1. Dear Steve and Evan. sbs televison australia provides some interesting themes in this aboriginal origins. Astory from the dreaming as aired on sbs. The tribe called Yamanija Porthead lands, revealed a story about the star babies coming from space , they came and ate up all the tucker. Looking up to see the moon they though it to be damper( european corruption here i think). So the star babies left , only those who where left behind became humans” . the name Yamanija , like the elder women’s name of Kabaira,the two names ,are not aboriginal in origin , it’s indian. which creates this sense of migration in two directions. we have the min min lights here. in egypt the coptic ancient belief in the god min, the min min balls of light yet term min in china is bright . and the tribe in arneham land the ra -min-ing ing , the ing is not pronounced , seems to me to indicate an alien origin to. the most interesting one is the dingo, not native but from thailand. 3500 circa bc years ago. ealiest fossil remains in australia . In thailand they found a mite on these dogs that could have only come from a kangaroo. so who was sailing on the seas,that long ago. of course all this is speculation , and here say. will we ever know for sure. . jb.

    • Thanks John, Very very interesting, great stuff especially about the star babies and the kangaroo mite on Thai dogs. the Indian connection keeps turning up, prolbem they always see it comming from India and not the other way – from Australia. Can remember how they said the Star Babies come from Space? Cheers Steve and Evan.

  2. You may not understand me but i have past life memory, kundalini riseing, my first life i lived in the south of australia in what is now the great australian bight, My people and i crossed over the land bridge of kamira kandam in to srilanka. around 30,000 years ago. i have an email of a dna study that reveals this so people can move in both directions. i guess it’s all about how one feels about out of africa. . we where dolicephaly peoples.

    • We are convinced its Out-of-Australia. We also have a Bundjalung Dreaming story about contact between the Original people and India / Sri Lanka. We have no problem with past life memories they can be as important as any science. Cheers Steve and Evan.

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