Many Birds in and Four Eagles out: New Unknown Hominids Found in Australia

Many Birds in and Four Eagles out:

New Unknown Hominids Found in Australia

By Steven & Evan Strong


We have received requests from people with good intentions to extend, add to, compare and analyse our first introductory report on two skulls and bones that are unique and will inevitably necessitate a radically revised version of most approved versions of human pre-history. Read Part 1 here:

I have no doubt their contributions would be supportive, but in each case I was compelled to say no. The reason is simple, the site is too unique and sacred and because of this subject to strict rules of protocol before and after gaining the right to enter. Both the farmer and his wife, along with Original Elders, had to be convinced at a personal level that all of us were trustworthy and empathetic to rights of privacy, Original Lore and sacred issues. For the people who were present and accepted they alone have the right to write, discuss and televise if they wish. From a distance after the event is more a distraction as it is bound to leave out the most important part of what was experienced.

Before adding to the empirical content and tendering possible explanations based on logic, we believe there is a need to establish some mystical credentials that form the essence of this ancient burial site and explain why no-one apart from those who joined us on both days can supply any commentary. In crossing the esoteric divide, it needs to be understood and fully accepted that the Spirits of that site were directing proceedings before we even set foot on this land, and did so until we completed our duties.

In, Out and Between

Whenever going onto a new site, seeking Old Way archaeology or just walking into a new area with potential, we are eternally vigilant in seeking out ‘bird sign.’ Approval to enter or investigate is always conditional upon birds or lizards making their presence known. For any sceptic who may feel such nonsense is unscientific, the only certainty we can offer in reply is that such people will never succeed in any form of Original archaeology at anything beyond the most superficial level. Approaching a sacred site is very much an exercise in humility, respect and an awareness that the Spirits are ever-present.

Upon arriving at the farm all of us were taken by the number and variation in bird signs. This is a very dry rea and not capable of sustaining large numbers of any type of birds. The list sent to me is by no means comprehensive, but at present count these birds were mentioned in dispatches and include Ducks, Kookaburras, Blue Herons, Falcons, Hawks, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Crows, Magpies, Currawongs, Emus, Willy Wag Tails, Superb Green Parrots, Royal Duck Bills, Ibis, Galahs, Woodland Swallows and Finches. None doubted for one second that this was Spirit-sent and that gathering set both days off in a very positive vein.

Our time with the skulls and other sites that demand a return visit was entirely successful at every level, and I felt we conducted ourselves in a manner that was respectful to the sites and skulls. The last and most impressive bird sign took place just as we assembled to leave the final site examined left no room for the rationale mind to manoeuvre. Just above while standing beside the cars, were four wedge-tail eagles circling. As unusual as it was in seeing two families flying in formation above a barren rock ‘pyramid’ (from an edible point of telescopic view), that bird is also the totem of my Original boss in Protocol and Lore and that this happened just before departing was lost on none of the party.

If there were residual doubts lurking in the recesses, they vanished when I asked aloud, “which one of the eagles is Karno?” Within a second of voicing my call to reveal, one eagle broke ranks and flew directly west. Straight after leaving the circle the other three eagles took their companion’s lead and followed in single file equally distanced, tracking the exact path set by the eagle that was now fully straddling the divide. The birds did not deviate, but in doing so we lost sight of Karno and just when we thought he had passed over, from high above one cloud he descended and picked up the path he set and joined in at the back as he escorted his kindred back home. What that blessing was is best summed up by what one of our group, Lakota man Brook Nobelius said. He, like all of us, was savouring the depth of what were blessed to witness and declared, ”this is strong medicine.”

One of the many reasons the Spirits deemed it proper we were privileged to receive such “strong medicine” was no doubt due to my placement of twelve very powerful marked and magic rocks in a sacred circle around the skull before even touching it with my cotton-gloved hand. The rocks, who know me so well, introduced my intentions, and equally, we gave the skulls and Spirits ceremony before this temporary removal.

