The Site Near Gosford That Rewrites World History

The Site Near Gosford That Rewrites World History

By Steven & Evan Strong


It’s been a little over four years since we last made a concerted attempt to get any mainstream branch interested in the research we have been involved in at Kariong and the surrounding bush. Last time around we did get what appeared to be, ever so briefly, an incredibly complimentary airing of just over two hours in duration before the censors stepped in and everything went back to normal stations.

I still remember when one of our friends rang at seven in the morning of December 12, 2012 with news that the work our group had done near, in and around the Kariong hieroglyphs was the second item on the ABC National News. What became even more puzzling was that once turning on the radio and listening to a one minute thirty second segment (of which we still have the transcript) there was nothing but unconditional support for what we observed. It got better, if that was possible, the praise and positive slant in the accompanying article posted on the ABC web site added up to the real Original truth about this place finally being recognised.

At around two hours after the first airing the axe of the censor fell from a considerable height and from coast to coast and all posts between, that stunning glimpse of the Kariong truth became yesterday’s news. As if to rub salt into our wounds the last sentinel of one Original truth still standing, the article on the web site praising our work was replaced by another much older piece written by a Government academic rubbishing the engravings, but made no mention of the seven sites we showed the ABC reporter compiling the bulletin. Through contacts employed within the ABC umbrella we soon learnt that there was no precedent for censorship of that speed, ever. The normal process is that once a complaint is formally lodged on any news item a committee is convened to see whether there are grounds for removal, no-one had been allowed to pre-empt that routine, until now. Apparently the only authority that could circumvent the prescribed rules of behaviour in removing any news item broadcasted by the publicly funded national broadcaster, is the Federal Government. It took over a year of constant questioning and perseverance from a highly respected sympathetic academic before an official response was given, which in essence declared they were not legally compelled to explain their actions to any member of the public.

Nevertheless, despite a thousand and one reasons not to enter the fray, due to an event that is too complex and a touch mystical to delve into now, we have no alternative but to try again.

As mentioned often, the Original engravings and archaeology of this area is the most diverse in styles, manner of presentation and unequalled in the tally or quality seen anywhere else in Australia.  Amongst this archaeological treasure trove there is an undeniable first among equals, and by some considerable margin at that. The three hundred hieroglyphs, which many claim to be of ancient Egyptian authorship, found in the bush near Kariong is without doubt the most controversial site in this country. It had been my opinion, and that of many others we work with, that the glyphs were doomed to be the ‘sacrificial lamb’ in this ancient complex. Every time we visit there is the permanent expectation that we will see more wilful damage and grief.

Owing to the recent turn of events with an esoteric flavour we now realise that these walls are far more important and have to be protected, restored and honoured immediately, if not sooner. To that end we intend to present a series of articles covering a small section of some of the more important, and often historic, sites and pieces of archaeology either discussed by us some time ago or is a quite recent appearance. The ‘first eleven’ that gained the sole selector’s nod share a common feature, their total inconvenience. None of what follows conforms in almost every respect if relying upon the accepted historical accounts of what took place in Australian before the British Invasion.

The Opening Batsmen With the Highest Batting Average is Given out Without a Ball Bowled

It is compulsory that the three sandstone walls should open for the local ensemble, its credentials are unsurpassed throughout the country unless venturing into Standing Stones country. It is the public showpiece and the most visited site by a huge margin and well known throughout the world. The last time we did archaeology there we took a group of three delightful young Germans who were prepared to wander for hours in the bush with no idea where the site is. Knowing how incredibly concealed the opening and uninviting to crawl further, they had no chance to find it but it made no difference. The car park is often full and the numbers of unsupervised visits increase exponentially.

The relevant authorities in all three tiers of government know of this monument to ancient days in Australia, and they have investigated and deliberated, and in their wisdom put together an extensive list of reasons why this site is bogus and no further action is required.

