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Media Release: Ancient Skulls That do not fit Into any Time or Anywhere

Media Release: Ancient Skulls That do not fit Into any Time or Anywhere

A skull lacking in any forehead, yet has a larger brain than modern humans, has no place in any science text book or paper. Nonetheless, with a receding semi-rectangular brain case of 17 cms X 12 cms which slopes back from the eye sockets so severely literally nothing above the eyes is visible, this may be well outside every expectation, but it exists. There are actually two skulls of this type we have investigated and are sourced from different tribal areas in Australia. So they are not mutations, but a distinct species.

Face to face this being looks more primitive than Lucy (dated to be over 3,000,000 years old), yet if comparing the size of the brain case it is more advanced that modern humans. In what only multiplies the inconvenience, according to the experts only African Homo sapiens set foot in Australia and before then this country was unpopulated. These two skulls do not belong to the sapien genus, in fact, there is little evidence they can be classified as a hominid.

So many questions remain unanswered: if not hominins what are they, from where did they originate and are we related?














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  • Simon ling

    Cynocephalus Hybrid or possibly has had snout manually removed to enable speech. There is records of what whites called a revolting people without noses that were along a special part of the Murray river. These were called moon men by Mathews and there was only seven of them. I have seen skulls similar to this and there does seem to be some sort of surgical procedure done on the nose. these beings ARE documented as existing.

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