Even though the glove never left my hand during the examination I sensed at every level the spirits of many approved of our work and aims.

Further Reflections and Suggestions at Face Level

The purpose of the first article was to introduce the basics through making very brief observations, nothing was meant to be developed or extended past a brief mention. With that task completed, there are some intriguing features and glaring anomalies, when sourcing accepted interpretations of humanity’s ascent through the hominid rabble, that deserve further discussion.

Returning to the bizarre shaping the massive eyed skull, it is not so much the orbital diameter, but the actual overall shape that requires a lot of thought and provides no comparison. At its widest margins of 10 cms beside the eyes, the face is very flat with little curvature, so too is what begins a centimetre above the eye-brow ridge, the skull recedes back so dramatically for 12.5 cms and again is almost level. In combination the skull takes on the shape of a slightly curved rectangle with a centre of balance that has to be deeper and different to that of all the rounder and less recessed hominin skulls. That demands a neck placement and physiology that has to also be ‘unhominid-like.’

We have made many comparisons to human and hominid skulls seeking similarities, and undeniably from a face to face perspective this large-eyed skull does resemble in some ways ‘Java Man’ and ‘Peking Man.’ However, in those skulls, and all others we have seen, the eyes of this unusual skull are the largest yet seen on any earthly resident. The dates of these two ‘lesser hominids’ vary from between 200,000 to 1,000,000 years and, of course if incorrectly assuming that no hominid of any status set foot into Australia until 60,000 years ago, these dates are far too inconvenient and ancient to be even discussed in polite academic circles.

Peking Man By Yan Li [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
                The only glaring inconsistency in these comparisons to two very old hominins, and all others, is that the brain sizes vary between 915 and 1140 ccs. The skulls of Peking and Java Man are all noticeably less in capacity to this Australian occupant, it is that simple. The width of 10 cms across from eye sockets barely tapers off as it recedes back 12.5 cms, so there is plenty of room to house a brain that is at least the equal of modern humans. That is why all of these understandable references to more ancient skulls going all the way back to Lucy in Ethiopia who is over three millions old, fall fundamentally short. All the rules on human development have to run in an ascending straight line, where a lower brain size means older numbers and higher means a more recent event. Therefore, what we have deposited in the sand looks so old, but measures up so young.

Remaining facially inclined is the indentation above the eye, it deserves magnification and a detailed examination rather than denial, simply because the same depression is absent above the other eye. That leaves four options, a mutation in the face, a natural feature to that strand, accidental or intentional heavy impact or surgery. Two of these choices, which happened to be my pre-inspection favourites, impact or incision, have now fallen by the wayside. What is apparent is that there is no evidence of any incision, impact point, percussion bulb or chipping, there is a clean and smooth surface with no signs of trauma.

Above the eye, one skull has embarked upon an anatomical path no other hominid has seen or grown. My poor editing skills, when mistakenly emphasising the narrowness of this skull ranged all the way up to the regions of the cheek bone, needs an apology and repositioning. The cheek bone is attached and only emphasises the drastic recession from cheek to mouth and jaw.

Moving further on and past the face, two bones, one a complete femur and the other the broken larger section of an incredibly long and inordinately thin humerus, make a fascinating and totally contradictory pairing that warrants a lot more thought and comparison.

A Gibbon’s Length with Bat’s Width

The humerus found beside the three-sutured hominid asks so many questions and gives little assistance in finding one sensible reply. The length and width is so wrong if using any present or past models. As the humerus is incomplete we have no idea how long it actually was. Outside its present station of 41 cms, which is incomplete as the elbow socket is missing, all we can deduce with confidence is that the absolute minimum length has to be greater than 45 cms.

A paper written by Meenakshi P. Borkar called “Estimation of Height from the Length of Humerus in the Western Region of Maharashta” supplies a basic conversion rate as to the approximate height of person through multiplying the length of the humerus by six. The tables provided work on a conversion rate of around six (30.98 length of humerus equates to a height of 1.73 metres (+ or – 8.80 cms). That means that if the humerus is a least 45 cms long, the person standing should measure no less than 2.7 metres in height.

