon this task by accident. We feel, as they do, that this confirmation of their presence via a camera was by design and under off-world jurisdiction. This is their truthful account of the night before, the day during and what happened immediately after.

**** Please See:*2) The Awakening to discover all of who I AM By Sarah Doig (further down this webpage article)****

Arm-chair Critiques

Long-distance electronic negativity is something of which we are intimately familiar, and certainly was freely dispensed by those with a condescending inclination. Irrespective of the motives and sarcasm the criticisms warrant a response through clearing up hurdles and adding clarity.

                An early front-runner for the critic’s choice was the oft repeated claim that the music added was done to drown out the noise of helicopter blades or a Cessna’s engine. If these critics were actually there with the three hundred doing ceremony with us, or others close by, they would have heard the same as we all did, nothing. There was total silence on the ground in meditation at the same time to the second that object was in flight, and as neither a rotor blade nor engine was heard that criticism has to be dismissed.

                What is now the most popular line of attack centres around the erratic panning of the camera with the UFO seemingly found and lost on three occasions. Those eager to dispute ask why is it that the person holding the camera made no attempt to focus solely of the machinery in motion, rather than pan off into the clouds. Again, you had to be there on sacred ground to understand why not one of the hundreds looking up saw this object in flight. Ten minutes earlier that same cloud had been a uniform dull grey and was somewhat suggestive of being moisture bearing, then from such an insignificant introduction it transformed into a multi-coloured display replete with a deep penetrating blue patch. No-one had ever seen clouds of this magnificence and somewhere within this ten-kilometre palette was a small brown dot the cameraman’s eye missed, as we all did.

Created by Melissa A Geddes

                This is not a fault, but the underlying strength is this visual recording. All other UFO videos are filmed with one intent, to catch every possible shot of a spaceship in flight. Not here, it was the clouds we all looked at, and so too in this film. It was first seen a day later when checking what was actually filmed. There was no UFO agenda, nor was it seen at the time. Equally, all other UFO photographs and videos have no context beyond a general interest in military facilities, in this case at Uluru it was so obvious it was there to either view or participate in the ceremony radiating out from the red rock.

                Another contrary offering was that this particular object is actually a ‘secret ops’ machine moving in the air. Well, first up whatever it is did not register on radar, so that alone puts it in a technological class only equaled by the Stealth Bomber. And there lays a fundamental flaw in any secret project, it is moving like a slug, if a normal plane it would fall to the ground. Testing a plane or any flying object for its effectiveness in combat demands speed not tardiness. With the Pentagon’s admission that UFOs are not the product of any technology they know, that means that if it is not an American product, then this flying spectator at Uluru cannot be American or Australian.

                What all the arm-chair doubters either missed or deliberately ignored was the reaction of another woman standing at the same viewing point. She is transfixed, holding her mobile aimed directly not at the red rock everyone comes to see, but where the other camera flashed past. That camera is not moving anywhere and is tracking one thing. This lady can see the UFO, her reaction and the spontaneous amazement is obvious. There are two options on show here, that witness is a stunning unpaid extra in this sham, or she is filming a UFO flying across a rainbow-coloured sky with an intense patch of Pleiadian Blue.

Where to Next?

To that end, when it comes to where this UFO exited, we feel that the field of deep blue in the clouds above may well be the arrival and departure point. Every shot of the UFO has it inching towards the deep blue, but in the third return we see that what was barely moving has literally moved on completely vanishing from sight. As the camera continues moving all over the coloured clouds, the UFO is nowhere to be seen, anywhere.

Well, that was our verdict, until a lady by the name of Amanda Smith who had recently contacted me sent me a copy of the individual frames. She decided to slow the visuals down by a factor of four, and the same object reappears twice. Both within a second, but every other frame before during and after, has no craft in steady slow transit, just these two. Is this UFO about to cross into another dimension? And in doing so, it wasn’t through suddenly speeding off. This flying machine just gently crossed the curtain leaving behind two residual images before successfully moving into another level of existence the human eyes can never see.

Thanks to Amanda Smith
Thanks to Amanda Smith

Or maybe not, it could be a camera malfunction or a devious attempt to add to the mystery though inserting the image into both empty cloud shots. Whatever, what still cannot be questioned is that the film at normal pace has an artificial object directed in its movement moving across Uluru, and that really is the main event.  