Six Officially Endorsed Reasons why This Site is a Hoax

  1. It was created through the mischief and “chisel” of a “deranged Czech,” who was caught exiting the glyphs with a chisel in hand in 1975. There are many flaws in this anonymous undocumented encounter with an intellectually disabled vandal of European stock. Exiting with nothing more than chisel, lacking hammer or ladder makes the existence of engraved glyphs which now stand four metres from the floor very difficult to factor into such a sparse technological equation. No human on this planet standing under three metres could engrave quite intricate symbols into such an elevated position without assistance of another person or tool. The workmanship, consistent curve in cut without a hint of a straight line excludes a chisel and demands the hand of a skilled mason. If this intellectually disabled “Czech” was responsible, where is the book on Proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs to copy from when concocting this elaborate hoax? These symbols are so detailed and unalike and to have the intellectual ability to photographically remember how each glyph was formed, with no more than a chisel as an aid, requires that this person must have an IQ score of 150, never half that quotient. In closing this rebuttal, we always refer to an Original Elder knowledgeable of the local Lore. And who better to consult than David Fitzgerald, who worked for the Brisbane Waters NPWS as an Original advisor on the archaeology of the area at the time the glyphs were first officially reported. A more detailed version can be found on our You Tube video (Egyptians in Australia Part 2), but in brief, he had to literally barter the location of another newly found Original site for the privilege to be taken to the site at dusk in sworn secrecy in 1978. It was full to the brim (about 6 metres) and crammed tight with debris, trees, rocks and all manner of vegetation that fell in over the decades. David was directed to assemble a work crew which took two full days of hard labour before cleaning the site and revealing what was hidden. He is even more adamant the tonnes of vegetation and rock removed took at least thirty years to accumulate, never the three years attributed to this unnamed European who was supposed to be casually strolling along the present-day floor in 1975. That is simply untrue, on to the next offering.
  1. The second line of defense is not a lone act, but an educated collective conducting an entirely unethical and mindless exercise that sat outside the reach of any curriculum taught at Sydney University in the early to mid-60’s. Again lacking in any personal name or signature confessing guilt, a group of Sydney University students camped in the bush nearby for weeks and created from a blank sandstone canvass the full assemblage of engravings we now see, of which many of those identified are Proto-Egyptian. Our issues with this are too many to be covered today, but the fact that there was no degree majoring in ancient Egypt offered in any Australian University during the entire decade does kick off proceedings. So no marks were given for weeks of hardship for students who will eventually become archaeologists, and here at the most prestigious university in the state they are actively encouraged and abetted in creating a hoax that has no equal in the country. Knowing how students at all Universities at that time became more radicalised and ‘hippified,’ it beggars belief that over the last 50 years not one student, who after all was directed to do this, would come clean and tell the truth aware there will be no recrimination. Equally at the time this supposedly happened, surely loose tongues at parties fueled by alcohol and cannabis would spread news of this large scale totally unprofessional act. What educational purpose does this deception serve except to foster deceitful attitudes in the students they teach? Does that mean a lot of today’s archaeology is legitimate if found by a graduate of a university that behaves like a dishonest, disrespectful deceiver? Equally the wall already had a fairly large fill of debris by the time they supposedly entered the site. David’s estimate of thirty years has to mean this process began in the late 40’s and has to be at least two metres full by the mid-60’s. The last time an easy passage was still viable will be ten years earlier somewhere in the mid to late 50’s, which not coincidentally, is mentioned in a statuary declaration signed by Nell Parker of which we have a copy. In her account she describes her time as a ten year-old girl when her Uncle, who was the Secretary of the organisation that became the N.S.W. NPWS, took her into the bush to a remote place full of 300 engraved hieroglyphs. Sworn to secrecy, she was taken to the walls and shown the engravings and obeyed her uncle’s directions until it became obvious it could no longer be honoured.
  1. The third reserve is a reluctant entrant, even some of our most strident critics walk away from this fictional offering, but in official circles it still has credence and must be acknowledged, then quickly dispensed with. This one opens with a grieving World War I veteran paying homage to his fallen comrades when posted in Egypt. This man most certainly did erect such a monument near the northern edge of Sydney a considerable distance away, but there were no hieroglyphs inscribed there, nor was it positioned in what would have been at the time a place where no home could be found for ten kilometres. Moreover, the walls are situated in such a difficult and camouflaged position and it is a real effort to scale and well beyond the capacities of anyone who wasn’t fully fit. The old, injured, overweight or those who have injured their feet or lost a limb in the war will never see it. Why erect such a tribute at a place no-one could reach, and had one in a million chance to come upon by accident? There is no mention of this person admitting this in his diaries, simply because it never happened. Now on to a criticism that does, at first glance, seem to have some substance.