However, the femur measures 42 cms and matches exactly when placed against my femur and my height is 1.7 metres, so the two limbs measured are in contradiction with each other by no less than a metre. And the inconsistencies only multiply when factoring the very thin width of the arm. It is far too thin to effectively do anything except hang limply, a maximum of one centimetre across is an insufficient base to carry the muscles and tendons needed to create any power or strength. It beggars belief that the arms could be so long, at least ten centimetres longer than a gibbon, yet be so weakly constructed and unable to do anything except spectate. If this arm was formed in a location where the gravity was half what it is on this planet, it then becomes a viable appendage with the ability to move and lift more efficiently. As things are suspended on this planet this is a bad design, the arm is really doing no more than waiting for another chance to break.

A Species With no Name

Not only is the plight of the second skull reminiscent of the lyrics of a song about what did not fit by America, but there is no doubt that the lack of any of the three main suture lines visible on the largest piece of the skull cap remaining does not fit into any known song or historical narrative about the evolution of humanity. Make no mistake, from the time the wooden lids were removed and that skull cap sat on top, the lack of suturing on the larger skull was the top priority. The two gentlemen who were given the task of gently removing the skull cap (Michael and Brook) and were totally up to the enormous responsibility given, and the three of us spent time up close and personal. There is no suture line, never was, I looked carefully, many times over, there is nothing there.

We have heard rumours of one of the many critiques of our first report countering that this apparent unforgivable omission in cracking is merely the natural result of chemical infilling. Apparently a natural chemical of some unnamed composition wedged itself inside the very fine jagged suture cracks and over time sealed the outer layer. Conceding that a microscope of high magnification will confirm or dismiss this observation given from a distance, his first inclination is to take a negative stance.

The problem with that negative perspective is I held the broken skull and carefully checked the edges, particularly those where the suture line should be. Surely where the bone was cracked and recently opened should be where some hint of a fine line deep within will still be on show? But there was nothing, but a continuous patterning and surface unbroken.

The implications go right back to the start. Hominids are unlike apes in that the three elastic plates that make up the skull cap are able to slowly accommodate and lengthen as the brain size increases. Gorillas and chimps cannot do this simply because the suture than runs across the top of the hominid skull has been replaced by a bony sagittal crest. That seminal difference in capacity and elasticity distinguishes two primate species into ape or hominid. That now changes, what if there is a skull that fits into neither genre? A skull with a huge cranial capacity which has no known counterpart, story or place in history, does seem to be a fair summary of where we stand at the present state of proceedings.

Yes there is an infinitesimal chance a rare combination of chemicals assisted by leaching and an accommodating angle when interred, did lead on to this rare phenomena. But wait up, the skull and bones of the immediate neighbour are equally unusual and without precedence, so why should things be so different here? Taken out of context this one unusual process could be possible, but when factoring in the oversized ‘owl eyes,’ three-rooted teeth, the indentation above the ridge, unparalleled shape of the skull beside and the contradictions associated with the humerus, the chances that so many rare to unknown natural events took place together is almost impossible.

Another more acceptable alternative received quite recently relates to examples of a second tightening of the three main suture lines (sutural spiking) that can begin in some cases after an individual reaches their thirties. The sutures do pick up on a process that ceased when in their early infancy. No expert has explained why this takes place, perhaps it is an ancient link to this particular strand of hominin that never had a suture? Either way, the x-rays of these skulls that fused to varying degrees clearly show a slight ridging, and as such the joins are “clearly visible.”(1) There is no need for magnification as the bulge/crack in each x-rayed image is easy to see or photograph. So too when on site, such a process is not seamless and would be showing along the edge where the skull had cracked open exposing the whole profile and connecting cells. There is nothing, we looked and would happily agree to others looking, but right now no-one is legally allowed to look at any tooth or bone.