The Main Event

It is our belief this film captures and establishes two fundamental contextual truths, that there is one UFO in flight, and it came into view to either confirm or assist in turning on Uluru, which will eventually cleanse this planet and present each soul presently incarnated a choice when approaching the oncoming fork in the road. That is such a bold claim to make, but the supporting empirical evidence is so powerful and there is no other option left to seriously consider. In the first installment of this evolving report we presented an impressive ensemble of Earthly interactions that included the peaking of the Schumann Resonance, an explosion of pure white energy coming out of Uluru at 7:32 pm, thick columns of golden light in Croatia and Newcastle (N.S.W.), hundreds of thin light cylinders pouring from the clouds in Hungary and Glasgow and over one hundred personal accounts of bizarre, verging on miraculous, events. We believe that this UFO came for the light and vibration show, whether as a spectator or facilitator is all that is unknown.

Shared by Soraya Danielle (from Jasmina Lakota), 21st Dec. 2020:
Photo By Ros Mulder


Photo by Steph Nixon in

What they witnessed began at 7:32 pm on December 21 at Uluru, but it never ended there. At the insistence of local Original Elders, Uluru was closed to the public from 10 am and remained closed throughout the next day. That sudden and total public lock out has never happened before, which is entirely appropriate as that secret ceremony began a global healing process that has no planetary or inter-stellar boundaries, it will spread throughout the Cosmos. No less than 15 million souls joined in the same ceremony and the tangible results has exceeded our most optimistic expectations.

                The two roads the Mayans prophecised is upon us, more importantly, the Hopi speak of the only path forward during these turbulent times being a “fast flowing river.”(1) They urge every soul to plunge into this river.

“We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered.”(2) They are adamant that we should “not look outside yourself for the leader.” (3) “There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.”(4)

               What they know is what is no longer any part of the future “The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”(5)

General Public Fodder

So, from an Australian perspective, what has been the reaction to what Russel Brand understandably declared to be the most important global spiritual revelation, ever. The Australian reports on the Pentagon research and final announcement at best scales one miserable rung on a media ladder of one hundred steps. At present we have seen two mainstream media commentaries, one on a national daily current affairs show called The Project, and the second about two weeks later in the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald (June 5, 2021). The quality of the two packages delivered detailing their version of celestial events varied between grossly misleading through to patronising and ignorant. That’s the media’s sum total at present, with an almost ‘iron-clad’ guarantee of nothing more of substance to be said ahead.

                First mention of the upcoming Pentagon ‘conclusion’ was presented in a segment on The Project (Channel 10). The panel who deal with daily affairs did a five minute review of the footage pilots released of UFOs in flight, but I only caught the last thirty seconds. Apparently two of the other panelists did concede that the filmed evidence was convincing, but that all vanished in the haze and laughter when a concluding comment was offered by the resident court jester. Peter Helliar cut to chase in reminding the viewers that before these Aliens come to Australia they will need to do two weeks in quarantine before allowed entry. And that was it, two maybes followed by an inane joke, then on to the next scheduled piece. There was no discussion about why all of this Alien content was vilified and officially dismissed as ridiculous for decades. More to the point, why is it this ‘wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing’ that had previously lied repeatedly and blatantly hid confirming evidence, is now telling the truth? Surely that is an undeniable truth worthy of further discussion? All of these potential avenues of research and inquiries were sidelined by a cheap tacky COVID joke. The only saving grace in this debacle is that a convoluted admission was given before this tasteless, shallow attempt at humour muddied the waters.

                And so we waited for more, but nothing was forthcoming until after the official Pentagon proclamation when one solitary article of less than three hundred words was posted on page 45 of the Sydney Morning Herald (June 5). What was equally tragic, content aside, was that it wasn’t even penned or compiled by an Australian journalist but was a straight word for word copy written by an American (Julian E. Barnes).

