Ros’ Rock No. 1: Watercolour

By Dellene Strong “My latest Commission for Ros Mulder, who is always helping others in every way possible. This amazing lady rescues sacred rocks in order to bring them back to culture. Her actions save many of these highly significant rocks from being sold and misplaced overseas. We are eternally grateful.”


By Erica Schmerbeck


By Erica Schmerbeck


Profile Shot

By Samarah Wood



The Skulls 1 & 2

By Rhian Taylor

The Skulls 3 &4

By Ildi Budai

The Skulls Remodelling

The Skulls 5 & 6:

Australia’s Stonehenge

In The Field

By Natalie Jacqueline Paez of Third Eye Society

The Artefacts

By Samarah Wood





By Ildi Budai

Marked Rocks Mathematics

By Dr Derek Cunningham

*Other Artifacts/Rocks


*The Bambara – Kariong Glyph Site

By Ildi Budai

By Evan Strong                                                                      

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*Other Sites


  • christian

    Hi Evan and Steve,

    I’ve been travelling the world with my wife for the last 5 years looking for ancient sites. We have been to the Bosnian pyramids and tunnels and met Dr Sam Osmanagich, Angkor Wat – Ko Keh Pyramid, Asuka Japan, Yakushima japan (megalith stone) and are booked for Peru next year. We are very passionate about seeking our true history, and we have maybe found some interesting stone formations at Girraween national park. I live very close to the Nothern Nsw area and wondered if I could maybe help or do some research at the site or even just a visit? I understand there maybe some sensitive, cultural issues but I assure you our intentions are pure. Please email me at

  • Margi Bingley

    Those artifacts with X hatching are important. They found exactly the same in a Neanderthal cave in Europe!!!! I noticed it due to the ‘hex’ power of X.

  • Hi mate just wanted to tell you that I’ve found one of those black line cut rocks, mine also has a strange melted area on one end and exactly the same angles (although fewer as its a smaller stone) cut deep and straight into them.

    What is it and what do I do with it?


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