  1. After ten years of a growing number of people visiting this site and the insistence the academics stop doing nothing and look, in 1988 an inspection was made and an F was awarded. It was according to the academics, bogus and very recent, with suggestions it was only twelve months old. One of the apparent inconsistencies in the script if it is ancient Egyptian, is that the characters inside the cartouches are facing the wrong way. They were half right at the time of viewing as all examples found to that day always had the symbols inside consistent in alignment to those outside. However, due to some brilliant research by a colleague of ours, Laird Scranton (ex-lecturer, Colgate University, graduate Vasser) that assumption no longer applies. He found that on Egyptian pottery found in 2006 by a German archaeologist, eighteen years after the formal evaluation at Kariong was completed, the most extremely sacred serekhs did conform to the same reversal in the positioning characters. Therefore, the reversal found first anywhere in the world was at Kariong and is not only part of the presentation of Proto-Egyptian, but denotes something very serious and spiritually profound in the content. There is one actual square cartouche at the first wall, which we suspect is mostly or entirely created by the first Egyptian emissaries arriving in Gosford around 4,600 years ago, the other nine have been incorrectly identified as cartouches are rectangular and should be referred to as serekhs. With Egyptian pottery setting the precedent and confirming that this rare script is holy and genuine, it is time to move on to the next complaint made about the engravings, and again there is good reason to object, but if you take the time and look a little deeper …
  1. The officials decreed that the two walls that are supposed to contain hieroglyphs 4,600 years old look, at worst, to be no more than 60 years old. Right again, but it depends on how restricted the peripheral vision of the observer is and extensive the research. We have a signed statement providing details of a tractor pushing rubbish through the bush and in doing so, drove directly over the sandstone ceiling that covered the walls at some time in the late 50’s. This ceiling provided complete protection from all the elements and explained why, once the ceiling fell and toppled into the space between the walls that allowed the debris to begin to accumulate. What is a touch concerning is that there always have been quite a few flat grey sandstone slabs strewn throughout the floor, but on our last two visits noted that some were missing. About half of the pieces of the ceiling David’s crew left behind have been removed in the last few months. Since exposure, one side which is sloped in a manner that seems to escape nearly all the run-off in severe rain events maintains its integrity, not so the third wall. The slope is wrong and allows total saturation and a slow drip, the engravings on this side have lost about 75% of their shape and cut when compared to the sheltered side. There is no drip line to moderate this flow nor has anyone cleared the thick mass of vegetation that runs along the edge lessening the rate of overflow and allowing the water to gently drip and run down the face at a slower rate.
  1. Once more another initial tick is to be awarded to the 1988 academic team funded by the government when correctly noting that many of the glyphs, particularly on the second and third walls, are not Proto-Egyptian. Therefore, it must be fake and that is the end of fictional story composed by a modern-day unknown hoaxer, so say the experts. However, upon closer inspection it is not that cut and dried. The opening top section has the only correct cartouche which does spell out Nefer-Djes-Eb, who is reputed to be one of two sons of Khufu aboard these two stricken boats unable to return. The engravings clustered around this area are smaller, not as deep or bold and appear to be engraved by a different hand when compared to the great majority of glyphs. This section has a 85% match rate to the glyphs found in the Proto-Egyptian manual compiled by Ray Johnson which we were given by Aunty Minnie Mace. The problem is that once departing from the top area, by our estimation the crossover is below 50%. The answer to this erratic spread is simple, the Egyptian narrative is short and limited to some or all of the first wall. The great majority of the passage is found on the next two walls which are Original in origin, much older and from the first language spoken and formally recorded in the world. The First Language, which is called “Murrigawalda,”(1) initially came to our attention when highly revered and recently departed Darkinooong Elder Aunty Beve S., spoke on an interview we arranged and shown on You Tube (Egyptians in Australia, Part 2). When discussing the antiquity and origin of the glyphs she first revealed that when the Egyptians came the Original people already had a formal language which was recorded on rock in that area. Controversial archaeologist and President of the Australian Archaeology Society in the 1930’s, Frederic Slater, had made that same comment many times, insisting that the Egyptians came here as mystical “apprentices”(2) seeking wisdom, magic and knowledge of the Divine. He did no more than confirm what Aunty Beve insisted when noting that “the Phoenicians, Romans, Jutes, Danes of Anglo-Saxons and the language we speak is not Anglo-Saxon, but just Aboriginal.”(3) The archaeology conducted on the Standing Stones Complex, in particular his translation of the 184 stones on the main mound, which Slater believed to be a “temple”(4) of no less than “40,000 years,”(5) also confirms that the Original people were using a formal means of communication that spread throughout the world well before any other culture.

