From Stones to the Stars -Return of the Great Spirit

From Stones to the Stars -Return of the Great Spirit

By Jillian-Rumble Young


I have always been magnetically drawn to obscure and magical objects. There’s a curious excitement  in all the cells of your being, when your about to find something special. Being able to read energy was a skill of survival for me growing up. I could sense when things didn’t feel or seem right . I have learned to live in intuition mode. I have used this talent  to get myself out of dangerous situations, many times. It seems 10/10 my intuition is Always right.  Call it what you want, but I have always felt this world was far more mysterious and magical than I was ever told.

My experiences growing up proved this to me.   I live from my heart and sometimes the heart commands silly or strange things but I am a curious little person, so I follow those  feeling .

Its always about quieting the mind and listening to the feelings, sensations.  Would you trust that silent voice in your head  to  step off the beaten path ? Well I do. I can feel when an object wants to be found. Its like a magnetism towards the object. Its the sense of knowing there is something deeper about to be discovered .  In the moment, I’m not looking or thinking about needing any external validation(scientific data), I am focused on the task at hand and that is simply a game of hide and seek with spirit giving me directions .

 Sometimes the scenario plays out like this.

I am bush walking , Spirit say stop, now walk off the path here,…keep walking …now stop, look down, and there laying is a special gift.

 I have always trusted those serendipitous moments of pure magic.

It comes down to the divine feminine,  which is divine intuition of knowing (clairvoyance). Knowing is not needing external validation (number, statistics, data) to make your point. You feel it in every cell of your being, you Know it’s valid.

 It’s one thing to buy a tool, with a specific purpose in mind for using it. Generally you know what your going to use the tool for, and it comes with instructions on  how to use it and what it can do.

 Imagine for a moment finding a tool,  and trying to understand how it works. There are no instructions and you don’t know how it works. The tool clearly has a specific use and purpose otherwise it would not have been made.  What if the tool you found  used you  to fulfill it’s purpose.

We have to be still enough with ourselves to listen to the messages nature is whispering to us.

 What we do to the land, we do to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. The earth is a living and ever expanding conscious  entity just as you and me.  So how you treat yourself, your body, your home, your land is a representation of where you are at with your consciousness.

The story of the stone tool  starts like this .

I had booked myself in for a day yoga course up in the Grampians, a bit of time to dive deeper into my soul. Whilst my visit was brief, I  was left with a deep impression . When I got home I had this overwhelming urge to go back to this beautiful spot. I knew it was sacred land because the rock circles and land formations, even the colour of the dirt told me this was sacred land. I  planned my second voyage back except this time It was more of a personal soul journey.  I was standing at the entrance to this yurt and whilst taking my shoes off I felt this common feeling for me . It was this feeling of something important was asking to be found. I picked up this stone and examined the markings . I knew nature didn’t make patterns like this. I asked the property owner where he had got these rocks from. The property owner said his neighbor down the road brought them to him from his property at the bottom of a river wash. I asked the owner if I could take this stone home . He looked at me and laughed and said “of course you can”. I’m delighted when people understand my strangeness for these kind of things.   To test myself a bit more, I put the rock down, again this rock had my attention so strong it was almost calling me to pick it up again .   Just out of curiosity I wanted to hear the sound it made .  I knew as soon as I grasped it, that this was a fully loaded powerful tool.

When I tuned into what this tool and it’s purpose, I saw a very clear scene play out. I saw a group of women   elders, They were peace keepers and seers. They were in ceremony  with this rock, they knew the horror that was to come in the years ahead. These seers were  praying into the rock for the return of the great spirit . Then they  walked  down to the river and put the rock into the water as to imprint the waters of life with this message.

 These elders had  set in place a spiritual awakening for humanity to return to its true oneness with nature and all of creation.  A spiritual awakening that would  reunite all humanity back into  sovereignty.  A call to act on what we feel and Know is right, not what we are being “told”  is right. 

This grand awakening will shift your head into heart centred consciousness. Your heart is the new  intelligence.

There is greater cosmic information filtering in.  Our true history  is coming back online.  A truth that has been kept hidden and suppressed for centuries .  Together we stand divided we fall . This is not about what culture I am from, the colour of my skin or any religious beliefs, This is a greater understanding that we are part of a much larger  cosmic heritage. Humanity’s origins  are from the stars. The star races to be a bit more clear.  We are not walking talking monkeys, but more highly sophisticated technological beings that have been lied to and manipulated. This return of the great spirit will have dormant DNA reactivated , and more psychic abilities come back online.  Our bodies natural immune system is our direct connection to source, and infinite information.

But we first have to get through the drudge at the bottom of the barrel, and that is the simple fact we have been lied to for centuries. 

Government organisations have been trying to deconstruct our natural history and have been indoctrinating us since our mothers mother.  We don’t need to be told what is good for us , we inherently KNOW what is good for us.  We don’t need a leader to make good choices for us.  We already know how to do that ourselves. We don’t  need leaders,  we are leaders in our homes, communities, and in our circles of influence.  Our morality is our compass of discernment.

The consciousness of the planet is waking up  and as humans we are micro organisms on this planet.  So when the earths  consciousness wakes up, so do we . We feel it on a very deep and cellular level.  Gaia waking up  and  taking back her power and so should we.   When we harmonise with the patterns of nature we expedite the healing process of the land, environment and the collective of human consciousness . 

Coherence is the key to success at this time.  Coherence with your thoughts, the truth you speak and the actions you take.

We need to approach this with flowing compassion to harmonise with ourselves and nature. 

We need to rethink the way we have relationship with the land. The land is our mother, our source of life and the  place where we come to  create anything into reality. 


  1. Your thoughts on how your innate intuitive abilities guide you are closely reminiscent of my own. I also have had an abundance of ‘scientifically unverified’ abilities since birth that have thankfully guided, warned and welcomed me every single day of my life……I can’t imagine a world without them. While I’ve had these gifts throughout my life my quest for spiritual knowledge has recently begun, through a series of serendipitous and syncsronictic events that have guided me here, to the knowledge I was seeking in this moment, through what have been progressive day to day overlapping messages. I am very grateful for all that the both of you share, your ‘inner world’ sounds a lot like my own, a place I’m finally able to appreciate.

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