1. kind -of miffed … wanted to read the Egyptian site stuff and not being an iPad or any other kind-of technocrat – can’t.
    So … while Here ….for them that ever wondered?? Aboriginal = french, “arbor” – to have, to bear
    and origin. Might be more respectful to find out what local tribes call themselves though. Good manners was supposed to be a Brit invention, yes? … roughly Murrays = North-Eastern,
    Koories … generally blackfellahs Southern from say Brisbane to about halfway-across in S.A. &Flinders Ranges, then the rest – roughly – collectively – Nhoongahs. Some white folks know thier tribal names most don’t bother … as an exhile not ex-pat -Transfer-Figure-Token (Scape-Goat/Judas-Goat) of The Eschatonic Conspiracy? ‘used to the diaspora of 3rd-World-War.
    And if “our” Ancestors built Stonehenge” – who also built this Aussie Egyptian-thing – is that (guyAndrew) cheering for HIS mobs’ cave? So how-come – bloke – YOU’RE still referring-to a difference, i.e. ‘our’ Ancestors – if they were the same?
    love & peace

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