An Alien Aperitif: Interview With an Alien

An Alien Aperitif: Interview with an Alien

By Steven Strong with Lea Kapiteli


This excerpt from our book, Interview with an Alien, was chosen for those who lack the finances to purchase this book or the motivation to read any publication numbering in the hundreds of pages. The wisdom Mezreth shares is literally ‘priceless,’ and the least we can do is to freely offer this small snippet of his wisdom and guidance during these turbulent times.

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                We are of the belief that because the ceremony at Uluru initiated a global ascension, for many there is a need for directions, suggestions and guidelines. The Hopi prophesies of the time of complete change is always prefaced by warnings that humans must adopt the tenets of Old Teachings, and that is all Mezreth talks about. The snippet of the Old Teachings we chose, which is what follows next, will give the reader an indication of what is needed during what Mezreth referred to as “brutal times.”

By Lea Kapiteli

A Section of Transcript Three

“Steve: My first question is, is it true to say that the alien race also ranges from almost ascended to uncaring and purely self-interested as many of us are today? Is that a fair call? Is that what’s happened over there on the other side?

Mezreth: Not just the species, not just social groups or movements but individuals. No two minds are the same in this universe. The Ascended are the ones who believe they are heavy, while the heavy believe they are ascended. With that: chaos is born. And wherever there is life, there is chaos. Indulge in this gift.

Steve: So, wherever it is, life is chaos. Well, that must mean right now on this planet, we are so alive. The question that follows, because it is a now two-part question, how can this be?

Surely the more knowledgeable, the more technologically advanced and having a big picture view of everything, should theoretically make you more aware and compassionate.

That so much of the truth is hidden or stolen on this planet makes things even more difficult here. And that loss of vision and mystical purpose on this planet makes a lot of good people turn into not so good people because they don’t have a big picture overview. But elsewhere most Aliens have more of these truths there for the taking. Shouldn’t that lead to being selfless, less belligerent and peaceful? How is it that some of these less caring off-worlders are so ambivalent and sometimes even violent when they shouldn’t be? Is there an explanation for how that could be happen?

Mezreth: All forms of life see the universe through a single pair of eyes and judge actions based on their personal experience. It doesn’t matter how high the growth of perspective somebody has, it is still within their narrow confines of their own perceptions. It doesn’t matter how high they are. Even for us, the sky is the limit. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor your life experiences were, management of attitude and responses to situations is vital. You will never truly 100% absolutely see the universal truth in its full entirety because you will always perceive with some bias.  We have seen the whole universe and each of us emphasize different aspects. Our own values became watered down because of an abundance of time. Some of us were infected with apathy. Peaceful, yes. But we stopped wandering and became lost.

Steve: So that’s what it comes down to, it doesn’t matter about your station or position. Everyone sees this story from one set of eyes, which is their own, and their own personal experience becomes part of that vision. It’s a bit like this, a show some time ago, a comedy TV show, I can’t remember which one, had a scene with people fighting each other, and in the background a guy was dressed up in a bear suit, he walked across the stage in the background, and no one saw it.  I didn’t see the bear. Everyone, maybe a dozen people were jumping all over the place. All the components were there to see, but the bear was lost in the maze.

So, when it comes down to when we see or hear a truth with our senses, it’s all about how we process that truth. And in our case with everything in a state of flux, it doesn’t matter whether you know more because we’re still going to have a problem because there’s conflict and chaos everywhere. And that’s the test in this. Now, here comes the part I was interested in because a lot of those questions lead up to one fundamental universal issue.

Do all aliens believe in some form of God-like creator? And then to be specific, because I’m aware of the fact the aliens who have taken an interest in human affairs are so numerous, in this area is there a commonality in perspective and understanding of how and who created everything?

Mezreth: Some think it’s creation. Some think it’s intelligence. Some think it’s destruction and some think it’s essence. All correct and all are Akashi. We are all garments of Akashi. Life has always been here.

Steve: On Earth, when it comes to creation, we are told that on day one there was a massive, Big Bang Theory. That theory seems to fit some of the holes, but not all of them. In particular if there was just nothing, a limitless void of nothing, then how can nothing create everything?

(Lea giving context): Well, what we have to understand comes through their perspective. Their consensus of what life is a little bit more broader than what we agree life is. If you ask the average person what is life, most will be exclusive nominating animals and maybe plants and some may give a more of a spiritual answer.

Another person may say it’s biological. So therefore, it’s this or that, so you have all these different answers. All of them are correct. They are all pieces of the whole definition of what life is. But those who have far broader perspective and who are far more learned and have explored far more areas. They would readily agree that things such as stones are just another form of life.

Steve: I was always going to talk about that. Yes, we’re on the same page that the rocks we have and what they’ve done, they are alive. But when people ask me, do they have a soul, I have no answer for that. But are they alive? Absolutely. Are they aware? Definitely. While I actually die. I’m not even sure they do. They just are there and continue to be.