    Richard Patterson

The Final Verdict

In seeking the last word in any Original issue it is mandatory to consult Original Keepers of Old Ways. It is a simple task for us, merely a matter of ask and ye shall receive. And we have, Aunty Beve S., Aunty Minnie Mace, David Fitzgerald, Gerry B., Graham King and Wallangari all stand united in confirming the integrity and antiquity of this site. With the first site addressed, be it ever so briefly, it is now time to introduce the selection of supporting archaeology to be examined over the next four articles.

One Hundred Metres or Closer

The next four entrants are found either between or behind the two walls or within a 100 metre radius. The closest site is the shaft which is no more than two metres from the upper section of Proto-Egyptian glyphs. The shaft runs for ten metres and when clean is a stunning construction that is certainly not natural. Even officials from the NPWS concede that truth, but prefer not to associate with the setting and have decided that this is the work of “vandals.” Untagged, with all excavated fill taken away, and once again without an identity, culprit or name, it is a familiar theme of anonymity and no need to look further.

Two and bit metres from the same glyphs are two artefacts found by Aunty Millie Mace when in the company of Ray Johnson close to thirty years ago. The metal jewellery she found was heavily encased in dirt and took half an hour to clean. A sophisticated metal analysis of the elements within revealed two results that have no earthly precedent. This Aluminum alloy was 12% below the minimum amount of 85%. It was well known all Aluminum alloys must have at least 85% of the main ore, as such 73% which was the reading of this artefact, is exceptional. But it gets even murkier, as 24% of the metal cannot be identified. The laboratory is one of the best in the country and to this day one quarter of the metal is still unknown.

Metal Artefact: Samarah Wood
Metal Artefact: Samarah Wood

Found beside the metal object at the same place and time by Aunty Minnie was an object that has been scanned by a Cat Scan at six times the normal dosage to reveal it is indeed an ancient bone, that was found beside an ancient metal object that has no earthly equivalent.

Bone Artefact: Samarah Wood

No more than seventy metres from the shaft is a second set of up to 16 hieroglyphs that are all Proto-Egyptian, and every one of them provide further details and settings as to where the shaft was and the sacred functions served.

The final contribution in this follow-up article is what we believe to be the oldest complete star chart yet found anywhere. It is an extremely intricate of about twenty odd star markers placed in exact position when the night skies were 4,600 years older. Which is, not coincidentally, the same date that is claimed to mark the time the two Egyptian brothers set foot on Australian shores. It should come as no surprise that of all the hundreds of star charts in the immediate area this is the closest to the Egyptian panel of the three walls.

Two Kilometers or Closer

The amazing structure we have called ‘Klaus’ Walls’ is a stunning piece of design and requires a technology that would be considered extremely advanced by today’s standards. There are three walls of four rows, some of these rocks weigh over a tonne and were cut and strategically placed to share the weight of a massive sandstone shelf above. That this undeniably artificial construction is located on a very steep slope that is dangerous to even stand upright unsecured, requires so many skills and levels of technology assumed not to be present until after the Invasion.

Next on the list of eleven is one very large rock platform and somewhat smaller adjoining rock canvas which contains at least eight hundred engraved star markers. There are quite a few flat shelves formed to make shallow round puddles. A perfect mirror to use once the night sky shines upon the water, and with that snap shot distances, angles and proportions can be captured and replicated elsewhere on the platform. Of course, the Pleiades and Orion have already been found within the 380 markers we have charted and recorded. We are of the opinion this is the largest continuous star chart in Australia and perhaps, the world.

