UFORQ – Steven & Evan Strong Presentation – Original People From the Stars

Adelaide Museum: Panaramittee Crocodile Engraving

Adelaide Part 1 & 2 The Greatest Story Never Told

Filmed & Produced by Mark D Funda
At University South Australia 21st March 2015
“The accepted human history of Australia and humanity we are assured is true, is wrong. We have gathered a huge amount of archaeology and Elders accounts which creates a narrative that opens up a completely different past and brand new future. Within Australia Original truths speak of earlier civilisations, technologies and wisdom that is still beyond our understanding.”
“Our directive from the Original Elders and Custodians of Lore is simple: to provide science and historical accounts of the highest calibre in support of the Original historical narrative.

Episode 84. Steven Strong and Evan Strong – The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show

Published on Feb 8, 2015

A bit about Steven Strong and his son Evan Strong and what they do from their website “Forgotten Origin”.

50,000 years ago, the very first Homo Sapiens set sail from Australia. These people were responsible for the development of religion, art, agriculture, seafaring, surgery, and many of the cornerstones of civilisation as we know it.

Steven and Evan Strong have spent over 20 years assembling facts from archaeological finds, explorers’ accounts, genetics information, traditional Australian Aboriginal mythology and many more sources to develop one coherent and controversial theory: Aboriginal people exported civilisation to the world-at-large.

 Just Energy Radio – The Hidden History Of Australia – Steven & Evan Strong

Published on Jan 23, 2015

Steven and Evan Strong challenge the out-of-Africa theory of human evolution and posits that Homo sapiens sapiens evolved independently in Australia.

Windows on the World: Ancient Australia with Steven and Evan Strong

Published on Dec 28, 2014

New show every Sunday 9pm GMT This show Steven and Evan Strong on Ancient Australia. New finds by Steven and Evan cause more rifts with academics, they are also asked to look at a crystal skull which unlike many others found could be authentic.


WARNING: To Australian Original People please use caution viewing this web page, as it contain images, videos and voices of deceased persons.


“The Rock that re-writes World History”

Ancient Egyptians in Australia

Egyptians in Australia Part 1 – Steven Strong

Egyptians in Australia Part 2 – Steven Strong

WARNING: To Australian Original People please use caution viewing this video, as it contain images  and voices of deceased persons

Egyptians in Australia Part 3 – Steven Strong

Egyptians in Australia Part 4 – Steven Strong

Egyptians in Australia Part 5 – Steven Strong

Egyptians in Australia Part 6

Interview on the Human Origins in Australia with Steven and Evan Strong

The Revival of ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’

Red Ice Radio – Steven & Evan Strong – Hour 1 – Aboriginal Origins & Egyptian Glyphs in Australia


Steven Strong’s Interview on Fareastralia Radio <h/2>


Forgotten Origin: A New Theory Of Human Civilization

An Original Engraving Made by Ancient Advanced Technology?


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  1. Aricka

    wonderful information are you on Facebook please keep me informed I have share this vid on my Facebook how can we STOP this Land from being SOLD!!!! why can’t this site be a part of the world heritage thanks Aricka Douglas

    1. evstrong

      All you can do is pass on this information to other people- if enough people complain they’ll have to listen, yes world heritage listing would be the best outcome and what we are chasing for. Thanks Steve and Evan.

  2. J Dave C

    Never give up, for we know the true history of the earth and it’s inhabitants is not accurate. And is constantly being challenged for CHANGE and more so with undeniable FACTS to prove the main stream academics were inaccurate in there assumptions. Yes assumptions are not fact and that is what they teach. JDC Phoenix

    1. evstrong

      Most defiantly assumptions too easily become facts and mythology becomes imagination- its just present day arrogance. With two more You-tube videos out we will never give up. Cheers

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