This may be slightly off topic, but if we’re going down this particular rabbit hole, my understanding when it comes to death, particularly when it comes to things like rocks, stones, minerals, we have seen enough to state that this is a transmutation process. Just as it is with us, just like with out with our bodies, it’s a transmuted. They transmute I mean, they are pieces, they’re fragments of consciousness or whatever their consciousness is, Mezreth calls it akashic. But when they break, they don’t die as such. They just break apart and they splinter, but they’re still there. They just change physical forms like we do.

Because that follows what Mezreth said before about life has always been here. So, you can’t actually kill a life. It just transmutes and change. We as humans, some call it reincarnation, which is basically you transmute. We leave one bus, and you get in another one. While we are discussing life and death let’s talk about the skulls we have seen, that’s something more specific. We can get somewhere with this, surely.

This is the part that I’m interested in because if they are and they’ve been here and they’re living here as opposed to flying past and watching and occasionally popping in but living with us. What were their intentions and dispositions. And did they use humans or liaise with them? Because that to me is the crucial element in our evolution. I hear stories of both using us sometimes as a slave race and sometimes liaising with us as equal partners. So, what was going on, and who are this mob? Where are they from, what makes them different from us and what are their motivations?

Mezreth: Mixing and merging here, there and everywhere. We’ve been together for a long time, so long that the idea of ours and yours has lost meaning. We have lost meaning. There are ancient human remains dotted around the cosmos posing equal mysteries. You and they, and we – ours, yours and theirs, all meaningless – all is the same. Origin is the same for all beings.

Steve: So it’s not really part of what this planet is about why we’re here and why they’re here that is the essential issue. This is supposed to be a place where they’re trying to merge everything into one, aren’t they? All the differences merge into a common goal. And therefore, if you start talking and identifying that I come from here or there, then there’s division, isn’t there?

Let’s dig deeper even though I’m probably going to get a cryptic response on the next question that stems off this. But primarily they are here. And when we think about the fact, like I’ve been trying to say when you look at the variations in humans, it’s just unbelievably different. There are so many diverse genes in this equation. Clearly, they came from all over the Cosmos to live with us. They shared their genes and that’s inside us now.

So now I’m going to talk about the no-forehead beings I’ve seen, and I have the bones of one individual. Where did these bones come from? What are their intentions?

Mezreth: They were our siblings. Our younger kin. They left the cradle, their home, to travel for the love of curiosity. Then they made friends on and on they would go, but after ages, friendships broken and alliances took over, our little siblings got too involved and lost heart after some time, they abandoned their goals and returned home, never wanting to return again and never wanting to leave again.

Steve: So, these are younger siblings of Mezreth and they left the cradle. When they went around from place to place, they were only doing this for the right reasons. There was no interest in making a political alliance or crusade. They walked away from the politics of that. Now, with the foreheadless race, are they still keeping to themselves?

(Lea adding context): Yes, they’re still alive, but they’re not interested in anything at the moment. Well, I mean, not that they say they’re not interested. They’re just keeping out of it. A lot of politics out there as well. Don’t worry. They’re keeping out of it.

Steve: While we’re going down this path, I wanted to try something fairly pragmatic. The last question got close, so we’ll try again. We’re talking about different races of aliens. And really, it’s funny that in this planet, nearly all the talk, apart from Pleiadians and Sirians, seems to be fixated on two groups.

And for a lot of different reasons, which we won’t go into right now, I’m not sure that it’s completely right, I was wondering if we could have a little bit of detail on the prime suspects in this group, which would probably be the Reptilians and Draconians. What is their take on these two groups, what they’re on about and with the current state of play with them. And the consensus is they are in league with the devil and that they’re completely evil. But I’m not sure that’s right. But let’s find out what you got for me.

Mezreth: We represent only some of the factions. Your closest neighbours, the Xannians, they see, they fear you as you are now. But the needs on why they choose to risk themselves may frighten you in the beginning in essence, their motivations on befriending you are of survival, but you would gain much from that relationship should you master your fear. All they want is an exchange.  …”


What Comes Next?

Of course, we have no actual empirical evidence or photograph validating that Mezreth actually exists or said any of what is in this book. From my perspective I have not seen him in any form nor spoken to him, as all communication happens via Lea. Nevertheless, I have asked Lea a series of questions she could not possibly know the answer to, and in every response she was correct. Even though I have never seen him, Evan has. So between them they are either telling the truth or lying. So, both options are possible.

                However, what is neither viable nor remotely possible is the likelihood that Evan, myself or Lea is capable of responding with such depth, insight or wisdom. His responses are beyond the capacity and reach of any Earth-dwelling mortal, past or present, from our stance his answers disqualify any human involvement. This being comes from the stars and knows nearly everything, we, at best, know a few things. So put away the skeptic’s hat and let the truth flow.

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