The third offering really bolsters up the middle order. Ros’ Rock 1 is known throughout the world, the Smithsonian regard it as ‘unique.’ Even though its existence is well known there is not one employed geologist or archaeologist in this country, despite dozens of requests, who has made contact of any type. The lines are cut, the rock is incredibly hard and can be accidentally dropped on concrete (twice) yet leaves no scratch, chip or fracture. There is evidence of heat of between 1,600-3,000 degrees Celsius, the application of thin coat which is a compound of resin, chert and other additives above a base rock are but some of many amazing features of a marked rock that is at least 5,000 years old. The sophisticated technology on display, if found on a continent that never progressed past a stone, bone and stick technology is a massive contradiction that is so disruptive the ostriches have decided to place their heads in the sand until the nasty rock goes away.

Photo by Samarah Wood
Photo by Samarah Wood
Photo by Samarah Wood

We would hope by the end of this third article the quality of scientific, archaeological and historical evidence is sufficient to move onto the most important part of the ancient Original legacy. Make no mistake there is a second and third eleven of solid archaeology waiting in aisles for those still harbouring doubts, but at this stage there is still one important base uncovered and it is extremely mystical and decidedly Cosmic in complexion. So much so we would suggest those with a bias towards the esoteric replete with portals, Original magic and powers that can never be measured with conventional needles and read-outs, pass on the next article and wait on the fifth where normal empirical processes and perspectives will resume normal duties.

Pushing the Boundaries

It is best to keep this section separate so as not to taint or confuse the message of the hard evidence presented in the first three articles and much more held in reserve. We decided to begin with the magnificent gallery of three human figures in perfect proportion and totally representational, and unlike any other piece of Original rock art yet found in the country. Each human body, two women and one man, is about three metres in height and the arrangement is uncannily like the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Cave of the Golden Boomerang

The most important of the five figures, is the smallest and least imposing and sits at the very edge and denotes one of the two elements that go to make up the Original ancestral genetic code: the Pleiades. This inspiring artistic narrative of the genesis of the first humans with assistance from “far off,”(6) is the most distant from the hieroglyphs situated about five kilometres away. The final two sites are both less than one hundred metres from the three walls.

The location is rock-solid but past that point the talk of a men’s portal and a healing table which generates profound spiritual reactions for many women who lay in it, is a delicate path that has to be explored if trying to provide the full picture of what makes up the breadth of Original history and Lore. It has to be recognised that before Cook it was believed by all that magic was real and every person had at least some magic within, all that was open to question was amount of control.

Woman’s Healing Table

The Tipping Point

The fifth contribution is the last of this series of articles and is a selection from our most recent investigations into the bush. It is all new and as is always the case, there are too many to include. The four chosen are from the same radical genre of ‘it just doesn’t fit.’ Our goal in these five articles is not to champion our theories and explanations, that will come later, for now clearing away the obstacles and mistaken assumptions is the highest priority. There is so much more to this site than what is officially reported. The place is so full of ancient engravings, archaeology, constructions and all manner of surprises, but alas no-one cares and no-one is protecting any of these national treasures.

This neglect must come to an end, and is our hope the facts, science and archaeology we will present will convince those who can rectify this sad state of affairs to do so. Once it is protected there is a vision ahead of local Original guides escorting people on and off these sites with the understanding unauthorised entry is illegal and would meet with the Guardian Spirit’s displeasure. That is what should happen, it is what is right and respectful, it is what is well overdue, but so far amongst all the promises and legislation all that has happened is …   


(1) – (6): Frederic Slater, “Personal Letter- Correspondences- Notes”. In 2013 edited by Richard Patterson, no. 1-19 & Original: 53-61: Archaeological and Educational Research Society, 1939.

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  1. Hi, it is an interesting theory. It is documented Egyptians used to sail on the ocean, and, if I remember well, I read once about an expedition circumnavigating Africa. One of the ships, driven by a storm, could possibly reach in Australia. I read about similar theory about Europeans reaching in the New World before Columbus (not necessary Vikings).
    However, I wonder why that Egyptian chap did not actually wrote a meaningful text if he was able to draw hieroglyphs. If he wrote something, it means he wanted to leave a message, right? Why not an intelligible one?
    One more thing: I have no clue about metallurgy but I found in a book something like that: an alloy of bronze with aluminum may reach 30% in the structure β + α (therefore 70% aluminum, less than your alloy). I do not know what is the other component (may be a mixture?) but, if the scientist from your country are so dumb, I would not be surprised they were not able to find.

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