1. I’ve just started the journey of acquiring the knowledge…Do you recommend a logical start point… what should I read first?

  2. You mention a new book that incorporates the ‘Ancient Aliens in Australia’ forthcoming in 2018. As it is now the rather hideous year of un-grace 2020, have you managed to publish it yet? Meanwhile hope to purchase your other books on this site if they are available in the fast-disintegrating U.K.
    My best wishes to all in Oz!

    Geoff Hanham

  3. I am interested in reading Ancient Aliens in Australia but can’t find it in stock anywhere. Is it out of print? And if so, do you have any plans to publish it again in the future?

  4. Love your work. have not been able to find the book Ancient Aliens as you list. Can you advise where I may purchase a copy.

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