More importantly, this exercise is very much like comparing apples and oranges. The recent skulls examined look nothing like the thicker, heavily receding skull cap with an extremely thick ridge. The way the two different types of skulls grew and shaped themselves is clearly different.

What is more revealing of the critic’s motivations and predispositions is that both supposed flaws given via looking at a photo and with no on-site inspection, declared that this was the correct explanation, not may or could be, but the final verdict. And in both cases no commentary was given to explain all the other rare or unprecedented events on display, the focus was on dismissing one of many with no regard to context.

One Tooth, Three Roots, Three Pieces of Bone and Some interesting Angles

By Thilo Parg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
From the first time we gleaned just a little of what was going on with these skulls and bones, I knew we would be attacked and dismissed as amateurs out of our depth. No doubt that any photograph taken by us is open to be modified, added to or subtracted, and it is for that reason we are supplying photographs from all of the people who came to assist. But some will infer or imply all of these people are part of this deception, I suppose the same will be said when the five-minute trailer of this discovery filmed by David Bradbury is released on December 12.

However, there is one genre of evidence that is nigh on impossible to fabricate, genetic comparisons. Extracting mtDNA from the bones or tooth of these two individuals supplemented by an extensive comparison to the structure and enamel of a tooth really does tick every academic box. The genes can be mapped and compared to all other hominids, so too the tooth. I did mention this scientific path of least resistance to the Elders before we went on site, but placed no pressure on them to respond. During my time in examination Michael, after gaining the Elder’s permission, came up to me and at different times gave me two pieces of bone, two small pieces of teeth and one complete tooth belonging to the suture-less skull.

The tooth was one of many and all shared the same number and angles, three roots that all sloped back diagonally. Three roots for molars can still occur as a deviation from the norm of four, but when every tooth has three roots and slope diagonally, that means the jaws must have a noticeably larger volume in bone to accommodate the spread of these roots.

There are dental precedents, but neither come from Australia, at least that is what mainstream academia will allege. The first candidate has very similar measurements and general shape, it was found in China and is dated to be over 120,000 years old. Three-rooted molars have also been found in Denisovan mandibles and knowing that Original people have the highest percentage of Denisovan genes, it is possible this tooth may have some Denisovan ancestry in its dentistry.

General Complaints from the Grandstand

With the knives out and critics in full-throttle it is so much easier to write this second report knowing what those who deny see as flaws in our research. Now that the specific avenues of high interest and redeeming features relating to each rock have been addressed in a little more detail, it is time now to deal with general issues that caused criticism or drew scorn.

Our stated preference to be vague in location, principal agents and people has been cited as an example of sloppy archaeology. What has not been appreciated is that this farmer was told officially to say nothing and visited days after our investigation and threatened again. He is also justifiably scared that the officials and politicians will find a way to confiscate his land and interfere with his daily life. This visit was only agreed to under the strictest conditions of entry where the secrecy of location and names is paramount. It is for exactly the same reason the officials and anthropologists who visited the farmer are without identification, to name either narrows down the location to a very specific area.

We do plead guilty as charged to the crime of not being fully qualified in examining ancient skulls dated to be possibly older than 45,000 years old. This is new territory and despite a lot of research and consultation, to call this a difficult assignment is an understatement. But the shame here, if any, is not mine but the qualified experts who were never asked or considered worthy. The real question to be answered is why is it that the people trained to do this type of work were not trusted, or capable of appreciating the full scope of what is on site. In our defense what we witnessed is so obviously without any comparison and very hard to overlook the reasons why, it is clear and graphic archaeology.

Another academic transgression is most definitely of my making. When barely a quarter of the way through a set of 37 measurements I was advised to complete, I decided to down tape, pencil and ruler. It was extremely hot, many of the group were labouring under a mid-day sun in the high thirties, and when I stood back a few steps and surveyed a scene of two skulls and many other bones, it became clear more measurements would achieve little, the skulls spoke for themselves. They were so different from everything else, working out the distances between and individual lengths was just marking time, when half a dozen photographs is all that is needed.

