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In consultation with Elders of Australia, we believe we have rediscovered a hidden history: The Out of Australia Theory. We have written six books “Constructing a New World Map”, “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming”, “Forgotten Origin“, “Ancient Aliens in Australia” (co-written with Daniella Cardenas and Bruce Fenton) “Shunned”/”Out of Australia” and “Between A Rock and a Hard Place” that rewrite the history of Australia and the world.

Our books’ main brief is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory. Unlike the authorities in one field who are limited in their specialty, we draw all the disciplines together and attempt to resolve the confusion.

Our claim is supported by genes, mtDNA, blood and many experts, that Australian Original people set sail from Australia, not to, 50,000 years ago. We claim that Australian Original people sailed to and settled in America over 40,000 years ago, and visited many other places including Egypt, Japan, Africa, India etc. They were the first Homo sapiens who evolved before the Sapiens of Africa, and who gave the world art, axes, religion, marine technology, culture, co-operative living, language and surgery.

Many may not know that Professor Alan Wilson, the person responsible for the claim that we evolved from Africa, recanted his theory and now believes a small group of Homo erectus got to Australia 400,000 years ago. He believes they evolved into Homo sapiens and then spread from Australia well before the Africans.

The debate over whether they were the first people in America is virtually a closed case. Hundreds of bones and skulls have been discovered that are undeniably of “Australian Aboriginal” origin. What it all means has had even the experts mystified. Professor Clive Gamble claims we “have to construct a completely new map of the world, and how it was peopled.” We are responding to the call and attempting to clear up the confusion.

We also trace the legacy of the Australian Original Dreaming found within the mystical sects and creeds. We believe its principal elements are evident in all expressions, particularly Gnosticism.


Strongs - Copy

Photo by Samarah Wood

About the authors

Steven Strong: is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”.

Evan Strong: has a background in Anthropology & Indigenous Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Psychology.

They have spent many years learning, living and/or working with the Bundjalung Language Confederation (Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales), Ramindjeri (South Australia) and Gumilaroi peoples (Northern New South Wales).


  • Colin Stafford

    I believe that people have lived in Australia for a very long time, but I don’t believe that modern aboriginals were the first Australians.

  • richard carter

    boomerangs ,circumcision, language, dingo?
    who came to Australia 3300 years ago?
    why is Carnarvon named so in western Australia
    who is Papadijidiji?

  • John

    Hi Stephen,
    I have found you’re research from Freemantv this past week, I think you’re theory is one of the best ones out there, Really i am blessed to here you’re teachings, I am from Ireland and when the British came over and pillaged our land and people for over 800 years they tried to exterminate us as a race of people, Why?? Because just like the original Australians we held deep knowledge of life and had a close connection to each other and our land, We have mounds built all over Ireland, Plus over these 800 years they changed our language robbed of us our wealth destroyed our memory of who we truly our, I remember researching this for myself and i was left devastated by what they had done to my people,

    Also i am sure you have found that the Newgrange monument that is Co Meath in Ireland was made by people who where in touch with these things you speak of,It was built during the Neolithic period around 3000 BC to 2500 BC making it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, But i would say it is double that age, I have pictures on my phone of these drawings of circular drawings all over the outside stones, A quick google check an you will see these for yourself http://www.irelandescorted.com/bru-na-boinne/
    Plus this monument is aligned with the rising sun and its light floods the chamber on the winter solstice. It is the most famous monument within the Neolithic Brú na Bóinne complex, alongside the similar passage tomb mounds of Knowth and Dowth, and as such is a part of the Brú na Bóinne.

    I would just like to share that information with you, That the Irish people got some of the worst treatment from the British, I can feel what these Original Aboriginal Australians feel about there history people and about there land, I can speak from my heart about this and feel such a close connection to them Original Aboriginal Australians now because of you’re work, Ireland had the very same traditions but they where lost and wiped from most of the minds of the Irish over the 800 Year period that they pillaged us for.

    I thank you for the great research and dedication that you have put into you’re work. I look forward to the new research coming from you guys soon. I wish you well.

    Kind Regards

  • Terry

    Could you please explain the difference between Original and Aboriginal?

    • evstrong

      We use the Term Original as they are the Original Australians and the term Aboriginal has negative connotations with the Ab suffice as in Abnormal

  • Dennis

    When i found this site i thought it might have been interesting and had some truth but as usually thats not the case. The aborigine is actually a quite recent newbe with a number of the negroid type here before them. Also the fair skinned races were the ones that brought the aborigines to AUS about 3900 years ago. Their dreaming is nothing more than part of the occult religions. So this site is nothing more than rubbish.

    • Hardly worth replying to Daniel Peckam I guess… obviously he hasnt read any of the Strong’s books that are so well documented and argued, and I doubt his intellectual capacity to do so anyway.

  • Daniel Peckham

    There is alot in this guys blog from Perth that goes into ancient civilizations in Australia and how alot of early biblical history actually occured in Australia, http://miriamhakedosha.blogspot.com.au/?m=1
    though he goes by 6,000 year timeframe and doesnt explain how he came to many of his conclusions, alot of it lines up with you guys and your research, coming at it from a different angle.

