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  1. ken
    June 26, 2019

    What is world wide in ancient times was Shamans wearing bird feathers (or other animal imagery) to help in their shamanic practices, it is going a bit far to say that angels can be found on every continient. as ‘angels’ are a relativly new dipiction in human history.

    What is really, really ancient are serpent lines, song lines and dragon lines, these can be found on every continient going back before the age of history and are involved in all the creation storys. (including adam and eve)

    Dragons (as we wizards call them) created the Stars and planets as well as flow across the lands entering the earth through the Poles, you can speak to them through the use of ‘ayahuasca’ for visual interaction, or through meditation through mental interaction, with training you can speak to them at anytime of the day whenever the need takes you.


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