Forgotten Origin

Secret History of Australia Event Mullumbimby

This Original presentation, organised by Duncan Roads from Nexus, is unique in that it presents First People truths, history and prophecy never given before. The reality of Original magic, supernatural powers and an eminent change in the way humanity lives (through Pleiadian assistance), are central themes in these talks.

Merging the mystical and science, we will be introducing a recently found skull to the public that is neither Homo sapien nor hominid, yet part of modern human ancestry. This science will be complemented by recently discovered evidence that proves that the local Standing Stones site is the most important archaeological site in the world. This sacred site contains a message from the Original Sky Heroes that is not only without equal, but part of this change.

All of the information shared is not only an essential part of a history where Australia was the spiritual capital of the world, but will be again. The recurring theme that underpins this presentation is that the Original Dreaming is not linear but circular and the circle is now complete, and the change is nearly upon us.

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