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Sovereign Union Video: Ancient ‘Stonehenge’ Found in Australia claims Amateur Historian

Ancient 'Stonehenge' Found in Australia claims Amateur Historian

They call this video 'Ancient 'Stonehenge' Found in Australia claims Amateur Historian'

Posted by Sovereign Union on Monday, 18 January 2016


  • james placing

    kind -of miffed … wanted to read the Egyptian site stuff and not being an iPad or any other kind-of technocrat – can’t.
    So … while Here ….for them that ever wondered?? Aboriginal = french, “arbor” – to have, to bear
    and origin. Might be more respectful to find out what local tribes call themselves though. Good manners was supposed to be a Brit invention, yes? … roughly Murrays = North-Eastern,
    Koories … generally blackfellahs Southern from say Brisbane to about halfway-across in S.A. &Flinders Ranges, then the rest – roughly – collectively – Nhoongahs. Some white folks know thier tribal names most don’t bother … as an exhile not ex-pat -Transfer-Figure-Token (Scape-Goat/Judas-Goat) of The Eschatonic Conspiracy? ‘used to the diaspora of 3rd-World-War.
    And if “our” Ancestors built Stonehenge” – who also built this Aussie Egyptian-thing – is that (guyAndrew) cheering for HIS mobs’ cave? So how-come – bloke – YOU’RE still referring-to a difference, i.e. ‘our’ Ancestors – if they were the same?
    love & peace

  • Anthony Tijerina

    The Original of the Originals

  • Great stuff ! Our Ancestors built it the same people who built Stonehenge .

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