“UFOs Dismissed as Sign of Alien Life”(6)

That is the opening heading, which is a straight out lie that was never said or implied by any official. The opening sentence declares that this notion of spaceships from off-world destinations is manifestly false. Barnes stats that “American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by navy pilots in recent years are alien spacecraft.”(7)

                A very clean separation, there are no Aliens here. However, the next sentence begins with a “But.”(8) And is used in exactly the same way a bigot would say, ‘I’m not racist, but …’ or ‘I am not sexist, but …’ Inevitably whatever follows that ‘but’ is illogical and contradictory, really each of these guarded concession should be discarded with ‘I am!’ Same rules apply here, because what followed this but was “the officials cannot explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists and the military.”(9) What is agreed upon by the Pentagon is that “most of the more than 120 incidents over the past two decades could not be traced back to any American military or other advanced US government technology.”(10)

                What the Pentagon spokesperson made crystal clear was that truth did “eliminate the possibility that navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government intended to keep secret.”(11) And it is here in the next sentence Barnes compiled that directly contradicts the false heading he invented. In admitting “but that is about the only conclusive finding in the classified intelligence report, the officials said.”(12) For any who feel we are being selective or taking the author’s words out of context, Barnes openly conceded that “officials briefed on the intelligence conceded the ambiguity of the findings meant the government could not rule out theories the phenomenon observed by military pilots might be alien spacecraft.”(13) What is fascinating is that in this whitewash, the officials know full well the potential that Aliens are involved is real and present and said so, but the journalist has decided for them it no longer exists.

                Even though ex-president Barack Obama agreed that “there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.”(14) Barnes already knows what they are not. Despite the report conceding that “much about the observed phenomenon remains difficult to explain, including their acceleration, ability to change direction and submerge,”(15) Barnes is prepared to be more specific and absolute. Once eliminating one the three suspects the Pentagon suggested as possible candidates, Barnes focuses in on the two on-world protagonists: Russia and China.

                However, UFO reports have been active from WW2 onwards and prevalent in the 60’s at a time when China’s technology was far too rudimentary, their ascension upwards into the top technological shelf is no more than two decades old. They were too far behind for too long to be able to make aircraft move well beyond the structural capacity of any human made object until very recently if at all. Of course, Russia is a long-time whipping post for anything untoward happening anywhere on the globe, so would clearly be first candidate, and has been mentioned often in dispatches by American political ‘hawks’ on conservative media outlets. It would seem this reporter from the  New York Times has subscribed to that point of view.

                The problem is he has the right to present his point of view as long as it is clear there is separation between facts and equivocations announced. Which did not happen here, not once ever has the Pentagon said that “UFOs dismissed as sign of alien life,”(16) Barnes is merely parroting the sentiments those beating drums of war and is more than willing to distort and fabricate for the greater good in maintaining the UFO lies supplanting it with fear of an enemy that does not exist.

The Sting in the Tail

Understandably when talk first started about what was going to be announced via the Pentagon report, postings went up with many doubting their integrity and proposing that this was an attempt to set up a false flag Alien invasion. So many people insisted this was the underlying agenda, and it turns out they were wrong. What is happening is that politicians are spruiking the need to invest heavily in the military to catch up with their Earthly adversaries, to make sure the sophisticated technology ‘they’ have will soon be equaled.

                The concluding paragraph in this piece of propaganda, begins by quoting an anonymous source, that is so easy to do and even easier to manipulate. “One person briefed on the intelligence said US officials knew it was not American technology. He said there was worry among intelligence and military officials that China or Russia could be experimenting with hypersonic technology.”(17) The crucial word in this expression of concern is “could.”(18) Knowing how efficient and extensive the combined spy network of America and all its allies is, surely by now something concrete indicating either country had this technology should have been presented or stolen. A satellite photograph, stolen documents or a confession from someone working at one of these installations should have been gathered by now. But no, until the release of the Pentagon report none of this talk was circulating the media outlets. UFO’s were, until this report, an area of ‘little green men’ tin-hats and people looking at weather balloons. Now it is real but most likely possessed by countries and military groups hostile to the US. But two days before this report the coast was clear.

                Clearly either UFOs are real Alien crafts or America has an appalling intelligence network that was ‘asleep at the wheel’ while another country or countries made weapons that would absolutely guarantee if either country wanted to, the obliteration all US military operations, regiments, armaments and missiles at their leisure. Surely if any inquiry is compulsory, it would have to be into the malfunctioning US intelligence network?

What the Pentagon Should Have Announced

It is a simple task and merely a statement of cause and effect. All they have to say is that the UFOs are not ours, we didn’t make them, and the word we is fully inclusive and means humanity, every one of us irrespective of address or income. From our viewpoint the question is not about if but all about the many whys and whats never spoken about in polite circles. Why did they come, what role did they have in the ceremony and in the acceleration in the Schumann Resonance and what makes this planet and its inhabitants worth all the time, effort and time away from home?

