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  1. ross chamings
    May 28, 2018

    I read ‘Out of Australia’. It shocked me and left me pondering deeply of the native culture we have lost. Western white culture is one of ‘consuming everything’ and leaving only waste behind. As a living experience, it sucks badly. I also just read the the article in Nexus detailing the Magnetic shift. I wonder if it is a polar/magnetic shift that our illustrious Governments know in secret and are digging deeply into the Earth to save their own necks?!? We need to return to a saner way of living, connecting back to the land to sustain us and reconnect to “tribally” (can’t think of a more appropriate word) to community and ancestors. I’m a white Australian but I recognise with Real Community, Culture and connections to our past, we can recreate a better and more healing present. If it’s not too late, that is. 🙁


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