  • Speedy

    Hi Guys,
    I advise you look closely at the Southern Flinders Ranges and have a little look around the Yunta/Olary region. Apparently there is much to be found. I have been told by a person who wishes to remain anonymous that there is a site that shares some similarities with the Eastern State gylphs . With the former region there is a rumor of sacrificial alters. Around the Fleurieu Peninsula there is also possible signs of ancient wharfs. One such example is Green Bay at Port Elliot. The rocks at Crockery Bay may also of interest (there are many rocks that are unusually shaped that are not indigenous to the region).

    Best of luck with your research and I hope that mainstream academia will one day accept that history is fluid and is meant to be rewritten and embellished as more evidence and proof of past events are discovered.

  • K.Hunter

    I am a descendant of the three Sth Australian mobs and I resonate with these findings that are supported by science.
    There is now the methods available to utilise scientific methods to support our Oral History aka Dreaming.
    It is claimed all over the internet my people had died yet we are still living.
    Many thanks to the work you’ve done is aiding our peoples to reconnect to our stories that the invaders tried vehemently to disconnect us from in many ways.
    As we say. We have always been here
    We do not lie.
    Always was. Always will be

  • Kellie

    We have a rock like Ros’s in Australia. Please reply

  • Ella

    I have only just found this website thanks to Nexus…and can’t help wondering how the Egyptian site near Gosford, NSW, fits into all of this. What thinking person could believe that all the ancient sea faring cultures somehow ‘missed’ the Great South Land in their watery wanderings? It defies logic. I can’t wait to explore further, the theories of Steve and Evan Strong and applaud them for revealing what surely needs to be known and open minds to a new way of thinking. I also think Rex Gilroy is in this boat and his own research is brave and inspiring.

    • GRAEME

      AUSTRALIA was known to ancient hebrews in revelations,as great south land. & vickings ,as the ,,great sunburnt land.,,,& egypt & other ancient races as the land of URU

  • atreyu sinclair

    armageddon -ever think it is the name of an alien spaceship?

  • dave

    get the feeling u guys are only scratching the surface (think ‘Inner Earth’) of this planets past….back on the surface, found this interesting…. http://www.yaffabey.com/autochthonous-peoples/ …& this… http://collections.mohistory.org/resource/146155.html …anyway great work guys

  • Stella

    “Many may not know that Professor Alan Wilson, the person responsible for the claim that we evolved from Africa, recanted his theory and now believes a small group of Homo erectus got to Australia 400,000 years ago. ”

    Since Professor Wilson died in 1991, nearly 24 years ago, I wonder how you know that he has now recanted? Indeed, and where he is now to be asked?


  • steph

    Just reading your theory that aboriginals alone were responsible for introducing the concepts of religion, culture, art, democracy, music, boats, surgery, dance, astronomy, gender equality, and all the nobler pursuits and hallmarks of civilization to the rest of the world.
    If this was true Australia would be the most impressive country on the planet, an epicentre of advanced architecture, culture, cities, buildings, ports etc There is nothing there, not one stone building, not one advanced structure, zero. Did all the intelligent people leave ?

    • evstrong

      This is the civilisation of the soul, mind and spirit. No buildings no fancy machines just resolving why we are here and the meaning of life. Their brief was to construct the soul, we often confuse cleverness and intelligence they are not the same things, Cheers Steven and Evan.

    • GRAEME

      In 19737….39 the Australian Government destroyed large stone wharves in Tin can bay Queensland used by Egyptian & Sumerian seafarers to load gold other cargo to take back to Egypt

  • rockgirl

    mungo mans dna is not related to current day aboriginals. There were other races of humans here before there arrival. This is another example of how aboriginals in australia are trying to rewrite their history.

    • evstrong

      We also believe other races were here but are having a hell of a job convincing anybody of that . where we disagree is that the Aboriginal people where here before the others came. Cheers Steve and Evan.

      • rockgirl

        my grief is not with who was here first, I commend you on all your research. What really bugs me is when ancient artifacts are discovered they are snatched up by modern day aborignal’s and claimed by them. We know that not all Ancient artifacts are of Aboriginal origin. Archaeology in Australia is a joke and until it changes the truth will never be known.

        • evstrong

          We don’t see it like that the Original people we deal with have it clear there are Egyptian, Spanish, Phoenician, Chinese, Portuguese, Viking etc artifacts. The problem is the White-fellas will not listen to them. And of course there are are other artifacts that are Aboriginal that authorities deny. cant win either way. Cheers.

    • Janine Holland

      No that is not true but it keeps being repeated by people like you. Why I don’t know.

  • Amanda Midlam

    Interesting stuff. I’ve often wondered about this. If Aboriginal people did come out of Africa they would have had to use water craft 30,000 years before anyone else. Archaeologist Josephine Flood says in Archaeology of the Dreamtime there is no possibility of human life evolving in Australia because the ancestors of the modern human race never existed here. However this is assumption not fact. No-one has looked for them. Most Aboriginal archaeology isn’t looking for truth – there’s not much in funds for it – and instead is driven by development.
    Doolagarls sound to me like that form of life with the low foreheads and long arms and their description of being huge, ape-like, hairy men.