                We are convinced that those who really ‘pull the strings’ are not only aware of their long-term presence, but knew about the ceremony on December 21 and what comes next. Remember this inquiry into UFOs begun on December 21, 2021, literally hours after the ‘magic box’ at Uluru was turned on. Another coincidence, or another confirmation? Like everything else today, once again each person must decide and accept the consequences.    


(1): Thomas Banyacya Sr. (Hopi Chief), June 8th , 2000. (Shared by Wendy Nickerson, Department Administrator for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health),  “We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: Prophecy made by Hopi Elders”, COVID-19 UPDATES – Office of Academic Clinical Affairs,

(2) – (5): Ibid.

 (6): Julian E. Barnes, June 5th, 2021. “UFOs dismissed as sign of alien life”, The Sydney Morning Herald, (via The New York Times: ), 45(n).

(7) – (18): Ibid.          

*2) The Awakening to discover all of who I AM

By Sarah Doig

This section describes a snippet of what was happening during a time you would describe as my Journey of the Awakening Process. It is a way for you to understand that there is character played and always a love story. Its in the ancient texts. Enjoy!

Austin is the name of my husband. We first met in high school at the age of 13. The split second I saw his face I had a schoolgirl crush. We would breakup and get together all the time. We had a break from about 15 through to 24 years of age but during that time we would always see each other around, we lived in a small country town, and he still has that smile that he has now. We got together for a while after I separated from a guy I was in a relationship with, engaged too but it was not the time for me nor him and I left the country and went travelling.

When I came back my heart was lost and suddenly a new man came along who had me on a pedestal and all my issues were forgotten. Austin and I were still in touch with one another, and we never missed an opportunity to talk every day or share silly messages around as an excuse to spark a conversation.

The relationship I described about being on a pedestal, is the father of my eldest son but we departed not too long after he was born/ I had my first child to.

Prior of moving to Perth we were newly married, and I was the devoted wife to my husband a Mum of 2 young boys and suddenly coping with the stress of my husband becoming permanently blind in his right eye. It impacted our life instantly and dramatically. My husband Austin cannot return to work back to his normal duties in the mining industry, nor can he medically be approved by his specialist to seek employment.

June 2018, he got diagnosed with Severe Post Traumatic Glaucoma. 2 x surgeries including a retinal re-attachment, specialist appointments after another and another, management of his health care plan was huge on all of us. It changed everything and it continued to spiral the more we try to save all that we could not.

I had not been working since moving to Perth this was the year everything came crumbling down and I hit rock bottom and experienced probably a tonne more hit while I was already down, but this was the time spirit came in and lead me to discover all of what I was meant to find. Journals and downloads become the highlight of my life and somehow those insights always linked me to the path of Uluru.

The Strong Intuition Journey

It was around August 2020 I got this calling to go to the computer and google cosmic consciousness. With instant hit of a button, I’m on the website for a conference in Uluru called Cosmic Consciousness. I automatically reserve my spot and think nothing more of it other than “well I guess I’m going to find out what Uluru is all about” I had no idea what the conference was about.

The website and Facebook page did not reveal a lot about the 3-day conference other than the Cosmic Event happening on December 21 which was the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter during Solstice The Age of Aquarius.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn By Misaochan2, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons at

The stars and the cosmic sky were one of those places I would sit and focus my attention to whenever I was in a place deeper loneliness. It was my favourite part of the day when I was little girl. Turning to twinkle of the stars whenever I got this feeling I was lost and needed to go back to a place of home.

I thought maybe i was going to Uluru to see this cool event in the sky and then I was going to become an astrologer…  I always had an answer to everything.

I actually didn’t tell Austin about how I reserved my ticket and that I was planning on going to Uluru without him or the kids. But few days or maybe weeks even I find courage and go outside to drop the bomb shell.

Sarah: “Babe I’m going to Uluru for a 3-day conference”.

Austin: “what are the dates”.

Sarah: “um 20-22nd? “

Austin: “Yeah ok we will come too, but we go on holiday to Darwin first”.

Next discovery I come across is the Strong’s. A podcast I was listening to about Star seeds was doing an interview these guys and which they were talking about this prophecy taking place in Uluru and it was he same dates as the conjunction. Steve was not on this show it was Evan, and I could feel a deep resonance in what he was sharing I needed to learn more about who they are.

