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  1. MummaD
    July 5, 2018

    Wow I’ve never seen anything like this. And to confirm the theory of the ‘sacred rocks’ (to the non-believers). My People have been using them for healing for thousands of years.
    Sacred rocks and healing stones are real and do exist.
    Many Aboriginal people will not or never disclosure their real purpose. I am one of them. Just because science can’t analysis it then it gets dismissed.
    Well My People have been changing the theory of science for 230 years.
    Tangible and non-tangible (evidence) sit perfectly in our spirituality and have since the beginning of our time; as caretakers of this big beautiful country we may forever never tell or say!


  2. Simon ling
    May 18, 2018

    All that’s happening here is the rocks are tuning to the body’s 432mhz frequency when being held if you were to repeat the experiment with a control say holding a copper pipe you will find similar effects. I have seen exact effects from people holding copper dowsing rods. The effect will will also change if you expose a stone to a frequency or tone for an extended time. As for analysis I have had a work mate get one done for me and they are basically a metallic psilomelane and the nodule type ones are cryptomelane extremely hard and interesting stone. Hold a piece on a candle and it will sculpt and change shape and become very shiny. That type of stone is basically a dogs breakfast of minerals.


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