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  1. Pete
    June 2, 2018

    The rocks in the photo surrounding the bones appear to have engravings/carvings and the black egg-shaped one is very strange unless I’m misinterpreting it as a rock. But the rock in the forefront of the image appears to have a petroglyph. The upper left corner of the rock photo, that rock’s channeling reminds me of the World Map Stone. With such an interesting skeletal find, there entire site may have a lot of signifigance beyond the bones themselves. I’m hoping the site itself is receiving some scientific attention as well.


  2. Step
    March 7, 2018

    There is a book called Oahspe, published in 1882, which may explain what these skeletons are. Oahspe is a history of Earth since the creation of man and a more detailed history of Earth for the past 25,000 years. It is available to read online at oahspestandardedition.com

    Basically it describes how the first human like species on Earth that walked on two feet was called ‘Asu’. A later transliteration of this word is Adam. Asu was mainly fruitarian and had quite long but thin arms for picking fruit from trees.

    Throughout these regions many planets are like gardens for Ethereal beings, where human like races are seeded with both a physical and spiritual body. At the time of death the human spirits ascend into the atmospherian parts of the planet where they are prepared for eternal life in Etherea (the non physical or unseen universe.)

    In the region of the galaxy that the Earth was passing through at the time of human creation there were many spirits who had never experienced a physical life on their home planet because of abortion or death in infancy. The Ethereans offered these spirits an opportunity to experience a corporeal life on the vibrant and lush planet Earth. The spirits were shown how to materialize an earthly body. They were told not to mate with the Asu lest they become spiritually bound to Earth for seven generations. (The offspring from such a liaison would have spiritual qualities and therefor the parents would be bound to hang around the Earth’s atmosphere to assist in the spiritual growth of their offspring) Hence the concept of ‘Original Sin’. This ‘Original Sin’ was really a very good thing because it initiated the creation of the human race.

    So the mixing of these spirits with Asu created the prototype of humans, called Ihin. They were quite small.

    Here in a nutshell are the three skeletons:
    The Asu with the long arms;
    The bodies of materialized spirits which may very well have had indentations in the skulls;
    The Ihin, who were very small.

    The Ihin spread about over the entire Earth and these small skeletons have been found in various places like the Island of Flores

    If you are interested in this history of humans on Earth and of the spiritual and Ethereal realms that cause the creation of physical beings, planets, stars, etc; reading Oahspe will not be a waste of your time.

    The discovery of these skeletons will definitely change the way we look at ancient history. It may be difficult for some people to divest of their traditional paradigms however the time has come for our true nature and purpose on this planet to be revealed.


  3. Chadro le Shan
    January 5, 2018

    Dear Steven & Evan & team,

    Great work! You have it very right!

    Elders entrusted me with carefully preserved history memorizations that include a narrative of what happened to humanity on this planet over 600,000 years ago.

    One group, whose Elders taught me, gave exact oral history of how their origin group came to this planet (and some other worlds) in a series of migrations ranging from 132,000 years ago clear up to about 96,000 years ago and how they very exactly came to (what is now) the West coast of North America, the West coast of India, and the Tigris Euphrates River Delta.

    The reason for those emergency migrations? They were from a group of planets near the center of this galaxy which were being drawn in to a dark star at the center.

    Those oral histories clearly taught that Original Australians were already here!

    & some other ‘Native Americans’ were already on this world. (with the exception of Lakotan ancestors who were banished from Mongolia (without their horses) a few thousand years ago, Native Americans absolutely did not come from ‘Asia’ and Australians did not cross some land bridge.

    When Elders allowed me to share some of the memorizations with an Australian Elder Memorizer….he shared a similar story and later i was shown absolute proof that the Australian Ancestors did truly come to this world ans some other worlds in a prior group of migrations as their original worlds were being destroyed.

    As an Elder (trained by prior Elders, in carefully preserved esoteric ancient history)….I sometimes have outsiders to Original cultures (even Original Descended Persons who were not informed on Traditional ways), asking me why we don’t open all the data up to the New People’s qualified scientists!

    Almost blue in the face explaining that each and every time the ‘New People’s’ ‘scholars’, ‘archaeologists’, ‘anthropologists’, & or ‘historians & any other ‘academically connected’ persons learn ANYTHING about a sacred site or site with proof of humanities real ancient history it is suppressed & soon ‘SEIZED’ or ‘LOOTED’ or ‘OFFICIALLY ARCHIVED’ IN SUCH A WAY THAT HUMANITY HAS NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED.

    Original Elders carefully taught me that nosy academics are simply ‘cultural spies’ & the forerunners of greedy ‘pot hunters’ who will loot & destroy the sites while trying to deny any credibility of what was there…

    Yet, it is really time to get this data out, and Elders have ordered that a lot of the data be made public!

    Yet still some caution, as permissions have been requested for Steven & Evan & team to be shown some even more amazing sites. Four of the most amazing sites require some U.S. government permissions and one requires Original Elder clearance. Yet this is likely to happen.

    And yes, Eagles do talk! (If you can stop your busy minded imagination and keep still & hear simple clean telepathy) … One taught me a song one day!

    Smiles, Chadro


    • Richard Clarke
      January 16, 2018

      Interesting info Chadro. Kookaburras can relay messages too !


  4. Proggy
    January 4, 2018

    Great work guys….. sending some protection to you as I write this. Amazing how all the road blocks are immediately put in place the moment something like this is bought out. Almost as if it is a scripted response always at the ready. All the naysayers and government lackeys are just greasy vermin with their own agendas…. shameful once again. Let’s hope it turns out different this time….. getting this out is the key I think….


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