I started listening to their videos they had uploaded onto YouTube in the car and the synchronicity, and the signs spirit was showing me was so powerful more and more just unfolded and it just directed me closer and closer. I was confused as Steve was speaking about how they were invited to Uluru for a ceremony that talked about a Magic Box. I presumed it was separate and they were not going to be at the conference I was going to.

Uluru Experience 

We arrived at the Resort in Uluru on the 19th. That evening the 300+ delegates who were attending the conference had a welcome night, so we had a chance to meet Kathryn and Mick who are the founders of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference every year during Summer Solstice. That night we got to experience Kerrie Erwin in her innate abilities doing Mediumship with the audience. The energy was unbelievable. What I was witnessing so was everyone, there was no second guessing anything from now and I knew this was the beginning of what was coming.

First day of the Conference the Strong’s were on stage presenting. Just loved their work and the passion was inspiring me not to be scared anymore and share what I know and if they think I am nuts, at least I gave it a shot.

Photo by Mick Turner

Day 1 was so overwhelming, I experienced an emotional meltdown, I was crying to my soul Sister who was also there with me, another 2 people I just met but know they are my long-lost soul family, so I just let it all out freely and was not holding back. I was channeling in spirit and the heavy ache and heightened memories flooding through from past lives and everything happening and going on with Mum guilt clouding it all, It was a cocktail of Sarah you do not want to see. Trust me, I know!

Once I calm down it is getting late and time to go back to the room and get ready for the next day. I’m walking back to the room and all of a sudden I get this familiar energy coming in and straight away I said “They arrived” out of nowhere this guy just appears in my immediate view short distance away no shirt mind you, not very high we were both looking at one another with a blank stare walking towards one another and once I walk past him I could finally move my head, so I swung around to have another look and he was gone.

I am 4 rooms away and I couldn’t get there quick enough. As soon as I find the swipe card and settle down before I walk in and then he starts communicating telepathically with me and I hear: “Ha! Humans.” I thought OMG he’s so cheeky, where did that humour come from” was so weird I cannot explain it other than how it went.

I open the door and the room is completely silent and the energy circulating was strong. I just sat down and didn’t murmur a word. But I wanted to make sure my kids were okay as they were in the lounge-room asleep on the sofa bed whilst the sliding door was being guarded by 2 encounters. I try but I can’t even look up the energy was not allowing me to anything other than sit and just wait.

After a short moment my awareness is back and I hear Austin quietly screaming “Babe quick come to the room” as I’m standing there listening to what he describing I could definitely feel what he was saying and it all made sense. He will describe his story the day of the conference.

I don’t say too much to Austin, this was personal to him, and I didn’t want to interfere or influence him in anyway and plus my ego was telling me not give away any insight because he has to do it alone.

I could not believe this stuff was happening, it was blowing my mind thinking what was going to happen the next day, but I was so excited all my insight was being presented right in front of my eyes and to everyone who thought I was crazy, that’s okay I know I am crazy because its everyone else who denies this are the ones who are nuts!

December 21 arrives, ceremony day. 

The day is here and that morning we receive an invite to join and take part in the ceremony at the rock with the elders. The room was pumped, but I could see half of the participants standing out and I was intrigued as to why they were so amazed about being part of the magic box Steve was describing and talking about leading up to this day.

I start to have flash backs and receive memories of the past about what happened last time when it all went wrong. There was no magic box and that is why everything erupted turned out the way it did last time. I remember arriving on an east coast location with all my sisters and brothers. The sisters were from the female temple where we learnt all about nature and my brothers from the male temple knew how to become craftsman. There is so much more but for now this is just a clue I am sharing.

I keep my thoughts to myself anyone what i was feeling deep down, I knew I had to check in with my guides. I find clarity and focus on my intentions. Ill be honest it terrified me so much I questioned if I even go participate in the ceremony.

I go back to the room, and I break down and cry my heart out. I look around the room, see all of what we had in that room knowing that this might be repeat of the past. I hold my children’s teddies they sleep with at night, send a message to their iPads so they know how proud of who they are that day and when I see them next, they better remember they are in the for biggest hug they could ever dream of getting and hoping that’s enough for them to feel proud that night. There was no word from Austin by phone, so I send him a message before I turn my phone off.