The last admission of error is down to me listening to those at the site and not checking up on the numbers. When pointing out the rather unremarkable positioning of this burial, the explanation given by two people that a dramatic shift in the surface caused by the sudden movement of the Caddell Fault moved the river from the bottom of this rise hundreds of metres to the right, was taken as factual. I was assured this happened 30,000 years ago, but further advice has found that the shift is indeed valid, but the timing is out by at least 15,000 years. The last two major shifts occurred 45,000 and 60,000 years ago, which of course increases the chances the skulls are far older.

What needs to be understood is that we are obliged to behave with respect and honesty when on sacred ground and that our work is checked by any mentioned or involved before it is published on our web site. To the best of our knowledge it is the truth, nothing was planted or taken and no part of the report is embellished or customised. No photograph has been altered or treated in any way, the recurring reality in this story is that these two Original skulls and their bones belong to a history that changes everything.

The Odd Couple

The two skulls are different in so many ways, nevertheless they are a discreet pair. They share the same place of burial, the same elevation, the same burial technique and do not sit alone. One of our most trusted sources of all things Old Way, has informed me that what we have examined is one pair and that of itself is insufficient, as there are two more pairs still to be unearthed. Three is the sacred number, one pair is less than one third of the overall narrative, all sacred signs and omens are invariably delivered in batches of three, so this site is a work in progress.

And therein lay the returning obstacle, the authorities do not want these truths to reach the public and will do everything they can to maintain the vacuum, irrespective or legal or moral imperatives. The most tragic question that arises out of this preliminary investigation relates to why this site has to be whispered about, pixelated on film with promises of secrecy made by all the volunteers along with signing a document notarising hefty legal fines for sharing the site’s location.

Instead of the veiled threats and apathy, why not lift up the shutters and embrace the truth and all that entails. The fundamental choice we now face is one of five alternatives, are these bones examples of two new forms of hominids, genetic cul-de-sacs, mutations, archaic ancestors or travellers from the stars (the Pleiades)?

The answer to this question sits within the mtDNA and genomes found inside some shards of bone and one tooth. If we can find a way to analyse these organic remains, science alone will be the final arbitrator.


Special Thanks to Rhian Taylor for some of the Photos

(1):  Lt. Col. (Dr.) v. B. Gaur, Dr. V. B. Sahai, Dr (Brig) Amarjit Singh & Dr Amit Kharat. 2007, “Determination of Age in living by closure of Cranial Sutures: A Radiological Study”, JIAFM, (29) 1: 32.


  1. The rocks in the photo surrounding the bones appear to have engravings/carvings and the black egg-shaped one is very strange unless I’m misinterpreting it as a rock. But the rock in the forefront of the image appears to have a petroglyph. The upper left corner of the rock photo, that rock’s channeling reminds me of the World Map Stone. With such an interesting skeletal find, there entire site may have a lot of signifigance beyond the bones themselves. I’m hoping the site itself is receiving some scientific attention as well.

  2. There is a book called Oahspe, published in 1882, which may explain what these skeletons are. Oahspe is a history of Earth since the creation of man and a more detailed history of Earth for the past 25,000 years. It is available to read online at

    Basically it describes how the first human like species on Earth that walked on two feet was called ‘Asu’. A later transliteration of this word is Adam. Asu was mainly fruitarian and had quite long but thin arms for picking fruit from trees.

    Throughout these regions many planets are like gardens for Ethereal beings, where human like races are seeded with both a physical and spiritual body. At the time of death the human spirits ascend into the atmospherian parts of the planet where they are prepared for eternal life in Etherea (the non physical or unseen universe.)

