Stop a known and acknowledged Aboriginal Sacred site being turned into a quarry!

Why this is important

Any day now bulldozers will appear at a known and acknowledged Sacred Mens Site for the Githabul people, the Original peoples of Cedar Point, Kyogle. NSW Australia. Time and options are limited as the development was approved over 3 months ago and survey pegs are in the ground. The Githabul people need your help to stop this wanton desecration of one of their most sacred places just for the profit of a few.
It is so important to let the corporate and mining sectors know that we will no longer let them “bulldoze” away our planet and heritage, especially the ancient heritage that is being held sacred by the Original people of Australia and the other indigenous cultures of this world. A win here would be a win for all.
I am a Mother of 4 and a Grandmother of 11 and it is so important to me to see these sacred areas saved for all future generations. Here is a link to the full story



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