The Ceremony at 7:32pm

We arrive at the location that was chosen, and we are being asked to gather in a particular way, so we are in the alignment with the special rocks and skulls that were facing the rock.

Photo By Mick Turner

Time is disappearing and we are being guided by Steve and gives us a statement (these sentences are not word for word but very close) “we are welcomed to a brand-new world we must not forget, and we are to remember that us as a collective are the first people of the world to put our energy into the rock, we will lead, and others will follow. We are the one tribe bound together”.

Ceremony commences and there is not a sound, pure peace, and silence. I did not know what I was doing I wanted to open my eyes, but I could peak it was to be done to the intentions I set.

The energy is begging and circulating around us, we anchor that energy in. I feel the other ceremonies around the word anchor in and it get stronger and stronger. I am drawn to put hands into the ground and give that energy back to mother earth. I shed tears of compassion and give her the love she needs and honour her sacrifices and acknowledge her value and promise not take advantage of life and make everyday count.

Photo By Mick Turner

Thank you for giving us land and soil to walk on, to incarnate here and experience life in a human body living in a state of consciousness. I am grateful for my children and husband to be alive, and I let go of the pain and suffering of the past. This life I will not lose the love of my life, nor will I suffer in pain of the death of my children. I surrender and let go of all the lessons and give gratitude for everything I have learnt. I will no longer serve what does not serve me, I am here with purpose to the soul’s mission of who I am and everything I am not. I value the path and I promise to become I AM”

I enter a new doorway and all my soul family are standing either side as I walk towards the white light, that energy was something I will never forget. I am searching for my family, but I am assured everything is okay and I am being shown gratitude from everyone of how proud I have come as I continue to move forward. A gateway opens and we portal with all go through with our ancestors suddenly a flash sparks and glimpse of a future is being played in screen shot and then being translated into symbols and rock form with a frequency vibrating to finish with the sound our ancestor makes to signal the gateway is now closed.

We open our eyes and stare into a sky I have never seen before, and the colour is this piercing bold blue and the deep red red/orange amongst the dark clouds was profound.  Everyone was in a state of pure awe. Free spirit awakens and everyone starts this tribal circle, and the sound begins with chanting, there were drums, clapping sticks, didgeridoo all these incredible beats vibrating with everyone in balance. I just sat there and could not move. This was not planned it just happened naturally.

 I am looking around mesmerised and asking myself what just happened. I have a very vivid memory but to experience this in the company of others was a lot for me to understand that everything does exist and there is no turning back. We have just created a whole new world by going back to our future! The time is here, we have arrived.

Once I go back to the room, Austin and the kids are full of life and excitement Austin does not ask me about anything he just shows me these photos. I was shocked I said what how did you get them where were you. I thought he must have followed us I was shocked and started stressing about what he has done.

He explains that he was having dinner with the kids after doing a helicopter tour that afternoon over Ayers Rock and he just felt something. They went back to the room and kids feel asleep and that feeling was getting stronger and suddenly, he chucked the kids on his shoulders and put them in the car and just went to wherever he felt to go.

Where he went there were also a couple of others taking photos. He starts to see the sky and bang on 7:32pm he takes his first photo. 150+ photos later he captures it all.

I am speechless at the fact his first photo was at 7:32pm. Its too much to handle what is happening and how powerful we all are.

Photo By Sarah & Austin Doig

The next day I show only a minimal few the photos and gift them to Kathryn and Mick. I share on stage the photos and have a quick speech about how it happened.

A few months pass by I am looking at the photos and I see the video that captures the ship in the sky heading towards the portal. These photos are so sacred that I have kept them protected for so long because this was going to change things and being the first people in the world who have evidence that will change the way of the future was a lot to take in.

Photo By Sarah & Austin Doig

When the time comes and feels right, I contact with Strong’s, and we go over what happened, and I give Steven and Evan the photos to share with the world everything they have worked hard for. This was special for them, and I honour these photos are just part of the whole plan and that it is not about Austin and Myself and its not the person I am to act like this. If we are here to change the world then who am I to not lead from everything we bind ourselves too. it is about the value of life and making the right choices and to stop going back from our word.   Its time to walk our talk and prove it in our actions.

Photo By Sarah & Austin Doig

To conclude what I have shared with the moral of the story…. You cannot question the facts anymore. We have shifted in the era of consciousness. The ceremony was all I have always know but was to forget to discover once I learnt what I had. I am here as I volunteered to come back and do what it was that we did not get right.

