The 290 Million Year Old Fossil Human Footprint – REALLY!?!? By Bruce Fenton

By Bruce Fenton

“There is a story going around, that up in the Robledo Mountains of southern New Mexico exists a mind bending fossilised impression. Why should this be of interest you wonder? The answer is, because it is seemingly the print of a human being wandering the area some 290 million years ago. I for one support a revised view of human origins, one that is very controversial, it is my publicly stated opinion that human beings, of one sort or another, go back further than currently believed and that Homo sapiens go back several hundred thousand years beyond the current consensus dating…..”



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  1. 250Ma is -3034 and 300 Ma is -3060 Ma using CUT (clearing-up times) conversion READY RECKONER. Thus 290 Ma by rough intercalation is -3055. King Eubalda of Spain from Jacobsen and CUT modification is ruling. The Biblical Togarmah is just ending a kingship period, Belus (of Oriental Temple fame) is ruling in ‘Assyria’ and the Biblical patriarch Shelah is about 100 years old. A footprint – you bet!!

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