???? URGENT Call to ACTION – Submissions are open right NOW – so it’s very important to get submissions done ASAP ????

Dear Central Coast community and our supportive neighbours

We have been working closely with Traditional Custodians over the past few years to protect part of Kariong Sacred Lands from a proposed development by Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (DLALC).

Yep, unfortunately DLALC are willing to destroy cultural heritage and endangered plants and animals for profit!

We have received zero support from our State Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs David Harris, so we need PEOPLE POWER

Only a short walk from the famous Grandmother tree and Kariong Hieroglyphs, this development will see the complete destruction of endangered wetlands, threatened flora and fauna and officially registered Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.

PLEASE help our voiceless native plants and animals by writing a short, to the point submission opposing this development.

Here is the link to make your submission:

(It should only take a few minutes, so please consider taking the time to do it!)

Some points to help you with your objection to the rezoning proposal:

  • Destruction of cultural heritage and sacred Aboriginal sites, and against the wishes of the Traditional Custodians of the Central Coast the Guringai and Darkinoong (not Darkinjung) people
  • This is called a ‘cut and fill’ development, and would see the entire bushland (rocks, trees and wetlands) gutted and filled in, and all plants and animals that call it home completely wiped out
    ** This is NOT a sustainable development as DLALC are claiming **
  • The land is currently zoned C2 Environmental Protection (the highest environmental protection private land can receive) and is full of threatened and endangered species and their habitat, such as the Glossy black cockatoo, Powerful Owl, Giant Burrowing Frog, Red Crowned Toadlet and the extremely rare plant Darwinia glaucophylla
  • This development could set an extremely dangerous legal precedent for other environmentally protected native bushland to be rezoned and bulldozed, such as the entire beachfront bushland at Norah Head that Darkinjung Land Council has claimed and are planning to develop
    ** If they get away with Kariong, places like Norah Head will be next **
  • The area is listed as Area of Regional Koala Significance (ARKS) and is currently being assessed by the Government to release Koalas into the area for a relocation program (Koala Translocation Project) aimed at stopping the extinction of koalas
  • The area has endangered fresh water wetlands that feed into the National Park below, incl the local oyster industry in Brisbane Water that rely on this fresh water for their very existence
  • Developmental waste run-off polluting surrounding environment and weed infestation into the National Park next to proposed development site
  • New access roads cut into bushland to access development site
  • Traffic congestion of heavy lorries and other associated vehicles using Woy Woy road and other local roadways adding to already strained infrastructure
  • Noise pollution of development for extended periods during the development
  • Wildlife fleeing and being injured or killed from the bulldozers being pushed onto Woy Woy Road
  • Potential fire risk to surrounding bushland and houses by taking out wetlands and drying out surrounding bushland (this is a major fire risk area)
  • Risk of domestic animals such as cats and dogs impacting wildlife in National Park
NOTE: DLALC are saying they are protecting half the site, but just because they aren’t attempting to destroy the entire parcel, doesn’t mean they are “protecting” anything.


We MUST save this special part of Kariong Sacred Lands!

???? For our love of our beautiful Central Coast! ????


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