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Egyptian Archaeology

August 9, 2012 evstrong 9

This is the very first time I have actually written something specifically for our web site. Being utterly disinterested in all things related to computers, […]

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Another Rock in the Wall

June 1, 2012 evstrong 2

My first reaction, upon receiving a phone call from Yanna Muldi Kon (Darren McElroy) relaying a directive from Ramindjeri Elders, was laced with an overwhelming […]

The written word

June 18, 2011 admin 3

There is an agreed ancient artistic style that has spread throughout Australia which is referred to as the Panaramittee tradition. What is not in agreement […]

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The First Religion

April 18, 2011 admin 0

It has always been our intention to walk both sides of the divide, science and religion, either or, they are merely human constructs that provide […]

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An Extended Family

March 27, 2011 admin 0

In our previous article we made reference to mtDNA research that stands in direct opposition to the Out-of-Africa theory. Professors Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann […]

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Nine Similarities

March 13, 2011 admin 1

Collectively, our fact and fiction file, response to the press, critique of a respected academic, and overview of the flaws of Australian conventional pre-history address […]