    In the region of the galaxy that the Earth was passing through at the time of human creation there were many spirits who had never experienced a physical life on their home planet because of abortion or death in infancy. The Ethereans offered these spirits an opportunity to experience a corporeal life on the vibrant and lush planet Earth. The spirits were shown how to materialize an earthly body. They were told not to mate with the Asu lest they become spiritually bound to Earth for seven generations. (The offspring from such a liaison would have spiritual qualities and therefor the parents would be bound to hang around the Earth’s atmosphere to assist in the spiritual growth of their offspring) Hence the concept of ‘Original Sin’. This ‘Original Sin’ was really a very good thing because it initiated the creation of the human race.

    So the mixing of these spirits with Asu created the prototype of humans, called Ihin. They were quite small.

    Here in a nutshell are the three skeletons:
    The Asu with the long arms;
    The bodies of materialized spirits which may very well have had indentations in the skulls;
    The Ihin, who were very small.

    The Ihin spread about over the entire Earth and these small skeletons have been found in various places like the Island of Flores

    If you are interested in this history of humans on Earth and of the spiritual and Ethereal realms that cause the creation of physical beings, planets, stars, etc; reading Oahspe will not be a waste of your time.

    The discovery of these skeletons will definitely change the way we look at ancient history. It may be difficult for some people to divest of their traditional paradigms however the time has come for our true nature and purpose on this planet to be revealed.

  3. Dear Steven & Evan & team,

    Great work! You have it very right!

    Elders entrusted me with carefully preserved history memorizations that include a narrative of what happened to humanity on this planet over 600,000 years ago.

    One group, whose Elders taught me, gave exact oral history of how their origin group came to this planet (and some other worlds) in a series of migrations ranging from 132,000 years ago clear up to about 96,000 years ago and how they very exactly came to (what is now) the West coast of North America, the West coast of India, and the Tigris Euphrates River Delta.

    The reason for those emergency migrations? They were from a group of planets near the center of this galaxy which were being drawn in to a dark star at the center.

    Those oral histories clearly taught that Original Australians were already here!

    & some other ‘Native Americans’ were already on this world. (with the exception of Lakotan ancestors who were banished from Mongolia (without their horses) a few thousand years ago, Native Americans absolutely did not come from ‘Asia’ and Australians did not cross some land bridge.

    When Elders allowed me to share some of the memorizations with an Australian Elder Memorizer….he shared a similar story and later i was shown absolute proof that the Australian Ancestors did truly come to this world ans some other worlds in a prior group of migrations as their original worlds were being destroyed.

    As an Elder (trained by prior Elders, in carefully preserved esoteric ancient history)….I sometimes have outsiders to Original cultures (even Original Descended Persons who were not informed on Traditional ways), asking me why we don’t open all the data up to the New People’s qualified scientists!

    Almost blue in the face explaining that each and every time the ‘New People’s’ ‘scholars’, ‘archaeologists’, ‘anthropologists’, & or ‘historians & any other ‘academically connected’ persons learn ANYTHING about a sacred site or site with proof of humanities real ancient history it is suppressed & soon ‘SEIZED’ or ‘LOOTED’ or ‘OFFICIALLY ARCHIVED’ IN SUCH A WAY THAT HUMANITY HAS NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED.

    Original Elders carefully taught me that nosy academics are simply ‘cultural spies’ & the forerunners of greedy ‘pot hunters’ who will loot & destroy the sites while trying to deny any credibility of what was there…

    Yet, it is really time to get this data out, and Elders have ordered that a lot of the data be made public!

    Yet still some caution, as permissions have been requested for Steven & Evan & team to be shown some even more amazing sites. Four of the most amazing sites require some U.S. government permissions and one requires Original Elder clearance. Yet this is likely to happen.

    And yes, Eagles do talk! (If you can stop your busy minded imagination and keep still & hear simple clean telepathy) … One taught me a song one day!

    Smiles, Chadro

  4. Great work guys….. sending some protection to you as I write this. Amazing how all the road blocks are immediately put in place the moment something like this is bought out. Almost as if it is a scripted response always at the ready. All the naysayers and government lackeys are just greasy vermin with their own agendas…. shameful once again. Let’s hope it turns out different this time….. getting this out is the key I think….

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