    • Josephine gets alot of things right but not everything, Homo Sapiens did evolve here. to be fair she does know of our theories and recently allowed us to republish photos from her book which she had paid for free. Aboriginal archaeology rarely looks for the truth, yeah it does sound alot like the Yowie which aboriginal people insist still exist. thanks so much for the input. Steve Strong.

  • John

    Hello Kerry and Steven,

    Re “this is the greatest find in the history of Australia if not the World …. it will be in the News papers World wide very soon” and the things on the Blue Mountains.

    Any of this in the newspapers yet?

    And how could there possibly be a “a 100,000 year old axe” – because what method could possibly date that? Was it found on the Blue Mountains, as I am particularly interested in the Blue Mountains and overdue to go there again soon.

    Cheers, John

  • kerry

    I am an initiated Wiradjuri,
    We have just discovered a skeleton suspected to be dated around 120,000 years old,
    not far from where I live, at present this is being verified by several Archaeologists.
    this is the greatest find in the history of Australia if not the World.
    a healthy male of great build and strength, it will be in the News papers World wide very soon, and it will predate Mungo Man and Mungo Woman.
    More and more will be found soon, and bought foward to be released to the outside World. Australia is awakening from a long sleep, what is found here in these Indigenous cultures, will shake the World.

    • Hi Kerry.
      First up let me apologise for not replying sooner, but all comments go via my son in Perth and it only appeared thuis morning.
      Your news is absolutely amazing. It is so important and places the Aboriginal people at the centre of world history. All three of our books, plus the six articles which will or have appeared in New Dwan and National Indigenous Times are all centred around the truth that Aboriginal people were the first Homo sapiens. We just completed an article on ten sites that pre-date the supposed African entry date into Australia of 60,000 years, but what you have is obviously the most convincing proof by some distance. Only yesterday did I get permission from Josephine Flood to use three pictures from her book, Archaeology of the Dreamtime, in that article. And she knew of our theory, and wants to look at the articles. I had assumed she wouldn’t agree, but now this comes along.
      Next month from the 14-17th of July, I’ve been invited down to the Blue Mountains by an ex-Senior Park Ranger, who wants to show me massive astronimcal constructions, a 100,000 year old axe, and many other sites/relics that break convention. Your skeleton is jewel in this crown. I am negotiating through my agent to publish a book over the next three weeks, that consists of the six chapters i am sharing with NIT and New Dawn, and seven I kept in the book.
      The book after includes all the stuff hidden in the Blue Mountains and Snowy, secret sacred stories the Ramindjeri wi Eldrers (who have already put me through one ceremony) are going to reveal, which includes ancient aboriginal sailors circumnavigating the world in a figure 8, etc. And now this turns up! I’m down near your tribal area next month and fairly close, Would it be possible to come across straight after after the Blue Mountains with the hope you may share with us whatever you feel appropriate. Our intention is to create two books, the one now completed, and the one that follows, for the general public.
      Our first three were aimed at the academic market, but the discovery you have, everyone needs to know and reflect on what it means, and I hope you may give us the opportunity to do so.
      We have examined mtDNA, YChromosomes, Skull morphology, history, religuions, etc and blended it into one complete theory, but what you have is the final nail. If it is possible I would really appreciate meeting, If not it;s great news anyway. Thanks for letting us know and I hope we can meet next month. Regards, Steve Strong

    • Janine Holland

      That’s exciting news, I look forward to hearing more about it.

  • Really interesting theory. I am keen to learn more.
    I am a descendant of the Nukunu people of South Australia.
    When I visited England back in the 80s I felt the history and bloodshed of the people of the land.
    In 2008 I visited my ancestors country in the Southern Flinders Ranges. I was overwhelmed with the sense of spirit and I could feel the world under my feet as I trekked through Alligator Gorge. The ageless soul of the land and my people who came from this land.
    I have a little artwork on my website Voyage of the Rainbow Serpent which is quite well suited to your theory of my ancestors traveling to other parts of the world.

    • Saw your art, yes talk about coincidences (which I don’t believe in). It does fit perfectly into our theory that the Dreaming was exported throughout the world by boat. And yes, it came form this land, not Africa or anywhere else, you got that right.
      At the moment I an working in close consultation with the Ramindjeri of SA and will be back on country late June, where are the Nukunu positioned in SA? As for more, this week’s edition of the National Indigenous Times is featuring an article which was originally published in the March/April edition on New Dawn. The next article relates to some evidence that is so strong and recent, that those who defend the Out-of-Africa theory will have to concede they are mistaken.
      What many academics do not understand is something you wrote – “the ageless soul of the land and my people.” Many simply cannot accept that Aboriginal people know all about their past, and those investigating their history refuse to either ask or give credence. We are changing that! Regards, Steve

  • Deborah Ceglowski

    Dear Steve,
    Hope all is well “down under.” I miss Australia and the friends I made while there.
    Did you receive funding for the grant you were applying for? Are you working in the Mullumbimby High School again?

    Would you happen to have Darren and Lauren’s email addresses? I would like to get in touch with them.


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