My soul mission was to go through every heartache, so I understood the boundaries and sacrifices that had to be taken to surrender, let go and know what its like to feel love, give love and digest there is always something from nothing. Stepping into the power of the true-self.

Just to wrap this up Austin is blind, he cannot see he did not know what he saw, and his photography is so bad there is not an edit format to this. There are ships the sky, you can see angels and carriages releasing the dark and taking it all away… it is the same as sending all the dark from my heart and letting it go.

All tours for Uluru were not running so how did Austin even book this, I thought he was telling me a yarn but turns out he was on the same tour of another delegate’s husband. I don’t know how they managed a tour when all our tours were cancelled.

 Coincidence? I don’t know what it is but its evident that when you follow your deep knowing that’s when you discover the profound moments and experience joy.

He followed the calling and he honoured what he felt, he felt his heart calling again and that’s the key to have an intuitive skill. He was chosen the evening prior to the ceremony and to become and this was the karmic debt he repaid back in this lifetime. He was granted an activation to his third eye because back in ancient times this was the war they speak of and the love story that wrote about. He was choosing love, that was forbidden, and sacrificed his death. He learnt this time was to act in faith to support his wife so they can honour the whole reason why they fell in love.

This is just a simple quick glimpse of history being written again but now in the form of technology.

The Ancient Mythology is not a myth. It is quite Commonology. Ares and Aphrodite was forbidden when they fell in love at the Trojan war, but they followed the inner calling, their love is what the followed, Isis and Osiris was the story of true love. What they describe in their texts is an example of what we don’t seem to grasp yet. a.

The symbols and codes grab our attention for a reason. We spend thousands of $$ on holidays just to take a photo of each other standing next to history just to share on social media. It’s our views captured in photos but you’re still living under the veil and what you describe as the hashtags you create doesn’t make sense and you miss the opportunity to receive the most important message. We watch all of these programs around the world, and this is link to all of a DNA Blueprint of innate abilities we are programmed to. Once we drop the karma in the certain age cycle that is when you understand we are all speaking about the same principles which is The Aquarian age they spoke of in our history text. If your still questioning, I ask you kindly to question yourself what is it you do know? if your investing your valuable minutes in areas that don’t work for, you’re wasting every moment that counts focused on everything you do love.. think about it..

Our skies are the light beings who transcend Consciousness into the unified field and your coordinate destination is to the temple and grid of the land. The akashic records you go to school, and you learn. Once you are ready you will form into the land as a seed and begin to grow like they describe the tree of life.

We agreed to this prior to coming here, this is an example of a twin flame, soul contract that they describe or code as 11:11. I needed his support for what I sacrifice in love for him to live the life he chooses this was a time for me to appreciate some time to be Sarah. Their support was needed for me to let go of our previous lives and our current past. This was the exact destination we dreamed of and all I wanted is to be the Mum I choose to be show love to my children the way they idolise and respect their Mum. Teach them there is more to life and to be awake to your future coming. Healing me heals them and 7 generations to come. We are the timeline that shifts and stops history repeating itself.

We are here to live a simple life and its purpose is to live freely and serve from soul you embody. Become the the character you desire   to be in a 3D reality and walk your talk from the leading role of discernment. Its souls Mission to step into the truth of who are and create the life you chose to be born here for to live.

The magic box is the heart beating inside of you, it is time we follow whatever our heart is asking from us to do. Never give up what you ache for. Embody soul to come in.

It is time to surrender and activate the inner light.

The record keeper you embody.

Oh, and I forgot to mention like most stories they forget to state in history is that Aliens are real. They do exist, Its fact now even though its evident all around the world in our coded symbols in our clear view. What we describe them as is what we see in life that is real.

This is what happened, this is a story I express from being who I am. If you got this far then you’re at a crossroad and the time is now to wake up and create the life to choose to live.

Thank you for reading, I will see you live on the conference.

Sarah Doig

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  1. And to seek the awakening from within ourselves
    Every morning and every evening.

    Rudolf Steiner – A Verse for Our Time.

  2. Loved Sara’s experience, especially these words of ‘ancient’ wisdom:

    “We are here to live a simple life and its purpose is to live freely and serve from soul you embody.” ……. And ….

    “Its souls Mission to step into the truth of who are and create the life you chose to be born here for to live.”

    Beautiful, thank you Sara

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